July 1976 Daily Recaps

July 1, Episode 257

Alone with her father in the rear of the church Mary tells him that she isn't exactly sure that she wants to marry Jack.  Johnny tells her that he will support her in whatever she decides.  Frank escorts Jill into the church.  Everyone is inside of the church gathered at the altar - except the bride, who has cold feet.   When Roger sees Jill he sits next to her and gloats when he finds out that Seneca is in jail.  Mary implores of Johnny to not tell Maeve about her possible change of decision and he agrees that this may be best.  Frank arrives to seat the mother of the bride before Mary can change her mind and tell her everything.  As Kathleen and Delia proceed down the music starts and Johnny asks her what she wants to do.  When Delia makes it to the foot of the altar the entire congregation looks back and wonders where the bride is.  Jack starts to panic.  Johnny relaxes when Mary tells him that she is ready and the two head up the aisle - to Jack's relief.  Mary and Jack exchange vows and are pronounced married.  All are excited as they watch the newly wed couple run down the aisle.  When Delia takes Frank's arm Jill notices the look on Roger's face and begs him to behave himself at the reception.

July 2, Episode 258

Friends and family celebrate Mary's wedding as Jack dances his first Irish reel and surprises everyone when they find out how well he does dance.  Jill becomes enraged and questions Delia as to why she is wearing her mother's necklace.  When she finds out the Delia is clueless she approaches Roger and tells him that he is a disgrace to their parents memory for giving away a sentimental family piece and that she intends to get it back.  Bucky pays a visit to Seneca and is upset when he realizes that Seneca refuses to appeal.  Jill is seething about the necklace and continues to stare at Delia.  Johnny applauds Frank and tells him that he is a good man for giving Mary something that he really cared about.  Jumbo makes a toast to the bride and groom and says that id Jack doesn't make Mary happy that he will break him in two.  Jack makes a toast to Maeve and Sister Mary Joel, which pleases Johnny.  Mary shows Jack how to cut the cake as the two of them share their first piece.  Delia goes into the kitchen to get more forks and is shocked when Jill demands the return of the necklace.  Delia returns it in anger as Frank enters.  Jill refers his questions about the necklace to Delia.   Jill catches the bouquet, much to Delia's chagrin.  Mary and Jack prepare to leave for their honeymoon.  Johnny tells Bob that he wishes it were him that she married.  He tells Johnny that he will just have to be content to be Mary's friend.  Maeve tells Jill to give Seneca her best.  Delia gets upset with Roger for not telling her that the necklace belonged to her mother.  He gives her an insincere apology.  Frank questions Jill and she tells defers him to Delia.  Rice is thrown as Mary and Jack leave for their honeymoon.

July 5, Episode 259

Delia tries to out talk Frank when she realizes that he wants answers.  He confronts Delia about the scene he witnessed between her and Jill over the necklace.  Mary and Jack celebrate their love for one another.  He apologizes again to Mary for his behavior at the wedding and thanks her for waiting.  She tells him that she also had second thoughts and he promises to be on his best behavior for at least the next 10 years of his life.  They toast to their happiness.  Johnny admits to Maeve that he feels as if he let Mary down today by bringing Jack to the church and that it will haunt him for the rest of his life.  Maeve thinks Johnny did the right thing because Mary's life is her own to live by her own choices.  She tells him that she is proud of him and that he has saved the day.  Mary and Jack marvel at the thought of being able to talk to one another for the rest of their lives.  Delia tells Frank that Jill thought that the necklace was her stepmother's and tells him that it isn't.  He tells her that he is not accusing her but that he is trying to put two and two together.  She uses lovemaking as a way to distract him from their conversation.  Mary and Jack go to sleep in one another's arms.  Maeve has comforted Johnny.  After Delia is asleep Frank goes over to the jewelry box still thinking about the necklace.

