May 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 471

Frank realizes that Jill and Seneca have been away all night.  Dr. Wade obtains a blood sample from Jill.  Tom tries again to convince Jack to leave the hospital out of his newspaper writing.  Maeve enters, cutting their visit short.  An angry Frank fumes over Jill's overnight visit and is sure that she and Seneca are enjoying one another's company.  Dr. Wade delivers good news about the baby to Jill and Seneca.  Jack learns that his and Mary's baby is due any day now.  Later, Maeve leaves in a huff when Jack refuses her appeal to be there when the baby is born.  Miriam gives Jill the news of Frank's dinner party, and she decides to go and see him.

Episode 472

Jill tries to convince an angry Frank of the reasons for her overnight stay, but he refuses to understand her point.  Maeve introduces Tom to Johnny, and the two put their heads together on how to deal with Mr. Fenelli.  Jill and Frank reach a breaking point resulting in her leaving Frank in an effort to "Get along with her life."  Jill arrives home to find Roger -- who is coming closer to getting the information he needs about Edmund's paternity.  Later, Roger shares with Jill his feelings about Delia and Pat's marriage and his need to take a vacation -- to Canada.  Frank refuses to believe that things between him and Jill are over.

Episode 473

As Bucky and Seneca discuss the test results, Seneca calls Dr. Wade and finds out Jill's blood and sub-type forcing him to realize that he is not Edmund's father.  Delia, full of wonderful plans and intentions for her new marriage, becomes shaken when Bob inquires about her pregnancy.  Seneca decides to tell Jill the truth.  Frank shares with Mary his frustration and anger over the Jill-Seneca situation.  An exhausted Pat comes home to Delia and goes to sleep.  Seneca finds Jill in a fury over Frank and postpones delivering the news of Edmund's paternity.

Episode 474

In Canada, Roger manages to get a lunch invitation from Seneca's mother.  Jack gets more information about the hospital's conditions from Pat.  Pat and Faith share restrained greetings with one another while waiting X-rays.  Later, the two fantasize about what their lives would have been like if Delia had not stepped into the picture.  When Pat asks, Faith tells him that it would be better if they became a little less than friends.  During lunch, Roger is able to get some of Seneca's medical history from Marguerite.  Jack tells Mary that baby or no baby, he still plans to proceed with the annulment.  Mary asks Jack to at least wait until the baby is born and almost gets through to him when she asks him to be in the delivery room with her.

Episode 475

Roger bribes a hospital clerk in Canada to look for Seneca's old hospital records.  Frank calls Miriam in an effort to pick up his things from Jill's apartment.  Overhearing the conversation, Delia tells him that it must be sad for him to watch Seneca with a baby that he thought was his.  When he leaves, Delia becomes shaken when she realizes that Mary heard every word.  Jill declares financial independence from Seneca over childcare issues.  Later, when Jill returns to her apartment on an errand, she runs into Frank expressing his feelings about her to Miriam.  Provoked by Delia, Mary loses her temper and slaps her -- leaving Delia declaring that she is going to be sorry for that.  Seneca suggests to Frank that he stay away for good this time and is surprised when Frank agrees.  After their conversation, Seneca is even more determined to keep news of Edmund's paternity a secret.  Seneca's hospital records in hand, Roger learns Seneca's blood type  and realizes that Frank is Edmund's father.

Episode 476

Delia runs to Johnny and Maeve following her altercation with Mary, but receives little sympathy from them.  After Delia rushes from the kitchen in tears, Maeve and Johnny advise Mary that she needs to control her temper; one overgrown child in the family is enough.  Seneca learns from Marguerite (his mother) that Roger was in Canada, and he is sure that Roger is looking into Seneca's blood type.  Delia arrives at the neurology floor looking for Pat.  When Delia finds him, she recaps her argument with Mary.  Delia asks if they have any sleeping pills, and a shaken Pat agrees to go see his family immediately.  When Clem finds out that Pat left the floor, he's angry.  Meanwhile, Seneca explains to Bucky that he tried to tell Jill the truth about Edmund's paternity, but it wasn't the right time.  He adds that he is worried that if he tells Jill now, she'll renew her relationship with Frank.  At the Ryan kitchen, Pat questions his parents and Mary about the incident with Delia.  Pat defends Delia and insists that Mary must try to get along with her, because he can't keep playing interference.

