January 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 387

When Pat and Faith kiss, Pat pulls away.  He tells her that this was only a friendly kiss, and Faith assures Pat that she didn't invite him to the beach house expecting that they would sleep together.  Faith pointedly asks Pat why he feels so compelled to take care of Delia -- does he still love her?  Seneca evades telling Frank the truth about Jill's baby, but Frank continues to press for answers.  Jill is furious with Seneca, and asks him to leave.  Seneca refuses to go until they promise him that Jill will stay home and get some rest.  Infuriated, Frank finally escorts Seneca to the door.  Pat tells Faith that he does love Delia, but insists that he has helped Delia as much as he can, and he's through rescuing her.  Faith offers a variety of activities that will keep Pat's mind off of Delia.  He agrees to them, but says he just needs someone to share it all with him.  Faith laughs, saying that she has a terrific idea of someone.  Frank reassures Jill that their future together is going to be long and happy, and that he sees no obstacles for their happiness.  Meanwhile, Seneca sits alone at Ryan's Bar, brooding over his drink.  Faith and Pat are lying in front of the fireplace, fantasizing about each other.  Finally, they say good night and Pat goes to bed.  Faith looks wistfully after him as he leaves.

Episode 388

Delia tries to learn Pat's whereabouts from Bucky, but Bucky pretends like he doesn't know where Pat is.  Jill is feeling better and has cabin fever, so Frank offers to take her out for a brief lunch at Lem's.  Meanwhile, Seneca confides to Bucky that he feels frustrated about his lack of control with the Jill situation.  Later, Seneca calls Jill's apartment to check on her, and is furious when he finds out that Frank took her out for lunch.  At Lem's, Frank and Jill are having lunch and discussing their future, when Jill suddenly has a really bad contraction.  Delia lies to the hospital, telling them that there is a family emergency and that she needs the phone number where Pat can be reached.  When they give it to her, she calls the number, realizing it's the area code for the beach house.  Delia slams down the phone and informs Bob that she thinks she might be pregnant with Pat's baby, and that she plans to marry him.  She just has a way to get Pat back from the beach house.  Seneca arrives at Lem's to find Jill waiting at the table while Frank is off calling the doctor.  When Frank returns to find Seneca, he agrees that Jill needs to go to the hospital.

Episode 389

Frank arrives at Ryan's and informs Mary that Jill is back in the hospital.  When Delia hears this information, she realizes that this could lead to Faith having to cut her stay at the beach house short.  Meanwhile, Faith and Pat return to beach house from a cold walk on the beach, and sit by the fire.  Frank and Alex discuss their concern for Mary, and the way that Jack has been treating her.  Frank approves when Alex offers to take Mary out to lunch to get away from her troubles for a while.  Pat and Faith get closer as they sit by the fire and discuss their relationship, and finally end up in a serious embrace.  Meanwhile, Delia calls the hospital and, pretending to be Seneca's secretary, insists that all calls to Jillian Coleridge's room be held.  Alex and Mary's friendship takes a giant step as she is finally able to enjoy the prospect of her baby. Pat and Faith are about to make love, but are interrupted by a call from Delia.  When Faith calls the hospital and verifies that Jill is there, she finds that Jill is not taking calls.  She regretfully tells Pat that they better head back to the city.

Episode 390

Jill sits up in her hospital bed as she argues with Seneca about him bullying her.  Seneca explains to Jill that she is going to be on bed rest for the next few months.  As they are talking, the door flies open and Faith and Pat enter.  When Jill explains that she is fine, Faith and Pat exchange looks.  Maeve tells Bob that she's concerned because Jack is looking for Mary, and that she doesn't want to tell him that Mary is with Alex.  Bob is angry that Jack treats Mary the way he does.  Maeve defends Jack, and tells Bob that Mary needs support, not sympathy.  As Pat and Faith talk further with Jill, they realize that Delia intentionally deceived them.  Pat rushes home and tells Delia that he needs to talk to her privately.  Mary talks to Bob about her problems with Jack, and Bob can't help remembering Mary as a kid, just as head strong as she is as an adult.  Pat confronts Delia and reiterates that they are not going to be lovers.  He leaves furious, and Delia looks after him and vows that he'll see how it's really going to be.

