September 1976 Daily Recaps

September 1, Episode 301

Mary tries to reassure Jack that Little John isn't going to be any trouble at all, but Jack isn't convinced.  Jill has late supper ready at office for Frank.  They mutually agree to caution until after the divorce. Delia arrives.  Little John falls out of Mary and Jack's bed.  Frank tells Delia that he intends to file for divorce immediately.  Jack becomes annoyed with Little John's antics and decides to sleep on the patio, leaving Mary to cope with an unhappy baby.

September 2, Episode 302

Mary is ready to give up and take LJ home. Jack, feeling guilty. suggests she check and see how Maeve is first.  Delia is having hysterics for Maeve's benefit.  She appeals for help from Maeve, is furious when she doesn't get it.  Mary calls and realizes Maeve's situation is still bad.  She tells Jack that Delia is still unable to cope and convinces him to care for Little John while she goes to work.   Delia confronts Roger who denies everything, provides her with name of a lawyer.  Jack takes Little John back to Delia and tells her that regardless of what she is going through, she is to care for Little John and no one else's.

September 3, Episode 303

Delia meets her lawyer.  Mary and Jack fight when she finds out that he returned the baby to the Ryan's without discussing it with her.  Delia receives practical and specific advice from Ms. Burney about her next steps.  Mary is dismayed to find that Jack has considerable resistance to the idea of their having children.  Delia begins to look for proof that Frank is back with Jill and seeks comfort from Pat.

September 6, Episode 304

Delia struggles to keep Roger at bay, after she thanks him for suggesting Ms. Burney as her lawyer.  Mary explores her and Jack's reactions to Little John's stay and is distressed at his suggestion that he never wants children.  Delia lies to Frank when he finds her searching through his things.  Jill is shaken to encounter that there are irreconcilable differences between herself and Maeve.  Mary and Jack are troubled over their disagreement about children.  Maeve finds Delia searching for something.

September 7, Episode 305

Frank prepares summons and complaint for divorce hearing. Father McShane arrives to see Maeve.  Mary and Jack are troubled by strained feelings and a business trips offers them a chance to make-up.  Maeve worries that Frank will leave the church. Jill worries also but Frank sees an entirely new element in her concern.  Jack and Mary find themselves at odds over her refusal to try to go out of town with him to cover his story.  Frank and Jill have a lyrical moment, as he takes step to bring divorce suit.

September 8, Episode 306

Delia is served summons in Frank's divorce case and her intense reaction convinces Seneca more than ever that Jill is making a mistake.  Mary meets Alex.  Bucky shares in Seneca's pain over Jill and tells him that if he loves her he should not give her up. Delia tells her lawyer about Frank's summons and she tells Delia that it is time for them to move swifter. Mary finds out that Alex and Jack were friends in Vietnam and invites him to dinner.  When he picks up on the vibe that all is not well at the Fenelli's, Mary tells him that his presence may just make things a little better.

September 9, Episode 307

Seneca tells Bucky that the cure to all of his problems with Jill is romance.  Frank takes Jill to a secluded restaurant and does his best to assure her that no one will ever know they were there.  Jack and Alex have a long awaited reunion and is entertained when Mary and Jack lose their tempers with one another.  Jill and Frank make plans to go to the beach house in order to be alone.  Bucky hires a violinist on Seneca's behalf.  Jack accuses Mary of bringing Alex to their home to pick a fight.  She tells him that he is being irrational and goes to bed before he has a chance to continue the argument.  Old memories are restored as Frank helps Jill search for her keys.  Before they have a chance to leave her apartment Seneca arrives with Roses and a violinist and serenades her outside of her window.

September 10, Episode 308

Frank is peeved as he peeks out and sees Seneca below Jill's windows and becomes annoyed when Seneca and company head upstairs to Jill's apartment.  Jill assures him that no one will ruin their trip and sends him out of her apartment with a kiss.  Pat becomes uncomfortable when Delia tells him that her lawyer wants her to dig up information on Frank and Jill.  Seneca tells Jill that he wanted to do something that would make her happy.  When he falls asleep on her sofa she is forced to call Frank.  Mary tries to restore things with Jack but he leaves for his business trip without fully giving her a chance.  Delia enters Frank's office in hopes of finding information regarding him and Jill.  While there she overhears Frank and Jill discussing their trip to the beach house - tonight.  When they leave she smiles and prepares to follow them.

September 14, Episode 309

Frank and Jill plan the day and night together. Delia plans to catch them, with Pat as a witness.  Mary apologizes to Alex for the night before and gains insights into Jack's behavior.  Faith invites Pat to a formal dinner party as her escort.  When Delia sees them together, she brushes Faith aside and persuades Pat to drive her out to Jill's tonight. Jill and Frank plan evening together.  Mary's call to Jack backfires.  Jill feels safe and secure with Frank - not knowing that Delia and Pat are three houses away.

