April 1976 Daily Recaps

April 1, Episode 192

Jack conceals his true feelings from Mary.  Frank phones and tells them of Edís death.  Nick and Jill are forced to deal with one another in order to make the arrangements for Edís funeral.  Jill copes with arrangements to Senecaís admiration.  Mary tries to reassure Faith that she is not alone and is clearly worried about her.  Frank interrupts a moment of growing intimacy between Jill and Seneca and realizes what he has done.  Mary defends her decision to Frank and is convinced that she and Jack will be happy together.  Jack is clearly most unhappy.

April 2, Episode 193

Delia gets a drunken summons from Roger.  Mary and Johnny square off.  Roger becomes emotional when remembering his father and the revelation that is father has left him a rich man.  Jack tells Sr. Mary Joel that he has gotten himself into a real mess with Mary while Mary affirms to her father that Jack wants her with him.  Delia expresses sympathy for the Coleridgeís to Bob.  He questions her about Frank and she tells him that she has found her own interest.  Mary has words with Johnny and leaves before it turns into a fight.  Sister Mary tells Jack that he should tell Mary how he feels but he is afraid.

April 5, Episode 194

Bob stops Mary with last minute attempt to dissuade her from moving to Jackís house.  She reminds him of his promise to be her friend.  Nick thoroughly approves Reenieís first efforts to interest Bucky and provides her with background for further motivation.  Bob renews pledge of support and then has a fantasy about himself and Mary.  Reenie makes progress with Bucky.  Mary and Bucky question Miss Mills and Hector and they become very emotional.  Hugh Sharp interrupts.

April 6, Episode 195

To protect Hector, Miss Mills asks Mary and Bucky to leave.  Hugh reprimands Hector.  Jack arrives with condolences and needs to talk about situation with Mary.  Jill recognizes trouble for Mary and Jack.  Sam puts Mary on Gilcrest Manor story.  Seneca arrives, genuinely concerned about Jill, who canít help but contrast his behavior and Jackís.  Jack continues to conceal his distress from Mary.

April 7, Episode 196

Faithís sight has returned.  Delia offers to run an errand.  Delia visits Roger, who is miserable and grateful for her company.  Moved by her compassion, he tells her that he loves her.  Maeve feels Johnny is responsible for Maryís move and extracts promise of good behavior during period of funeral.  Jill steadies Faith, who is having fearful, troubled time.  Frank watched, loving Jill.  Frank offers his condolences to Jill and offers to help.  She tells him that she loves him and that if he really wants to help that she will stay as far away as possible.  Roger and Delia share a loving moment where Roger wishes Frank would find out about them.

April 8, Episode 197

Faith doesnít want to go to the funeral.  With Maeveís support, Faith decides to go but us clearly in rocky shape.  Jack refuses to go to Edís funeral.  Mary is hurt but tries to understand.  Reenie rejects Samís flirtation and tells him that their relationship is strictly business.  He tells her that one person they must be careful of is Mary Ryan.  Nick interrupts an emotional moment with Clem at Edís coffin.  Faith faces a moment of anxiety as she kneels at her fatherís coffin.  Pat quiets Faith and takes her home.  Kenneth lurks outside of the Coleridge home.

April 9, Episode 198

Faith feigns sleep when Jill offers her comfort.  When Jill leaves Faith sends her policeman to the kitchen and slips away.  Delia pushes Jill over the edge and receives a hysterical denouncing.  Frank is sad but is doing well.  Johnny and Bob discover that Faith is missing.  Faith goes home and is confronted by Kenneth.  Seneca helps Jill face her feeling about Delia, for which she is grateful.  Bob calls for reinforcements and sets out for Kenneth who had Faith in his arms at the edge of the roof.

April 12, Episode 199

Faith is rescued.  Kenneth throws himself out of the window.  Tension created by their living together exposes more of a selfish side of Jack.  Johnny and Bob try to calm Faith who is excited, anxious and confused.  Jack is loving and charming and explains that it is because he got his own way.  Maeve and Johnnyís effort to come to terms with Mary is interrupted by Faithís psychotic breakdown.

April 13, Episode 200

Pat and Johnny are unable to calm Faith and she is placed in a restraint.  An anxious Sam has news of the shipment and needs Reenie out of the hospital.  She promises to get herself out.  Johnny makes a decision and restores matters between himself and Maeve.  Faithís breakdown results in poignant meeting between Jill and Frank.  Reenie pays Bucky a surprise visit and makes progress.

April 14, Episode 201

Sam tests Mary for her first on-air TV appearance and she passes the test.  Jill attempts to take her mind off other problems by concentrating on preparing Seneca's defense.  Roger becomes shaken when he realizes the depths of resentment about his attitude toward Seneca.  Johnny invites Mary - and Jack - to the bar after Mary's Television debut.  Roger is upset by what has happened at the hospital and insists on seeing Delia.  She agrees, in spite of the risk.

April 15, Episode 202

Johnny prepares for Mary's TV debut.  Jack arrives during a toast.  Nell's death makes Grand Jury hearing and much else seems irrelevant.  Johnny handles Jack well, even though he is not in the best of moods.  Mary is a success.  Nick tells Reenie that Bucky is not going to let her go home.  She tells him that she has Bucky wrapped around her fingers and this is proven when Bucky enters and tells her that she will be released tomorrow.  A fight builds between Johnny and Jack.  Mary tries to intervene.  Johnny throws a punch and Jack knocks him down.

