April 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 450

Groggy from an anesthetic, Delia learns that she has had a miscarriage and is terrified.  Bob and Johnny struggle to see the positive side of Pat's marrying Delia because of the pregnancy.  As Baby Edmund struggles to hang on to life, Roger becomes furious with a nurse when she drops a pint of blood -- the only pint available on the floor.  Delia's hysteria at losing the baby increases when the nurse suggests that she should not get married next week, as she plans.  Pat arrives at the Ryan's and, finding Bob, asks for his help with the wedding.  Later, Bob tells Pat that Delia is missing and the two come to the conclusion that she is shopping for a dress.  Seneca learns that Edmund has O negative blood -- and is stunned.  Delia learns that she may be unable to conceive in the future and is again warned about getting married next week.  Johnny encourages Pat that he is doing the right thing and hopes that his life with Delia will be just fine.  When the nurse leaves to get her a sedative, Delia disappears.

Episode 451

Seneca informs Jill that the baby has survived surgery.  Seneca tells Jill that he realized in the operating room just how much she and the baby mean to him.  Alicia is startled to find Delia missing after her D&C.  She then determines that Delia left them with a fake address.  Meanwhile, Delia arrives home and finds Maeve in the living room.  Maeve is suspicious that something is wrong with Delia.  Delia covers, telling Maeve that she thinks she and Pat should postpone their wedding until they find their own apartment.  Maeve disagrees, advising that they should go ahead since Delia will be showing soon.  When Maeve asks Pat why Delia is upset, Pat cannot figure out why she would want to postpone the wedding.  At the hospital, Roger informs Jill that the baby has a rare blood type -- O negative.  Jill is concerned, but Roger stresses to her that there is no problem.  Seneca is obviously preoccupied as Roger, Jill and Clem continue to talk.  When Pat refuses to postpone the wedding, Delia panics.

Episode 452

Seneca and Bucky visit the hospital records office to find out if Seneca is truly Edmund's father.  He knows that Jill's blood type is A negative and his own is B negative, which means that he could be the father.  He goes on to check Frank's type, and finds that Frank could also be the father since his blood type is O.  No sub-type is listed for Jill, and Seneca realizes that it isn't going to be easy to determine Edmund's paternity.  Bob tries to comfort Delia, but his efforts only make things worse.  Seneca uses the blackboard in his office to fully explain the paternity question to Bucky.  As they talk, they are interrupted by a call from Marshall Westheimer.  Seneca has to meet with Marshall immediately regarding budget issues, and he asks Bucky to keep their conversation confidential.  After Bucky leaves, Seneca pleads his case to Marshall, but to no avail.  Meanwhile, Bob helps Pat move forward with the wedding plans by arranging for a ceremony with Judge Murphy.  When Pat and Bob share the news with Delia, she is more miserable than ever.  At the hospital nursery, Seneca picks up baby Edmund and holds him, desperately hoping that the baby is his son.

Episode 453

Seneca realizes that the only way to determine who is Edmund's father is to do a blood test on Jill.  If Jill does not have the N sub-type, then Frank has to be the father.  His only problem is that he has to think of a reasonable excuse to ask Jill for a blood specimen.  Meanwhile, Alicia explains to a nurse that a patient gave her their earrings to hold, and then slipped out of the clinic without them.  Alicia explains that the patient had a miscarriage and a D&C, and was concerned about her upcoming marriage.  At Ryan's, Delia runs into Jill, and Jill tells Delia that she is sure that Faith and Pat will eventually be together.  When Pat learns the serious nature of the hospital cutbacks, he realizes that he might not get time off for the wedding.  Seneca tries to convince Jill to donate blood because the hospital needs it, but Tom Desmond interrupts them before she can agree.  As Jill rushes off, she tells a frustrated Seneca that she'll do something about the blood bank, or have Faith give for her the first chance she has.  Delia is relieved when Pat tells her that they have to postpone the wedding.