Episode 391

When Maeve invites Delia to spend some time with her, Delia throws a tantrum and accuses Maeve of trying to keep her from seeing Pat.  Faith applauds Roger at his treatment of Delia during the New Year's Eve celebration then tells him of Delia's latest exploits.  Roger is saddened when he realizes that Delia never loved him as much as he loved her -- and still loves her.  Pat becomes upset when he returns to his room and finds Delia waiting on his bed.  He tells her that what they experienced in Boston will never happen again and leaves her speechless sitting in the middle of his bed.  Maeve and Johnny share their feelings about Delia and hope that Pat has the good sense to avoid her.  When Delia returns home slamming doors, they know that their prayers have been answered.  Pat arrives at Faith's and tells her of his latest round with Delia.  When he tells Faith that he has nowhere to go for the evening she invites him to stay at her house.  He questions as to how she means that, she asks, "How do you want me to mean it?"

Episode 392

Faith tells Pat that resuming their relationship would mean a great deal to her and if it is not going to mean the same thing to him then she would rather they remained friends.  He kisses her and tells her that his feelings have changed also, and he wants her to understand how and why.  Mary and Maeve try to understand Pat's compulsive behavior toward Delia.  Mary reassures her that Pat will be okay, since he is learning to tell Delia no.  Pat tells Faith that although she means a great deal to him he wants to make sure his feelings for her aren't related to Delia in any way before they get involved again.  Maeve and Mary share mother daughter moments of what being pregnant means to them as Mary feels her first kick.  Pat shares his true feelings with Faith and tells her that he does not want to mix her up with his relationship with Delia.  Faith tells him that he can come to her as much as he needs to, as long as he is honest.  Mary marvels at how fast the baby is growing inside of her.

Episode 393

Mary talks to Faith and Pat as she fixes Jack's breakfast.  When she leaves, the two prepare to fix a little breakfast of their own.  Jack calls Roger for a second opinion to his problem, and Roger advises him to follow the opinion of his doctors.  When Mary overhears, she becomes infuriated with Jack, which results in a fight.  Delia listens on the stairs as Pat tells Faith that he no longer sees commitment as a trap.  When he kisses her Delia can't take it another minute and walks in on the couple.  A furious Mary bursts into the living room and finds Alex sitting on the couch.  When his attempts to comfort her fail, Alex offers her a trip to his farmhouse which Mary happily accepts -- leaving Jack in the room, brooding. Pat leaves Faith with Delia and heads off to see a patient of his in the hospital.  When he leaves, Faith tells Delia that she should be happy with Pat's affection, because right now that's all she's going to get.  When Delia tells her that she and Pat love one another, Faith calls her neurotic and controlling and tells her that those feelings have nothing to do with love.
Episode 394

As Pat and Faith prepare to go ice-skating, Pat is bemused when Faith tells him of her conversation with Delia.  Seneca pays a visit to Jill moments before she is being discharged from the hospital and becomes enraged when he finds out that she is preparing to walk home in a snowstorm alone.  When Jill's explanation about needing to be independent fails, she becomes infuriated and leaves without Seneca.  When Pat tells Faith that he no longer fears commitment, Faith suggests that they take it slow, and he reluctantly agrees.  Frank tells Bob that he has hired a lawyer, and Bob asks him to wait it out a little longer, since Delia will give him a divorce sooner than he thinks.  Jill leaves the hospital and falls while trying to hail a taxi.

