Febrary 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 408

Jack goes home and is miserable and lonely.  When Alex arrives, he asks him what he is doing there.  Johnny sends Delia to pick up the egg rolls for Pat and Faith's engagement party.  Reluctantly Delia agrees and promises Johnny that she will be on her best behavior.  Jill prepares to tell Frank the truth about the baby.  Her spirits are raised when Faith pays her a visit and shows her the engagement ring.  Jack is furious with Alex for making him feel bad about what he is doing to Mary and orders him out of the apartment.  When Roger confronts Delia, she reveals that she still has hope for her and Pat.  Faith helps Johnny and Kevin set up for her engagement party.  When Delia arrives and sees how well the family has taken to Faith, she declares that Faith should enjoy it while she has the chance.  Alex tells Johnny about his visit with Jack, and Johnny is determined not to allow Jack to spoil Faith and Pat's party.

Episode 409

As the engagement party gets underway, family and friends gather around and watch Mary's show.  Pat arrives and greets Faith as Johnny volunteers that Frank should return home tonight.  Bob notices the expression on Delia's face and decides to have a talk with her.  Pat is stunned when he hears about Jack's moving out.  Delia fumes silently as she watches Pat dance with Faith.  When Bob approaches her, Delia tells him not to say one word.  When Roger arrives at the party uninvited, Bob's attempt to put him out is stopped by Faith and Pat.  Once alone with Faith he tries to warn her that Delia has something up her sleeve.  When Mary arrives at the party she learns that Jack has gone back to his apartment and sets out to bring him back.  When Frank arrives, he gives Delia the divorce papers and tells her that the divorce is final.  Mary confronts Jack on his decision to leave the Ryan's.  When he tells her that her emotional demands were making him miserable, she is finally able to see the truth. To avoid being abandoned by yet another woman, Jack decided to leave her first.  Jack watches a tearful Mary and is close to tears himself.  Frank questions Faith on Jill's recovery and sets out to see Jill when Faith continues to evade his questions.  Delia pulls Pat aside and tells him that there is something that she has to tell him.
Episode 410

Frank visits Jill and tells her about the divorce.  When he announces that there is nothing to keep them apart, Jill tells him that there is something that she has to talk to him about.  Pat avoids Delia when she tries to get him to talk to her.  When Mary arrives, she tells Alex and Johnny about her situation with Jack and heads upstairs alone.  Pat gives in and goes into the kitchen to talk to Delia.  She begs him not to be angry with her and tells Pat that they are in trouble.  Johnny goes to Mary but is unable to comfort her.  When Johnny tells her that he doesn't see any hope for Jack's and her future, Mary tells him that she has made a commitment to Jack and regardless of what happens, she knows that she cannot give up on him now.  Jill tells Frank that she and Seneca were lovers as Frank starts to put everything together.  Delia tells a stunned Pat that she is pregnant, and, when he continues to refuse her, she tells him that when the baby is born he will see a Ryan, and he will never be able to deny that.

Episode 411

Pat doesn't believe that Delia's baby is his, and he tells her that if it is, then she set him.  When Faith walks in and sees them in a confrontation, she asks them what is going on.  Frank is faced with the realization that Jill's baby is Seneca's.  When Jill explains her reason for lying to Frank and the entire Ryan family, Frank asks her what she proposes to do now.  Pat tells Faith that Delia is not feeling well and convinces her to return to the party while he deals with Delia.  When she leaves, he takes Delia upstairs where, after making a phone call to Dr. Wolfe; he confirms that the baby was conceived in Boston.  Back at the party, Pat tells Faith that he is needed at the hospital and leaves her and everyone else wondering just what happened between him and Delia.  Frank confronts Jill and asks her if she is asking him to raise Seneca's baby.  Bob becomes angry with Delia when he realizes she planned to ruin Pat's engagement party all along.  Pat goes to Roger's apartment in an effort to find out if Delia's baby is his -- or Roger's.
Episode 412

After an emotional confrontation, Jill returns Frank's ring as the two definitely break up. Roger tells Pat that not only is Delia's baby his, but that he was set up.  Frank tells Johnny that the baby isn't his.  When Jill tells Seneca that Frank knows the truth, Seneca uses this as an opportunity to get some things off of his chest.  Needing to release some anxiety, Frank runs until he is exhausted and then collapses on the steps of St. Patrick's church.

