June 1976 Daily Recaps

June 1, Episode 235

Delia arrives angry at Roger's apartment, but her anger to turns to passion and they end up making love.  Mary celebrates her story with her parents, saying that now that the story has broken, she can concentrate on her wedding plans.  Delia agrees to keep seeing Roger so that he won't tell Frank about their affair, but she secretly feels trapped and desperate.  Maeve shows Mary the wedding blouse that she wore in her own wedding, but Mary doesn't pick up on her hints that she would love for Mary to wear it.  Delia consults Jill about her problem with Roger, and Jill is appalled that Delia would come to her for advice.  Jill gives Delia the classic comment, "You've made your bed, and now you're going to have to lie in it".

June 2, Episode 236

After Mary heads out for a busy day, Jack calls Martha.  When she invites herself over to the apartment, he accepts.  Reenie confronts Sam for not warning her about the Gilcrest Story.  Reenie tells Sam that she absolutely hates Mary Ryan, but when Mary arrives, Reenie changes her tone and tells Mary that she understands that she was just doing her job.  Reenie even goes so far as to tell Mary  that she hopes the story won't interfere with their friendship.  Jack cleans the apartment of all signs of Mary.  When Martha walks in, he immediately kisses her on the neck.  Jack and Martha sit down to coffee, and have a deep conversation about marriage.  As Jack discovers that Martha's views are much like his own, they fall into a kiss.  Nick arrives at Channel R and tells Sam, Mary and Reenie that he just met with the special prosecutor's office.  He tells them that he has been had by Hugh Sharp, who emptied out his safe last night and disappeared.  Nick goes on to say that he is dedicated to cleaning up the problems at Gilcrest Manor.  Behind closed doors, Mary tells Sam that she doesn't believe a word of Nick's story.  In the other room, Reenie sarcastically tells Nick that he barely got himself out of this one.  He replies that he also has a solution for her problem with Bucky.  While Jack and Martha begin making out, Mary announces to Nick and Reenie that she has to go home to get the file for the story.

June 3, Episode 237

Mary calls Faith from the subway station to postpone on their search for her wedding dress. She heads toward home to get the file necessary for her follow up story on Gilcrest Manor. Meanwhile, Jack and Martha are on the bed, and Martha asks Jack what he's thinking.  Jill puts Harriet Hill on the stand, and Harriet convincingly denies having an affair with Seneca.  Harriet goes on to say that although Seneca and Nell argued often, she always had the feeling that they would rather be fighting with each other than making love with anyone else.  Jack is hesitant with Martha, obviously feeling guilty.  Martha decides that Jack's problem is an empty stomach, and sends him out to get breakfast, planning to make love right after they eat.  After Jack leaves to go to the bakery, Mary arrives, and finds Martha.  The D.A. gets Harriet to admit that she was in love with Seneca, and still is.  When Mary questions Martha, Martha realizes who Mary is, and stresses that she is only there to talk politics with Jack.  Mary realizes that Martha seems a little shaken.  When Jack arrives, he almost faints at the sight of Mary.

June 4, Episode 238

Seneca is furious over Harriet's testimony, but Jill tells him that it actually went well.  Jill goes on to say that if Seneca can just keep his cool, they have the case won.  After Martha leaves, Mary questions Jack about what's going on.  Harriet apologizes to Seneca for not giving a better testimony.  Seneca apologizes as well, for not being more perceptive of her feelings.  They say their goodbyes as the court reconvenes.  Dr. Hagen testifies next, telling the court that in his opinion, Nell was dead two weeks before the respirator was disconnected.  Mary and Jack get into a heated argument, and Jack insists that it's going to take him awhile to get used to someone caring where he is or who he's with.  As they make up, Martha calls.  She tells Jack that she is furious with him, because he used her, and because Mary seems like a nice person, and doesn't deserve a rat like him.  Afterwards, Mary apologizes for not trusting Jack, and they assure one another that they love each other.

