May 1976 Daily Recaps

May 3, Episode 214

Mary loves the idea of her June wedding.  Jill asks Jack a few hard questions.  Reenie deals with the subject of Bucky's money very successfully.  Frank hears Mary's news and responds to Delia's pleasure.  Jill observes Frank and Dee's embrace.  Frank and Delia share a reawakening of the former sensuality between them.  Maeve confirms for Jill that things really are better between Dee and Frank.  Jack tries to push the wedding date back but finds that he can't do it in the face of Mary's happiness.

May 4, Episode 215

Faith visits Kenneth and is able to come to terms with him as a sick, broken person, and not someone that she has to fear.  Mary and Frank meet to review the Gilcrest Manor file.  Frank finds that the financial records have been removed from the file.  Frank and Mary talk about Mary's engagement to Jack, and Frank advises of one thing - that if she marries Jack, to do it without expecting to change him.   Later, when Mary asks Pat about his future with Faith, he tells her that he sees himself as a loving friend to Faith, and that Faith understands that.  Roger finds Delia at the bar in a happy moment with Frank, and later questions her about it.  When he leaves angry, Frank asks Dee what they were talking about.  Dee covers, saying that Roger is worried about Faith.

May 5, Episode 216

Delia asks Roger to meet her at his place so that they can clear up what happened at the bar.  Jill is working with Bucky to prepare him for the witness stand, when Seneca arrives. Seneca objects to Jill's approach, saying that she is coaching Bucky to avoid the truth, and he doesn't like it.  When Delia tries to make Roger understand her situation with Frank, Roger gets upset.  When Delia threatens to end the affair, Roger again professes his love, and they end up making love.  Seneca and Jill get into a heated argument, and Jill advises Seneca that he can either take her advice or get another attorney.  As Roger and Dee lie in bed together, there is a knock at the door.  They ignore it, but the door opens and Jill enters!  Roger tries to explain himself to Jill, but Jill returns his explanation with contempt.

May 6, Episode 217

Reenie delights in her new business arrangement with Sam, telling him how easy her first $2,000 was.  When she begins to talk about spending her new income on luxurious items, Sam quickly advises her that she cannot spend the money on anything that can be traced back to her - no fancy apartment, no bank account, etc.  He also points out that she has to be extremely careful in front of Mary Ryan.  A furious Jill lays into Delia, denouncing her for her betrayal of Frank.  When Delia turns the tables, saying that Frank cheated with Jill, Jill tells her that she gave Frank up despite that fact that he was the one thing she wanted most in life.  Jill reams Delia for getting involved with the one man that has hurt Frank the most.  Jill takes the photograph of Ed that she came for, and leaves.  Nick talks Reenie into continuing to live at home, but agrees to give her a separate entrance.  Delia goes to Jill's office and tries to explain.  She tells Jill that she loves Frank, and that she wants to preserve her marriage.  Delia makes an emotional plea for Jill not to say anything about her affair with Roger, but Jill doesn't commit herself.

May 7, Episode 218

Mary asks Jack to join the Ryans for Maeve's Mother's Day celebration.  Jack agrees, and covers up his hesitancy.  Jack later confesses his feelings to Jumbo about his and Mary's engagement.  Jack feels a little trapped, but will marry Mary because he doesn't want to lose her.  Mary meets with Bucky to talk about the Gilcrest Manor file.  When Bucky learns that the financial report is missing, he assures Mary that he can get the records through his family business.  Jack arrives at the Ryans' celebration and presents Maeve with a gift.  He gives her a book on the history of the Irish people.  Although Maeve loves the gift, Jack spoils it by randomly choosing an unfortunate selection to read aloud.  Jack reads a Roman historian's very negative description of the Celts, and Maeve is clearly offended.  Reenie walks in on Mary and Bucky hugging.  After Mary leaves, Bucky accuses Reenie of being short with Mary.  Maeve calls Bob, Pat, and Kevin into the kitchen, and tells them that Jack is Mary's choice and that they must live with that choice.  As she tells them not to say one word to Mary or Johnny about Jack's reading, Johnny walks in.

