October 1975 Daily Recaps

October 1, Episode 63

A nice moment between Mary and Roger is interrupted by Jack, who has a challenge for Mary.  Seneca collects a hung-over Bucky – and gets some unsettling information.  Jack suggests to Mary that she ask Frank why he didn’t file the insurance claim.  Pat comforts Faith and puts in a good word for Bucky, but succeeds instead in heightening her interest in Pat.  Roger repays Frank part of what he “borrowed” and reiterates his need for secrecy.  Mary agrees to question Frank about the claim.

October 2, Episode 64

Jill tells Frank that Fenelli was asking questions about the insurance.  Seneca tries to find out what Bucky meant about the x-rays with no success.  Bucky is inspired to reconsider his situation with Faith.  Mary asks Frank about the claim, and he cannot give her an answer.  Mary is shaken when she realizes that Frank is holding the truth from her.  Johnny tells Mary he doesn’t want her to get involved with Jack.  Pat and Faith are having a lovely time together, which Bucky observes.

October 3, Episode 65

A therapist and Pat work with Frank to move his arm, without results.  Pat realizes Bucky’s family owns Carter Shoes.  A chess game triggers memories of past happiness for Jill and Frank.  Delia catches Jill and Frank in a loving embrace.  Seneca shares with Nell how much he misses her.  Delia vows to Jill and Frank that she plans to fight for her marriage.  Frank raises his arm successfully.  Nell has a blinding migraine while arguing with Seneca.

October 6, Episode 66

Nell refuses help from Seneca and demands to see Ed.  Delia wants to help on Frank’s campaign and tries to get Bob to assign her to a cable television interview.  Nick encourages Roger’s gambling and tells Herbie to give him as much open credit as possible.  Ed treats Nell and refuses to give any information to Seneca.  Bob considers sending Delia on a television interview but Jill puts a stop to it.

October 7, Episode 67

Johnny explores the insurance claim situation with Frank.  Jack gets close to figuring out the reason Frank refused to file a claim.  Seneca tries to get information about Nell from Bucky and fails.  Jack confronts Frank head-on but gets nothing conclusive because Jill arrives.  Nell realizes that a big part of why she doesn’t want Seneca to know about her condition is because it will make it more real to her.  Jack learns from Ramona that Jill is one of Frank’s most devoted visitors.

October 8, Episode 68

Delia is horrified by Jack’s question, “Is Frank having an affair with Jill Coleridge?”  Ed cannot involve himself emotionally with Faith, who is very upset because she thinks he is mad at her over the Nell situation.  Jack breaks Delia down and she swears him to secrecy about using her as his source.  Pat comforts Faith and further piques her interest.  Jack confronts Jill about her affair with Frank.  She refuses to admit anything, but is shaken.

October 9, Episode 69

Frank makes progress, slowly and painfully.  Faith arrives at Ryan’s expecting to find Pat and finds him with a girl.  Jill stops by the hospital long enough to warn Frank about Fenelli’s suspicions.  Maeve tries to give Faith some guidance about Pat.  A power struggle between Delia and Frank motivates Frank to raise his arm.

October 10, Episode 70

Faith consults Jill about having been sexually aroused – by Pat Ryan.  Mary works with Frank, and her trust in him is strengthened.  Faith repairs her relationship with Nell but fails to do so with Bucky.  Seneca begins searching Nell’s office.  Pat feels instincts to repair Faith and Bucky’s relationship.  Jack arrives and has a confrontation with Frank.  Nell catches Seneca with her x-rays in his hands.

October 13, Episode 71

Nell realizes that Seneca knows the truth.  Jack confronts Frank with knowledge of his affair and demands answers to other questions.  Pat comforts Faith over lunch at her house.  Nell refuses any help from Seneca regarding her condition and tells him that she has to do this on her own.  Frank shares the partial truth with Jack and is unsuccessful at finding out whether or not Jack plans to publish the story.

October 14, Episode 72

Frank agrees with Jack that Mary should be told of the affair but wants to tell her himself. Seneca questions Ed’s professional ethics that he as a physician would allow Nell to walk around with a time bomb in her head.  Frank tells Mary about his affair with Jill.  Seneca makes an effort to help Nell through Bucky, and finds out the real reason Nell was secretive about her condition.  Frank is anxious to know Mary’s reaction to finding out about his affair.

October 15, Episode 73

Faith and Sybil arrive at Ryan’s anticipating spending some time with Pat.  Frank tells Jill about his visit with Mary and Jill offers to give him up.  Faith manages to send Sybil away and delights in Pat’s company when he arrives.  Delia’s outpouring of devotion to Frank unhinges Mary further.  Maeve cautions Pat about Faith and he abruptly changes course.

October 16, Episode 74

Faith invites Pat over for an intimate dinner in which he declines.  Mary is troubled about Frank and Jill’s affair but is working to understand the situation.  Bucky tries to persuade Nell to consider Seneca’s suggestion about the magnetic technique, but fails.  Pat offers Faith a reason that things between them will never work.  Mary shares her feelings about Fenelli to Frank and the information doesn’t please him.