June 7, Episode 239

Levine furiously objects to Hagin's final statement.  Jill counters fiercely, assures Seneca that she is in control.  Concerned McShane explores with Delia possibility of telling Frank all as viable solution.  Delia says it's impossible, feel more trapped than ever.  Pat establishes Nell's feelings about life support as expressed to him.  Levine tries to undermine Pat's effectiveness; establishes enormous cost of sustaining medical care for someone in vegetative state.  Judge recesses for lunch, and Seneca receives letter from County Medical Board.  Delia seeks and receives comfort from worried Pat.  She desperately wishes she could share problem with him.

June 8, Episode 240

Roger calls Delia, who refuses to meet him at his apartment; has to agree to Lem's.  Morose Jack has a session with Maeve over wedding.  Johnny arrives and invites Jack to dinner.  Jack uses the wedding announcements that he got from Maeve as an excuse to pay a visit Sister Mary Joel.  Maeve congratulates Johnny on the effort he is making with Jack.  Frank too is sweet and concerned about Delia and decides that he wants to meet Shelia.  Jack tells Sister Mary Joel that the wedding date is set.  He tells her that he does not want to hurt Mary but he is afraid he is making a mistake.  Jack calls his editor and begs for an assignment that will have him busy - too busy to get married.  He sets things up so that his editor will call while Mary is home.

June 9, Episode 241

Frank questions Delia about Shelia and becomes concerned that she is late.  Roger enters and sits with Frank and Delia as they wait for "Shelia".  He tells Frank that Shelia is a nice person, which leads Frank to believe that he is the only one that has not met her.   Jack gets a call from his editor and tells him that it is too early and asks him to call back.  Jack explains to him that his postponing the wedding is for Mary's sake as well as his own. Later, Jack accepts the pre-arranged offer which has Mary taken aback.  In the face of his excitement she asks him "What about the wedding?"  Roger joins Delia and Frank refusing to let Delia off the hook.  Jack effort to postpone the wedding fails; leaving both he and Mary troubled.  Roger realizes that if he is to have Delia, Frank is going to have to know.

June 10, Episode 242

Maeve testifies as to Nell's wishes and withstands cross-examination.    Mary is distressed about Jack's request to postpone the wedding and fails to receive reassurance from Sister Mary Joel.  Jill introduces surprise evidence before she rests the defense.  Nick goes into Reenie's purse looking for matches and discovers Reenie's hidden money.  When he confronts her he finds out the truth about Sam and the marijuana operation.  She becomes nervous when he leaves to take care of some business.  Seneca approaches the District Attorney on behalf of the letters and asks him if he really believes that Seneca killed his wife.  The D.A. accuses Seneca of murdering Nell for her money.  Jill and Maeve share in the sense that if this isn't over soon that Seneca will be a danger to this case.

June 11, Episode 243

Jill tries to prepare Seneca for what will happen during the closing arguments.  She asks him to remain calm and he tells her that he will do his best.  Nick confronts Sam on his findings about his side operation and the fact that he has hurt his daughter.  Sam tells Nick about Reenie's college operation explains to him the advantages of an immediate departure.  Sam agrees that he will leave town today.  Jill delivers an emotional summary to the jury.  She not only has made an impression on the jury, but on Seneca as well.  Bucky tries to calm a nervous Reenie with offers of taking her to the houseboat.  Just as Reenie is about to accept Sam enters and threatens to spoil their trip.  Levine delivers his closing arguments to the jury, which provokes Seneca to an explosive interruption.

June 14, Episode 244

Seneca takes the stand and comes dangerously close to wrecking the case for the defense.   Sister Mary Joel scolds Jack about his treatment of Mary.  She tells him that if he is not serious then he should call things to a halt.  Jack admits that she is right and comes to a sad decision.  While yelling at Reenie for ruining things for him Sam confesses everything to Bucky who decides to call things to a halt with Reenie.  Mary is frantic when she reads Sam's note and realizes that he is gone.  Sam calms her with plane tickets for their honeymoon.  When they realize that they have both been to see Sister Mary Joel Jack admits that he was having difficulty facing up to the reality of marriage but that he will be fine when it is all over.  The judge charges the jury and ensures that they know their duties.  Jill admits to Seneca that she very much fears conviction.

