March 1976 Daily Recaps

March 1, Episode 170

Clem realizes that Seneca is in a lot of trouble.  Roger insists that Ed call the police and finally calls Bob himself.  Reenieís test results show a light case of B-G syndrome and she is told that she will be released from the hospital soon.  Reassured, she puts in another request for Leo and Nick blows up at her.  Jill explores the background of Senecaís action.  Her sympathy as well as her concern over what is going to happen to him grows.  Nick confronts Reenie about a series of misdemeanors and Reenie flatly refuses to go back to school.  Bob takes statement from Roger and a medical examiner arrives for autopsy.

March 2, Episode 171

Mary convinces Sam that the nursing home story may be the one that he was looking for.  Despite Senecaís discomfit, Jill refuses to allow him to answer Bobís questions.  It is clear that the battle has begun.  Pat visits Faith.  Kennethís flowers arrive, and in calming and comforting Faith Pat finds himself back in a relationship.  Sam tries to find out what he can from Miss Mills, which sends her into a flood of tears.   Seneca says goodbye to Nell and reads a letter that Nell left for him.

March 3, Episode 172

Nick interrupts an intimate moment between Mary and Jack.  When an opportunity for Delia to become a greater part of Frankís life goes awry she pursues an interest of her own instead.  Reenie and Mary meet again, and Reenie asks a favor of Mary which she must refuse.  Delia maneuvers Roger into another dinner reservation and this time she can stay late.  Jack explores with Mary what marriage means to him and tells her that he wants to do what is good for her Ė as far as he is able.

March 4, Episode 173

Sexual tension builds between Delia and Roger.  A loving mother Ė daughter moment has Mary admitting some of her hopes for herself and Jack.  Ed and Roger have a heated confrontation about Seneca.  Mary witnesses Mr. Sharpís treatment of Miss Mills and is furious.  Roger and Delia find themselves experiencing sexual attraction to one another as Jill arrives.

March 8, Episode 174

Roger hides Delia and allows Jill into the apartment.  Bucky delivers a sad invitation to Maeve and Johnny.  Jill questions Roger about his findings the night of Nellís death.  After Jillís departure Delia realizes the danger that they are in about being found and decides to call it a night.  An emotional Seneca tries to deal with Nellís death.  An emotional Bucky reads the letter that Nell left for Seneca.   Delia questions why men can be unfaithful and women canít.  Maeve questions whether this is something that Delia is considering and she quickly covers.

March 9, Episode 175

Roger hides Delia and allows Jill into the apartment.  Bucky delivers a sad invitation to Maeve and Johnny.  Jill questions Roger about his findings the night of Nellís death.  After Jillís departure Delia realizes the danger that they are in about being found and decides to call it a night.  An emotional Seneca tries to deal with Nellís death.  An emotional Bucky reads the letter that Nell left for Seneca.   Delia questions why men can be unfaithful and women canít.  Maeve questions whether this is something that Delia is considering and she quickly covers.

March 10, Episode 176

Nick gets upset and confronts Reenie when she continues to disobey him.  Everyone is excited about the possibility of running in the congressional race Ė except Delia.  Maeve offers her condolences to Seneca.  Roger persists in pressing charges.  Bucky tries to shape up Reenie, who is upset with him.  Nick tells her that she is crazy for pursuing a motorcycle bum and gets her attention when he tells her how much Bucky is worth.  Delia bitterly refuses Bob when he asks her to serve Frankís career.

March 11, Episode 177

Faith is going blind.  Kenneth lets himself back into the basement room.  Reenie apologizes to Bucky.  When he accepts her apology she asks him for a favor and is upset when he refuses.  Ed orders an angiogram for Faith and wants her prepped for surgery.  Kenneth tells Faithís picture that she betrayed his trust and that she deserves to be punished.  Reenie goes to Mary for help and receives it from an indirect source.  Reenie and Sam size each other up.  She offers money for him to run an errand for her and he accepts.  Sam continues to size Reenie up and uncomfortable she asks him to leave.

March 12, Episode 178

Frank and Jill have an accidental meeting.  Delia arrives at Rogerís for an evening out.  Bucky shares with Mary some of his reactions to Nellís death and Senecaís problems.  Frank and Jill have lovely moment, which they both donít want to end.  Delia misconstrues something that Roger says and has her feelings hurt.  Seneca fulfills Nellís last request.  Delia has a self-revelation that touches Roger.  He begs her not to leave.

March 15, Episode 179

Delia initiates love making between her and Roger.  Jack gives Mary a token of his feelings for her and she shows it to Maeve.  Deliaís enthusiasm about their future relationship worries Roger.  Delia reassures him when she tells him that Frank would not hurt him because that would hurt his career.  Johnny is distressed when he learns that things are getting serious between Mary and Jack.  Dee explains her good mood to Frank and tells him that her new interest has completely changed her outlook on life.

March 16, Episode 180

Kenneth learns that Faith is going into surgery.  Faith holds her fatherís hand and pretends to be brave.  Kenneth puts on surgery scrubs to blend in with hospital staff.  Miss Mills and Mary discuss men, Jack in particular.  Johnny shares his frustration over Jack with Bob.  Faith regains consciousness and has to be put at ease about Kenneth.  Kenneth enters Faithís hospital room with a knife.  Bob and Johnny regrets Maryís choice.  Miss Mills is invited to Maryís wedding Ė if there is one.  Bob pays Mary a visit.  Faith returns to her room where Kenneth has wrecked havoc and she demands to be taken home.