October 17, Episode 75

Delia pours her heart out to Fr. McShane and receives counseling.  Mary expresses to Jill her gratitude that she was able to make Frank happy.  Pat makes dinner dates with both Faith and Bucky and confers with Mrs. Lem.  Delia uses Little John as a bargaining chip to get Jill to give up Frank.  Bucky and Faith find themselves together in strange circumstances.  Mary’s apology produces a flare of anger from Jack.

October 20, Episode 76

Bucky and Faith find a basis for continuing their relationship – as friends.  Mary convinces Jack that her apology is heartfelt and Jack is unsure as to whether or not he can trust her.  Jack tells Mary that he will not use the information he has on Frank until after the election.  Frank asks advice from Fr. McShane.

October 21, Episode 77

Dee objects when Frank is asked to make a personal appearance.  Faith blows up at Pat for interfering and is later comforted, which Bucky witnesses.  Delia objects to Frank’s public appearance and accuses Jill of using the campaign to keep Frank away from her.  Pat apologizes to Bucky, who gives him permission to help Faith in any way he can.

October 22, Episode 78

Bucky encourages Seneca to try again to convince Nell to go forward with the treatment.  Mary agrees to see Jack.  Bob fails when he tries to dissuade Mary from resuming her relationship with Jack.  Bob and Johnny are in total agreement about the Mary-Jack situation.  Mary and Jack mutually acknowledge pleasure in being friends again.  Seneca goes to see Nell and tells her that he wants to buy her more time – so that she can spend some of it with him.  Mary and Jack establish that they will have a relationship.

October 23, Episode 79

Faith seems to be at odds with all of the men in her life.  Mary exhorts a huge effort from Frank, which upsets Delia.  Seneca shares with Bucky a present that he wants to give to Nell.  Ed scolds Faith and Roger, leaving Faith in need of rescuing and Pat rises to the bait.  Mary forces Delia from Frank’s room.

October 24, Episode 80

Emotional Delia scares Maeve about Frank, and enlists her help.  Jill works to help Frank get better faster, while Delia tries to slow things down.  Bob asks Mary to a political function and is slighted when Jack arrives.  Seneca thwarts Delia’s plans when he says that Frank making the appearance could be the best thing for his recovery.  Mary’s interest in Fenelli is intensifying.  Delia vandalizes the campaign headquarters.

October 27, Episode 81

Bob discovers the depths of Delia’s unhappiness and vows to help her get more time with Frank.  Nell agrees to consider the magnetic technique.  Faith arrives to see Pat.  Delia persuades Maeve into helping her with Frank.  Nell pays Seneca a professional visit and agrees to the magnetic procedure.  The relationship between Pat and Faith progresses, but not to everyone’s approval.

October 28, Episode 82

Delia intensifies her efforts to make trouble for Frank.  Jack asks Mary to travel with him.  Delia tries to get Pat as an ally for now and the future.  Mary is excited about traveling with Jack but makes it clear to Jack that she is not getting involved in a sexual relationship.  Mary finds out that Delia destroyed the headquarters and heads out to question her about it.  Delia slyly convinces Mary that she wants only good to come out of the campaign for Frank.

October 29, Episode 83

Frank struggles to sit in his wheelchair and Delia adds to his woes.  Seneca asks Ed to perform the iron-silicone magnetic treatment on Nell.  Maeve reminds Frank of his responsibilities to Delia.  Johnny gets an unsettling phone call regarding Frank.  Under Pat’s guidance, Faith blossoms, which pleases them both.  Frank wants to postpone his decision about Delia until after the election, and more recovery, when he finds that the wheelchair is more than he can manage.

October 30, Episode 84

Mary and Bob realize how widespread the rumors about Frank are and both go over to the hospital to encourage his efforts.  Roger learns that Delia knows about Frank and Jill’s affair.  He tells Jill that Delia does not want Frank to win the election.  Roger asks Jill for a loan of $2,500 and is turned down.  Delia places another phone call that damages Frank’s campaign.  Clem and Seneca make plans and preparations with Nell for her procedure.  Roger discovers Clem is going to California.  Nell is frightened and asks Seneca for reassurance.  Roger makes a highly emotional appeal to his father.  Frank makes an effort to move a conventional wheelchair and still can’t.  Mary gets Frank an electric wheelchair and Delia demonstrates a considerable interest in how it works.

October 31, Episode 85

Expectations and hopes are high for Frank’s appearance.  Delia disconnects the wires of the electric wheelchair.  Faith manipulates Bucky into offering to take her place on service so she can go to the rally with Pat.  Jack shares in Mary’s excitement and happiness.  Frank panics when Charley introduces him and his wheelchair doesn’t work.  Roger meets with Clem and Seneca, and threatens to sue if he is not chosen over Clem to be Ed’s assistant in Nell’s operation.  Clem withdraws as Ed’s assistant rather than embarrass Ed, but tells Roger that he is not going to get away with this.  Mary tries to help Frank, but he insists on doing it on his own and succeeds.

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