June 15, Episode 245

Roger enters Ryan's and is confronted with the love that Delia and Frank have for one another.  He places an order that sends Delia to the kitchen and sings praises to Frank about Delia.  Delia convinces Roger to leave with a promise that she will see him later.  When Frank questions her about Rogers admiration of her she claims she doesn't know what he is talking about.  Mary arrives at Ryan's with the limited news of what has happened to Sam.  Bucky comes in and is able to fill everyone in on Sam's operation and the fact that Nick has closed it down.  Reenie has a tantrum and tells her father that he is the cause of her losing out on thirty million dollars.  He tells her that no kid of his is going to be in the rackets.  Reenie accuses her father of not knowing what it is like to lose everything and is apologetic when he tells her that he remembers the day her mother left him.  Bucky admits that Reenie hurt him because he thought she liked him for him and not his money.  Desperate, Delia again pleads for help from Jill  - for Frank's sake.  Jill pays Roger a visit and after incessant questioning she tells him that he may get his wish as far as Seneca is concerned but not so with Delia.  She is shaken when she realizes the lengths that Roger will go through to make sure things go his way.

June 15, Episode 246

Pat suggests to Maeve that Mary should wear her wedding blouse.  Mary and Georgia set out to find the perfect wedding dress.  Delia threatens Roger that if he continues to force the issue she will not remain his friend.  When he tells her that he cannot live without her she promise that she will be able to see him every now and then.  He decides that he cannot live with that and decides to force the issue.  Mary and Georgia enjoy renewing their old friendship although they fail to find a wedding dress.  Delia feels that a lot of their problems would be solved if Frank wins the election and they are able to live in Washington part-time.  Roger leaves a message for Frank at headquarters that is designed to get Frank suspicious.  Delia shares with Pat her wishes of helping Mary find a wedding dress.  Mary receives a wedding veil from her Aunt Moira in Ireland that helps her to make a decision.  She is going to wear Maeve's wedding blouse and Maeve is going to make her a skirt to match.

June 17, Episode 247

Mary is pleased when she finds out that Jack asked Bob to be an usher at their wedding.  She shares with her mother and Frank that the heads of Channel has asked her to be the head of the news department.  Frank ushers a persistent Jack to the bar when he tries to force himself in to see Mary as she is being fitted for her dress.  Roger becomes worried when he realizes that Frank has not received his messages but finds reassurance that the message has not been lost.  Johnny tries to be nice, but cannot resist opportunity to needle Jack about not renting his tux and Jack keeps his temper.  Frank retrieves his messages and is excited when he tells Johnny that this is his chance to meet the elusive Shelia.  Johnny is bemused because he thought Delia was out rounding up volunteers.  Jack goes off to see Jumbo about wedding clothes.  Mary shares with Maeve her feelings about leaving her family - although she is very happy about the approaching wedding.  Jack shares his anger about the wedding with Jumbo and Co.  Jumbo fears that Jack will not follow through with the wedding and offers his support as the day approaches.  Johnny is enjoying the prospect of the wedding in spite of himself.  Frank is confused when he finds out that Delia has not been taking cooking lessons at Lem's.

June 18, Episode 248

Frank is unable to get a satisfactory explanation from Mrs. Lem about the cooking lessons that Delia was supposedly taking.  Faith discusses her future with Seneca and concludes that she may want to change her residency.  Pat and Maeve share in their expectation of Nolan Ryan's visit.  Frank tries to make sense of what Mrs. Lem told him without worrying Maeve.  Pat comes to Delia's defense.  Seneca shares with Jill his sense that Nell's presence was with him last night and that he feels that she is upset with him.  The jury has reached a verdict.  When Delia gives Frank the list of volunteers that she has rounded up her casually asks her if Shelia will volunteer.  Delia scrambles desperately and manages to avoid getting caught in a lie - but Frank's suspicions are aroused.

June 21, Episode 249

Seneca recognizes Jill's personal concern for him and is touched.  They share a nice moment and Maeve enters and asks if a friend can join them.  Delia seeks Roger's advice about how to handle Frank's invitation to Sheila.  He tells her to set up and believe the lie and things will work out all right.  Maeve tries to ease the tension that tells Seneca and Jill about Mary's wedding plans and shares her doubts about Jack.  When the subject of Frank's wedding comes up Maeve share her happiness of how well Frank and Delia are getting along.  Delia makes phoney dinner arrangements to convince the Ryan's that Shelia really exists.  Frank continues to question Delia about Shelia and she  becomes nervous and changes the subject.  Seneca is convicted and found guilty of assault in the second degree.