Episode 395

Seneca finds Jill on the sidewalk and realizes that she may be losing the baby.  Mary shares with Alex some of the pain that she feels, loving a man like Jack.  Alex becomes concerned when he notices the snow piling up outside and goes out to check on the car.  Bob goes to Delia and demands that she give Frank a divorce.  Delia tells him that she will give Frank a divorce when she knows that her future with Pat is secure.  Frank watches Jill with Seneca and becomes convinced that something is going on between the two that he doesn't know about.  When he demands to know what is going on, he and Seneca get into a fight and Jill sends Frank home.  When Mary and Alex find themselves snowed in, Alex shares a bit of himself with Mary to pass the time.  When the wrecker calls to tell them that he has been delayed, Mary realizes that she is going to miss her show; but worse -- Jack is going to miss her.
Episode 396

When Mary calls Jack to tell him that she and Alex are snowed in, he explodes.  Pat shares with Faith his feelings on their relationship.  As he gets to a critical point in the conversation, Delia interrupts him and later becomes furious when Pat shuts her out to be with Faith.  Jack demands for Mary to come home.  When he does not get the answer that he wants to hear, he slams the phone down, shocking Mary to the core.  Maeve tries to reassure him and becomes offended when Jack questions Mary's virtue.  Later, she convinces him to call Mary to tell her how much he loves her, but he is unable to get through, due to the storm.  A troubled Mary admits to Alex that Jack wants her home, regardless of the risk to her and the baby.  Frank talks with Maeve about his suspicions regarding Jill and Seneca and becomes even more troubled when Maeve shares his thoughts.  Pat shocks an unsuspecting Faith when he asks her to marry him.  Delia consults Dr. Wolfe to find out if she is pregnant.

Episode 397

Pat explains to Faith his reasons for wanting to marry her and reassures her that he is not doing it to get away from Delia.  Frank questions Clem about Seneca in hopes of gaining more insight about Seneca's relationship with Jill.  Bucky comforts a distressed Jill and tells her that he knows the truth about the baby.  Jill tells Bucky that she is happy he knows, because she really needs someone to talk to.  Faith accepts Pat's proposal, and the two gently plan their future.  Bucky reinforces for Jill that he will keep her secret.  He tells her that regardless of the circumstances, she has no reason to feel guilty; and this is exactly what she needed to hear.  Clem tells Frank that he is uncomfortable talking about Jill and Seneca.  Pat and Faith delivers the news to the family that he and Faith are to be married.  The Ryan's celebrate Pat and Faith's announcement but know that disaster is around the corner when Delia hears the news.
Episode 398

Pat and Faith part ways to deliver their good news to both Jill and Delia.  Mary and Alex open up and get to know each other better, as they make due with whatever bare necessities they can find.  Jack, furious with the situation at hand, becomes enraged even more when Delia inflames the matter by voting for Alex to be a good person to get stranded with.  Faith lofts Jill's spirits when she tells her about her engagement to Pat.  Later, Faith quiets a distressed Jill, who is having a hard time liking herself, given the predicament in which she's put herself.  When Jack blows up at Delia, Johnny comes to Delia's defense and tells her that, as long as she is under his roof, she will never be mistreated again.  Later, Delia pretends acceptance when Pat tells her that he and Faith are going to be married.  When he leaves, Delia murmurs to herself, "Little Miss Faith may have him tonight, but that may all change next week!".

Episode 399

After being snowed in all night, Mary and Alex make the best of their situation as the tow truck driver pulls their car out of the snow.  Jack and Johnny have a heated discussion when Jack accuses Mary and Alex of having immoral fun during their night together.  Roger optimistically explores Jill's future with her and expresses his desire to return to work.  When Alex and Mary arrive at the Ryan's, Jack asks what kept them busy while the snow was building up.  When Alex steps in and tries to protect Mary, a furious Jack tells him to leave.  Later, when Jack tells Mary that he does not want her to have contact with Alex again, Mary tells him that this is an unacceptable ultimatum.  An angry Clem approaches Roger about giving advice to his patient, Jack Fenelli, and finds out that Roger backed him one hundred percent.  Later, Roger asks for Clem's reaction to his wanting to return to Riverside and is told that while Clem does not care for Roger as a person, he would not stand in Roger's way.  When the conversation between Mary and Jack escalates, an infuriated Johnny steps in and suggests to Jack that he put Mary out of her misery and give her an annulment.