July 6, Episode 260

Frank shares his concern about Delia with his father and shows him the note.  Johnny advises caution and tells him that with that since he is close to securing a spot on the ballot that now is not the time for trouble.  He promises to have a talk with Delia to see what is going on.  Jill tells Seneca of Mary's wedding and it brings back memories of Nell's last minute panic at her and Seneca's wedding.  When Jill prepares to leave he asks her to visit him as soon as she can and she promises that she will.  Frank pays a visit to Jill to ask her about the necklace again.  She offers him no more information grimly covering for Delia and Roger.  When she tells him about the trial, Frank gets a sense of her involvement with Seneca.  Johnny talks to Delia and she tells him that everything is fine.  She asks him to talk to Frank and asks him to ease Frank's mind.  He tells her that she doesn't have to handle her problems on her own and hopes that she will feel free to come to him if she needs to talk.  Jill visits Roger and tells him to not involve her in anymore of his sick games that he is playing in his effort to win Delia.  She tells him that his life is such a series of miseries that if she could feel anything for him she would feel sad.

July 7, Episode 261

When Frank goes to Johnny to find out about his talk with Delia Johnny says that he should not allow the letter to get to him.  They decide that the only way to get to the bottom of this is to finally meet Shelia.  When Delia comes from the kitchen they set a date for the Chinese dinner and she promises not to disappoint them.  Roger helps Delia come up with a plan that will make Shelia disappear.  She implores of Roger to not make any trouble for her and he tells her that he is trying to prove to her that he is her loving friend.  Roger pays a visit to Seneca in a last ditch effort to work out a deal - to both of their advantages.  When Seneca refuses his offer he tells him that when he is done with him he will never practice medicine in New York again.  Delia returns the necklace to Jill as a token of gratitude for her not telling Frank the truth.  Jill warns Delia not to trust Roger and if she does then she is going to be sorry - and unfortunately so will Frank.  Delia tells Frank and Johnny about the plans that she and Sheila have made for dinner tomorrow night, but Frank doesn't believe her.  While having a drink with himself Roger declares that Sheila is going to be a bad, bad girl.

July 8, Episode 262

Delia ensures with Roger that he is going to make the call to say that Sheila can't make it to dinner.  When she tells Frank and Johnny that Sheila will be there any minute a look of disbelief passes between the two of them.  While on their idyllic honeymoon, Mary and Jack find their lifestyles different but not troublesome.  Tension builds when Sheila doesn't show up or call.  At his apartment Roger sits and watches the ringing telephone with a smile on his face.  Maeve goes to get the egg rolls as Delia places another call to Roger, who has covered the phone with pillows in order to further ignore the rings.  Frank asks Delia if Sheila really exists.  Jack tells Mary that he has never before felt possessive about a woman and that he needs her a lot.  She allays his fears when she tells him that she needs him also.  During an emotional confrontation Frank tries to force Delia admit that Sheila doesn't exist.  When he begs for her to take him to at least one person to prove that Sheila is real Delia admits that she made her up.

July 9, Episode 263

Pat arrives as Delia admits to Frank and his parents that there is no Sheila, and that she turned to someone else when Frank wouldn't go near her last winter.  Jill and Seneca share an intimate moment when she visits him in jail, and he tells her that he realizes that he is the cause of his own undoing.  Delia leads the Ryans to think that the person she turned to was God, telling them that she's had a religious experience.  Jill tells Roger that if he will support Seneca in his testimony to the County Medical Society, then she will do everything she can to get him reinstated at Riverside Hospital.  Roger refuses the deal, accusing Jill of becoming emotionally involved with Seneca.  Delia manages to answer all of Frank's questions about Sheila, when he finally asks why Roger said he met Sheila, if she really doesn't exist?  Delia covers, saying that Roger lied for her because he already knew the truth about Sheila.

July 12, Episode 264

Maeve comforts Delia, telling her that the truth is always better than lies.  Meanwhile, As Jack and Mary enjoy their honeymoon, they get into a deep discussion about their future.  Jack tells Mary that he loves the fact that she will "adapt" to anything, and as he explains himself, Mary grows concerned.  As they prepare for bed, Frank and Delia talk further about her explanation for her lies.  Frank tells her how bothered he is that she would confide in Roger Coleridge rather than him.  Mary takes offense to Jack's compliment, accusing him of thinking that her job isn't as important as his.  They quickly make up, realizing that they are silly to argue about something that might never happen.  Maeve tells Johnny that she sympathizes with Delia, but Johnny is worried that there is more going on than Delia has told them.