Episode 477

Mary and Pat continue to argue about Delia.  Johnny agrees that Delia is Pat's wife and that the family has an obligation to support him in his marriage.  Mary clearly doesn't share in Johnny's understanding.  Meanwhile, Jack's first article covering the conditions at Riverside Hospital is published, and Tom is furious.  Tom pushes Jack to tell him who his source was regarding the Spanish-speaking patient, but Jack refuses to give him any information.  Tom leaves, telling Jack that every word of his article better be true, or Jack is in a lot of trouble.  When Pat returns to the hospital, Clem lectures him about handling family problems during duty hours.  As they talk, they are interrupted by a call from Delia.  Pat firmly tells Delia that he is on duty for the next 36 hours and she is not to bother him for any reason.  After they hang up, Delia throws a fit.  She suddenly comes to a stop, realizing that this might be the perfect opportunity to fake a miscarriage.  Later, when Tom questions Pat about Jack's article, Pat admits that he was the source.  Maeve tries to convince Mary to be kinder to Delia for Pat and the baby's sake.  Meanwhile, Delia calls the hospital, and Alicia answers the phone.  Delia disguises her voice and inquires about miscarriages.

Episode 478

Delia schemes to fake a miscarriage.  She calls Maeve to let her know that she isn't feeling well and uses the dinner hour as an excuse for Maeve not to come over.  At the hospital, Faith runs into Frank on his way to reprimand Jack about the newspaper article.  When Faith mentions Jill, Frank tells her openly that he believes that Seneca and the baby are only an obstacle because Jill wants them to be.  Meanwhile, Seneca visits Jill and has a gift for Edmund.  They are enjoying each other's company, and Seneca reinforces Jill's decision to break up with Frank.  At the hospital, Frank tells Faith that he is going to force himself to get used to the idea of being without Jill.  Bob arrives at Delia's unexpectedly, and Delia fakes being ill.  When Bob is overly concerned, Delia tells Bob that she has a call into Dr. Wolfe.  After Bob leaves, Delia leaves a message with Dr. Wolfe's answering service, telling him that she isn't well, but that she will simply take aspirin and call him in the morning.  At Seneca's office, Roger arrives and tells Seneca exactly what he knows regarding Seneca and Frank's blood types.  Before Roger leaves, he tells Seneca that he is unlikely to make any of this information his business if he is busy and happy in other areas -- such as his work.  Seneca is stunned as Roger tells him to think about it and makes his exit.

Episode 479

Seneca tells Bucky about his meeting with Roger and insists that he won't be blackmailed.  Bucky leaves as Seneca prepares to call Jill.  At Jack's hospital room, Frank confronts Jack with a copy of the newspaper.  As they get into a heated debate, the conversation turns to Mary.  Jack reaffirms his independence from the Ryan's, and Frank refuses to respond.  Frank insists that if Mary gets her way, Jack will be his brother-in-law for a long time to come. As Faith tells Jill about her conversation with Frank, they are interrupted by a call from Seneca.  Jill agrees to meet with Seneca at his office.  Later, Alicia meets with Clem about a job in the neurology department.  Alicia is very direct with Clem and interviews him about the department and his needs.  Clem tells her the job is hers if she wants it.  When Jill runs into Frank at the hospital, she tells him that she doesn't like him analyzing her behind her back.  As they argue, Seneca comes through the door and overhears them.  Frank goes, leaving Jill angry and hurt.  Seneca rushes to her side and tells her how sorry he is.  When Jill asks what he wanted to tell her, Seneca insists that it can wait.