Episode 454

Frank talks to Dave Feldman, a district leader, to see what his chances would be to get the nomination for Congress for the next election.  Frank explains that it could be the answer to both his personal life and his political career.  Dave convinces Frank that he needs visibility, and that means an issue to get him noticed.  Meanwhile, Bucky talks to Jill about the hospital problems.  When Jill inquires about Seneca, Bucky mentions that he was pretty upset the last time he saw him.  Jill assumes that it is due to the hospital cutbacks.  Mary visits Jack in his hospital room.  While she is there, an intern comes in and confuses Jack with another patient.  Jack is furious, and sends the intern on his way.  Mary promises to send the doctor in to see Jack, and leaves.  Later, Mary goes to see Clem and asks him to keep her informed about Jack's situation.  At Jill's office, Frank tells Jill his new plan for their future.

Episode 455

Seneca tries again to get Jill to give blood, but is unsuccessful.  Jill is puzzled by Seneca's insistence.  Jack runs into Roger while he waits to go get x-rays.  They briefly discuss Jack's surgery and the current situation at the hospital.  Jack confirms that his marriage to Mary is over.  Later, Frank and Jill have a romantic dinner and share in their hopes for the future.  Jill tells Frank that she will explain their plans to Seneca when she sees him later that evening.  Faith praises Roger for the surgery he did on Edmund.  Their conversation moves to Delia, and Roger admits that he truly enjoyed his relationship with Delia.  Roger tries to convince Faith that if she would play Delia's game, she could win Pat back.  Jack finally loses his patience from dealing with the disorganized mess at the hospital and takes it out on one of the nurses.  Later, Roger meets with Seneca in his office and prepares to ask for his job back.  He is unable to do so because Jill interrupts them.  Roger leaves, with the clear intention of meeting with Seneca another time.  Jill informs Seneca of her plans with Frank, and Seneca tells her the plans are totally unacceptable.

Episode 457

Clem calms Jack's nerves about the upcoming surgery with the news that he will be assisting. Mary wishes Jack a successful surgery.  Seneca's determination to find out the truth about Edmund's parentage is intensified by Frank's plan to leave Riverside -- taking Jill with him.  Frank tells Jill that they have to continue forward with their lives regardless of what Seneca thinks.  Bucky warns Seneca to get rid of any evidence that Edmund may not be his child.  Later, Roger finds Seneca burning incriminating pieces of yellow paper.  Jack can't bring himself to tell Mary that he loves her.  Roger asks for his job back and is refused.  When Seneca leaves the office Roger puts the remains of the burning blood card in his pocket and leaves the office.

Episode 458

Mary goes to the park to wait out Jack's surgery.  While there, Mary buys a new friend a balloon.  Delia calls Pat from Lem's to tell him about the apartment she has found and is upset when Pat tells her that he cannot come and see it.  Roger joins Delia and teases her for not being able to tie Pat around her finger.  Delia notices Alicia who returns Delia's earrings to her.  When Alicia leaves, Delia follows her and begs her to never recognize her again -- which makes Roger very curious.  To get him off of the subject she convinces Roger to visit her new apartment with her.  Pat gives Mary a good prognosis for Jack's surgery and tells her that Jack will be as good as new.  Jack dreams of South Street and the balloons and awakes to see balloons at the foot of the bed. Jack calls for Mary.  Delia tries to distract Roger and takes him on a tour of her apartment.  Undistracted, Roger questions Delia about her pregnancy, determined to find out what kind of secret she is keeping.

Episode 459

Thinking back on past conversations regarding Edmund's blood type, Roger concludes that Edmund must be Frank's baby.  Maeve welcomes Jack back to full consciousness as Bucky gives him the news of a successful operation.  Later, Jack tells Maeve that his marriage to Mary is still over.  Mary has a loving fantasy about herself and Jack.  Jill re-establishes a degree of warmth with Seneca over Edmund's projected homecoming.  When Roger enters, he unsettles Seneca when he asks him his blood type.  Later, Seneca tells Bucky that he knows that Roger is suspicious and vows to do all that he can to keep him from finding out.  Maeve refuses to give Mary a message from Jack telling Mary that their marriage is over.  Mary dreams of a happy-ever-after for her, Jack and the baby.  Seneca removes his blood bank records in an effort to stay one step ahead of Roger.  When Maeve gives Mary a good report on Jack, Mary tells her that she knows that things are finally going to work out between herself and Jack.