May 10, Episode 219

Maeve tells Johnny what happened with Jack and the reading, but makes him promise that he won't do anything about it. Johnny talks to Jack about his reading, without forcing a confrontation.  Johnny tells Jack that he is going to welcome him into the family for Maeve's and Mary's sakes, but that he will never welcome him in his heart.  When Mary arrives and Jack asks if they can leave soon, she asks him to wait just a while because her father always does something special for Mother's Day.  Jill arrives at the bar with a gift for Maeve.  Delia watches as Jill talks to Maeve.  Maeve talks about how happy she is that her children are all currently doing well, and Jill takes to heart how much Frank and Delia's happiness means to Maeve.  Later, Frank and Jill talk while Delia watches, but Jill only says that she is glad that he and Delia are working things out.  Pat, Mary and Frank sing a song to Maeve as follows their usual tradition, and Johnny follows.  Delia confirms with Jill didn't tell anyone about Delia's affair with Roger, but Jill tells her that it is for Frank's and Maeve's sakes, not Delia's.  Jill threatens Delia that if she ever catches her with Roger again, Delia will regret it.

May 11, Episode 220

Mary gets a concerned call from Miss Mills saying that she is desperately worried about Hector.  She tells Reenie and Sam where she is headed, and leaves a message at the hospital for Bucky to meet her there.  After she leaves, Reenie tells Sam that she is meeting Bucky for lunch.  Sam reprimands her, telling her to send Bucky to meet Mary and soon as she sees him.  Later, when Bucky arrives at Ryan's, Reenie talks Bucky out of checking in at the hospital.  Bucky talks to Reenie about having to testify in Seneca's case.  Reenie turns the conversation to getting Bucky's mind off of the trial, and suggests taking him to the races. When Bucky makes a joke about her hobby with the races running in the family, Reenie questions his comment.  Bucky is embarrassed, saying it was just a silly reference to her father.  What about my father, she asks?  Mary talks to Hector at Gilcrest Manor, and finally gets him to talk about the conditions.  Just as he begins to talk, Hugh Sharp enters and notices Mary's tape recorder.  Reenie insists that Bucky tell her what he meant about her father.  He apologizes and tells her about the gossip he's heard, and Reenie is hurt and outraged.  Hugh Sharp shows up at Nick Szabo's office, and asks if he knows Mary Ryan.  Hugh tells Nick about the day's events, and tells him that it's true that he's had to cut the budget at Gilcrest Manor in order to show a profit.  Nick tells Hugh that if there are problems at Gilcrest, to fix them, and to treat Mary Ryan very carefully.  Nick recommends that they move Hector far away, since he has been talking to Mary.  Hugh assures Nick that he agrees.

May 12, Episode 221

After Delia calls Roger to makes plans to meet, and Frank walks in.  She tells him that she's going shopping, but that she won't be gone long.  Bucky meets with Jill after his appointment with D.A.  The meeting did not go well, leaving Bucky upset.  Delia tells Roger about her conversations with Jill.  She relays that Jill is not planning to tell anyone currently, but that she will if she finds them together again.  Delia tells Roger that they have to be more sensible when they see each other.  Jill expresses concern to Seneca about her conversation with Bucky.  She's worried that the D.A. is planning to prove that Seneca had a troubled marriage with Nell and that it was a motive for murdering her.  Frank finds Delia looking depressed, and asks her what is wrong.  She tells him that she had a fight with her friend Sheila.  He assures her that their marriage is going to work.  Meanwhile, Roger gets an antique necklace out of a jewelry box at home, and smiles.

