August 1976 Daily Recaps

August 2, Episode 279

Delia is on the edge of hysteria, as she stands frozen on the ledge of the hotel.  Meanwhile, Mary and Maeve are in the hallway outside the hotel room.  Martha McKee approaches, and tells them that she knows about Frank's wife.  She assures them that if they'll confirm the information, she will write it as carefully as she can.  Both Mary and Maeve refuse to confirm anything.  Before Martha leaves, she asks Mary about Jack.  Mary confides in her mother about her feelings regarding Jack's absence at a time like this.  Maeve goes into the hotel room when Bob tells her that she might be able to help Delia.  Meanwhile, Mary calls Jack and fills him in on what's going on.  He agrees to rush right over.  Maeve talks to Delia and tries to console her, but Delia asks for Pat.  Later, Father McShane arrives and makes an effort to talk to Delia as well. Jack confronts Martha about her story, and asks her not to run it.  Martha refuses, and tells them that she now knows that another person is involved in the reason Delia's out on the ledge... Jillian Coleridge. Delia confesses to Father McShane that she only went out on the ledge to trick Frank, and it worked.  As she sits on the ledge, she says that now God is going to punish her for being bad.

August 3, Episode 280

Delia is afraid that God is punishing her for tricking God and that she is going to fall.  Pat goes out on the ledge in hopes of bringing Delia inside.  Once he makes it to her he reassures her that she will be okay.  Johnny tells Maeve that even when they get Delia in the damage is going to be substantial.  They wonder why Frank ever had to get involved with Delia when Jill was living only three blocks away.  Seneca and Jill explore what going to bed together should be and what it means to each of them at this moment.  Pat is able to get Delia's mind off of her fear by promising her a crown.  The family watches in anticipation as Pat brings Delia in off of the ledge.  Delia clings to Frank and tells him that she wants to go home but he tells her that she can't.  She becomes hysterical when she realizes that she is going to be hospitalized and may not get a second chance.  In spite of what has happened between her and Seneca Jill misses Frank.

August 4, Episode 281

Delia refuses to have a sedative and begs to see Frank.  Pat convinces a reluctant Frank to see Delia so that she can rest and sleep.  When Frank refuses to tell Delia what she wants to hear she throws a tantrum and Pat tells Frank that he has to leave.  Later, she tells Pat that she never to make trouble.  Frank tells Mary that he cannot see a way out of the situation with Delia that won't be hard for her, the baby or himself.  Jack tries to protect Frank from Martha, who is doing everything in her power to be the first to print the story on what has happened to Frank and Delia.  Jack thwarts Martha when he calls in a favor and has her story killed.  Frank thanks Jack when Mary tells him what he has done.  Pat begs Frank to give Delia another chance and he refuses.  He tells Mary and Jack that he is afraid that he will never be free of Delia's emotional web.

August 5, Episode 282

While Frank is wishing for a future with Jill and Little John, Jill is at the beach house with Seneca enjoying his company.  Faith approaches Pat about Delia being in the hospital and he is forced to tell her the whole story - including the part about Roger.  Frank tells Mary that he fears that Jill's life has taken on a new direction - straight into the arms of Seneca Beaulac.   Seneca and Jill are enjoying the beach as lovers.  Roger learns of Delia's suicide attempt when Faith goes to give him a piece of her mind.  He tells Faith that he loves Delia and that when all of this blows over he plans to marry her.  Seneca tells Jill that he has no plans of resuming their relationship on their old terms.  Jill tells him that although she does not foresee anything to prevent their seeing one another, she wants to proceed with caution.

August 6, Episode 283

Roger pays a visit to Delia and to her great surprise and horror he asks her to marry him.  When she turns him down he pleads his cause with her, which sends her into distress.  Pat arrives and puts Roger out and tells him to leave Delia alone.  Faith is concerned about how involved Pat is with Faith and Bucky confirms her anxiety.  Bucky in-turn notices Faith's degree of involvement with Pat.  Back at Jill's apartment Seneca doesn't want to leave but Jill sends him away with the promise of dinner tomorrow.  Bucky is pleased when he sees that Seneca back to normal but becomes concerned when he sees how much he is involved with Jill. Roger tells Jill that Frank and Delia's marriage is finished and stuns her when he tells her that she would do both of them a favor if she went after Frank.

