December 1976 Daily Recaps

Episode 363

Frank pays a visit to Delia to ask her for a divorce and tells him that she will do it, but only if she can get full custody of Little John.  Frank tells her that sooner or later he will get a divorce and she replies that he will -- but not before Jill's baby needs a name.  Mary presses Bucky to find out if he was the one that paid the hospital bill.  He is evasive, telling her that whoever it was does not want to be thanked and that she should leave it at that.  Later, Bucky tries to comfort Mary by telling her that he understands Jack's feelings about being a father because it would mean that he had to share Mary with someone else.  Delia takes satisfaction at having the upper hand over Frank -- for once.  When Bob questions Delia's motives about not giving Frank a divorce, she tells him that it does not suit her and that the one thing that would speed up the process is if she and Pat were to get together.  Pat is appalled when he finds out about Delia's plans to go to Europe with Roger.  Mary tells Maeve that she hopes that Jack can learn to share Jack's feelings about children.  Maeve tells her to have faith and that everything will be all right.  Pat tells Delia that, were she willing to grow up a little, she could take care of herself and not rely so much on others.  Half dressed, she falls into his arms and tells him that she only wants to be with him, but since she can't, she will just have to take what or who she can get.  And that is Roger Coleridge.

Episode 364

Jack is being a difficult patient, which does not sit well with Mary.  When he makes a comment about the breakfast that she made for him, Mary's temper flares, and they fight over the tray.  Jill shares memories with Faith of the times that the three musketeers -- she, Frank and Bob -- worked closely together.  When Bob arrives, he and Jill discuss the current situation, and Bob confirms for her that the future of their friendship looks shaky.  When Mary tells Jack that he needs to be more considerate of her family, Jack becomes sarcastic, causing a rift between the two.  Maeve tells Johnny that she would be happier if Pat would pay more attention to Faith than Delia.  Johnny gets upset when he sees the mood that Jack has put Mary in.  Maeve tells Mary to put on a good face around her father if she does not want him to straighten Jack out.  Mary remembers happier times between her and Jack and ends up in tears.   Bob tells Jill that it is her fault that Frank's dreams have come crashing down around her.  Bob defends Delia to Jill and she tells him that she is on the verge of losing a lot more than Delia has lost.  Maeve and Johnny fill Alex in on Jack's behavior.  Maeve and Johnny are grateful when Alex invites Mary for a trip to the farm.  When she tells Jack where she is going, he pretends to be asleep, and Mary goes without his permission.  Later, Maeve takes Jack some breakfast, and when he inquires about Mary, she tells him that Alex took her for a drive.  When Jack explodes, Johnny intervenes, and Maeve has to break the two up.  Maeve takes Johnny into the living room to calm him, and he asks her, "If Jack is behaving this way now, what is he going to do when he finds out what is really wrong with him?"

Episode 365

Delia receives travel books in the mail, and when she calls Roger, he convinces her that they need to take their trip as soon as possible -- hopefully New Years Day.  Roger makes plans for them to get Delia's passport and go shopping, which she accepts when she hears Pat come in looking for Mary.  When Mary returns from her trip with Alex, Jack gives her a piece of his mind and ends up insulting every member of her family -- especially Johnny Ryan.  Frank intervenes and tells Jack that if he has anything to say, Jack should say it to him. When Roger takes Delia shopping, she strings him along and tells him that they can leave for their trip soon.  Frank tries to calm Jack but to no avail.  Jack tells him that Mary is finally out from under his shadow and that he cannot tell him how to treat his wife.  Mary tries to apologize to Frank for Jack's behavior and is comforted by Frank when he tells her that he understands Jack's pain.  She shares her fears with Frank about what is going to happen when Jack finds out the truth about his sex life.  Delia tells Pat that she knows that they cannot be together but will keep him in her heart while travelling to places she and Pat dreamed about.  Pat comes close to kissing Delia and leaves her room.

Episode 366

Pat shares some of his frustration about Delia with Bucky and convinces him that he is not in love with his brother's wife.  Bucky tells Pat that he cannot protect Delia forever then leaves so that Pat can get some sleep.  Delia sneaks out of the house and prepares to visit Pat.  Frank comforts Jill, who tries her best to get off of the subject when he continues to talk about the baby.  He tells Jill about his visit with Jack earlier, and it worries Jill when he tells her that if he were Mary Ryan he would walk out on Jack.  The doorbell rings, interrupting their lovemaking, and when Frank opens the door, Seneca is on the other side, flowers in hand.  Pat remembers his past with Delia and how much he loved her.  There is a knock at his door and before he can answer it, Delia appears in his doorway.  When Frank and Seneca go after one another's throats, Jill intervenes and tells the two that she has something to tell them and that now is the best time to do it.  Delia enters Pat's room and tells him that she needs to talk to him for a few minutes.  Delia tells Pat that she was a much better person when they were lovers and is pleased that her plans to seduce him are coming to pass.

