March 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 428

Bob pays a visit to Delia and offers to take care of her and the baby.  As she turns him down, Frank arrives.  Fr. Richards explains the annulment proceedings to Mary and tells her what will happen next -- with or without her permission.  Mary tells him that Jack is lying and that his two witnesses don't exist.  Jack calls upon Jumbo for help.  Frank confronts Delia on her actions and the fact that not only did she use him, but she also took $15,000 from him for a divorce.  Delia accuses Frank of being mean to her and leaves the apartment.  Jack convinces Jumbo, against his better judgment, to be his annulment witness.  Against her wishes, Mary agrees to write a history of her marriage as the next step in the divorce proceeding.  A manipulative Delia approaches Pat, who cannot help but respond with sympathy and tell Delia that she is not alone.

Episode 429

When Seneca overhears an argument between Jill and Clem, he goes to her office and tells her that she is working too late -- which does not please her one bit.  Pat takes Delia home where, in her manipulative way, Delia tries to gain sympathy from Maeve.  Pat tells Maeve that he refuses to jump in and save Delia, who has to learn to survive on her own.  Faith accuses Pat of using the baby as a way to continue taking care of Delia in order to win where Frank lost.  When Faith attempts again to share the load with Pat, she becomes enraged when Pat continues thinking about Delia and tells Faith that she can take care of herself where Delia can't.  Jill yells at Seneca when he continues to plan her life.  When he apologizes for his behavior, Jill is shocked, and they decide at the last minute to pay an impromptu visit to the beach house.  Delia finds Maeve in Mary's room and, not wanting to be alone, curls up on the bed.  When she notices Jack's painkillers, she steals them -- unnoticed by Maeve.

Episode 430

At the beach house, Seneca asks Jill if she would like to take a walk.  Jill sweetly refuses, telling him to go ahead without her.  Immediately after he leaves, Jill experiences a painful contraction.  After Maeve takes Little John off to bed, Delia makes subtle hints of suicide to Johnny.  Johnny looks really concerned as he questions Delia about what exactly she's saying.  Mary stops by Frank's office on her way home from Channel R, and they share in their feelings of lost love.  Frank tells Mary how much it pains him to think of Jill with Seneca.  Meanwhile, Jill is lying back on the couch, pale and perspiring, hoping that Seneca will return soon.  Maeve informs Johnny that Jack's bottle of painkillers is missing.  Johnny fills Maeve in on Delia's behavior from earlier that day, guessing that she's the one that took the pills.  Maeve asks Delia if she took the bottle, but Delia denies it.  After Delia leaves the room, she stays in the hallway and eavesdrops on the rest of Maeve and Johnny's conversation.  As she listens, Delia fondles the bottle of pills.  Meanwhile, as Seneca sits on the beach, Jill falls onto the floor, knowing she is in labor.

Episode 431

Jill goes into labor, and Seneca is nowhere to be seen.  Johnny calls Pat and asks him to come home to deal with a problem concerning Delia.  Eavesdropping on their conversation, Delia begins a suicide note to Pat before turning her attention to her appearance.  Seneca prepares to deliver Jill's baby.  Bucky tells Pat that he needs to make a decision between Delia and Faith and make it quick.  As Pat prepares to go home, Clem assigns him an emergency case.  Delia takes Jack's pills.

Episode 432

Jill's baby is born.  Pat is delayed at hospital.  A worried Maeve checks in on Delia and is comforted when Delia tells her that she is fine and going to bed.  Locking her door, Delia fantasizes about marriage with Pat moments before collapsing from the pills she has taken.  Although small, Jill's baby is alive but in urgent need of hospitalization.  With no ambulance available the two make plans to get both Jill and baby to the hospital.  Johnny and Maeve fill Pat in on Delia's antics.  Finding her door locked Johnny knocks in Delia's door in and discovers her body lying in the floor - with Pat finding no pulse.  Jill drives the car while Seneca monitors the baby's respiration.  When he stops breathing Seneca performs mouth-to-mouth.

Episode 433

In Emergency, Pat gives instruction to pump Delia's stomach.  A tense Bob finds out what has happened to his sister.  Dr. Rich explains to Jill the baby's chances of survival and suggests that they move him to Riverside hospital as soon as possible.  Sister Mary Joel refuses to be a witness for Jack and warns him of the consequences of what he is doing.  Pat tells Johnny and Bob that Delia is not going to die then realizes that he is more shaken by Delia's actions than what he thought.  Later, when Bob tells Pat of the offer that he made to Delia, Pat tells him that he will be the one to care for Delia.  A tender moment between Jill and Seneca is interrupted when Jill begins to hemorrhage.

