December 1975 Daily Recaps

December 1, Episode 106

Frank refuses Nick’s offer.  Nick refuses to take no for an answer.   Nell has an emotional outburst when Seneca gives her a walking stick.  Delia tells Frank she refuses to allow Jill to take him away from her.  Frank tells her that he married her because he felt sorry for her and that was a big mistake.  Seneca tells Nell that she can prepare to go home but that she should not be alone.  Maeve discovers a troubled Frank and counsels him to do what is right.

December 3, Episode 107

Mary’s happiness over Frank’s physical progress is shattered when she learns about the pressure from Nick.  Nell, about to go home, is angry that she is dying and angry that she is afraid.  Roger tries to avoid Mary, who corners him fiercely.  Nell tries to find ways to prove that she isn’t afraid of death.  Seneca is appalled when he finds Nell hanging over the railing of a fourteen-story drop.  Jack helps Mary to realize that the political consequences of Frank’s situation are graver than she thought.

December 4, Episode 108

Jill and Frank have intense consultation over their situation.  Frank and Jill prepare themselves for a fight with Nick.  Kenneth claims to have left Faith’s lost ID card in her mailbox.  He compares Pat to his father of whom he did not like very much.  Delia makes an emotional plea for Frank to go along with Nick.  Faith and Pat enjoy a loving moment as she convinces him to go with her as she gets her new ID card.  Kenneth has Faith’s ID card photo enlarged for himself.  Delia makes a plea to Nick for the sake of her marriage, but to no avail.

December 5, Episode 109

As grimness of the situation of Frank’s career settles over all, Jill arrives from Albany with what she hopes is good news.  Jill relays the news that Nick is the owner of the buildings and hiding behind the holding company hoping to force the tenants out of the building.  Bucky gives Nell a sports car to help her savor every minute that is left.  Jill’s information ends Frank’s agony and forces him to make a decision.  Nell takes the sports car out for a drive and frightens Bucky.  Frank gives his decision to Nick and prepares to face his family.

December 8, Episode 110

Frank prepares to tell his parents the truth.  Bucky accuses Nell of trying to kill them both by driving dangerously in her new car.  Frank tells his parents everything that has happened.  Johnny tells Frank that he should have stopped things before they went this far. Bucky warns Seneca that Nell needs to be watched.  Nell tries to explain her actions to Seneca and tells him that she has never stopped loving him.  Johnny is anguished, and Frank finds it hard to deal with his disappointment.

December 9, Episode 111

Kenneth probes Faith and learns that she is scheduled to be on duty for the night.  Delia makes an emotional plea to Maeve as she pours out her unhappiness about her marriage.  Maeve promises that Delia and the baby will always have a home with the Ryans if they need it.  Pat insists that Faith get a nap and promises to cover for her.  Kenneth enters Faith’s room.  Maeve and Johnny have a painful discussion about the Frank-Delia-Jill situation.  They both realize that whatever happens they cannot turn their backs on Delia and the baby. Kenneth lurks undetected as Pat puts Faith to bed, and leaves.

December 10, Episode 112

Faith finds a rose on her pillow and is frightened when she learns Pat did not put it there. Frank explains the entire situation to Bob, who is in agony over the betrayal.  Delia arrives and realizes that Frank told him the news.  Ed tells Kenneth about the history of the hospital building and sends him exploring.  Faith admits to Pat that her secret admirer is scaring her.  Bob voices his concern and anger at Frank to Delia as she comforts him.  She tells him that she has forgiven Frank so he should too.  Delia tells Frank that he has broken Bob’s heart.  Faith wishes that she and Pat could go away to be together for days on end.  Kenneth breaks into the old basement lab.

December 11, Episode 113

Frank tells Mary that he regrets hurting his family and that he is determined to fight for his political career.  Bucky knows nothing of the mysterious incidents concerning Faith.  He warns her that Pat may not be in this for that long run.  Mary pleads with Bob to accompany Frank to a meeting but he refuses.  Faith reassures Maeve that Pat won’t hurt her.  Mary and Maeve discuss apprehension of the upcoming meeting.  Johnny rallies family to stand behind Frank.

December 12, Episode 114

Delia refuses to go with Frank to the meeting.  Kenneth becomes annoyed when he cannot interest Faith in an architectural drawing.  Mary pleads for Delia’s cooperation and support and doesn’t get it.  Faith learns about Jill and Frank.  Kenneth finds a hidden door.  Delia arrives in time to be with Frank as the moment comes for him to face political leaders.

December 15, Episode 115

Charley tells Frank that he will be the next congressman.  Frank shares with Charley and Co. the news that he is being blackmailed.  Nell seeks to put every aspect of her life in perfect order, which includes a full emotional reconciliation with Seneca. Jill tells Roger that Frank is meeting with district leaders and telling them the truth.  Roger fears that this could mean the end of his career.  Charley stalls the moment that Frank is offering his resignation.  Seneca helps Nell realize that she is trying to be perfect and tells her that he accepts her and the situation as it is.  Roger shares with Jill his remorse about his gambling.  Charley gets the leaders to agree to a meeting before any decisions regarding Frank’s career are determined.

December 16, Episode 116

Mary shares with Jack her feelings of not being able to comfort Frank as he awaits his decision from the district leaders.  Faith has a new understanding of Jill as she comforts her in her love for Frank.  Kenneth picks the lock on the door and pushes it open.  Jack is reeling in the fact that Mary is comfortable enough to share her family problems with him.  Mary is proud of the way that her parents are rallying around Frank and supporting him in his crisis.  Kenneth is excited about his new discovery.  Ramona tells Faith some things about Pat that makes her jealous.  Jack and Johnny have a serious encounter about Mary. They realize that although their differences are irreconcilable, they have to make an effort for Mary’s sake.