Episode 367

Delia begs Pat that he not make her pretend that he does not love him anymore.  When he tries to pull her off of the bed, they get into a passionate embrace, and Pat desperately tries to control himself.  He tells Delia that he does want her, and she goes ballistic when he tells her that they cannot get involved because she is his brother's wife.  When she gathers her composure, he helps her put on her jacket and takes her home.  When Frank and Seneca interrupt Jill's explanation, she gets upset and tries to put Seneca out.  When Frank shares with the two that what he and Jill have is based on mutual trust she no longer has the heart to tell them the truth.  Jack invites Mary into bed with him and offers her an explanation about his behavior.  He tells her that he recognizes what the problem is, but he does not know how to stop and begs her not to leave him.  He tells her that he wants to spend days in bed making love to her, and she cries, knowing that this may not be a part of their reality.  Pat takes Delia home, and when he spends time with Little John, she tells him that she wishes Little John was their baby.  When he describes the type of father he would be, Delia comes up with an idea.

Episode 368

Little John enters Jack's room while he is asleep and spills the tray of medicine.  He ends up in dire pain when he tries to get out of the bed to stop the baby from eating the pills and ends up yelling for help.  Delia pays a visit to Dr. Wolfe and gets some basic information on getting pregnant.  Bob tells Kevin that Mary will be the most remarkable mother that a child could ask for and hopes that Jack can be half as good a father.  Maeve hears Jack bellowing for Mary and sends Johnny upstairs to check on him.  Bob tells Delia that he refuses to allow her to scheme against Pat and the Ryan's.  She indulges him for a moment and tells him that they will continue their talk after she runs an errand.  Johnny rescues Jack from the floor as Maeve takes Little John out of the room.  When he brings up the subject of a nursing home again, Jack offends Johnny and starts an argument.  Maeve intervenes and calls for silence.  Delia tells Roger that she wants to go away with him next week, and Roger is delighted.  Jack promises Maeve that he will try harder with Johnny and is able to get a smile out of him.  When Maeve calls for Johnny to see her in the kitchen, she tells him that he is going to have to do better than what he is doing.  Maeve tells him to do what he claims she wants him to do -- respect Mary's feelings.  Bob tells Delia that what he does affects him also and warns her to stay away from Pat.  When Delia storms away, Bob leaves to pay a visit to Frank.

Episode 369

Jill tells Faith that she cannot go on any longer and that she is going to tell Frank and Seneca the truth.  Roger arrives with flowers for Jill.  Faith accuses Roger of telling Delia about Jill's pregnancy.  He denies it and tells her that he is taking Delia off to Europe -- next week.  Bucky tries to convince Pat to let Delia work out her troubles on her own but Pat tells him that he cannot turn his back on someone that needs him.  Bob goes to Frank and asks him to do something constructive about Delia.  When Frank refuses and tells him that Delia needs to grow up, they have a heated disagreement.  Jill overhears their conversation when she walks into Frank's office and is near tears at the mess that they all are in.  When Bucky gets Faith to admit that she cares about Pat, he urges her to be less passive before Pat gets so involved with Delia that Faith won't have a chance with him anymore.  Jill tells him and Bob that she does not want them to stop being friends over her.  While standing in Frank's office, Jill starts having intense stomach cramps.

Episode 370

Frank and Bob take Jill home, where she fears she is having a miscarriage.  Dr. Wolfe advises Frank that he is on his way over and warns him to not allow Jill to move.  Bob calls Faith over, as Jill asks Frank if she is going to lose the baby.  When Mary finds a box of her old baby things, Jack becomes despondent, which spoils the loving mood they were experiencing.  When Mary tries to force Jack to help her plan, he tells her that he is hoping that they get lucky -- that she won't carry the baby to term.  Dr. Wolfe tells Jill that she is on the brink of a miscarriage in the next day or so.  Frank relays to Faith the circumstances leading to Jill's miscarriage.  Faith assures Dr. Wolfe that she will stay with Jill.  Frank goes in to visit Jill and tells him that together they will get through the pain of a miscarriage.  She is grateful and thanks him for loving her.  Faith tells Dr. Wolfe that whatever happens, it will be for the best.  Frank shares his grief with Mary about the possibility of Jill miscarrying.  Later, he tries to give her hope that one day Jack will come around and love the baby as much as she does.  Jill tells Faith that if the pain had happened five minutes later than it was then he would have known the whole story.  Faith tells her that if it is a miscarriage, then a lot of people will be spared a lot of pain.  Jill feels that it is a cowardly way out, but Faith comforts her that she and Frank will have another chance to begin their life.  Jill tells her that she will accept the miscarriage with both a sense of loss and a sense of relief.

