August 1975 Daily Recaps

August 1, Episode 20

Delia questions Mary about Frank's murmurs, and Mary tells her that she isn't sure what he said, because he wasn't making much sense.  Mary tells Pat that Frank said "pushed," but that they can't tell anyone, including Delia and their parents.  Ed shares the bad news with Faith that Frank definitely has pneumonia in both lungs, and that it's developing rapidly.  He admits that he doesn't think Frank will live.  When Maeve and Johnny encounter a happy Delia, they get optimistic about Frank.  After Ed tells Pat about Frank's condition, Pat goes to the pub and tells his family.

August 4, Episode 21

Delia gets hysterical about the possibility of Frank living but being paralyzed, and Mary slaps her.  Delia confronts Mary and says that Frank wouldn't want to live that way, but Mary insists that Frank is going to get well.  When a lonely Nell asks Bucky to dinner, he excitedly tells her that he can't because he's having dinner with Faith.  Later Bucky finds out that he has to work all night due to a schedule change, and Nell accepts a dinner invitation from Roger.  Mary has a flashback to Frank telling her how good Delia is for him, which motivates her to apologize to Delia.

August 5, Episode 22

Maeve and Johnny fight to hold on to rapidly diminishing hope.  Maeve remembers the time when Frank bought her new linoleum for the kitchen when he was accepted into law school.  Roger and Nell go to the Ryans' bar and Johnny meets Nell.  Roger tells Nell about the Ryan family, and although she doesn't go into detail about her life, she admits to Roger that Seneca is back in Minnesota.  When Roger escorts Nell home after dinner, he attempts to stay, but she sends him on his way.  Seneca calls and once again tells Nell he wants her back.  Nell hears him out, but concludes that she made the right decision in leaving him.

August 6, Episode 23

Bob Reid is frustrated that despite the evidence of Frank saying "push" and finding $6,500 in Frank's pocket, the investigation has been fruitless.  Ed is concerned about the secretions accumulating in Frank's lungs, and decides to do a tracheotomy.  After the tracheotomy is completed, Mary and Bob go in to see Frank.  They share their love for Frank, and Bob gets emotional, leaning over Frank and asking him to wake up and tell him who did this to him.  Bucky and Faith spend the day sunbathing and drinking aquavit.  As Faith gets more drunk, she questions Bucky about his money.

August 7, Episode 24

Jack seeks to learn more about Frank Ryan from Jill, and gets angry when she is remote.  He accuses her of knowing more than she is telling.  When Jack leaves, after confronting Jill about her remoteness, she remembers when Frank broke through her walls.  As Bucky and Faith continue drinking on his boat, he confides his hopes to her about a future for them.  By the time he does, Faith falls asleep.  Bucky tries without success to wake her up, and calls Roger out of desperation to find out if she's allergic to anything.  Roger comforts Jill as she watches Frank.  Gradually it occurs to Jill that Roger knows more than he is saying.

August 8, Episode 25

Delia presents Mary with a bottle of cologne as an apology, and Mary accepts graciously.  Delia presses Pat about what Bob knows from his investigation.  Jack and Mary go out, and she gets him to open up about himself.  When Faith wakes up out of her drunken sleep, she is annoyed with Bucky.  She believes that he got her drunk so that he could seduce her.  Mary intuitively decides that Frank needs her and that she needs to rush to the hospital just as Pat enters Frank's room and finds him laboring to breathe.

August 11, Episode 26

Pat reacts in horror to Frank's worsening condition, just as Jack and Mary arrive.  Jill questions Roger about how he knew about her relationship with Frank, and he tells her that he could read it in her face.  Roger agrees to keep it a secret.  Jack is surprised that Mary instinctively knew that something was wrong with Frank.  As he begins to understand the depth of her relationship with her oldest brother, he is sympathetic for what she is going through.  He tells her that he would like to take her home and make love to her.  She assures him that she is flattered, but that it isn't appropriate with what is happening to Frank.  When Roger teases and questions Faith about her evening with Bucky, she flares and goes off to bed furious.