April 16, Episode 203

Mary goes after Jack once she realizes that Johnny is okay.  Delia and Roger sneak away leaving Little John in danger.  Johnny asks Bob not to tell Maeve about his fight with Jack and Bob agrees.  Mary slaps Jack and tells him that she can't forgive him for hitting her father.  Roger assures Delia that Little John is okay and stops her from checking on the baby.  Minutes later Little John screams.  Jack goads Mary and she tells him that their relationship is over.

April 19, Episode 204

Roger tries to treat Little John's third degree burns and tells Delia that she has to take him to the emergency room.  With plans of using Shelia as a cover Delia heads for the hospital.  Mary gets sympathy from Jill when she goes to her for a place to stay for the night.  A drunken Jack goes to Jumbo for advice.  Roger preps Delia on what to say to Frank.  Delia is given Little John's prognosis just as Frank walks in.  Jumbo tells Jack that if he is serious about getting Mary back he is going to have to marry her.  Jill comforts Mary and suggests that she call Jack.  Frank demands to know how the incident happened and Delia does some creative lying which wins his attention.

April 20, Episode 205

Delia explains Little Johns accident to Johnny and manages to evade questions about Shelia. Mary hasn't yet been able to call Johnny.  She tells Jill that she understands why Jack is the person he is but that she can't forgive him this time.  Jack tells Sister Mary Joel what has happened and that he just might get engaged and asks for her blessing.  Mary understands how difficult it was for Jill to give up Frank.  Jill tells her that it is not getting any easier.  She warns Mary that Jack won't give up easily.  Jack leaves Sister Mary Joel and goes to find a ring for Mary.  Frank comforts Delia and they have their first moment of mutual affection without anger - something that has not happened in months.  Mary calls Johnny and tells him where she is.  Jack asks Jumbo to get him a ring.

April 21, Episode 206

Jack calls Mary, who hangs up on him.  Clem tries to lead Faith to an admission that her father is dead but does not succeed.  Sam tries to cheer Mary with plans for her future.  They share a nice moment as Jack arrives.  Pat leads Faith to a full realization that Ed is dead.  Jack begs for a few minutes alone with Mary and she tells him to leave.  When he refuses Sam threatens to call in reinforcements.  Jack leaves but not before he tells her that he is not giving up.

April 22, Episode 207

Maeve commends Frank-Delia mutual attitude and suggests that Frank take Dee out to dinner.  Jill is furious at tactics employed by District Attorney and warns Seneca that they're in for trouble.  An insistent and intrusive Roger interrupts the growing closeness between Delia and Frank.  Maeve finds that Johnny doesn't feel he has the last word with Fenelli.  Delia finds that Roger intends to be the persistent suitor.

April 23, Episode 208

Reenie informs Nick that he is apt to be a liability in her courtship of Bucky Carter.  Mary is miserable about her situation with Jack.  Jack sets out to find Mary and is reamed out by Jill.  Against her wishes he waits for Mary to return.  Reenie manages Nick and makes progress with Bucky. Seneca is indicted and detectives are on their way over.  Jack proposes to Mary.

April 26, Episode 209

Jill is outraged when Seneca is arrested and taken away in handcuffs.  Mary accepts Jack's proposal.  Delia and Frank draw together over sweet and sour pork.  Battle lines are drawn between Jill and the Assistant DA.  Mary tells Maeve that she and Jack are to be married.  Maeve is shaken and explores the problems with hope for the future.

April 27, Episode 210

Passion stirs between Delia and Frank.  Mary informs Johnny of her engagement.  Jack makes peace with Johnny and he gives them his blessings.  When the couple to be leaves Johnny slugs his punching bag in frustration.  Seneca react to the arraignment and Jill helps to ease matters.  Frank and Delia make love for the first time in months.  Roger is miserable without her.  Jack has things his own way and evades questions as to when he and Mary will get married.

April 28, Episode 211

Delia and Frank awake to a tentative renewal of loving feelings.  Both are surprised and pleased.  Reenie tells Nick that she's going to work for Channel R and will consider living at home for awhile, but only if she has her own entrance and her own key.  Roger arrives, supposedly to give Maeve a report on Faith, and upsets Delia to the point that she calls Father McShane.  Sam gives Reenie instructions and she leaves for her first pick-up and distribution.  Delia explores her dilemma with Fr. McShane whose counsel is clear - that she has to give up Roger now.  She tells him that it isn't that simple.

April 29, Episode 212

Reenie returns from her first pick-up and delivery and Mary discovers the identity of her new co-worker.  Bucky expresses his sympathy to Faith and their friendship is renewed.  Mary tells Bob that she and Jack are engaged.  Bob has a fantasy about his and Mary's future.  Faith tells Pat that she wants to see Kenneth and he promises to try and arrange it for her.  Bucky and Pat put aside any differences over Faith in mutual affection.  Pat and Johnny share relief that Little John is recovering nicely.  Reenie questions Pat and finds out all she needs to know about Bucky.  When Bucky comes in Reenie sets out to apply all that she has learned and it is clear that Bucky likes her a lot.

April 30, Episode 213

Jack leaves to give the good news to Sr. Mary Joel.  Johnny tells Kevin about Mary's engagement.  Roger tries to persuade hospital to take action against Seneca and damages his own position instead.  Sr. Mary Joel sees through Jack, although he refuses to admit her perception is correct.  Feelings begin to grow between Jill and Seneca.  To Jack's dismay, wedding plans are made for the end of June.

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