June 22, Episode 250

Jill explains the potential ramifications of verdict to Maeve and Johnny and that sentencing will occur the day of Mary's wedding.  Maeve invites the two to dinner and when they decline she is able to see Jill's growing investment in Seneca and approves.  Frank asks Mary if she is aware of any problems with Delia and when she says no he fills her on what has been going on.   Jack confirms for Johnny that he has 2 tickets to the Mississippi and ensures that he has plans of taking Mary.  Mary and Frank share wishes that Nolan Ryan's schedule coincided with theirs.  An uneasy Jack asks Mary if she wants to elope and she tells him to hang in there and that it will all be over soon.  Kathleen arrives.  Jill is taken aback when Seneca tells her that he does not want to appeal his verdict.  They reach an understanding and share a nice moment.  A family reunion occurs around the bar and Johnny makes sure Jack sticks around for the experience.  Regret threatens the party when Siobhan calls and says that she has the measles and won't be able to make it to the wedding.  An overwhelmed Jack leaves the party before he loses control of himself.  When Maeve finds out that Jack has left she pressures Johnny thinking that he had something to do with Jack's sudden departure. Johnny feigns innocence and gives his odds that Jack is not going to make it to the altar.

June 23, Episode 251

Maeve and Pat fill Kathleen in on Mary and Jack's background, while Delia feels ignored.  Pat cheers Delia and tells her that Frank is worried about her.  Upset, she tells him that she needs more freedom and asks him to stop feeding her husband information.   Roger sees them together and is hit with a twinge of jealousy.  Mary tells Kathleen of her hopes that marriage will solve all of their problems.  Kathleen tells her that marriage intensifies problems and hopes that for Mary's sake everything will be all right.  Roger approaches Delia and asks her if she is going to give him reason to be jealous of everyone in the Ryan family.  When Delia becomes upset he backs off and becomes his old charming self.  Jill lets Roger have it about what he has done to Seneca.  When Roger brings up Seneca's ethical behavior Jill tells them that the behavior that he and Delia have been exhibiting is enough to turn her stomach.  Delia rallies to his side and he uses it to get her to agree to see him later.  Jill shares her feelings about Seneca with Maeve, and Maeve approves.  Mary faces her wedding rehearsal and the evening events with trepidation.

June 24, Episode 252

Mary asks her brothers and brother-in-law to help Jack through the evening.  Roger sends a messenger to Ryan's with an anonymous letter for Frank.  Delia tells Roger that she thinks that something is going on between Jill and Seneca.  He tells her that they deserve one another.  When Delia tells him that she thinks that everyone is being unfair to him he allows her to comfort him - and things go a little too far.  Nolan Ryan is invited to the bachelor party.  Art tries his best to reassure Jack, which drives him to drink.  Delia realizes the desperate edge to Roger's feelings for her and is frightened.  Bob accepts the letter from the messenger and hands it to Frank.  Frank reads Roger's letter and is shaken when he realizes that Delia is not upstairs.  Art leaves with Jack and promises Johnny that he will get him home okay.  Bob is surprised when he finds out that Delia is not home and when he asks Frank where he is Frank tells him that he doesn't know.

June 25, Episode 253

Maeve and Sister Mary Joel explore Jack's resistance to Ryan family gatherings.  Frank and Maeve wonder where Delia is.  Maeve leaves with Sister Mary Joel before she has a chance to find out about the messenger and note.  Delia arrives and does her best to evade Frank's questions.  When she is unsuccessful she throws a temper tantrum and tries to turn the tables on Frank asking why he does not trust her.  When she goes off to bed Frank sits in a chair and reads the note.  Mary and Frank have an intimate heart to heart the night before the wedding.  She confesses that she is not sure if Jack is the man that she is supposed to marry.  He tells Mary that it could all be nerves but if she feels the same tomorrow he will support whatever decision she makes.  He just hopes that Jack is the man Mary wants him to be.  Maeve and Johnny discuss the futures of their children and the fact that they are happy that Delia and Frank have resolved to work things out.  Maeve feels that it would be good for all if Jill and Seneca were to fall in love with one another.  When she brings up her fears for Mary and Jack Johnny tells her that he would be pleased if he gets cold feet and does not make it to the wedding.  Frank knocks on the door and sends Maeve to Mary with news that she is in need of some mothering.  Maeve mothers Mary and tells her that everything will be all right.  As Mary relaxes Art calls to tell them that Jack has disappeared.