August 12, Episode 27

Seneca calls and complains to Nell that her absence has embarrassed and inconvenienced him.  Nell loses her temper and suggests that he adjust to the fact that she's gone.   Bucky tries to initiate conversation with Faith, but she is still upset with him.  She questions why he had to compound the problem by calling Roger.  She tells Bucky that she regrets the whole evening just as Pat arrives.  When Bucky leaves in despair, Pat asks Faith why she was so rough on him.  As Pat defends Bucky, he sees a new side of Faith.  Faith apologizes to Bucky, and offers to cook dinner for him.  When Nell has a run in with Nick Szabo, Clem calls her on it.

August 13, Episode 28

Mary and Roger collide into each other at the elevator, and talk about old times.  Jack questions Delia about what happened to Frank, and as he presses, Delia is shaken.  As Delia and Maeve look in on Frank, Delia tells Maeve of her regrests of not spending more time with Frank.  Maeve assures her that she'll still have her chance.  Roger is annoyed when Jack interrupts his conversation with Mary.  As Roger gives a friendly warning that Mary's conversations with Jack may end up in the paper, Mary assures Roger that she trusts Jack.

August 14, Episode 29

Johnny asks Nell to be honest with him about Frank's condition, and she gently tells him that Frank is dying. Nick Szabo tells Bob the history between his family and the Ryans, and Bob vows to Nick that he will find the person who pushed Frank. Ed walks in on Johnny and Nell's conversation, and thanks Nell for the way she handled the situation. Ed apologizes for the way he has treated her since they met. Seneca calls Marshall Westheimer and questions him about Nell. Johnny tries to tell Maeve that Frank is dying, but she assures him that she already knows.

August 15, Episode 30

When Bob tells Delia that Frank is dying, Delia looks both sad and relieved.  Roger tells Jill the news about Frank.  He also tells her of his interest in Mary Ryan.  Jack consoles Mary as she deals with the fact that Frank is dying.  Delia complains to Jill that Frank's life was wasted because he lived it for other people instead of himself.  The Ryan family is gathered in Frank's room as he is fading and his life is flashing in his head. The last thing he hears is Mary's voice crying -"Frank, Frank!"

August 18, Episode 31

As Mary calls out Frank's name, Ed enters with a syringe and container of a new antibiotic.  Ed tells the Ryans that if Frank can hold on for another 24 hours, it may give the medicine a chance to take effect.  Faith goes to Jill's apartment to tell her that Frank's on a new antibiotic.  Faith asks Jill for advice about her situation with Bucky.  Jill comforts Faith, and Faith comments that Jill has changed.  Jill admits that she has had a lot of changes in her emotional life lately.  Jack opens up to Mary and tells her that he'd like to take her downtown to meet someone close to him.  Faith tries to encourage Bucky, but looks distressed when they share a kiss.  As Pat comforts Delia at Frank's side, Jill interrupts.  Delia tells Jill that she would like to be alone with her husband.

August 19, Episode 32

Nell walks in on a depressed Ed in his office and offers to buy him dinner.  Ed offers to cook them dinner instead, and Nell accepts.  Jack introduces Mary to Jumbo, who is a long time friend and father figure to Jack.  As Ed and Nell enjoy dinner, he asks her about Seneca.  Jumbo subjects Mary to the third degree, and then gives his approval.

August 20, Episode 33

Ed and Nell arrive at Nell's hotel room, and when she asks him to come in for a drink, they kiss.  Pat tries to comfort Delia, and she admits that sometimes she thinks that things would have been much simpler if Pat had married her.  Bucky asks Faith to spend the next day with him on his houseboat, no strings attached.  When he presses, she finally agrees.  Ed and Nell talk openly about their hopes for a possible future together.  As Pat and Delia discuss their former relationship, a nurse comes out of Frank's room and tells them that Frank's temperature is down.  When she tells Pat that Frank seems to be breathing easier, Pat is overjoyed, but Delia gets hysterical.