Episode 413

Frank throws away the "promise" ring that he previously had given to Jill.  Mary goes to Jack's apartment and makes an emotional and physical appeal, but the outcome is miserable to both.  An angry and frustrated Pat tells Bucky, in confidence, the truth about what has happened between him and Delia.  Bucky urges him to not allow Delia to trap him, hurting both Faith and himself.  Jack pleads with Mary to make this an easy break-up, and Mary refuses.  When Mary leaves, he makes an appointment with Fr. McShane about an annulment.  Mary is shocked and hurt on Frank's behalf when Frank tells her about Jill and the baby.  Later, her strong sense of determination comes out when she tells Frank that she is not ready to give up on Jack; for her sake, his and the baby's.
Episode 414

When Faith visits Jill to tell her of the details of the engagement party, she learns of Frank's reaction to Jill's situation and is furious for Jill's sake.  Pat acknowledges to Delia the fact that the baby is his but accuses her of becoming pregnant on purpose.  When she denies it, he tells her that he paid a visit to Roger who gave him the necessary information for him to come to that realization.  When Maeve returns home from Siobhan's, Mary tells her about what has happened between her and Jack and Jill and Frank.  Jack consults Fr. Richards and learns what an annulment process will entail.

Episode 415

Faith confronts Frank for his lack of understanding in Jill's situation.  When Seneca admits to Jill that he hopes that her relationship with Frank is over for good, she confesses to Seneca that she would like to try one more time to mend the situation with Frank.  Bob pleads with Delia one last time to get an abortion.  She mischievously agrees, while formulating a plan of her own.  Jack pays a visit to a divorce attorney seeking advice on getting a divorce and an annulment -- against Mary's wishes.   When Frank tries to visit Jill, he runs into Seneca, and after a man-to-man talk the two decide to visit Jill together, seeking answers.

Episode 416

Delia visits Roger and realizes that Roger told Pat that Delia got pregnant on purpose.  Roger laughs at Delia when she asks for his help, telling her that she is really unbelievable to expect him to be her friend after everything she's done to him.  Frank initiates an open conversation with Seneca and Jill, and gets a little more than he bargained for.  When Frank gives Jill an ultimatum, saying that he can't live with Jill and Seneca sharing custody of the baby, Jill gets angry.  Delia apologizes for the way she treated Roger, and in return he agrees to quit telling Pat that she got pregnant on purpose. As they talk, Faith arrives.  Delia panics, insisting that Faith can't find her with Roger. Jill and Frank decide to go their separate ways since Frank cannot accept Seneca as part of her baby's life.  After Frank leaves, Jill informs Seneca that she plans to go home as soon as he'll let her.  Roger hides Delia, and then lets Faith in.  Roger feels sorry for Faith as she talks about how happy she is.  After Delia leaves, she calls an abortion clinic and makes an appointment for the next day.

Episode 417

Jack receives the divorce complaint papers from his attorney, who recommends that he give Mary the papers himself.  Jack agrees, saying that he wants to make the process as quick and painless for Mary as possible.  Maeve finds Frank in the kitchen having breakfast, and informs him that Delia was gone when she woke up.  Maeve tries to comfort Frank about his situation with Jill, but finds it hard to understand Jill's behavior herself.  Jack pleads with Mary to sign the divorce complaint, but she refuses.  Pat discusses Delia's pregnancy with Bob.  When Bob tells Pat that he believes Delia might be getting an abortion, Pat is visibly upset.  Later, Mary asks Frank to represent her in fighting the divorce.  Meanwhile, an outraged Jack tells his lawyer that they need to have a process server deliver the papers to Mary as soon as possible.