Episode 480

Delia makes herself up to look sick, then calls Maeve and cries that something terrible has happened.  Delia sobs as Maeve insists that she'll be right over.  Mary is delighted when Bob offers to take Jack home from the hospital.  Bob relishes the prospect of annoying Jack, and Mary is glad to have the opportunity to clean up the apartment.  Meanwhile, Jack packs his things at the hospital, refusing help from the nurse.  When Maeve arrives at Delia's apartment, Delia tells Maeve that she has had a miscarriage.  Maeve is appalled as Delia explains that she couldn't call Pat because he told her not to call him while he was on duty.  Maeve gets Delia to rest on the couch and calls the doctor immediately.  At the hospital, Jack reluctantly agrees to let Bob escort him home.  Meanwhile, Mary fantasizes about a happy life with Jack as she cleans up the apartment and prepares dinner.  Later, when Bob and Jack arrive at the apartment, Mary is asleep on the bed.  Bob makes a quick exit.  Jack is clearly touched by Mary's efforts, and he moves to the bed and wakens her.  After Jack thanks Mary for all she has done, she asks if she can stay.

Episode 481

Delia describes her miscarriage to Dr. Wolfe as Maeve listens sympathetically.  Dr. Wolfe takes Delia into his examination room so that he can find out for himself exactly what happened.  At Jack's apartment, Jack admits to Mary that each time she asks him if she can stay it gets harder for him to say no.  Jack points out that it is inevitable that he will go on causing her pain. He hands her purse to her and leads her to the door.  As she leaves, Mary tells Jack that when the baby is coming she will have someone call him so that he can be there.  Dr. Wolfe confirms that Delia had a miscarriage.  He advises Maeve that the miscarriage had to happen at least 12 hours before because Delia's uterus is very small.  Delia insists to Maeve that she wants to go home and be alone with Pat.  Meanwhile, Tom stops by the bar to apologize to Pat, but finds Johnny instead.  Tom and Johnny get along famously, and Johnny assures Tom that he will speak to Pat on his behalf.  As they talk, Mary arrives and announces that for the first time in weeks she is convinced that everything is going to be all right.  Johnny introduces Mary to Tom, and Mary realizes the trouble he has had with Jack.  Mary is very apologetic and agrees to do a positive story on Channel R about the hospital to offset a little of the negative impact from Jack's story.  Meanwhile, Maeve helps Delia into her apartment.  As she follows Delia into the bedroom, Maeve stops suddenly as she takes her first look at the bed.

Episode 482

Pat arrives home and comforts Delia.  Maeve leaves them alone and goes home.  When Maeve tells Johnny the news, Johnny is appalled.  He wonders aloud what this means for Pat's marriage.  Delia clings to Pat as she tells him exactly what happened.  Maeve and Johnny discuss Pat and Delia's situation in depth, and Johnny raises the issue of the pills that Delia took during her suicide attempt.  At Seneca's office, Seneca talks to Bucky about his dilemma with Jill.  He knows he needs to tell her the truth about Frank being Edmund's father, but he worries that it will send her right back into Frank's arms.  Bucky asks Seneca what he plans to do about Roger, and Seneca says that he and Roger will have to reach a meeting of the minds.  Mary is overjoyed as she tells Maeve that she believes she really got through to Jack when she saw him at the apartment.  When Maeve tells Mary about Delia's miscarriage, Mary is skeptical and alleges that maybe Delia was never pregnant at all.  Maeve explains that Dr. Wolfe confirmed the miscarriage, although he did say that the uterus was a little firmer than he might have expected.  Mary admits to Maeve that she hopes Pat will get out of the marriage because he belongs with Faith.  Meanwhile, Pat assures Delia that he isn't going to walk out on her at a time like this.

Episode 483

Seneca offers to use his influence to help find Roger a residency somewhere out of town, but Roger refuses.  Seneca is clearly frustrated as Roger explains that they are each in a position to influence how the other's life turns out.  Pat is furious when Frank suggests that Pat can divorce Delia since she lost the baby.  Meanwhile, Jack seems glad to see Mary when she stops by and brings him some canolli.  But when she presents him with a book on Lamaze, he angrily throws the book over the railing of his deck.  He pleads with Mary to not count on him for anything and tells her to leave.  As Seneca questions Roger about his intentions, Jill arrives.  Roger forces Seneca's hand by telling Jill that she's just in time to congratulate him.  Seneca has just offered him a place on staff.