Episode 434

Mary and Frank learn of Delia's suicide attempt and anticipating Pat's reaction head out to try to sway his decision.  Faith and Roger arrive at the hospital to find both Jill and the baby fighting for their lives.  Pat suffers intense criticism from both Mary and Frank and finds himself in tears of rage.  Mary asks Maeve to take Jack's place in the Lamaze/Laboyer delivery and is delighted when Maeve accepts.  Jill's condition worsens.  A concerned Seneca tells Jill to hang on and becomes fearful when he realizes that he is losing her.

Episode 435

Jill survives an emergency D&C but remains vulnerable to infection.  When Seneca remembers Nell, Faith reassures him that Jill will be all right.  Frank goes to Pat to apologize and offer him some advice in dealing with Delia.  To his dismay, Pat tells him exactly what he can do with both.  Bob disagrees with Mary's theory of Delia's suicide attempt.  Later, Mary tells Bob that she is worried about him and the fact that he does not have a family of his own.  With Pat sitting at her bedside Delia regains consciousness.  Seneca fantasizes about life with Jill while she, still unconscious, dreams of Frank.  Hearing her stir, Seneca leans closer to hear what it is that she is trying to say and is horrified when Jill says, "...Frank..." A frightened Delia questions Pat about her surroundings and is comforted when Pat tells her that he will take care of her.

Episode 436

Pat promises to marry Delia and make a home for their baby and she tells him that he will not regret it.  After promising her that he will return, he leaves to give Faith the news.  Seneca and Faith update one another on both the condition of the baby and Jill -- both are doing fine.  Seneca shares with Faith his feelings about Jill asking for Frank.  When Seneca asks Faith to call Frank to get him to visit Jill, Faith tells him that he is a decent man and goes off to call Frank.  Later, Faith pleads with Frank to pay a visit to Jill, and Frank agrees, against his better judgment.  Pat tries to call Faith but is unable to reach her.  When Maeve arrives, he tells her of his decision and of his fear that there may be something wrong with the baby.  Maeve convinces Pat that he is doing the right thing and tells him that the family will just have to understand.  Faith calls Pat and tells him about Jill and the baby.  Pat refuses to give Faith his news, although she senses something is wrong.  Delia pledges to Maeve that she is going to be a good wife to Pat.  Maeve reprimands Delia on the chance she took not only with her life but also that of the baby.  When Pat tells Bucky of his plan to marry Delia, Bucky blasts Pat about how he is ruining Faith's life.

Episode 437

Faith goes to Pat's room excited to see him but needing to know the truth.  Seneca gives Jill an update on the baby and promises to take her to see the baby later.  When Frank arrives to see Jill, the two of them find themselves moving toward reconciliation.  Mary and Jack write opposing compositions about their views on marriage and children.  Faith is furious with Pat and tries to convince him that after three days Delia will be all right.  Not getting the answer that she expected, Faith storms out of the room leaving a despondent Pat in her wake.  Frank tells Jill that he is ready to come to grips with the situation and wants her and the baby to be a part of his life.  Later, Seneca warns Frank  not to get close to Jill if he isn't prepared to accept the baby and Seneca as a part of his life.

Episode 438

Jill thanks Seneca for calling Frank and tells him of her hopes that the three of them will come to a decision about their future soon.  Seneca refuses to make any promises and suggests that they wait and see.  Faith tells Seneca and Jill about Pat's decision to marry Delia.  Frank debates whether he should go back and visit Jill, and Maeve advises Frank to do so.  When Frank learns that Pat has decided to marry Delia, he tells Maeve that Pat is making a big mistake.  Faith tells Seneca and Jill of Delia's attempted suicide attempt and realizes that Delia would have been too much trouble for her to handle.  Faith tells the two that Pat does not deserve what Delia will do to him before it is all over.  Frank fails at his attempt to convince Pat that he is making a mistake.  Jill tries to convince Seneca that Frank will come to accept him as a part of her life.  Later, when the two pay a visit to the baby, Frank walks in on their mutual affection and, unable to take it, turns on his heels and leaves.