May 13, Episode 222

After Delia calls Roger to makes plans to meet, and Frank walks in.  She tells him that she's going shopping, but that she won't be gone long.  Bucky meets with Jill after his appointment with D.A.  The meeting did not go well, leaving Bucky upset.  Delia tells Roger about her conversations with Jill.  She relays that Jill is not planning to tell anyone currently, but that she will if she finds them together again.  Delia tells Roger that they have to be more sensible when they see each other.  Jill expresses concern to Seneca about her conversation with Bucky.  She's worried that the D.A. is planning to prove that Seneca had a troubled marriage with Nell and that it was a motive for murdering her.  Frank finds Delia looking depressed, and asks her what is wrong.  She tells him that she had a fight with her friend Sheila.  He assures her that their marriage is going to work.  Meanwhile, Roger gets an antique necklace out of a jewelry box at home, and smiles.

May 14, Episode 223

Seneca's trial begins.  Delia goes to Roger's to return the necklace, and while there she spills Roger's glass of brandy on her dress.  When she realizes that she can't go home with her dress stained, Roger talks her into taking a bath while he washes the dress.  While questioning potential jurors, Jill finds a juoror full of emotional bias against doctors, and dismisses him.  As Delia enjoys her bubble bath, Roger leaves the bathroom door open and watches her.  When she gets out of the tub, he walks over and seduces her.  Seneca is shaken by the biased potential juror, and Jill warns him that there will be rough waters ahead.  She then confronts the D.A., and he tells her that he intends to prove murder one.

May 17, Episode 224

Mary and Bucky arrange their schedules so that they can meet at Gilcrest Manor during lunch. Mary is very worried because all of her calls to Miss Mills and Hector are being transferred to Mr. Sharp's office.  After their lovemaking, Roger tells Delia that he doesn't want their affair to end.  He proposes, saying that if what she wants is a happy marriage, why not marry him?  When Mary and Bucky arrive at Gilcrest Manor, Hugh Sharp confronts them.  Sharp refuses to let them see Miss Mills or Hector, saying that they are suffering from high blood pressure and agitation from Mary's last visit.  Hugh sharp tells Hector that he is sending him to Philadelphia.  Hector protests, saying that he doesn't want to leave his friends at Gilcrest Manor.  Meanwhile, Mary and Bucky go to meet with Frank, but Frank isn't at his office.  Bucky calls his family law firm and insists that they find everything they can about Gilcrest Manor by tomorrow.  Delia is filled with emotion as she tells Roger that she can't marry him, that her place is with the Ryans.

May 18, Episode 225

Jill and the D.A. give their opening statements.  Frank welcomes Jack into the Ryan family, empathizing about his situation with Johnny.  Clem testifies in Seneca's trial.  The D.A. concentrates on showing that Nell was very much alive and Seneca pulled the plug, but Jill is able to show the loving relationship Seneca and Nell had during Nell's final months in her cross-examination.  Jack meets a reporter named Martha at Frank's office who is trying to interview Frank, and they have a brief flirtation, resulting in her giving Jack her phone number.  Clem tells Jill and Seneca that the D.A. asked him about a woman named Harriet Hill in his pre-trial examination.  Seneca reminds Jill that Harriet is the woman whose name was linked to his in Minnesota, but that there was nothing to it.  Jill insists that there better not be, or the D.A. will use it to establish a motive.

May 19, Episode 226

Jill further questions Seneca about his relationship with Harriet Hill, and he insists that there was nothing to it.  Seneca tells Jill that the only person that ever saw him with Harriet was Bucky's mother, Diana, and that the whole situation was innocent.  Clem runs into Roger at the hospital and lays into him for leveling charges against Seneca in the first place.  Angered by their confrontation, Roger calls Delia and asks her to meet him at his apartment.  When she refuses, he tells her that he will see her at her place, leaving her apprehensive.  When the D.A. questions Bucky, he gets Bucky to admit that he advised Seneca to see Jill because he was worried that people were going to assume that Seneca pulled the plug for Nell.  At the bar, Roger tries to convince Delia to marry him, telling her how much he has to offer her.  Delia is shaken by his desperation, and leaves when she starts crying.  In Jill's cross-examination of Bucky, she gets him to agree that Nell was already dead by the definition of death by the Harvard Medical School.  Bucky is also a very compelling witness to Seneca's love for Nell.  After Bucky steps down, the prosecution calls Diana Carter to the stand.

