October 1976 Daily Recaps

(I am missing recaps for most of October.)

Episode 339

Deliaís lawyer tells her that Frank has filed for custody of Little John and that she should expect a surprise visit from a social worker some time in the next few days. When they discuss how the family testimonies will play a part in the judgeís decision for custody, the lawyer tells Delia to do everything possible to get a positive statement from Maeve. Jill warns Faith to consider her past relation with Pat before they jump into another one. When the two discuss Jillís pregnancy, she tells Faith that divorce seems to be the only option. Later, Jillís decision about abortion is shaken when Mary counters her argument with the fact that the baby should also have a say in the matter. Delia tries to get Maeve to not say anything negative during the custody hearing and realizes that Maeve intends to testify against her and for Frank. Maeve gives Jill an emotionally honest statement about abortion and leaves Jill upset and crying.

Episode 340

Alex gives Jack a check up and offers him medicine when he sees how much pain he is in but Jack turns him down. Alex leaves when Mary comes in and when she is also unable to get through to Jack, she leaves when he tells her that he wants to be alone. Jill tells Faith that she canít bring herself to have an abortion and that she will tell Frank the truth, but only after the custody hearing is over. Mary is touched when Bucky offers to pay Jackís hospital bills, but she turns him down. Later, Mary accepts a dinner invitation from Alex in hopes of forgetting everything that is troubling her. Jill goes to see Frank and tells him that she doesnít want to lose him. In his arms she pleads for him to never let her go. At dinner, Mary learns more about Jack and Alexís friendship. Later, Jack is angered when he learns that Mary and Alex had dinner together.

Episode 341

Jill snaps at Seneca and asks him to leave her alone for awhile. Delia asks Pat to go trick or treating, but he tells her that he already has plans with Faith for the evening. After Pat leaves, the caseworker arrives just as a very messy Little John enters from the bedroom. Jack is very irritable when Mary visits him at the hospital. As she explains that she had dinner with Alex last night, Jack gets very quiet. Later, Clem tells Mary that Jack should be able to leave the hospital soon. Seneca inquires with Faith about whatís going on with Jill. When Seneca alludes to Frank making Jill sad, Faith assures Seneca that Frank has been good for Jill. Afterward, Faith tells Jill about her conversation with Seneca and advises Jill to tell Seneca whatís going on soon. Delia tries to make Frank look bad during her conversation with Mrs. Simon, the caseworker.

Episode 342

Delia questions Johnny about their conversation with the caseworker but he does not give her the answers she is looking for. She later cons Bob into baby-sitting Little John, convincing him that she is just going out for a walk when she is actually planning to meet Roger for dinner at Lemís. The Ryanís discuss the visit from the caseworker and come to the conclusion that if Delia wants Little John she is going to have to grow up. Mary talks to her parents about her problems with Jackís hospital bills, and is shocked when Johnny suggests that Jack should stay in Maryís old room at their apartment. He promises to be on his best behavior so that the two men can get along. Delia meets with Roger at Lemís and intentionally gets him drunk, hoping to get him to take her back to the Ryanís apartment. Mary shares a nice moment with Alex over drinks, and he assures her that Jack should be able to leave the hospital in a week or so. Delia convinces Roger that she is so drunk that she needs help getting back to the Ryanís apartment. Bob tries to defend Deliaís parenting to Maeve. As they conclude their conversation, Delia and a drunken Roger arrive, much to the dismay of the Ryanís.

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