September 15, Episode 310

Delia and Pat find Frank and Jill together at the beach house.  Mary consults her mother about insights she has gained about Jack, and is given an insight about herself.  Delia, denounced by both Frank and Jill, vows to fight the divorce more than ever, turns to Pat for help.  Roger and Faith have a nice brother - sister discussion and Faith learns that Roger's feelings for Delia are genuine and that theirs was a true affair.  Jill and Frank discuss the horror they could possibly face now that Delia has Pat as a witness.  Although uncomfortable with the idea of being a witness in the divorce, Pat agrees to do so - for Delia's sake.

September 16, Episode 311

Delia and Pat tell Johnny that they found Frank with Jill at the Coleridge beach house.  Johnny is shocked when Delia implies that she plans to have Pat testify against Frank as a witness at the divorce hearing.  Mary and Jack both miss each other as she's in bed thinking about him at the apartment, and Jack is thinking about her in bed in a hotel in Washington.  They both try to call each other, and finally Jack gets through.  Pat plays interference in Johnny and Delia's disagreement, not realizing that Delia is manipulating him.  Mary and Jack make up on the phone, and Jack agrees to finish his work and come home as soon as possible.  Pat and Johnny argue about Delia.  Johnny tells Pat how troubled he is that Frank and Delia's problems have come between Frank and Pat.

September 17, Episode 312

Dee's lawyer encourages her to bring Pat to her office so that they can get a voluntary statement from him before his family pressures him not to make one.  Meanwhile, Jill tells Faith that she is sure that Delia's arrival at the beach house was not accidental.  As they talk, Jill begins to feel sick, and says that she's been having flu-like symptoms.  Faith attributes it to the stress Jill has been under.  Seneca arrives, and Jill fills him in on the situation with Delia.  Jack calls Mary to tell her that he's running behind with his work, and may not make it home tonight.  After hearing Mary's disappointment, Jack agrees to cancel his plane reservation and drive home immediately following his interview.  Pat and Delia meet with Delia's lawyer, and Pat tells her what happened at the beach house.  When she asks to record the statement, Pat tells her that he will have to think about it, and will be in touch.  After he leaves, Delia assures the attorney that she will convince him to give the statement.

September 20, Episode 313

Mary bumps into Alex at the hospital and invites him to Ryan's for dinner.  Meanwhile, Jack is driving home as it begins to storm.  He turns on the radio to keep him awake.  Pat tells Maeve and Johnny that he met with Dee's lawyer, but that he was unable to give a statement.  He adds that he hates that the family supports Frank in every situation, giving no support to Delia.  Mary introduces Alex to Johnny and Maeve.  When Johnny asks how they know each other, Alex says that Mary is married to a very dear friend of his. Mary tells Maeve how anxious she is to have Jack home.  Jack is having trouble staying awake, and it begins to rain.   Frank assures Pat that he understands that he has to testify against him, and that he certainly will not hold it against him.  When Pat asks how Frank can be so compassionate with everyone but Dee, Frank tells him that he just doesn't believe that Delia is sincere.  Johnny takes an immediate liking to Alex, and begins to regard Jack in a different perspective.  Johnny suggests that he, Alex and Jack should sit down with a bottle of Irish and get to know each other better.  Meanwhile, Jack is startled by blinding headlights and swings the wheel.  As the car crashes, Mary gets a troubled look on her face.

September 21, Episode 314

As Jack lies semi-conscious on the highway, Mary begins to feel uneasy.  Delia overhears Frank telling Mary that he is going to try to obtain custody of Little John.  Frank begins to worry about Mary when she admits that she doesn't feel good.  Meanwhile, cops arrive at the scene of Jack's accident, and call for an ambulance.  Delia walks in on Frank telling Mary about the situation with Delia.  When Frank tells Delia that she is full of lies and deceit, she assures him that she is not going to give him a divorce.  Frank vows that he will get the divorce.  Mary attributes her troubles to not sleeping well in Jack's absence. As Alex gets her to talk about her wedding, she begins to feel a little better.  Meanwhile, the medic at Jack's side announces that he thinks Jack is dead.

September 22, Episode 315

As infirmary doctors work on Jack, a doctor calls Mary and tells her that Jack's been in an accident.  .  Alex requests that Jack be transferred to Riverside Hospital.  Alex talks to the doctor and assures him that the emergency room staff would be ready.  He then tells Mary that there is a possibility that Jack may not survive the ambulance trip to the hospital.  After Pat reviews the Frank and Delia situation with Bucky, he makes the decision to give Delia his full support.  Alex takes charge at the ER when the ambulance team arrives with Jack.  Mary calls Johnny and asks him to rush over.  Mary feels horrible as she realizes that Jack only drove with so little sleep because she asked him to.  Pat promises Delia that he will testify on her behalf against Frank.  Alex asks Clem to assist him in surgery.  Alex tenderly tells Mary that Jack's chances of making it are not too good.