Episode 439

Mary learns that Pat is going to marry Delia and takes the news badly.  When Pat leaves to pick Delia up from the hospital, he tells the family that, if they cannot welcome her, they should stay out of her way. Jack learns from Fr. Richards that he needs another witness for his annulment and he heads off to talk to Johnny Ryan.  A sympathetic Mary offers love and support to Faith.  Faith convinces Mary that she will be okay and sends her back to the party at the Ryan's.  St. Patrick's Day cheer is in full swing at the Ryan's as Jack arrives.  Jack reminds Johnny of an incident in which he said he did not want children and asks Johnny to be a witness for him in the annulment proceedings.  When Johnny feigns memory loss, Jack tells him that if he wants to be rid of him for good then he will tell the truth.  Delia admits to Roger that while she did not mean to commit suicide, her plan worked -- Pat plans to marry her.  When Pat arrives, Roger congratulates him and wishes him the best of happiness.  Later, Delia tells Pat that she wants for the two of them to spend a quiet evening together and is reassured that Pat is no longer thinking of marrying Faith.  As the two of them make plans for the evening Bucky tells Faith that he can be more help to her than Pat and that she should call on him when she needs a friend.  Mary arrives and finds Jack waiting for Johnny's decision.  When he does not get the answer that he is expecting, Jack storms out with Mary following.  When Mary tells Jack of her plans to fight for him, he tells her of his continuing plans to get over her.

Episode 440

Bucky offer Faith his friendship and anything else that his thirty million dollars can buy.  Pat tucks Delia in bed as she paints a picture of their life together -- which she intends to be centered around her.  Later, Mary makes a final effort to convince Pat that he is making a mistake.  Pat tells Mary that the more she and Frank tell him otherwise, the more Pat is convinced that he is doing the right thing.  Seneca tells Jill that the baby is having problems breathing but reassures her that he will be okay.  Later, Seneca tells her that Frank will never accept him as the baby's father.  When Seneca is called in for treatment of the baby, a worried Jill has to stand outside awaiting word on her baby's condition.  Bucky tells Faith that she should fight fire with fire and go after Pat.  Later, Faith prepares to put an end to her relationship with Pat once and for all.  Mary confronts Delia and tells her that it is just a matter of time before she smothers Pat the way she did with Frank and that she is going to do everything in her power to make sure that Pat does not marry her.  Faith wakes a sleeping Pat -- engagement ring in hand.

Episode 441

Clem reassures an anxious Jill as she awaits news on her baby. Jill learns that the baby is sick and convinces Seneca to allow her to accompany them to X-ray. Faith gives Pat his ring back in an effort to set herself free and promises Pat that she will get on with her life without him. Delia asks Bob to talk to Mary about staying out of hers and Pat's relationship and convinces herself that Faith is not going to let Pat go that easily. Pat admits to Faith his competition with Frank and the fact that he feels that he is the best person for Delia. When Delia enters moments later, she finds Faith and Pat alone in a darkened bedroom and asks if Faith ever gives up. As Seneca and Jill wait on the test results, they name the baby Edmund Strong Coleridge. Delia accuses Faith of trying to steal Pat from her. Faith tells Delia and Pat that they are a match made in heaven and leaves the two alone. When Pat reaffirms his promise to Delia that he will marry her, she asks if it could be right away.

Episode 442

Seneca, Bucky, and Faith share in the prognosis of the baby. Jill tells Maeve and Johnny that the baby is sick and asks Johnny to act as a stand-in grandfather figure. Moments later she finds out that the family is not behind her and Frank as she originally hoped. Seneca and Faith suspect that baby Edmund's condition is bad. Jack does not have his two witnesses and pleads his case to Fr. Richards. Mary arrives and after reading one another's statements, Mary and Jack argue about the annulment. Faith tells Bucky that she returned Pat's ring and describes her run-in with Delia. Faith and Bucky conclude that Pat needs Delia to need him but that Delia will wreck him. When the test results come in, they rush to give Seneca the news. Mary gives Jack the news about Jill's baby, which sends him out of the room with an idea. Jill and Seneca get the results on Baby Edmund and find that his condition could be fatal.