June 28, Episode 250

Mary and Maeve have a sentimental moment between mother and daughter the day of the wedding.  Johnny tells Frank that he thinks that Jack is missing and that he does not know whether to consider it a good thing or a bad thing.  Johnny calls Jumbo and he tells Johnny that he will go to Jack's apartment and will call him when he knows more.  Johnny tells Frank that is Jack leaves Mary at the altar he will break him in half.  Delia asks Frank if all is well between them and he tells her that it is before brushing her off.  She calls Roger to warn him to be on his best behavior to not get Frank suspicious.  He tells her to wear the necklace that he gave her as a reminder and she promises that she will.  When Frank questions her about the necklace she lies and tells him that she has had it for ages.   Family emotions occur as Maeve and Kathleen help Mary dress.  Jumbo calls and tells Johnny that it does not look good and promises to keep him posted.  At the Ryan's Mary makes her entrance and everyone is stunned at how pretty she is.  Johnny tells Frank that he can't tell Mary that Jack is missing and hopes that everything will be okay.  Frank asks to see Mary alone and thanks her for a lifetime of memories and tells her that he will always be around when she needs him.  He gives her Grandfather Ryan's ring and tells her that she will always be a Ryan and that they will always love her.  She promises that she will one day give it to Little John.  Johnny and family share final sentimental moments as Mary leaves for the church.  At the church Mary worries that no one has heard from Jack and is reassured by Maeve.  When Jumbo appears without Jack she asks, "Has something happened to Jack?"

June 29, Episode 255

Mary learns that Jack is missing and is hurt when she finds out that her family knew about it and did not tell her.  Jumbo and the Ryan's set out to find Jack while Pat stays back to soothe an anguished Mary.  Clem and Jill rally behind Seneca as the Judge arrives to pronounce his sentence.  Seneca refuses that an appeal be made on his behalf.  Pat explains to Maeve and Father McShane that Jack has been detained.  A drunken Jack is found and is taken home to shower and change for the wedding.  Jill pleads for leniency.  Seneca makes a statement in defense of his actions before the Judge sentences him to 7 days in jail and 2 years probation.  Seneca refuses to appeal, which worries Jill but she resolves to accept his decision.  Pat tries to soothe a waiting Mary by telling her that her guests understand the delay and are patiently waiting for her. Johnny takes charge of delivering Jack to the altar.

June 30, Episode 256

Bob keeps Mary company and fantasizes of marrying her himself.  Jack appears before Mary.  They go into an office to talk things through.  Johnny and Frank tell Bob what happened to Jack.  Jack painfully tries to explain why he was as late as he is.  Mary asks him if on their wedding day he had to be dragged in it by force then what will he do for the rest of their lives.  Jack tells her that if he'd had a little more control over his destiny and not her and her family then it would have never happened - but nevertheless he is ready.  She tells him that she is not.  Jack flares at her change of attitude and she tells him that she should have taken the warnings as they came.  He tells her that he wants to change for her and tells her that he loves her.  She asks him what she is going to do about him.  He says, "Marry me and love me," of which she agrees.  Frank tries to deal with the anonymous note about Delia but is stalled for the moment.  Jill hurries in and finds out why the wedding was delayed.  She delivers the news to Frank about Seneca and admits that it is causing her anguish.   Jack and Mary come out and tell them that the wedding is on before he leaves to take his place at the altar.  Mary asks Frank to get Father McShane who tells her that if she has any reservations that she should wait.  She tells him that she is ready to commit her life to Jack and asks him to tell Jack that he looks wonderful.  Johnny arrives to get Mary and becomes a little worried when she tells him that she can't go through with it.

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