August 9, Episode 284

Roger tells Jill details of the breakup between Delia and Frank and defends his feelings for Delia.  Delia prepares for a meeting with Frank and Father McShane in an effort to salvage her marriage.  Delia's doctor is alarmed at the idea of allowing her full responsibility of Little John.  Jack has considerable difficulty when it gets down to sharing his personal space with Mary.  Delia tells Fr. McShane that she is not going to give up on Frank and her marriage.  Frank asks Johnny if Delia can stay with them for awhile and Johnny promises to discuss it with Maeve.  Frank makes plans to discuss his situation over with Jill in private.  Delia voices her intentions of never letting Frank go.

August 10, Episode 285

Seneca arrives unexpectedly to see Jill and as Frank is also on his way.  Bob is terribly concerned about Delia as well as Frank's future. Seneca asks Jill if she's heard the news about Frank and what it means to her.  She tells him that no matter what her feelings are, the basic situation between her and Frank hasn't changed.  Frank arrives and Seneca makes an exit.  After weighing situation carefully, Maeve and Johnny decide to ask Delia and LJ to stay with them.  Maeve is hoping Frank & Jill's feelings for one another don't complicate situation further.

August 11, Episode 286

Johnny tells Frank they will take Delia and LJ in. Faith is furious at Roger for what he's done to the Ryan's.  Faith questions and is told by Jill that there is no immediate future for her and Frank, as Frank arrives in Delia's hospital room.  An emotional Delia gives in and submits to Frank's arrangements, but remains determined to win him back.  In a struggle for control, Mary and Jack fight over bureau drawers.  The Coleridge's explore situation as a family, and Roger realize that having a political career is keeping Jill apart from Frank and him apart from Delia.

August 12, Episode 287

Despite Delia's dismay, Roger tries his best to convince her that he is the best thing for her.  Johnny arrives and confronts Roger. Mary prepares a surprise for Jack.  Seneca's pessimism is replaced by exuberance when arrangements are made for him to stay on at the hospital.  Pat, Faith, Johnny and Delia explore the family situation, including the divorce. Mary moves a family bureau into Jack's apartment.  Delia sees Frank's campaign as her salvation. Roger sets out to damage Frank's campaign efforts.

August 13, Episode 288

Seneca tells Jill his good news and hopes it will have an impact.  Jack sees the bureau Mary has had moved into the apartment and explodes.  They argue and Jack walks out.  Jill is the center of attention from both Seneca and Frank, whose obvious interest doesn't please Pat.  Pat and Frank disagree about Delia. Seneca makes a move toward Jill.

August 16, Episode 289

Pat shares with Faith his outrage at the way Frank treats Delia. Delia and Bob are disturbed by the arrival of a worried Charlie Ferris.  Infuriatingly withdrawn, Jack returns and his refusal to deal with Mary about situation leads to emotional explosion.  Pat and Faith recapture intimacy as he shares sibling feelings with her. Bob evades Charlie's questions until Delia volunteers to answer.  With pain on both sides, Jack and Mary struggle through an emotional reconciliation. In an effort to be more amenable, Jack allows Mary to host a dinner party.  Pat and Faith disagree about Delia. Delia lies to Charlie on Frank's behalf and Frank stops her.

August 17, Episode 290

Delia's affair complicates matters for Frank, and she objects to his blaming her.  Frank succeeds in reducing Delia's involvement in his life. Faith is concerned at how involved Pat is in Delia's life.  Sadly, Bucky realizes that Faith's concern about the Ryan's is a way of caring about Pat. Seneca intensifies his pursuit of Jill and tries to divert her from Frank. Bucky succeeds in getting Faith's mind off of Pat.  Frank and Delia evaluate their situation and realizes that it doesn't look good.

August 18, Episode 291

Roger denies Delia's allegation that he made a damaging anonymous phone call. They make plans to meet at the park in an effort for Delia to impress upon Roger the seriousness of the situation.  Frank tells Mary that he is considering divorce.  She tells him that although divorce is out of the question for her, she knows that he belongs with Jill and that is where he should be.  Delia explains to Roger how important the campaign is to her and to Frank and begs him to be good. Jill arrives to see Maeve and finds Frank instead.  She tells him that they are going to have to be patient and wait until the time is right for them to be together.  Jill and Delia encounter each other for first time in weeks.  Delia tells Jill that Roger forced himself on her and Jill tells her that she is lying.  Delia scores a point when she tells Jill that Frank places his career above her.  Roger places a call to Martha McKee to give her the scoop on Frank Ryan.