July 13, Episode 265

Pat tells Maeve that he doesn't think Frank was fair to Delia.   Faith prepares for her first day back on the job, and thanks Jill for her support during all that Faith went through in the past months.  Jill is distressed at facing the County Medical Society on behalf of Seneca, and doesn't think that the outcome will be good.  Delia offers to spend the whole day at Frank's side at campaign headquarters, hoping to be the perfect politician's wife.  After Frank leaves, Delia calls Roger to tell him about what happened the night before.  Pat assures Faith that they can be friends, and Faith tells him that she really values his friendship.  Faith tells Pat that she is rethinking what she wants to do in medicine, saying she might like to go into pediatrics.  Frank overhears Delia telling someone on the phone that she'll call him when it's safe.

July 14, Episode 266

Frank tells Johnny what he overheard Delia say on the phone.  When Johnny asks if Frank knows whom she was talking to, Frank indicates that he does.  Meanwhile, Roger testifies before the County Medical Board, telling them that it if they allow physicians to disregard the law, then seriously ill patients will pay the price, and negligence suits will follow.  Frank confesses to Johnny that he thinks Delia was talking to Roger.  Frank asks Johnny to invite Roger over to the bar, so that he can see Delia and Roger interact. Bob listens to Maeve talk about Mary's honeymoon, and wishes that he was the one floating down the Mississippi with Mary.  When Delia arrives, Bob tells her how proud he is of her campaign work.  Maeve lends a sympathetic ear to Jill as she talks about Seneca's County Medical Board hearing.  After Jill leaves, Delia tells Maeve that she thinks Jill is attracted to Seneca.  When Roger arrives at the bar, Johnny excuses himself and joins Frank in the kitchen.  Frank is both sad and angry as he watches Delia and Roger in an intense conversation.  Frank enters, asking Delia where his overnight bag is.  When he explains that he has to go to Albany, Roger's eyes light up.

July 15, Episode 267

Roger pressures Delia to come to his place while Frank is out of town.  Johnny tells Maeve that Frank believes Delia has been seeing Roger.  On their honeymoon, Mary and Jack share an intimate moment, as Jack talks about growing up in the orphanage, with dim memories of his parents.  As Mary comforts him, they are interrupted with the arrival of a telegram from Channel R.  Maeve doesn't want to believe that Delia and Roger had an affair.  Johnny gets Maeve to agree to tell Delia she'll watch Little John the next night if Delia asks.  Mary is flattered that Channel R thought she was so important that they would track her down on her honeymoon, but Jack is annoyed at the intrusion.  Bucky confronts Roger about his County Medical Board testimony.  Maeve's fears come true when Delia does ask her to baby sit for Little John.

July 16, Episode 268

Delia tries to explain to Roger why his determination to preserve the relationship is only ruining it.  He tells her that he understands and that he will do all that he can to make sure that she is not uncomfortable.  Frank is outside of the Coleridge home - key in hand.  Jill tells Bucky that she plans to ask Seneca to her family beach house to get his mind off of the things.  He tells her that this is a good idea right before the phone rings.   Seneca's license has been suspended.  Roger promises again to Delia that he will back off and be a better person.  He convinces her to make love just as Frank enters the house.  Seneca learns from Jill that his license has been suspended and graciously accepts her offer get away from things.  Delia and Roger enjoy one another's company knowing that this might be the last time for a while before they can be together again.  As they share an embrace they hear a noise and turn toward the door - it's Frank.

July 19, Episode 269

Delia tells Frank that he doesn't understand and begs for him to listen to her.  He tells her that he doesn't want to see her anymore and tells her not to return home again.  A hysterical Delia prepares to return home and begs Roger to leave her alone.  An angry Frank goes to his office to think through his problems and fantasizes about Jill instead.  Jill and Seneca are heading to the beach house and Jill thinks they are lost.  On the way to the beach house the car breaks down and Seneca walks to a garage to phone for a truck.  When he leaves Jill has a fantasy that it is Frank going to the beach house with her and not Seneca. When Seneca returns to the car Jill admits to him that she was having a fantasy about Frank. Pat wonders where Frank is and an apprehensive Maeve changes the subject so as to not tell him the truth. Delia arrives at the Ryan's and when she sees that she has preceded Frank she pleads to Pat and Maeve for forgiveness.  Delia explains to Maeve and Pat that Roger was blackmailing her and that she had to stay in the relationship to save Frank's career. Maeve tells her that she has told so many lies that it is hard to believe her now.  When Maeve leaves to tell Johnny the truth Delia throws herself into Pat's arms and begs her to be her friend.