Episode 484

After a long moment of contemplating Roger's statement, Seneca confirms that he has offered Roger a place on the hospital staff.  After Roger leaves, Jill admires Seneca and invites him to join her and Edmund for lunch.  Mary finds Frank at the bar and gives him an emotional recap of her visit with Jack.  She vows that she won't go running after Jack anymore.  They change the subject, and Frank assures Mary that he is going ahead with his campaign.  Meanwhile, Seneca explains to Bucky his reasons for reinstating Roger.  Seneca admits to Bucky that he will put up with Roger as long as necessary for Edmund's sake.  He confirms that he will eventually tell Jill the truth, but not until she has Frank Ryan completely out of her system.  Roger arrives at Delia's apartment to share his news about his job.  Delia is clearly flustered at the thought that Pat might find Roger in their apartment.  She explains to Roger that she had a miscarriage, and that she is truly concerned about her marriage.  As he leaves, Roger tells Delia that there is one more prize that he has his eye on: her.  Tom tries to cheer Mary up by talking about his family in Ireland.  Jill and Seneca share a loving moment with Edmund at her apartment.  Jill tells Edmund that he is a fortunate baby to have a very special father like Seneca.

Episode 485

Bob tries to cheer up Delia by insisting that she go with him to Ryan's.  At the hospital, Pat tells Faith about Delia's miscarriage.  Faith is clearly appalled and tells Pat that she is more sorry than he knows.  After Pat leaves, Faith discusses the situation with Bucky.  After Faith leaves, Bucky finds Alicia kneeling by the trashcan.  She is upset because she found her purse in the trash with all of the money gone.  Mary runs into Delia and Bob at the bar and tells Dee how sorry she is about the miscarriage.  After Bob goes to take a phone call, the conversation turns to an argument.  Mary suggests that the pills Delia took probably caused the miscarriage.  When Bob returns, Mary walks over to Maeve and tells her that she's feeling a little funny and is going to bed.  At the hospital, Alicia is in shock over the loss of her money.  Bucky tries to make her feel better and offers to give her a loan, but Alicia politely declines.  Later, Mary's labor pains start and Maeve goes to get Johnny to take her to the hospital.

Episode 486

Johnny calls to inform Jack that the baby is on the way.  Meanwhile, Mary is in the labor delivery room, wondering if Jack will come to the hospital.  Bucky runs into Seneca at the hospital, and Seneca stands firm on protecting Jill by not telling her the truth about Edmund's paternity.  Bucky changes the subject by informing Seneca about Alicia's stolen money.  Bucky asks Seneca to offer Alicia money in an official capacity from the department, and Seneca agrees to see what he can do.  Jack goes to the Gennaro Social Club, where Jumbo hails him over to his table.  Jack explains the situation with Mary's labor and adds that he has no plans to go to the hospital or to ever be part of the baby's life.  At the hospital, Seneca meets Alicia and offers her a loan, but he cannot get her to accept it.  Meanwhile, as Mary's labor progresses, Maeve coaches her.  Jack begins to feel guiltier and guiltier as Jumbo tries to convince him that he should be at the hospital.

Episode 487

Jack is very drunk by the time he admits to Jumbo that he's made a terrible mistake.  Jack staggers out the door.  Meanwhile, Mary is deep into labor.  At Jill's apartment, Miriam comes in to find Jill awake and sitting in the living room.  Jill opens up to Miriam about her current situation, and Miriam admits how much she likes Frank.  Jill admits that she loves Frank and that she always will, but stresses that it's over between them.  Frank and Pat go together with Johnny to the staff lounge to wait for news about Mary.  Frank tells Pat that he plans to keep their relationship as separate as possible from Pat's marriage to Delia.  Pat is very grateful.  Meanwhile, Jack stumbles in to the nurse's station.  The charge nurse is clearly offended by Jack's condition and insists that he go to the waiting area or go home.  Jack protests, but finally gives in and leaves.  As he leaves, Mary gives birth to their baby girl in the labor delivery room.  Later, Jack slumps onto a park bench, wanting to be with Mary, as Mary holds her baby.  Maeve gives the baby a bath while Mary watches and thinks of Jack.