Episode 371

Delia's plan to get pregnant by Pat gets help  from Roger when he makes arranges their trip for them.  Alex and Clem put Jack in a wheelchair but leave him to Mary when he makes it clear he does not want their assistance.  Watching him in pain, Mary suggests that Jack call it a day, and he tells her that if she weren't there maybe things would be a little easier.  Seneca goes to Jill's apartment and confronts Faith for the truth.  When Seneca tells her that Jill would be better off with a miscarriage, Faith defends Frank and tells Seneca that he should ease up and leave Jill alone.  Seneca expresses regret and leaves.  Both Clem and Alex try to make Mary see that Jack's temper will improve with time, but neither have much success.  Later, when Jack hears Alex singing Mary a song, he pushes his wheelchair to the top of the stairs in a rage.  Pat tells Delia that he will never let her run away with Roger.  When Pat leaves, she calls Roger and tells him to get the tickets.

Episode 372

Pat tells Maeve and Frank that the family must do something about Delia's plan to run away with Roger.  When Pat tells them that he will stop Delia if he can Frank argues that Delia is not his responsibility.  Delia listens in the background and is pleased that everything seems to be going her way.  She freezes in fear when Jack, who has been watching her, asks her just what it is she thinks she is doing.  She pleads with Jack that he not tell them that she was eavesdropping and he tells her that while he does not want to get mixed up further in the Ryan family affairs he will tell if he is asked.  Maeve shares her concern with Frank that Pat may be just a little too involved with rescuing Delia.  Frank tells Maeve about Jill and the baby and although she is saddened that a baby has to die, she feels that this could be the best thing for he and Jill.  Mary arrives with the news that Kathleen and family will be visiting for Christmas.  Mary shares with Jack the news that Kathleen will be there for Christmas and has her feelings hurt when he wishes he did not have to be.  Maeve visits Delia and is relieved at Delia's lie that she will consider waiting a few weeks before she leaves with Roger.   Convinced that Pat will come after and rescue her, Delia writes Pat a secret note of goodbye.

Episode 373

Delia calls the hospital and, once assured that Pat will be home soon, she leaves the note for Pat and leaves the house with a suitcase.  Seneca talks to Doctor Wolfe and gets his first suspicion that there is something wrong about Jill's time of pregnancy.  Jill admits to Faith her guilt over lying to Frank about the baby and tells Faith how badly she wants to tell Frank the truth.  Concerned, Faith asks Jill why she would risk losing Frank now.  Seneca explains to Bucky that Jill is threatening to miscarry.  After counting on his fingers, Seneca tells Bucky that something just doesn't make sense.  Delia arrives at Roger's with her suitcase, and he tells her, finally, that she now belongs to him.

Episode 374

Kathleen and the kids arrive at the Ryan's.  Mary hears Kathleen and runs out of the room excited.  No one notices the note from Delia.  Seneca sets out to find Pat, hoping to get some answers about Jill's pregnancy.  Faith finds Bucky and tells him that she knows that Delia wants Pat, but she refuses to let Delia have Pat.   Later, Pat accepts Faith's invitation to the Opera with a promise that, no matter what happens that evening, he will never let anyone separate them.  Mary goes in to get Jack and convinces him to be a part of the family festivities.  Jack convinces Mary that he will join them soon.  Jack comes into the room as he is telling everyone that Mary's baby will be all Ryan.  Jack finds Delia's note.  When Kathleen continues trying to make Jack feel a part of the family, Jack is unresponsive, and Johnny loses his cool, which sends Jack out of the room.  Later, Mary tells Kathleen about Jack's medical condition, and, when Kathleen displays sympathy for Mary, she defends her marriage and love to Jack.  Seneca talks to Pat and finds out when Frank and Jill became lovers again, concluding with Bucky that Frank is not the father.  Maeve fills Kathleen in on Delia's exploits and tells her how good it is to have her home.  Jack apologizes to Mary about his being testy earlier and tells her that he has something to show her; something she will be very interested to see. Mary reads Delia's note, addressed to the family.