Episode 400

Mary blows up at Johnny for interfering in what is obviously a personal matter.  Later, she becomes appalled when Jack seems to take Johnny's suggestion seriously.  When Delia runs into Nick Szabo, he tells her that, if she ever has financial problems, she should turn to him.  Frank confronts Seneca when he is refused visitation to Jill's room -- by Seneca's orders.  Jack tells Mary that their lives are moving in two different directions and that he sees an annulment as the best recourse.  Johnny confides in Maeve the trouble that is brewing between Mary and Jack and how it is his fault.  Frank questions Seneca and his feelings for Jill, and, when Frank is refused an answer, he instructs Seneca to leave Jill alone.  Dr. Wolfe tells Delia what she has wanted to hear -- that she is indeed pregnant.  Maeve is horrified at Johnny's actions and implores him to butt out of his daughter's business before he loses her completely.  Feeling rejected, a tearful Mary leaves Jack's room to sort through her feelings.  When she leaves, Jack calls Father McShane to get information about annulment.

Episode 401

Delia informs Bob that she plans to give Frank a divorce, because she is pregnant with Pat's baby.  Jack asks Father McShane for advice on what the grounds are for getting an annulment.  Father McShane recommends that Jack see a specialist before looking into an annulment any further.  Delia tells Frank that she is ready for a divorce -- the quicker, the better.  Frank agrees to give Delia fifteen thousand dollars as a settlement.  Seneca visits Jill at the hospital, and she tells him that if the baby lives, she plans to tell Frank the truth and then leave town.  As she sleeps, Seneca says that he loves her.  At the bar, Delia sweetly congratulates Pat and Faith, telling them that she hopes they have a terrific marriage.  Afterwards, Bob threatens Delia that he plans to tell Frank the whole truth.
Episode 402

Bob arrives at Frank's office to tell him the truth about Delia, but is informed that Frank is at the hospital visiting Jill.  Meanwhile, Frank demands that Seneca tell the nurses that he is allowed to visit Jill.  Jack insists to Mary that an annulment would be for the best, because they have too many irreconcilable differences.  Seneca refuses Frank's request to see Jill, so Frank explains that he has good news about Delia agreeing to a divorce.  Seneca still refuses, and suggests that Frank go ahead with the divorce and Jill should be better by the time he returns.  Frank calls the office to have his assistant book his flight, and she informs him that Bob is looking for him.  Frank says he will try Bob at home if he gets a chance, otherwise it'll have to wait until he gets back from the Dominican Republic.  Johnny attempts to make up with Mary, but doesn't have much success.  Mary insists that she and Jack are going to get through their problems.  Delia signs the divorce papers for Frank.  When Bob arrives at the Ryan's, Frank has already left for the airport.  Bob rushes to leave, but Delia follows him.

Episode 403

Bob realizes that he is too late to warn Frank about Delia's plans.  As he confronts Delia, Pat and Faith arrive and show off Faith's engagement ring.  As Faith and Pat celebrate with everyone, Bob finds it hard to warn Pat about Delia.  Later, Delia explains to everyone that she agreed to a divorce, and that Frank is on his way to Central America to speed things up.  Meanwhile, Mary visits Father McShane and questions whether or not Jack can get an annulment.  She is disappointed to find out that Jack might be able to succeed in getting one.  Faith is shocked that Delia has agreed to a divorce and thanks Delia for freeing Frank to be with Jill.  When Faith and Pat mention that maybe they would be better off going to the Dominican Republic for a quick wedding, Delia panics.  Faith realizes that Jill doesn't know about Frank's divorce, and she heads to the hospital to share the news.  As Delia remembers her sad past, Pat walks in and finds her upset.  Delia admits to Pat that she is afraid of losing the Ryan family.  She alludes to everything changing when Frank gets back, and Pat knows that she's trying to tell him something.

