June 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 495

To Delia's dismay, Maeve leaves Little John with her for a visit. Meanwhile, Seneca and Jill have lunch together while Miriam takes Edmund to the park. While they talk, Seneca reminisces about their lovemaking at the beach house. He asks Jill why they are depriving themselves of those pleasures now. Jill suggests that they share other sensual things together instead of sex, and Seneca is eager to find out what she has in mind. Meanwhile, Maeve arrives at Jack's apartment and makes an emotional appeal for him to visit Mary before she leaves the hospital. Delia sits on a bench in the park and watches Little John play in his sand box. Soon after, Roger arrives and continues his pursuit of Delia. Delia insists that she loves Pat and that Roger should go back to the hospital. Finally, Roger agrees to leave. As Delia returns to concentrating on the contest she plans to enter, a lone toy sits in the sand box. Little John is nowhere to be seen. Later, Jack fantasizes about being a good father and becomes more and more confused about what he should do. Meanwhile, Delia looks up for Little John and does not see him. She calls out his name to no avail, then begins screaming his name.

Episode 496

Maeve returns to Ryan's and informs Johnny that her meeting with Jack did not go as well as she had hoped. As they talk, Delia runs hysterically into the bar and cries that Little John is lost. Meanwhile, Seneca informs Jill that he has an unusual surprise for her and persuades her to come to his apartment to get it. When Jill arrives, Seneca has an incredible display of chocolate and pastries for her. Jill laughs as she realizes that he was encouraged by their earlier conversation about sensuality taking different forms. It is nighttime as Delia leads Johnny and Maeve into the park where she last saw Little John. Bob and two other policemen arrive to help with the search. When Frank arrives, he manages to talk to Delia without anger and get her to tell him exactly what happened. Meanwhile, after Seneca and Jill devour the chocolate, Jill admits that she does feel great affection for Seneca. Seneca kisses her, but she pulls away. Jill confesses that as much as she would like to be with him, she has to go home. At the park, Delia cries, as no one is able to find Little John. Frank leaves to ride in a patrol car to see if he can find the boy. As Johnny and Maeve hold Delia, Little John's sweater lies on the ground unseen.

Episode 497

Bob cancels his dinner date with Alicia so that he can continue the search for Little John. After Alicia hangs up the phone with Bob, Bucky offers to take her to dinner and see her home. Although hesitant, Alicia accepts. At the hospital, Jack makes another visit to the nursery to see Ryan. While Jack watches his daughter through the nursery window, Tom visits Mary in her hospital room. Later, when Jack finally decides to see Mary, he finds Tom with her in her room. Jack overhears Tom and Mary complimenting Johnny for the qualities that make him such a good father. Losing confidence, Jack turns to leave. After he's gone, Mary continues talking to Tom, adding that the reason she was so drawn to Jack was that he shared those qualities with her father. At Ryan's, Bucky and Alicia get to know each other better. When Alicia asks how Bucky's family got their money, he tells her about his grandfather. Frank is very understanding when Maeve apologizes for leaving Little John with Delia. They are both in agony, worrying about Little John.

Episode 498

Jumbo arrives at the hospital with a present for Mary from the boys at the Gennaro Social Club. Mary is touched to see him. Jumbo talks about his concern for what Jack's routine has become. He advises Mary that he would like to act on her behalf to try and save their marriage, but Mary is convinced that it's too late. Pat and Faith share a nice moment together at the hospital, but they are interrupted by Bob. Bob explains what has happened and Pat leaves with him to find Delia. Later, Jumbo visits Jack at his apartment. After a little prodding, Jack finally admits to Jumbo that he has visited the baby several times and that he almost visited Mary. Jack pleads with Jumbo not to tell any of this to Mary, because Jack doesn't want to give her false hopes. Jumbo finally gives Jack his word but crosses his fingers as he does. Pat arrives home and tries to comfort Delia. Later, Jumbo calls Mary at the hospital and tells her everything Jack said. Jumbo knows he's breaking his promise to Jack but believes it is for a good cause. Mary is overjoyed with the news and tells Jumbo that she knows exactly what to do -- everything is going to be all right!