August 19, Episode 292

Although apprehensive, Jack helps Mary prepare for their first dinner party.  Pat and Faith agree that they won't let their differences over Delia ruin the evening for themselves or Mary.  Seneca learns that Jill is at beach house. Bucky and Clem congratulate Faith on her new residency in pediatrics.  Bucky feels very alone as he watches Pat and Faith leave together.  Faith and Pat arrive at the Fenelli's and Mary and Pat square off over Delia.  Jack intervenes to rescue the evening.  Seneca takes Jill supper at beach house and tries to encounter her resistance at his courtship of her.

August 20, Episode 293

Maeve becomes emotional as she goes through Little John's things.  Frank overhears as Pat shares with Maeve his anger at how the family is on Frank's side while leaving Delia out in the cold. Despite troubles around them, Mary and Jack find happiness for a moment together. Frank and Pat square off and Maeve intervenes and puts some hard questions to Frank who becomes offended and asks Maeve exactly what it is that she is proposing.  Seneca takes a present to Jill, which she accepts but tells him that nothing is going to happen between them and that he should accept the fact that she is waiting for Frank.  Frank arrives.

August 23, Episode 294

Frank challenges Seneca's presence at the beach house and Seneca takes him up on it. Jill gathers herself to cope with both of them.  Seneca wants Frank to define his situation and plans for himself and Jill and states his own intention of not removing himself from the scene.  Delia tries to solicit advice from him on the management of the situation with Frank, further manipulating Pat to keep him on her side.  Maeve finds them together and wants a word with Delia.  Maeve warns Delia about making trouble between Pat and Frank. tells Delia that it's her recommendation to Frank that he re-address himself to working out solution with Delia for Little John's sake. Delia is grateful for the support from Maeve.  Frank tells Jill that he is commitment to get a divorce and marry her.

August 24, Episode 295

Mary makes plans for her and Jack to attend Frank's rally. Roger makes appointment to meet Martha who is interested in a potential story about Frank Ryan. Delia arrives to try to solicit some support from Mary.  Jill objects to Seneca's confrontation with Frank of the night before and Seneca calmly refuses to be put off.  He expresses his feelings for Jill and she leaves rather than be angry with him again.  Mary tells Delia not to expect much support from her.  Martha arrives at Roger's and gets information from him that if printed will be the end of Frank's career.

August 25, Episode 296

Assured that Roger has no political motive for providing her with questions on Frank, Martha prepares to attend the rally for Frank Ryan.  Bob and Charlie dispel any doubts and know that there is a big night ahead for Frank. Delia makes plans to be good at the rally. Jill explains to Seneca what their lovemaking meant to her then and now.  He tells her that what they had meant something and that he is having difficulty dealing with her sudden turn around.  Maeve expresses personal meaning of Frank's accomplishments to her and the family. Martha McKee arrives and Jack tries to get her to leave.  When the rally begins Martha McKee uses Roger's questions to embarrass Frank, which leaves his hopes for Congress in shambles.

August 26, Episode 297

Johnny asks Frank if he can get Martha's story killed and he tells them that the best thing that they can do is hope that it does not get front-page play.  Mary grabs Delia's arm and forces her to admit the hand she played in Frank's demise.  Delia tells her that the campaign was the only thing that was giving her a chance to mend things with Frank and now she has nothing.  Pat charms a young patient and manages to charm Faith as well. Mary and Bob share an intense sense of loss with Frank. Delia tries to capitalize on that loss and fails.  The family recognizes that the campaign is over.

August 27, Episode 298

Seneca sets out to comfort Jill and finds himself angry with her.  Maeve and Johnny try to sort out what the consequences will be of what has happened to Frank.  Seneca makes a final effort to persuade Jill not to go to Frank, and fails.  Mary and Jack reaffirm their love. Jill arrives at Frank's Office and expresses grief over what has happened. They find themselves in each other's arms and pledge that all they want is to be together.

August 30, Episode 299

Jill and Frank awaken to the joy of being with one another and recognize the need for caution.  Political wake for Frank is interrupted by his cheerful arrival. Frank Ryan is alive and living in Riverside.  His professional plans for the future are outlined, restoring some of his family's good spirits.  Seneca apologizes to Jill for his anger and offers his concern.  Frank informs his parents that he is going to get a divorce and try to secure custody of the baby.  Maeve cries out in pain while trying to pick up Little John.

August 31, Episode 300

Torn cartilage in Maeve's back makes it impossible for her to do anything but rest.  Despite Maeve's condition and Johnny's insistence, Delia refuses to make any effort to rally.  Mary volunteers to help with family problem by taking Little John down with her and Jack for a few days.  Jill recaps for Roger what has happened at the rally and tells him that he may get his wish after all.  Jack accepts a rush assignment from his editor just as Mary arrives home with baby, who is more than a handful.

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