Episode 418

Frank visits Jack's lawyer and gets her permission to visit Jack.  Roger visits Jill at her apartment, and Jill tells him that Seneca is the father of her baby.  She admits that she really wants to be with Frank, but that it is unlikely that they will ever be together.  Roger assumes that this means that Seneca will be part of their family, and that it might lead to Seneca reinstating Roger at the hospital.  Jill is appalled by Roger's assumptions. Pat shares with Bucky his fear that Delia may be getting an abortion.  Bucky advises Pat that perhaps an abortion would be for the best.  Frank and Jack get into a heated confrontation, and Frank reiterates that Mary is going to fight the annulment.  Seneca visits Jill and makes suggestions for her delivery procedure.  Jill is suspicious at first, but as Seneca talks about it further, she is touched.

Episode 419

Delia arrives at the doctor's office and pretends that she wants an abortion.  When the doctor explains the procedures and inherent delays, Delia fakes distress.  Meanwhile, Faith visits Pat and asks if they can be married on St. Patrick's Day.  Pat is overjoyed at the prospect, and Faith is clearly pleased.  When she leaves to tell Maeve, Pat quickly calls Kevin to see if anyone has heard from Delia yet.  Meanwhile, Jill and Mary discuss their problems, and Jill is relieved to see that her issues with Frank haven't harmed her friendship with Mary.  Jill shares Seneca's views about the Leboyer birth technique with Mary.  Pat runs into Roger at the hospital and asks if Delia said anything to him about getting an abortion.  Roger admits that Delia was considering it as one option.  At the clinic, Delia is close to tears as the doctor tries to console her.  Faith arrives as Jill and Mary discuss the Leboyer birth technique and arranges for them to screen some tapes of deliveries.  Pat tells Roger that he knows marriage would be disaster for Delia and himself, but Pat knows he has a responsibility to her baby.  Meanwhile, at the clinic, the doctor asks a hysterical Delia if there is a family member she can call to come and take her home. Delia tells her to call Maeve.  As she dials the number, Delia suppresses a smile.

Episode 420

Maeve receives the call from Dr. Thomson informing her that Delia is at the abortion clinic.  Faith, Jill and Mary meet with Dr. Wolfe and discuss the Leboyer method of natural childbirth.  When Maeve arrives at the clinic, Delia flies into her arms.  Delia explains that she wanted the abortion so that no one would have to ever know she was pregnant.  When Maeve insists on knowing who the father is, Delia tells her it is Pat.  Maeve insists that there will be no abortion or adoption, and prepares to take Delia home.  As Jill and Mary watch the Leboyer childbirth tapes, their interest grows in the technique.  The doctor confirms that Jill can still have a Leboyer birth even though she has had complications with her pregnancy.  Mary says that she hopes that Jack will participate, and that if she can just get him to watch the tape, he won't be able to refuse.  Later at home, Mary's happiness is quickly deflated when the process server serves her with the divorce complaint.  Maeve and Delia arrive at the bar, and Maeve informs Pat that she wants to see him upstairs immediately, with Delia.

Episode 421

A frustrated Pat learns that his mother has found out about Delia's pregnancy and the reasons why.  Mary consults Frank and figures out the way to use her pregnancy to deal with Jack.  A shocked Maeve finds out that Pat and Delia were lovers in high school.  As Pat tries to justify his actions, Delia pleads with him that he not abandon her.  Mary offers Jack a deal, which he agrees to think about.  Maeve asks Pat to be responsible for his actions, which he agrees to do, while insisting that he will not marry Delia.
Episode 422

Feeling "conned," Jack sets out to learn more about what Mary has in mind for the two of them.  Pat tells Johnny about Delia's pregnancy.  Maeve makes Delia an offer that sends her over the edge, leaving Maeve concerned about her stability.  When Johnny tells Pat that he is a disgrace to the Ryan family, Pat leaves the room angry enough to hit his father.  Maeve and Johnny both come to the realization that Faith would be better off leaving Pat rather than face endless trouble from Delia.  Faith persuades Jack to go along with Mary's suggestion.  Johnny tells Pat that he must marry Delia, forcing Pat to admit that there is no other solution.