May 20, Episode 227

Mary receives the financial records from Gilcrest Manor from Bucky's lawyers.  Meanwhile, Hugh Sharp tells Miss Mills that he has bad news for her.  When the D.A. questions Diana Carter, she tells the court that she found Seneca and Harriet Hill sharing a suite when they were in San Francisco for a meeting.  Jill turns to Seneca and tells him to explain that to her, and quickly.  Hugh tells Beatrice that Hector is being transferred because of his high blood pressure.  Mary reviews the Gilcrest records and finds out that the primary owner is Nick Szabo's corporation.  Jill is successful in her cross-examination of Diana, showing that the San Francisco incident was innocent and purely a business setup.  Jill tells Seneca that if he assures her there will be no surprises, she needs to subpoena Harriet Hill.  Maeve talks to Jack and Mary about her own wedding.  Afterwards, Jack places a call to Martha, and then tells Mary that he has to leave.  At Gilcrest Manor, Miss Mills looks for Hector, and as she opens the door to his room, she screams.

May 21, Episode 228

May 24, Episode 229

Delia asks Frank if they can move back into their own apartment, because there is not as much privacy at Maeve and Johhny's.  Frank convinces her to stay just a few more weeks until after the primary.  Mary and Miss Mills are at the television studio, because Mary has convinced Miss Mills to give a statement on air to alert the community about the need to thoroughly investigate nursing homes.  Delia receives an extravagant arrangement of flowers, with no card.  Delia makes up a story that a man in her cooking class has a crush on her.  She promises to get his name so that Frank can have a word with him.  After Frank leaves for a meeting, Delia calls and tells Roger that he has to leave her alone.  Miss Mills gives a very affective statement to Mary.  Bob arrives and tells them that Hector's stomach was pumped, and he's feeling much better.  Bob also tells them that he met with Hugh Sharp, and that he's had a definite change of attitude.  Later, Mary hands over the financial records to Sam, warning him that they can't let Reenie know what's up.  When Delia goes to Roger's apartment to confront him, Roger tells her that unless she agrees to continue seeing him, he is going to tell Frank about their affair.

May 25, Episode 230

Johnny recommends that Frank should set up breakfast meetings with the people that opposed him in his campaign for city council.  Frank likes the idea, and it is agreed that he will have the series of breakfasts at Ryan's, so that Johnny and Maeve can help if it's someone they know.  Jack has drinks with Martha, telling her about the Ryan family without letting her know about his involvement with Mary.  Bucky escorts Reenie home after a date and tells her that he would like for her to meet his mother while she's in town.  They make a date for the next day.  After Bucky leaves, Nick enters and asks Reenie about Channel R and their investigative reporting.  Although the flirting is heavy, Jack gracefully gets out of inviting Martha up to his place after their meeting.  Meanwhile, Mary tells Johnny and Frank the latest on the Gilcrest story, which she is prepared to stay up most of the night writing.  Nick questions Reenie specifically about what Mary Ryan is working on, but Reenie tells him that it is certainly nothing interesting.  Reenie warns her father that he better not do anything that would cause a public scandal, especially since she is getting ready to meet Bucky's mother.  Martha calls as Jack and Mary are kissing.  Mary hands the phone to Jack to answer and when she asks Jack who it was, he tells her later that it was a beautiful lady reporter that has a crush on him.  As Jack looks to her to get jealous, she tells him not to be silly - she trusts him!