August 21, Episode 34

Pat calls Johnny and Maeve and gives them the good news about Frank.  The Ryan family celebrates over breakfast.  Faith arrives with a huge armload of flowers for Maeve, and Pat sees Faith in a new light.  Faith tells Pat that she would like to be there with the Ryans when Frank wakes up, and she is upset when she remembers that she has promised Bucky to spend the day on his houseboat.  Mary declines when Bob asks her out, but accepts an invitation from Jack to join him for coffee.  Jack and Mary share their first kiss.

August 22, Episode 35

When Ramona calls the Ryans to tell them that Frank seems to be regaining consciousness, Delia flies out of the bar to head for the hospital.  Faith walks into Ed's office and finds Ed and Nell being affectionate.  Faith is embarrassed and tells her father goodbye as she is leaving for the weekend.  She is frosty toward Nell.  Seneca calls Westheimer and tells him that he has just arrived in town.  Bucky tells Faith that he is falling in love with her, and asks if they can be more than friends.  When Frank opens his eyes and looks at Maeve, Delia gets hysterical.

August 25, Episode 36

Faith panics at the thought of making love to Bucky.  Ed helps Nell find an apartment and finds out more about her past with Seneca.  Seneca arrives in New York to make arrangements for an appointment in Riverside – on his own terms. A hysterical Faith tries to convince Bucky that her panic has nothing to do with him.  Bucky calms Faith and tries to find out what is wrong with her.  Seneca’s demands include the job that Ed wants.  Ed’s interest in Nell grows.  Faith tries to explain her behavior to Bucky.  They both decide it is time to go home.

August 26, Episode 37

Delia is in hysterics when Frank awakens and looks alert.  Mary and Jack spend the morning together, and when he makes a move on her, she lets him know she wants to move slowly.  Mary calls the hospital from Jack’s apartment and finds out about Frank.  Roger explains to Frank what his condition is.  Frank is unable to talk because of trach tube.  Delia is barely able to look at Frank, and faints when Johnny brings her to Frank’s side.  Nick displays a considerable interest in Frank’s recovery.  Roger ponders what Frank’s recovery could mean to Nick.  Delia fires questions at Roger about Frank’s condition.  Mary arrives to see Frank.

August 27, Episode 38

Bucky asks Nell for advice but asks her to keep it confidential.  Faith makes a bid for her father’s attention but he tells her that he has a dinner date.  Delia interrupts Mary and Frank’s reunion and asks to spend some time alone with Frank.  After Bucky tells her his problem, Nell suggests professional help.  Faith tries to get through to her father and is saddened when he blows her off.  Mary and Bob interrupt Delia’s moment with Frank.  Ed sends everyone home so that Frank can rest and Delia throws tantrum.  Faith resents Nell and directs some of her hurt and frustration toward her father at her.  Ed shares with Nell that he does not understand Faith at times and Nell tells him that the one thing that Faith needs is his understanding.

August 28, Episode 39

Pat pries information out of a dejected Bucky and tells him that he should not avoid Faith. Roger tries frantically to awaken Frank.  Jill remembers a promise that Frank made her regarding their future. Pat takes Faith to Ryan’s to cheer her up.  Jill has private moment with Frank before Clem arrives to say when Frank’s trach is to be removed.  Roger admits to Frank that he took the money and tells Frank not to tell anyone.  Pat prompts the reconciliation between Faith and Bucky.

August 29, Episode 40

Frank’s trach has been removed.  Ed and Nell have picnic dinner in Nell’s empty apartment.  Seneca gets good news and sets out to find Nell.  Maeve and Johnny are excited that Frank is able to talk.  Mary and Bob tell them about “pushed” and they ponder what it could have meant.  Seneca interrupts an intimate moment between Ed and Nell.  Jack and Bob compete for Mary’s attention.  Delia steals away to the hospital room where she wakes Frank up.

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