September 23, Episode 316

Mary asks Johnny to go and get Maeve while Mary calls Father McShane.  Delia pours her heart out to Maeve, and the conversation turns to Little John.  When Maeve says that Little John might be better off with Frank, Delia gets hysterical.  Johnny arrives and explains to Maeve that Jack is in the hospital.  Delia asks to go to the hospital with them, but Johnny refuses.  After Maeve and Johnny leave, Delia calls Bob and asks him to come over.  Maeve tries to comfort Mary as they sit in the waiting area.  Bob consoles Delia as she explains how important it is to her to remain in the Ryan family.  Father McShane reads last rites for Jack as Mary, Maeve and Johnny stand by.  Mary tells Jack that she loves him, then  leaves so that the staff can prepare Jack for surgery.

September 24, Episode 317

Jack's surgery gets underway.  Bob and Bucky join Mary, Maeve and Johnny in the waiting room.  Bucky offers to check in and see how the surgery is going, and Mary leaps at the offer.  When Maeve and Johnny get a moment alone, Johnny begins to blow off steam that Jack should have known better than to drive with so little sleep.  Maeve tells him that there's no purpose in finding fault.  Pat arrives home and Delia explains briefly about Jack's accident.    Bob tries to reassure Mary, and she realizes that she needs to call Sister Mary Joel and Jumbo, as well as Frank.  Johnny and Maeve talk about Delia, and wonder whom she will turn to now that it's over with Frank.  Meanwhile, Delia comes to the realization that she's not going to kill herself or run away, as long as Pat will stick by her.  Bucky convinces the Ryan family to go home, telling them that the surgery could last another six hours or longer.  Pat assures them that he will call the moment that there is any news.  Mary finally agrees to leave with Johnny and Maeve.  As she leaves, Alex begins emergency measures in the operating room when Jack's heart stops.

September 27, Episode 318

Alex is able to get Jack's heart beating again.  Mary waits anxiously at Maeve and Johnny's, and decides to call Frank.  As Jill and Frank rejoice at finally being able to be together, Mary's call interrupts them.  Frank rushes over and does his best to give Mary hope.  Mary and Maeve fall asleep in the living room, waiting by the phone.  Mary receives a call early the next morning with the news that Jack is out of surgery and his way to the recovery room.  When Mary arrives at the hospital, Alex tells her that the next 24 hours are critical.  Mary goes in to see Jack in the recovery room.

September 28, Episode 319

Delia goes in to find Pat on Mary's bed, moves very close to him, and gently wakes him up.  As she inquires about Jack's condition, she moves closer and closer to him.  When they almost kiss and Delia invites him to dinner, Pat grows uncomfortable.  Seneca arrives at the hospital and assures Mary of Alex's reputation as an excellent doctor.  Pat reminds Delia that she's still his brother's wife, and asks her to help him resist any temptations.  Later, Delia overhears Pat tell Maeve that he's worried that Delia will look for comfort in Roger.  Mary sits by Jack's bedside, and pleads with him not to die.  Maeve tells Pat that she doesn't think Delia will go long without a man, and the man she ends up with could certainly be Roger Coleridge.  Delia overhears Pat answer that he will personally do anything to keep Roger out of Delia's life.  She then calls her lawyer, and asks if there would be any legal reason for her not to see Roger Coleridge.

September 29, Episode 320

When Delia meets with Anne, she again asks if there is any legal reason why she can't see Roger Coleridge.  Anne is able to get Delia to confide in her that the reason she wants to see Roger is to bait Pat to rescue her from him.  Jill approaches Seneca at the hospital and asks about Jack.  While Seneca is telling her the latest, Jill is overcome with a wave of nausea.  After she recovers, Seneca invites Jill to dinner, but she declines.  She tells Seneca that if he turns every meeting into a personal encounter, she'll have to avoid seeing him altogether.   Delia makes a quick exit out of Anne's office as Frank arrives.  Frank tells Anne that he has amended his divorce complaint from adultery to cruel and inhuman treatment.  Maeve tells Seneca that she wishes he and Jill had managed to get together a little sooner, and he agrees.  Seneca confides in Maeve that he's in love with Jill, and that he has no intention of giving up on her.  Delia shows up at Roger's apartment, and tells him that he was right about Frank all along.  She allows Roger to take her in his arms for a moment, and then promptly tells him that she can't stay now.  After one passionate kiss, she tells him that she'll call him as soon as things calm down.

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