Episode 488

Mary wakes up in her hospital room and is greeted by Maeve at her bedside.  Johnny, Pat and Faith are in the nursery watching the newest Ryan.  Meanwhile, Jack wakes up on the park bench and suddenly remembers where he is.  Delia arrives breathlessly at the nursery and is annoyed to see Faith.  Delia tells Faith that God made the miscarriage just to show everyone that Pat stayed with her and really loves her.  As Delia goes on, Faith finally snaps and tells Delia that Pat will eventually discover the truth about her…and then he'll leave her.  Johnny greets Mary lovingly as he joins her and Maeve in her room.  Mary tells her parents that the baby's name is Ryan Maeve Fenelli.  In the park, Jack remembers the events from the night before and tries to get himself together.  As he looks across the street at the hospital, he gets to his feet unsteadily.  Pat is preparing to go to bed and questions Dee about her conversation with Faith.  Meanwhile, Johnny tells Maeve how much he would like to strangle Jack for not showing up at the hospital.  At the hospital, Jack knocks on the window of the nursery.  The nurse brings the baby to the window, and Jack stares at her, his face revealing no emotions.  In Mary's room, Mary tells Faith how much she wishes Jack would walk through her door.  As they talk, Jack looks at Ryan for a long moment and turns and leaves.

Episode 489

At the hospital, a patient (Mrs. House) accuses Alicia of stealing her money.  When Clem arrives, Alicia explains the situation and insists that she didn't take any money.  Mary is clearly fighting depression as she thanks the charge nurse for the glowing report on Ryan's progress.  After the nurse leaves, Mary calls Jack.  She tells him that he has a daughter and assures him that she is all right.  She asks if there is anything else Jack would like to know, but he says no.  Mary is crying as she hangs up, but Frank arrives and comforts her.  Later, Tom arrives and tries to cheer her up.  Meanwhile, Mrs. House insists that Alicia's purse be examined.  To Alicia's astonishment, Clem finds one hundred dollars there.  Alicia is near tears as Mrs. House begins screaming "thief."  Frank visits Jack at his apartment, hoping to convince him to go see Mary.  When Jack asks if Mary is mad, Frank assures him that Mary is only sad because what she wants more than anything is to show Jack their baby.  As they talk, Mary is all alone, unable to conceal her sadness.

Episode 490

After two successful surgeries, Roger visits Seneca in his office.  Roger is obviously seeking Seneca's approval, but Seneca refuses to give it.  Seneca quips that Roger should not confuse him with Ed Coleridge, because approval is the last thing that Roger is going to get from him.  Meanwhile, Alicia sits at Ryan's feeling apprehensive about the money Clem found in her purse.  Clem tries to reassure Alicia that everything will be okay.  Later, Clem introduces Alicia to Delia, referring to Delia as the wife of Pat Ryan.  Delia is obviously alarmed by the introduction, and Clem asks her what's wrong.  At Jill's apartment, Jill and Faith throw Roger a party to congratulate him on getting his job back.  The three siblings are having a nice time together when Seneca's arrival interrupts them.  When Clem steps away, Delia pleads with Alicia not to tell anyone about the miscarriage she had under the name of Mrs. Brown.  Alicia assures Delia that she will not say anything.  Alicia tells Delia about being accused of stealing a patient's money.  Delia eagerly offers to help Alicia find the real thief, explaining that her brother is a detective and she can get him to help.  After Roger and Faith leave Jill's apartment, Seneca lingers behind.  As Jill cleans up, Seneca plays with Edmund on the couch.  Jill is obviously beginning to appreciate Seneca as Edmund's father.

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