Episode 404

Mary confronts Jack about the annulment.  When Mary asks if seeing a specialist and having an operation might help, Jack explains his impotency is only part of the problem.  Faith sees Bucky in Seneca's office and shares the news of her engagement with him.  Faith is furious when Seneca refuses to let her see Jill to tell her about Frank's divorce.  Meanwhile, Mary tells Maeve about her confrontation with Jack.  Maeve is clearly upset as Mary says that she's convinced that Jack is afraid that she will leave him, so he's breaking it off first.  As they talk, Faith arrives, still steaming from her run in with Seneca.  While Mary and Faith cheer each other up, Maeve escapes upstairs and tells Jack that she wants a word with him.  Downstairs, Alex arrives and Faith leaves.  Alex is very pleased, as he is able to get Mary to laugh.  Maeve passionately confronts Jack and gradually persuades him to go down and see Mary.  Meanwhile, as Alex and Mary talk, Alex takes one of Mary's hands.  Jack begins making his way down the stairs.

Episode 405

Dr. Wolfe tells Jill that her rest and isolation may have saved her baby.  After Dr. Wolfe leaves, Seneca admits to Jill that Frank is in the Dominican Republic getting his divorce.  When Jack walks in, he finds Alex hugging Mary, and is outraged.  As he moves toward them, he falls.  Jill tells Seneca that now she will have to be completely honest with Frank about the baby.  Meanwhile, Frank is in a bar in Santo Domingo, and meets a beautiful woman.  Frank and the stranger connect, but it is obvious that his attention is elsewhere.  He ends up telling the stranger all about Jillian, and how very much she loves her.  In New York, Seneca tells Jill that under no circumstances will Frank raise his child.  Mary and Alex help Jack, who is furious.  He tells Alex and Mary that he's going back to his apartment, and without Mary.

Episode 406

Jack continues in his rage to insist that he's moving out immediately.  When Maeve arrives to find out what the commotion is about, Alex takes her out of the room to explain the latest details.  Jack repeatedly asks Mary to leave him alone, but she refuses.  Roger visits Seneca at his office and asks if Seneca would consider reinstating him as a resident on a probation basis.  When Frank calls, Seneca dismisses Roger, who is infuriated.  Frank informs Seneca that he will be home sooner than he thought, and asks him to let Jill know.  Jack is angered further when Maeve confronts him about moving out.  Later, when Jumbo arrives and learns the situation, he also refuses to help Jack.  Seneca gives Jill the news that Frank will be home soon.  He asks her to weigh the emotional stress of telling Frank the truth against the welfare of the baby.  Jill insists that she is going to be honest with Frank immediately upon his return.  As Jack lies in bed awake, Mary comes in and deliberately gets into bed with him.  Once again she professes her love for him, emphasizing her faith in their marriage.  When Jack tells her that they should cut their losses and get out now, Mary replies that she is not going to let him leave her.

Episode 407

Maeve tries again to reason with Jack.  As they talk, they are interrupted by a call from Kathleen.  Kathleen explains that she has broken her leg, and needs Maeve to come to Pittsburgh for a couple of days.  Maeve agrees to come that evening.  When she leaves Jack's room, she places a call to Sister Mary Joel.  Bob tries to convince Delia to leave town and have the baby, but she refuses.  Delia tells Bob that she plans to tell Pat about her pregnancy as soon as Frank gets back from the Dominican Republic.  Sister Mary Joel is appalled to find out that Jack intends to get an annulment.  She surprises Jack when she tells him that he's had enough compassion and that he's behaving like a spoiled adolescent.  Sister Mary Joel adds that when Jack gets himself together, he should give her a call.  Bucky plans an engagement party for Pat and Faith at the Ryan's.  When Maeve discovers that Jack is gone, she places an urgent call to Alex.

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