December 17, Episode 117

Frank tells Delia that he is leaving her.  Kenneth picks up a photo of Faith at a photo shop.  Faith tells her father about her and Pat, and becomes upset when he shows indifference.  Pat tries to comfort Delia when she tells him that Frank is leaving her.  She gets an idea and heads off to Charley’s office.  Kenneth returns Faith’s ID card secretly and feels rejected when Pat enters and steals her attention away from him.  Charley is about to give Frank bad news when Delia enters and interrupts them.

December 18, Episode 118

Delia comes to Frank’s rescue while staking a claim on him at the same time.  Mary makes an emotional plea to Jack to get along with her father.  District leaders debate what to do.  Charley speaks out in support of Frank.  Frank confronts Delia about her actions and is about to inform her that their marriage is over when Charley enters and tells them that she saved the day for Frank.  The celebration is dampened when Frank realizes that he is trapped into marriage with Delia.

December 19, Episode 119

Frank realizes that he must make a decision about his future and calls Jill.  Pat and Kenneth discuss having a space of your own.  Pat and Faith are concerned about Frank and Jill.  Kenneth goes to his basement room.  Delia explains her actions of the evening to Maeve.  She assures Jill that she has saved her marriage.  Faith and Pat explore the attraction between Ryan men and Coleridge women.  Kenneth hangs Faith’s picture.  Jill and Frank discuss their situation.  Jill feels that no matter what, Frank is unable to leave Delia, and she makes a decision.

December 22, Episode 120

Frank and Jill decide to give their relationship up.  Jack is nervous when he realizes that Mary has transferred a lot of the devotion that she felt for Frank to him.  Jill tells Delia that although she is the right person for Frank, she has given him up.  Jack shares his fears about Mary to Jumbo.  Delia is excited about the new possibilities for her and Frank’s marriage.  Jill and Frank both realize that this is going to be the worst Christmas of their lives.

December 23, Episode 121

Faith receives a frightening phone call from Kenneth.  Roger begs Jill to not tell their father the truth but she does.  Ed is horrified at Roger’s behavior.  Pat tries to comfort Faith and suggests they tell Bob Reid exactly what is going on.  Kenneth prepares Faith’s Christmas present.  Maeve pays a compassionate visit to Jill.  Kenneth pays Faith a nighttime visit and frightens her even more.

December 24, Episode 122

Faith asks for help from the police and finds that she won’t be able to get any. The Ryans decorate the bar for their Christmas gathering. Bucky shares with Maeve his feelings about Nell’s fate. Bucky, Faith and Pat share a moment when Faith tells him about her stalker.  Maeve convinces Mary to go and cheer a gloomy Bucky. The Ryans notice the change in Faith. Maeve and Johnny can’t help but wish that Mary had chosen Bucky – especially since he is rich. Delia convinces Bob to come back to Ryan’s. Frank places a phone call to Jill that is not welcomed. Nell confides to Maeve her wishes about death. Bob and Frank reconcile.

December 25, Episode 123

Maeve and Johnny prepare for Christmas Day.  Frank is distracted by thoughts of Jill as Christmas begins.  Roger fails when he tries to convince his father to not report his doings to Seneca.  Mary continues to transfer her feelings from Frank to Jack, which makes him apprehensive.  Jack celebrates Christmas with the Ryan’s.  Ed apologizes to Johnny for Roger’s betrayal against the Ryan’s.

December 26, Episode 124

Jill writes a letter to Frank.  Frank takes his first steps toward walking.  Ed questions Nell’s judgment when she returns to work.  Mary praises Frank’s efforts.  Jill slips the letter into Frank’s jacket pocket.  Ed confronts Seneca about Nell returning to work and Seneca laughs at him.  Nell scolds Seneca for laughing at Ed since he has become a good friend.  Delia finds Jill’s letter.  Frank tries to grab the letter from Delia and falls out of the chair.

December 29, Episode 125

Delia reads the letter to Frank.  Roger consults Jill about his legal situation.  Jill tells him that Ed is obligated to tell Seneca and Roger expects the worst.  Jill makes it obvious that she wants frank to leave her alone.  Delia tries to make Frank feel better and promises to be the best wife that she can.  Seneca shares his disappointment in Roger and tells him that his contract will not be renewed.  Delia returns the letter to Jill and rubs salt in her wounds.  Delia comforts an unrepentant Roger.  Frank is taken aback when he finds out that Jill never wants to see him again.

December 30, Episode 126

Faith is hurt when Pat takes enjoyment of another female doctor’s company.  Kenneth becomes protective of Faith’s hurt feelings.  Roger asks Nell to intercede with Seneca for him but she refuses.  Faith finds another note from Kenneth, which upsets her further.  Kenneth shares with Nell that he thinks Faith is wonderful.  She tells him that Faith is involved and suggests that he find a girl of his own.  Bucky warns Pat that Faith feels more deeply about their relationship than Pat does.  Pat tells him that everything was understood upfront and that she has it under control.  Kenneth sets out to pursue relationship with Faith.

December 31, Episode 127

Frank is taken aback when he finds out that Jill never wants to see him again.  Delia has silent hopes that Frank will not start the New Year thinking about Jill Coleridge.  Nell has an emotion breakthrough with Seneca when she admits to him that she wishes they’d had children.  Delia is vulnerable and childlike and seduces Frank.  Nell probes the thought of life after death.  Delia feels like an object when after making love to Frank she realizes that she could have been anyone.

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