Episode 460

Bucky and Pat fantasize about how they would like to spend their next eight hours off.  Later, Delia demands attention from a physically and mentally exhausted Pat, to Bucky's dismay.  Dave announces that Frank has a chance at Congress in 1978.  As plans for Frank's political career get underway, Bucky makes a $1,000 contribution.  Pat avoids going home to Delia by going out to dinner at Lem's with Frank.  As the two renew their brotherly friendship, Pat shares his doubts about marriage to Delia with Frank.  Faith visits Jack and the two reflect on how one of them is married to a Ryan but does not want to be and the other is not married to a Ryan but would like to be.  Pat leaves Frank and goes in search of Faith.  Johnny calms Delia with news that Pat went to dinner with Frank.  Pat visits Faith -- in the middle of the night.
Episode 461

Despite Johnny's efforts to calm her, Delia is hysterical when she is sure that Pat is with Faith.  Pat shares with Faith his misgivings about his upcoming marriage and asks her to marry him tonight.  As Jill and Frank continue to grow closer, Seneca and Bucky ponder ways of obtaining a sample of Jill's blood.  Faith turns down Pat's proposal, and reluctantly he goes home to Delia.   Delia tries to convince Johnny to call Faith to see if Pat is there.  About to give in, Johnny is relieved when Pat comes home.  Seneca makes plans to wait until Jill's six-week check up to obtain a blood sample.  Jill plans to attend a strategy meeting regarding Frank's career.  Delia demands more of Pat's time than he is willing to give.  Under intense pressure from a persistent Delia, Pat promises to arrange for a new wedding date.  A saddened Faith wonders if she did the right thing.

Episode 462

Seneca is shaken when Roger makes a suggestion about the baby and keeps the blood type question alive.  When Bucky enters, Roger picks up on Seneca's sense of relief and offers to leave the two alone with a warning to Seneca that he knows who Edmund's father is.  Later, Seneca learns of Jill's increased involvement with Frank's new political activities and realizes he has a way to block some of it.  Faith tells Bucky that she may have made a mistake refusing Pat's offer last night.  Bucky implores Faith to go after Pat and pursue marriage to the only man that she wants.  Pat arranges his schedule with Clem so that he and Delia can be married.  Later, Bucky urges Pat to reconsider, but Pat tells Bucky that it is too late.  When Seneca learns from Faith that Jill has hired someone to care for the baby without His permission, he takes action to keep her from attending the political meeting.  Roger learns that Seneca has removed his blood records from his medical file and knows that he is up to something.  Seneca arranges a medical consultation for Edmund -- at the same time arranged for Frank's political meeting.

Episode 463

Seneca arranges to see Jill immediately about Miriam, Edmund's new nurse.  Frank pays a visit to Jack out of brotherly respect and saves him from another life threatening hospital mistake.  Later, when the public administration representative angers Jack further, Jack decides to write a series of articles on the hospital.  Seneca meets Miriam and is defeated.  When Seneca informs Jill of Edmund's upcoming appointment, Jill is forced to choose between going with Seneca and standing by Frank.  Later, when Jill discusses the issue with Frank, he asks her to choose between him and Edmund's appointment.