Episode 444

As they prepare to hold a vigil for Edmund, Frank feels again the reality of Seneca's ongoing presence in Jill's life. Mary returns from Lamaze class to find Jumbo waiting for her and is hurt when she finds out the lengths to which Jack is willing to go to get the annulment. Jack arrives to see Jill, who is hesitant to leave Frank and Seneca alone together. When she leaves, Seneca reiterates to Frank his intention to remain in the forefront of Edmund's and Jill's lives. Jill refuses to testify on Jack's behalf. Later, Jill admits to Seneca that Jack is more alone than any man she has ever known. Bob expresses to Mary his desire for things to work out for her and Jack. Later, Bob tries to force Mary to believe that Jack really does want an annulment. Baby Edmund takes a turn for the better, but Seneca senses that there may be something else.

Episode 445

Pat has set aside the weekend after next for the wedding, but his attitude about the whole thing upsets Delia. Later, while trying to lift Little John, Delia hurts herself but does not tell anyone. Seneca's suspicions about Edmund are verified when, at his invitation, Roger looks in on Edmund and diagnoses hydrocephalus. Racked with pain, Delia pretends to Pat that all is well and blows a kiss to him as he leaves to go to the hospital. Plagued with fear of an upcoming operation, Jill asks Roger who the best person would be to operate on Edmund and he admits that in other circumstances it would be him. Later, she suggests the same to Seneca. Delia convinces Maeve that she is well and heads upstairs, in pain, once Maeve leaves her alone in the kitchen. Pat admits to Bucky that he does not love Delia and wishes that he and Faith were off on their honeymoon. Delia places an anonymous call to Dr. Wolfe's office, wondering if she could, in any way, be having a miscarriage.

Episode 446

Maeve pays a visit to Jack and urges him to reconsider the annulment.  Mary arrives to see Father McShane, who is also worried about Jack.  When Baby Edmund's test comes back positive, Jill asks Seneca to let Roger perform the surgery.  Father McShane comes up with a plan to help Mary, which, when Jack finds out, causes him to explode with indignation.  Marshall gives Seneca authorization to hire any doctor he wants to perform Edmund's surgery -- including Roger.  Later, Seneca tells Roger that his doing the surgery does not mean that he will be back on staff when it is over.  Father McShane refuses to answer the chancery letter until Jack has had bi-pass surgery, buying Mary more time.  Refusing to allow the situation to get the best of him, Jack vows prompt surgery.

Episode 447

Roger and Faith confer about Edmund's condition.  Maeve gives her regrets to Faith regarding her marriage to Pat.  Faith tells her that her supporting Pat's decision is a big mistake.  Knowing that she is in the midst of a miscarriage, Delia tries to call Dr. Wolfe but is interrupted by Mary who wants her to get out of the bed and care for Little John.  Clem agrees to assist Roger in surgery on Edmund.  Later, against his better judgment, Clem provides Jack with name of surgeon to perform his bi-pass operation.  Jack runs into Mary and Maeve, and tells them of his plan to have the surgery as soon as possible.  When Mary asks him how he is going to live with himself when after the surgery he has left her and the baby for nothing, Jack says, "Just watch me."

Episode 448

Delia goes to the Riverside OB clinic for help and gives a false name.  Jack tells Maeve that he is calling Father McShane's bluff and that he plans to have the surgery as soon as possible.  He arranges to deliver his insurance papers to Maeve in case something happens to him during the operation.  Faith fills Pat in on Edmund's status moments before asking him if he has set a wedding date. Delia confides to a nurse that if she loses the baby that her life is over.  Jack gives Maeve the insurance policy, and she tells him that when he is home safe she will return them to him.  When Maeve tries to give Jack a course in family 101, Jack leaves rather than get into a fight with her.  Pat tells Faith the date the he and Delia have chosen and is taken aback when Faith tells him that she hopes something happens to keep him from having to marry Delia.  The doctor tells Delia that she is going to miscarry -- and right away.

Episode 449

Faith comforts Jill and tells her that Edmund will hang in there and be just fine.  Frank confirms Jill's choice of doctor when he remembers that it was Roger who saved his life.  Roger discusses with Clem the possible effects that this surgery could leave on Edmund and is determined to get him through it safe and sound.  Seneca shares with Marshall his frustration over not being able to operate on Edmund and stands firm in his decision to not allow Roger back on staff after Edmund's surgery.  Frank offers Jill emotional comfort as Edmund's surgery begins, and the two become even closer as a result.  Maeve and Mary are concerned when they find that Delia is missing and think that there may be something terribly wrong.  Frank tells Jill that Edmund is not the obstacle between the two of them, it's Seneca's involvement with him.  Later, when the diagnosis is confirmed, surgery begins on Edmund.

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