July 20, Episode 270

Delia begs Pat that if their relationship has meant anything in the past for him to support her in this now.  Maeve tells Johnny that Frank's worst suspicions were true - that Delia was in fact having an affair with Roger.  When Johnny blows up at Delia for her affair with Roger she tells him that he wasn't so outraged when Frank was running around with Jill.  Seneca asks Jill for details about her relationship with Frank and she tells him everything starting from the beginning.  When he asks her if she is still in love with him he tells her that she will always love Frank but that she has put him behind her.  Pat stands up for Delia and tells Johnny that it is not fair for him not to give Delia the same consideration that he gave Frank when he had an affair.  When Johnny explodes Maeve tries to intervene and calm things down.  In the heat of all of the confusion Frank enters and tells Delia to get out.

July 21, Episode 271

Delia pleads with Frank that she has nowhere else to go.  Maeve tells Frank that he has every reason to feel betrayed but that he has to consider Little John - which gives Delia an idea.  She begs Frank not to break up Little John's home and when he tells her that he does not believe her story she tells him to ask Jill.  When Delia runs into the bedroom and slams the door Maeve and Johnny joins Frank in his concern for Little John.  Pat goes to Delia to offer her moral support and finds himself haunted by past and present feelings for her.  Mary plans a big dinner celebration for when they get home and tells Jack that she will not make the same mistake that Delia made - she is going to share Jack with everyone.  Although troubled, Jack tells Mary that if dinner parties will make her happy then she can have all that she wants.  In defense of Delia Pat goes into battle with Frank who tells him to mind his own business.  When Delia realizes that Pat isn't making any progress on her behalf she tries to use Little John to help fight for her marriage.

July 22, Episode 272

Delia frantically turns to Bob for help her work out things with Frank.  Pat tells the family that they should be more supportive and not choose sides.  When he and Johnny square off Pat leaves and Maeve worries about the impact that this will have on the entire family. Pat tries express his worry and fear to Bucky that this is going to drive Frank to Jill for good.  Bucky asks Pat if his feelings for Delia are a little more than he is admitting and he tells him that he and Delia were one another's first loves.  Seneca asks Jill if what has happened between her and Frank will keep her from loving anyone again and she tells him that although the bond will always be there she is looking forward to all of her other loves.  While sitting in his office Frank continually tries to call Jill.  Bob finds out what is going on and promises Delia that he will try and talk to Frank.  He apologizes to Maeve and Johnny for all of the trouble that this is going to cause them and sets out to find Frank.  When he finds him Frank tells him that it is over between him and Delia and that he his biggest regret is giving up Jill. A hurting Bob leaves him to go and have a talk with Roger. Frank continues to try to call Jill, who is on her way to the beach house, but to no avail.

July 23, Episode 273

Bob arrives at the Ryan's' and tells Delia that Frank doesn't want to see her.  Meanwhile, Frank is at his office, and begins to think about Jill compared to Dee.  When Delia argues with Johnny, Maeve confronts her.  Maeve assures Delia that she hasn't turned against her, but says that Delia has betrayed her trust.  Maeve advises Delia to take responsibility and stop acting like a child. Bob confronts Roger, and when Roger tells him that Delia loves him and is going to end up with him, Bob hits him.  On the riverboat, Mary has a nightmare and believes it means something is wrong with Frank.  Delia decides to make the Ryan's sorry for being mean to her.  Frank tries to call Jill, but there is no answer.   When Maeve begins to worry about Delia and goes to check on her, she finds that Delia and the baby are gone.