Episode 423

Johnny and Maeve are distressed that Faith has not been told about Delia.  When Faith phones, Maeve leaves to go see her.  Frank and Jill brood over one another.  Faith models her grandmother's dress to wear as her wedding dress.  As Maeve tries to evade the issue, Jill arrives.  Although Jack does not fully agree with Mary's deal, he agrees to see the tapes and talks to Dr. Wolfe.  Maeve forgives Jill but tells her that she will not forget.

Episode 424

Bucky agrees to cover Pat's shift so that he can talk to Faith.  Frank discusses forgiveness with Maeve and finds out that she has forgiven Jill.  Seneca tries to cheer Jill but to no avail.  Pat tells Faith that Delia is pregnant and that the baby is his.  Seneca again shares his feelings for Jill with her, telling Jill that he is prepared to do anything for her and the baby.  In an effort to forgive Jill, Frank calls her apartment only to find Seneca there.  Faith is furious with Delia and tells Pat that she got pregnant on purpose.

Episode 425

Faith demands the truth from Roger regarding the paternity of Delia's baby and gets sympathy from him when he tells her what she does not want to hear.  Faith tells Roger that she is going to talk to Delia herself.  Mary and Jack reach a tentative reconciliation.  Pat tells Frank the whole story and when he asks for advice Frank tells him to not marry Delia.  Jack's fear builds as he learns more about the father's role and commitment in the delivery technique.  He tells Mary that the baby and the pregnancy are hers alone and that she should count him out.  Faith confronts Delia and tries to convince her that all Pat feels for her is pity.  Ready for a fight, Delia tells Faith that Pat is hers and that she will never have him.

Episode 426

Mary catches up with Jack and tries to get him to keep his end of the deal.  Jack refuses, knowing that he will not have the will power to leave her after the baby is born, and tries again, to no avail, to get away.  Faith outlines some of Pat's alternatives, as she sees them, to both Delia and Pat -- placing herself number one on the list to care for the baby, so that she and Pat can continue to be together.  When she leaves, Delia throws herself into Pat's arms in anguish.  After a bad fight, Jack leaves Mary standing in the hospital corridor in tears.  When he leaves, Mary remembers their wedding day and weeps.  Pat finds Delia vulnerable and very much irresistible.  Mary learns from Pat that Delia is carrying his child and becomes infuriated with Delia.  Jack asks Fr. Richards to proceed with the annulment and is assured that he will proceed with deliberate speed.  Mary has the satisfaction of telling Delia exactly what she thinks.  Delia tells Mary that, whether she likes it or not, they are going to be sisters-in-law for a long time.

Episode 427

Faith tells Jill about Delia's pregnancy, and Jill confirms Faith's instincts to fight for Pat. Faith refuses to send Pat on an emotional ride and leaves the ball in his court.  Seneca accuses Jill of being sad about Frank, and she angrily informs Seneca that her life is not centered around Frank Ryan.  Later, when Seneca offers to give her some privacy, Jill tells him that she appreciates his support and looks forward to spending time with him when he returns.  Maeve and Johnny share their feelings about Pat's situation with Frank, who remains opposed to Pat's further involvement with Delia.  Faith consults Maeve and feels for the first time in her life that Maeve has let her down.  When Jill tries to convince Frank that she has missed him terribly, he tells her that it couldn't be that much, since Seneca was at her apartment at two o'clock in the morning.  When she tries to explain, Frank tells her that he hates everything about their current situation.

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