Episode 375

Mary and Jack discuss the note, and she decides that there is only one thing to do -- give Pat the letter.  Seneca pays a visit to Jill and corners her about the parentage of her baby.  Mary finds Pat at the hospital and, after informing him that Kathleen and the kids are home, gives him the note.  Pat is horrified when he realizes that Delia has gone off with Roger.  Delia and Roger board the ship, and she becomes nervous when she realizes that her plan just may fail.  Jill tries to evade Seneca but does not succeed.  She begs him not to tell Frank that he isn't the father until they know whether or not the baby will survive.  Pat tells Mary that Delia is making the mistake of a lifetime and, against Mary's wishes, goes off to save Delia from herself.  Delia waits nervously for Pat and continues to ask Roger questions about visiting rights.  Pat realizes he may still have a chance to get to Delia and leaves a frustrated Mary in the staff lounge.

Episode 376

Delia is afraid the ship will sail before Pat can rescue her -- and so is Pat.  Mary tells Frank that Pat has gone after Delia.  Frank tells her that he feels sorry for Pat, because Pat thinks that he can walk in and straighten Delia's life out, whereas Frank knows this is not the case.  Later, when Mary hears the odds that Jill's baby has to live, she tells Frank that those are not bad odds considering the baby is a Ryan.  Seneca agrees to not tell Frank the truth if Jill miscarries, but he gets her to promise as well that if she does have the baby, she will tell the truth as soon as she finds out.  When Frank arrives at the apartment, Seneca leaves gracefully, not wanting Jill to be stressed at the two men being in the apartment at the same time.  When Frank tells Jill about the Delia, Roger and Pat situation, Jill can't help but to wish Roger luck.  As panic sets in, Delia looks out the window and says, "Pat, where are you?"  Meanwhile, as his plane lands, Pat tries to find out how long it will take to get to harbor from the airport.  Delia panics when she is told that visitors will no longer be allowed on the ship - even in an emergency.  Roger tries to calm Delia's nerves and leaves to get her a drink from the bar, hoping it will soothe her fears.  When he leaves, Delia becomes desperate when the steward announces the last call for visitors to leave the ship.

Episode 377

The steward announces that the boat will sail in five minutes.  When Pat arrives, Delia tells him that Roger is her only alternative -- that she has no other choice.  Faith arrives at Jill's apartment, excited about her plans for the evening, and is quickly disappointed when Jill tells her that Pat went off to rescue Delia.  Later, Jill tells Faith that Seneca knows but has promised not to tell Frank until they know the fate of the baby.  Seneca tells Bucky that they were right, that Jill is pregnant with his baby.  Mary talks with Alex about Jack's being jealous of the time that she spends with him.  He tells her that Jack is experiencing a problem common to bedridden men and tells her that he will stay away if she thinks that is best.  Her biggest fear is that things will get worse when Jack finds out about his sexual dysfunction.  Pat convinces Delia to leave the ship and promises to put her in a hotel room until they decide what to do next.  Seneca tells Bucky that he plans to have a life with Jill and the baby and that he refuses to allow any baby of his to be raised by another family.   He tells Bucky that he owes it all to Delia and her determination to hang on to Frank long enough to give him and Jill enough time to get together.  Roger enters his cabin suite with champagne and finds that Delia is gone.

Episode 378

Delia and Pat arrive at their hotel room.  Pat comforts Delia and tells her that the family will be proud that she did not run away.  Pat calls home to let the family know that they are okay, and Johnny tells him that he's proud of Pat for doing the right thing.  When he hangs up the telephone, Delia comes out of the bathroom wearing a negligee.  Maeve tells the family that she is glad Pat was able to rescue Delia.  Johnny plans a family reunion for the christening of Mary's baby.  Jack plan to escape to his room is hindered by Art's arrival with insurance papers to prepare him for the baby and his future.  Delia tells Pat that she is glad that she is wearing her negligee for him and not Roger.  Although nervous, Pat sits on the bed with Delia and has a hard time ignoring the feelings that he is having towards her.  Delia tells Pat that she does not want to be alone anymore and succeeds in getting him to kiss her.  Johnny uses family story time to secretly take a stab at Jack.   Despite efforts from the Ryan clan, Jack's temper cannot be contained, and he accuses Johnny of trying to ridicule him in front of the entire family.  Maeve gets Frank to intervene moments before Johnny loses it and tells Jack the truth about his medical condition and the fact that this may be the only baby that he will ever have.   Delia tells Pat that they belong together and gets him to make love to her again.