March 17, Episode 181

Johnny watches Mary and Jack and tension builds.  Bob tells Pat and Frank what Kenneth did to Faithís hospital room.  Frank hopes that Pat is over any emotional entanglement with Faith.  He does not want him to get trapped the same way that he did with Delia.  Delia is furious with Frank and prepares to go and visit Roger.  Jack and Frank make a try at being cordial to one another.  Delia sneaks out of the house.  Johnny finds it hard to repress some of his feelings about Jack.  Roger and Delia delight in one anotherís company.  Trouble occurs as Jack and Johnny come close to a physical fight.  Mary gets upset with Jack for not trying harder to get along with Johnny and Jack leaves.  Maeve gets upset with Johnny.  Frank comforts Mary.

March 18, Episode 182

Delia oversleeps and sets out for home in a panic.  Nick cuts off Reenieís money and she makes a desperate effort to have Sam get her suitcase for her and hires a limousine.  Frank tells Mary that she should give Jack a call.  Maryís effort to patch things up with Jack goes awry.  Frank missed Delia and is waiting up for her.  Deliaís story is convincing.  Frank suggests to her that she be more careful in the future and she agrees.  Bucky foils Reenieís plans of leaving the hospital room.  She calls Sam and tells him that she will tell him what is in the suitcase if he promises to help her.  He tells her that he will see her first thing in the morning.

March 19, Episode 183

Johnny makes peace with Mary, despite his conviction that Jack Fenelli is not the man for her.  A distressed Faith looks forward to going home.  Kenneth is nearby.  Wake for Nell is troubled with apprehension for Senecaís future.  Bob shows himself to be a good friend Mary.  Faith makes it home and is settled in.  Kenneth is lurking.

March 22, Episode 184

Reenie is anxious and desperate and calls Sam to see if he is going to keep his word and visit her.  He tells her that he will be there immediately.  Mary reassures Johnny that she will not call Jack.  Bob pays Jack a visit and unselfishly convinces him to get in touch with Mary.  Sam prepares for his meeting with Reenie by picking Maryís brain.  Jack and Mary make-up, but Johnny refuses to leave the situation alone.  Sam finds out what is in the suitcase and still agrees to get the suitcase for Reenie.

March 23, Episode 185

Johnny asks for a character reference on Jack Fenelli.  Nickís heart is no match for Reenieís determination.  Jill tries to get the D.A. to drop his case against Seneca and he tells her that it is impossible.  Subpoenas are already being prepared and Roger is out to make sure that Seneca faces a trial.  Johnny manages to involve Sister Mary Joel and persuades her to speak to Jack.  Sam finds Reenie truthful and surprises her with a job offer.

March 24, Episode 186

Faith is now afraid of everyone except her father.  Kenneth is waiting for the perfect time to make his move.  Sam offers Reenie Maryís job.  Mary, unaware of what is going on is happily at work talking to Bucky about the news piece on Miss Millsí nursing home.  They both plan to help Miss Mills.  Sam and Reenie plan to help themselves.  Faith is disturbed and unable to accept Patís feelings for her.  Kenneth knows that he must be very clever.  Sam begins to consider promoting Mary in order to make room for Reenie.

March 25, Episode 187

Frank plans an after dinner campaign strategy meeting and Delia plans a little meeting of her own.  Jack experiences disapproval from Sister Mary Joel because of Johnnyís visit and goes away angry.  Clem, Ed and Seneca are served with subpoenas and they angrily confront Roger.  Jill realizes that Seneca wants the courts to punish him for what he did to Nell and calls him on it.  Ed finds Delia and Roger together.

March 26, Episode 188

A dismayed Ed confronts Roger and Delia.  Delia is surprisingly calm in time of crisis, a quality that Roger admires.  An angry Jack goes to visit Johnny and is not put off by Maeveís efforts to put him off.  Faithís eyes are improving. When Ed leaves Faithís room Kenneth prepares to enter.  Kenneth gets into Faithís room, covers her mouth and tells her that it is time for her to be punished.

March 29, Episode 189

Faith strikes back and Kenneth and is able to attract attention to her room.  Jack confronts Johnny about his visit to Sr. Mary Joel, and their basic feelings about one another surface.  Mary arrives in the middle of their heated argument.  Ed pursues Kenneth and tragedy strikes.  Roger finds his fatherís body.  Mary confronts her family.  Johnny walks out.  Mary leaves for Jackís and this time, the rift is real.  Policeman stays with Edís body while Roger goes to tell Faith about their fatherís death.

March 30, Episode 190

Frank comforts Jill.  Maeve tries to help Faith.  Frank suggests Faith stays at the Ryanís until all is safe.  Jack is not happy at Maryís arrival and she senses it.  Not wanting to turn her away Jack invites Mary to stay but is not happy about it.  Johnny has not returned to the bar.  Maeve takes Faith upstairs while Frank and Jill, Delia and Roger manage the situation.  Roger and Delia express their feelings for one another.  Alone together, Jill and Frank are determined to be strong and good.

March 31, Episode 191

Johnny returns to learn that Ed Coleridge is dead.  Reenie tries flirting with Bucky and is pleased with the results.  Faith fights for self-control after tragedy.  Johnny expresses his sympathy over his long time friend.  Clem helps with the arrangements.  Johnny and Maeve sort out feelings about Ed, and about Mary.  Reenie makes progress with Sam and Nick and looks forward to making progress with Bucky.

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