Episode 464

Frank wants Jill to attend the meeting with him and interprets the Philadelphia trip as interference from Seneca.  When Delia asks Mary to come to the wedding, Maeve has to talk her into it.  Frank and Jill have a big disagreement over her going to Philadelphia, and he becomes angry when Jill chooses Edmund over him.  When a teary-eyed Delia goes to Pat about the opposition she is experiencing from the family, Pat gives her word that the wedding date is set.  Later, Mary has a nice moment with Pat when she tells him that she will be at the wedding.  When Frank accuses Seneca of deliberately interfering with him and Jill, Seneca tells him that he is going to do everything in his power to make sure that Jill and the baby are not dependent on Frank.
Episode 465

Bob comforts a guilt-ridden Delia the morning of her wedding.  When Mary invites Jack to recuperate with her on the riverboat down the Mississippi, her feelings are hurt when he turns her down flat.  While Bob is reassuring Delia that everything will be okay, Pat is confessing to Frank that if Faith would take him, he'd go.  Tom appeals to Jack not to do a series of articles on Riverside, but Jack is not in a reasonable mood.  As wedding preparations progress, Frank persuades Faith to go after Pat -- and she agrees.

Episode 466

Delia shares with Maeve her fears that something will go wrong with the wedding.  Faith arrives at Pat's quarters to stop Pat -- but she is too late.  Frank begs Jill to reschedule Edmund's appointment, and when she refuses, Frank accuses her of using Edmund to keep Seneca as a part of her life.  A father-son talk eases Pat's wedding worries.  Bucky convinces Faith to make one last effort to find Pat.  Seneca comforts Jill and offers to take her out to get her mind off her troubles.  Later, Seneca tells Bucky that Frank is bringing up all the old trouble -- just as he knew he would.  Pat makes a toast to his new life with Delia.  Bucky shares with Seneca his hope that Faith makes it to Pat in time.  Faith arrives at Ryan's and learns from Kevin that the Ryan's have already left for the judge's chambers.  When he offers her the address, Faith comes to grips with the fact that she has missed her chance and determines to leave well enough alone.

Episode 467

Bob explains that the judge is late but reassures Delia that the wedding will go as planned. Father McShane learns that, in spite of Jack's successful operation, Jack intends to continue the annulment proceedings.  Maeve and Johnny share their dream of Pat marrying Faith.  When Judge Murphy arrives, Delia is relieved when she realizes that her dream marriage is about to come true.  Jill and Faith console one another as sisters and good friends.  Mary arrives moments before Delia and Pat are married.

Episode 468

Pat and Delia begin their one-day honeymoon.  Delia slips out of her clothes and manages to seduce Pat into bed with her. With too much to drink, Jill and Seneca have an open conversation where Jill tells Seneca that she admires his persistence.  Jill and Seneca arrive at her apartment, and when they find Miriam there, the moment is lost.  Later, Miriam badgers Seneca about getting Jill drunk and tells him that in the future he needs to exercise better judgment.  A panicked Delia demands to know if Pat would still marry her if there were no baby.  He comforts her and tells her that they are together and nothing is going to change that.

Episode 469

Frank visits Jill before she heads to Philadelphia and gets her word that she will see him when she returns.  Tom persuades Christine, an attractive physical therapist, to help him ease the tension of a worrisome patient -- Jack Fenelli.  Seneca and Jill consult Dr. Wade about Edmund.  Later, when Jill leaves the room, Seneca convinces the doctor to do extensive blood work on Jill.  Christine fails at trying to con Jack, making matters worse. Jill and Seneca learn that Edmund is needed back the next day, and that they will need to stay in Philadelphia overnight.  When Seneca sees the emotional torture that this is putting Jill through, he offers to stay with Edmund, allowing Jill to return home to Frank.  With Miriam's help, Frank plans a surprise dinner for Jill's return.

Episode 470

When Pat and Delia return from their brief honeymoon, Pat is dismayed to find that Delia has purchased a round shaped bed.  Roger pays a visit to Faith where the two console one another.  Jill remains in Philadelphia with Seneca, ruining Frank's surprise dinner plans.  Roger probes Faith for information about Seneca and is interested in information about Seneca's Canadian background.  A tired Pat is forced to go out to buy pizza for Delia.  Later, he tells Delia that she is not to spend anymore of Frank's money on them.  Frank waits for Jill who is in Philadelphia.

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