Episode 379

Delia is successful at her attempt to seduce Pat and wakes in his arms.  Faith discusses her relationship with Mary and her fear that Delia will succeed in winning Pat for herself.  Delia and Pat make love, and, when she regards this as a resumption of their relationship, Pat panics.  Mary tells Faith that Frank is overjoyed about the prospect of having a baby, but Faith does not comment.  Maeve describes the Christmas tradition around the Ryan's home and asks Jack to please try to make it a joyful Christmas.  He promises that he will try.  Uneasy, Faith redirects the conversation to Mary's baby and away from Jill's.  Mary and Faith share a happy moment when the two realize Faith will be Mary's pediatrician.  Jumbo calls and okays with Mary the idea of bringing the Christmas spirit to Jack, since he cannot leave the house.  Mary hopes that this will help to lift his spirits -- but with his unpredictability the past few days she is not sure if it will work.  Pat is firm with Delia and tells her that they cannot repeat what has happened in Boston.  Delia professes that it is too late for him to turn back now and bides her time.

Episode 380

Mary prepares the room and prepare Jack, who "doesn't like surprises."  When Jumbo and the guys arrive, a tearful Jack smiles for the first time in weeks.  Maeve comforts Jill and tells her that although things are happening the wrong way, she knows that Jill and Frank will be happy.  Seneca arrives, and, when he realizes that it was Jill that let Maeve in, he gives her a small scolding and heads off the kitchen.  Maeve tells Jill that he is right but questions his proprietary attitude.  When Jumbo finds out Jack's feelings on being a father, Jumbo lets him have it and embarrasses Jack when he tells him that he'd better get his act together.  Johnny and Jack have a breakthrough when Jack invites Johnny in for a visit with his friends.  Jill reassures Maeve and tells her that Seneca takes that attitude with everything.  When Maeve leaves, Jill calls Seneca on his attitude and lays out a few ground rules -- and Seneca lays out a few of his own.  When Jill tells Seneca that she is comforted by the fact that they are not married, he makes her even more upset when he tells her "Not yet, anyway."  Jumbo makes a speech comparing Mary's pregnancy with that of Mary and the baby Jesus, which touches the group and leaves Jack in a mellow mood.

Episode 381

Jack finds himself actually enjoying Christmas and shares with Mary how much his nativity scene from the Genarro Social Club means to him.  Jack even agrees to join the family with their tree trimming.  As the family celebrates, Pat and Delia arrive.  Delia makes a quick apology to everyone, and explains that Pat saved her by getting her off of the boat and returning her home to spend Christmas with her family.  After Pat carries Delia's things to the bedroom, Pat firmly insists to Delia that they are only friends, and that what happened last night is not going to happen again - they are not going to be lovers.  Later, when the rest of the family leaves to watch the street carolers, Jack and Mary share a tender moment as he tells her that he's beginning to understand her love for her family.  Later, Pat tells Frank that he believes he has things under control with Delia.  Meanwhile, Delia confesses to Bob that she knows that Pat feels the same way that she does, but that he just doesn't realize it yet.  Deirdre and Little John are alone in Jack's bedroom and can't resist playing with the nativity scene.  When Jack returns to his bedroom and finds them, he is outraged.  The Ryan's come running in to find Jack in the middle of an outburst.  Johnny is angered by Jack's reaction, and blurts out that he should be thankful that Mary is carrying his child, because it 's the only one he'll ever have.

Episode 382

Jack demands an explanation for Johnny's comment that this is the only child Jack will ever have.  As Maeve gets Johnny out of the room, Mary tells Jack that everything that he has ever said about Johnny is right.  Jack asks her to be straight with him and explain what her father meant.  At Jill's apartment, Jill tells Seneca that despite the bond that they now have with the baby, it is Frank that she loves and wants to spend her life with.  Frank arrives, and despite Jill's explanation that Seneca is only concerned, Frank can't help but wonder if there is more going on.  Mary is straight with Jack about his impotency, and explains that there is the possibility of an operation that will help.  Jack is even more horrified as he realizes that the whole family is aware of his condition.  Frank gives Jill a guardian angel statue as a present, and it reminds Jill of her conversation about angels with Seneca at the beach house.  Mary has a heated discussion with Johnny, but Johnny argues that he was only looking out for her best interest.  Later, Mary tries again to talk to Jack, but he shuts her out.