July 26, Episode 274

Johnny informs Frank that Delia and the baby are missing.  When Bob tells them that he hasn't seen Delia, Frank decides to go over to Roger's to see if Delia is there.  Meanwhile, Jill and Seneca arrive at the beach house.  Seneca tells Jill that he is impressed with her ease at sharing personal feelings, and she replies that she learned that from Frank.  When Frank tells Roger that Delia is missing, Roger is concerned about Delia, but Frank is only concerned about his son.  Roger suggests that the solution to their situation could be for Delia to be with him, leaving the baby with Frank, who could resume his relationship with Jill.  Mary calls Johnny and asks him to assure her that all is well, but he can't.  Mary is infuriated at the news, and tells Jack that she wants to cut their honeymoon short and return home to be with Frank.  Frank and Bob begin a full search for Delia, and Bob decides to have the precinct put a bulletin out.

July 27, Episode 275

Frank begins to think that Delia's disappearance is a ploy to punish him.   Maeve tells Frank that Jill is at the beach house with Seneca.  Frank is clearly thrown by this, and Maeve tells him that she doesn't know if there is a romance blossoming or not.  Meanwhile, Jill and Seneca grow closer as they spend time together.  Jack tells Mary that altering his plans and his life to suit the Ryan family bothers him.  Jill and Seneca spend the day playing at the beach.  As Maeve listens to Frank and Pat argue about Delia, the phone rings. Maeve answers and hands the phone to Frank, telling him that it's Delia and she's hysterical.

July 28, Episode 276

Frank tries to talk Delia into coming home, but he won't tell her that he has forgiven her.  She threatens him that if he won't take her back, then she'll kill herself, and then hangs up on him.  Frank repeats their conversation to Maeve and Pat, and Pat is very concerned.  He later tells Maeve that he thinks Frank has treated Delia very badly, but Maeve replies that Pat needs to let go and let Frank and Delia solve their own problems.  At the beach house, Seneca takes care of Jill after she cuts her foot on a jagged shell.  Afterwards, he holds her as she naps.  Delia waits several hours, and then calls Frank again.  Pat answers and tells Delia that Frank is out looking for her.  When Pat evades Delia's questions about Frank, she asks to speak to Maeve.  Maeve expresses her concern for Little John, and Delia gets very upset, saying that Maeve only cares about Little John, and not her.  She tells Maeve that if she can't be a Ryan, then she doesn't want to live anymore, and slams down the phone.  She moves to the hotel window and leans out onto the ledge, looking down below.  She mumbles, "What do you have to do to make people know that you're serious?"

July 29, Episode 277

Pat and Maeve are deeply concerned about Delia.  Meanwhile, Father McShane tells Frank that Delia wanted desperately to end her affair with Roger, but he was blackmailing her.  Pat calls Frank and tells him about Delia's call, and Frank heads home.  Mary arrives home without Jack, who went to the apartment.  She confides in Maeve and Pat about her argument with Jack.  Meanwhile, Jill wakes up from her nap and finds that she has been resting in Seneca's arms.  Their sexual attraction builds as they prepare for dinner.  Frank takes comfort in Mary's return, and after they discuss Delia, he confides that he is upset at the thought of Jill at the beach house with Seneca. Delia calls Frank in one last attempt to see if he'll take her back.  When she doesn't get a firm reply from Frank, she tells him that he will find the baby in Room 1007 at the Hotel Sanscerres.... but he won't find her there.  Frank tells Mary to call Bob, and he rushes out.  Delia tells sleeping Little John that everything will be all right, and then she steps out onto the window ledge.

July 30, Episode 278

When Frank and Johnny arrive at the hotel, they find Little John in the hotel room.  The manager then tells them that a tenant from the building across the street reported that there is a woman on the ledge.  Bob arrives, and gives the manager instructions for keeping the staff out of the way.  Frank leans out the window and tries to convince Delia to come inside.  Meanwhile, Jill tells Seneca that she really wanted to do something to make sure that he knew that someone cares for him, and he tells her that she succeeded.  Delia asks Frank to swear that he will give her another chance, and he agrees.  After dinner, Jill prepares to go to bed.  When Jill turns off the light, Seneca asks her not to go.  Jill says that she wants to stay, and they kiss.  Seneca carries her to the bed.  As Delia starts to make her way back on the ledge toward Frank, she freezes.

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