May 26, Episode 231

Roger testifies in Seneca's trial, saying that when Nell arrived in New York, she certainly didn't act as if she were tied to a husband.  When he goes on to comment on Nell's relationship with his father, Jill readily objects.  Delia asks Pat if he thinks she fits in with the Ryan family.   She alludes to the fact that maybe she would have been better off in a situation where she was pampered and indulged, rather than being part of such a politically active family.  After Pat leaves, Delia decides to consult Father McShane about her problems.   In Jill's cross-examination of Roger, she gets him to reveal the details regarding the $6,500 that Nick loaned him, and the fact that Seneca refused to renew his contract at the hospital which expires July 1st.  Delia confides in Father McShane about her situation with Roger, telling him everything.  As Roger prepares to leave the courtroom, Seneca stops him and confronts him about his relationship with Nell.  Seneca accuses him of lying, but Roger tells Seneca that if his father hadn't been interested in Nell, he would have pursued her further himself.  Seneca grabs Roger by the shoulders, but Jill stops him before he can go any further.

May 27, Episode 232

Mary talks to Sam about the Gilcrest Manor story, saying that she would like to give Nick Szabo the opportunity to comment before the story airs.  Sam assures Mary that Reenie doesn't have a clue about the story.  Meanwhile, Reenie and Bucky are at his houseboat.  Seneca's former secretary, Elizabeth Levitt, takes the stand.  The D.A. questions her about Harriet Hill.  Although she tells the D.A. that she witnessed closed door meetings between Seneca and Harriet, Jill gets her to point out that she witnessed the same between Seneca and male colleagues as well.  When Jill questions whether or not Elizabeth ever witnessed anything improper between Seneca and Harriet, Elizabeth gives a statement in support of Seneca, comparing him to her own father.  At the houseboat, Bucky tries to seduce Reenie, but stops him at just a kiss.  She explains to Bucky that despite appearances, she's quite old fashioned.  Mary meets with Nick Szabo, and he agrees to an audio recording of their interview.  When Mary gets Nick on tape, he gives a smooth statement saying that he has not been directly involved with the management of Gilcrest Manor, but that he will certainly look into the situation and remedy any complaints.  Once the tape recorder is off, Nick accuses Mary of doing the story to get back at him for his trouble with Frank.  Jill is furious with Seneca after Elizabeth Levitt's testimony is over.  She tells him that she wants Harriet Hill on the witness stand tomorrow.

May 28, Episode 233

Father McShane visits Roger, and Roger is stunned to realize that he's there because he wants to talk about Roger's affair with Delia.  Nick is furious when he is unable to prevent Sam from airing the story today.  Bucky takes Reenie to meet his mother.  When Diana asks Reenie about her father, she tells her that he runs the local funeral parlor, and has investments in real estate on the West side, and that he's a dear, sweet, wonderful person.  Father McShane tells Roger that Delia asked him to speak with Roger on her behalf.  Roger hears him out, but then lets him know that he is not willing to give up Delia.  Nick has Hugh at his office when Mary's Gilcrest Manor story airs.  Meanwhile, Reenie is watching with Bucky and Diana, and she cries that the story isn't true.

May 31, Episode 234

Johnny, Frank and Delia are at the bar, and Frank and Johnny discuss what a great job Mary did on the Gilcrest story.  Frank and Delia make a date to go to a block party where Frank is going to give a speech.  After Frank leaves to go by his office, Delia's excitement turns to panic when Roger enters the bar.  Reenie is shocked and humiliated after seeing Mary's story air.  She tries to explain to Bucky's mother, but finally excuses herself and says she's going to visit her father.  Meanwhile, Nick tells Hugh to go to Gilcrest Manor, open the safe, and follow his instructions.  At Ryan's, Roger talks to Johnny about his visit from Father McShane.  Delia listens to their conversation, realizing that Roger's words are really meant for her.  When Johnny steps away, Roger presses Delia to have a moment alone.  Delia relents and they move to a booth.  Reenie confronts Nick and tells him that he just caused her to lose thirty million dollars!  Diana admits to Bucky that she is concerned about Reenie's background, and that she hopes he isn't getting too serious with her.  Roger pours his heart out to Dee, telling her that he won't give her up.  When he leaves, he tells her that he expects to see her at his place within fifteen minutes.

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