Episode 383

Delia tries to talk Pat into taking her and Little John sledding, but he suggests that she ask Bob instead.  Delia's temper flares at the rejection, and she tries to kiss Pat.  He pulls away, telling her that that part of their relationship is over.  Alex tries to explain to Jack why he wasn't told about his condition immediately.  Jack is very hard on Alex, and insists that Alex tell him how he's going to fix it.  Pat confesses to Father McShane that he made love with Delia.  Father McShane advises Pat to avoid Delia, and Pat agrees.  Alex continues to talk to Jack about the possibility of surgery, until he can no longer take Jack's anger.  After he excuses himself, Johnny goes in to try to apologize.  Johnny talks to Jack about his own background, and explains why family is so important to him.  Finally, Jack says that he knows that Johnny doesn't like him and never has, and that he really doubts that Johnny cares at all what happens to him.  Johnny flares, telling Jack that the person he feels most sorry for is Mary, for getting hooked up with someone like Jack.  Pat apologizes to Faith and tries to get their relationship back on track.  Meanwhile, Delia asks Mary how soon a person can tell if she's pregnant.  Mary replies that it takes about ten days, without giving it much thought, and leaves.  Delia smiles, saying out loud that with a little luck, Pat will have a nice New Year's present.

Episode 384

Delia tells Pat that she is really looking forward to New Year's Eve, and that's she's counting on him to see her through the New Year.  Pat explains quietly to Delia that he has seen Father McShane, who advised him to keep some distance between them.  Jack and Mary have a deep conversation about trust, and Jack tells Mary that her way of helping seems to be running the whole show, without trusting him about anything.  Mary replies that he can either believe that what she did was out of love, or he can reject everything and go back in his shell.  He tells Mary that there are decisions he has to make, and that he wants to be left alone to make them.  Meanwhile, Pat tells Maeve that he is going to move out of the apartment.  Later, Pat and Bucky decide to get an apartment together.  Faith runs into Mary at Lem's and is able to cheer her up a little.  Delia has an emotional outburst when she realizes that Pat is moving out, and she pleads with him to stay.  Pat insists that making love again was a mistake. Delia vows that he's not going to get away that easily.

Episode 385

Mary runs into Delia at the apartment, as Delia is still thinking about her incident with Pat.  Delia informs Mary that Pat moved out.  Mary taunts Delia a bit, noting that she's sure Delia will know how to handle Roger when he returns from his trip overseas.  Meanwhile, Faith returns from the store to find Roger sitting in the kitchen.  Faith fills Roger in on what happened to Delia, and Roger is furious to realize that it was Pat that went after Delia and convinced her to return home.  Jack has a private consultation with Clem, and Clem assures him that Alex saved his life.  As Clem leaves, he tells Mary that Jack is extremely suspicious, and that she needs to get Alex and Jack together to talk as soon as possible.  Delia confesses to Father McShane that she hopes to marry Pat, and he is shocked.  He advises her that she needs to get away from Pat and clear her head, but she tells him it's too late.  She tells Father McShane that she is pretty sure that she's carrying Pat's baby.   Alex reassures Jack, promising him that he will arrange for his operation in weeks.  As he is leaving, Mary thanks Alex with a kiss on the cheek.  Jack is wheeling himself down the hall when he sees the kiss.

Episode 386

The Ryan family's New Year festivities are underway.  Mary is depressed about Jack, and Pat is desperately trying to avoid Delia.  Maeve goes upstairs and finds a very gloomy Jack in his wheelchair.  She tries to convince Jack to join them for the festivities.  A slightly drunk Roger arrives at the Ryans' and confronts Delia.  Roger realizes that Delia set it up so that Pat would rescue her all along.  He takes Delia back into the bar and humiliates her in front of the entire gathering.  After Roger leaves, Faith confronts Delia, telling her to leave her and Pat alone, because she is not going to spoil their evening.  When Delia refuses, Faith accidentally dumps a pitcher of beer on Delia.  Later, Faith and Pat decide to take off to spend a couple of days at the beach house.  Frank is about to take Jill out for a drink when Seneca arrives.  When Seneca manages to convince Jill to stay home, Frank confronts him.  Why exactly does Seneca feel free to give Jill orders, and expect her to obey them?  Jill looks terrified as Seneca prepares to answer Frank's question.  Jack comes down to join the festivities, but can't control his anger toward Alex.  When he gets into an argument with him, Mary asks Jack to leave.  As he heads for the kitchen, he turns around to see Alex comforting Mary.  Meanwhile, Pat and Faith arrive at the beach house and realize that they are finally all alone.

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