Episode 499

Pat convinces Delia to get herself together, while Delia wonders aloud what she would do without Pat. Meanwhile, Little John is sitting in the grass by the foot of a bridge. He is sitting up and looking around as it thunders. Frank, Bob, Kevin and Johnny plan what to do next and continue their search. Bob stays to man the phones as Alicia comes in. She offers to help, but Bob politely explains that there's nothing she can do. Later, Johnny arrives home and tells Maeve that all they can do now is pray. Johnny tries to comfort Maeve as she continues to feel guilty for taking Little John to Delia's. Meanwhile, Little John is cold and frightened as he sits down in front of a maintenance shed. At the hospital, Roger sees Alicia at the nurse's station and remembers her from Lem's where she referred to Delia as Mrs. Brown. Roger introduces himself and confronts her about her name for Delia, but Alicia responds that it is none of Roger's business. Later, Frank and Delia get into a heated argument at Ryan's. Frank tells Delia that he doesn't want her to have responsibility for Little John ever again. Frank insists that Delia leave, but she refuses. They are interrupted when a policeman arrives with Little John's sweater. He agrees to take them to the place where he found it. Meanwhile, Little John walks into the maintenance shed and looks around.

Episode 500

Exhausted and discouraged, Frank and Bob sit in the police car. Frank vows that he will never allow Delia to be responsible for Little John again. As Bob struggles to reason with Frank without arguing with him, the policeman arrives and asks if they want to continue their search. They decide to continue on foot. Meanwhile, Little John is asleep in the maintenance shack, wet and rumpled. At the hospital, Mary pleads on the phone with Dr. Wolfe to let her go home. Dr. Wolfe refuses, and Mary is furious. Tom arrives and reasons with Mary. As they talk, Faith arrives and tells them about Little John. Mary introduces Faith to Tom and suggests that they would make a good couple. Later, Faith tries to console Maeve, but explains that she is concerned about Pat. When Father McShane arrives, Faith leaves to return to the hospital. Maeve and Father McShane begin to pray. Meanwhile, Frank enters the maintenance shed, but turns to leave when he doesn't see anything but junk.

Episode 501

Frank finds Little John in an abandoned shed.  Bob radios a request for Faith to be paged at the hospital and ready for their arrival.  Mary has a plan and makes one last effort to induce Jack to take her and Ryan home with him.  Little John's condition is diagnosed as a serious ear infection.  Bob goes to find Delia to tell her that her son was found.  Faith tries to be reassuring with Frank, but Little John's condition is cause for alarm.  Tom runs interference for Frank when a reporter comes fishing for news about Little John.  Delia tries to dismiss Faith as Little John's doctor.  Frank reminds her that she is no longer the influence in her son's life and sends her away.
Episode 502

Mary involves Sister Mary Joel in her plans and expresses her hope that Jack will decide to take her and Ryan back to Weehawken Street.  Sister Mary Joel delivers a picture of Ryan and a note to Jack.  When Sister Mary Joel receives a vague response she warns Mary not to get her hopes up.  Faith warns a weary Pat that he should get some sleep before he hurts someone.  Delia finds Faith with her arms around Pat and warns her to back off.  Later, Delia has an emotional confrontation with Pat about what she saw and is distressed when Pat goes to sleep without giving her the reassurance she wanted.

Episode 503

Little John's illness brings Frank and Jill face to face.  Jill makes an effort but Frank's resentment of Seneca turns the moment into a confrontation.  Mary is determined to wait all day in hopes that Jack will arrive to take her and Ryan home.  Tom assists Johnny in his homecoming arrangements for Mary -- in the event that Jack does not show up.  Maeve and Johnny disagree on how Jack will respond to Mary's request. Maeve still has hope that Jack will come through after all.  A saddened Jill invites herself to dinner with Seneca and finds that her innocence may be in danger.

Episode 504

Mary decides that Jack is not coming to pick her up.  Jack reaches a decision and hastily leaves for the hospital.  Jill is able for the first time to tell Seneca that she loves him. Jack arrives at the hospital and is hit in the face with Johnny's welcome home party.  Jill and Seneca head off to bed together.  Jack watches in the shadows as Mary is lead by a piper and a party -- to the Ryan's.

Episode 505

Jill confesses to Seneca that she's growing increasingly fond of him and invites Seneca to spend the night with her.  Mary and Frank admit to feelings of loneliness.  She confesses to Frank her refusal to pursue Jack any longer and admits that she does not know how to get over him.  Bob meets Angel and sees why Alicia is worried about him.  After Miriam leaves, Seneca and Jill go to bed.  A drunken Frank heads to Jill's apartment to tell her how he feels about her.  Seneca and Jill are in bed when Frank arrives, ringing the bell insistently.
Episode 506

Conflicted as to whether or not to let Frank in, Jill goes to the door in hopes of quieting a loud, inebriated Frank. Roger questions Bucky's disapproving attitude toward him, pointing out that Roger and Seneca are both using the same lie to get what they want.  Later, Delia arrives, and Roger is very glad to see her.  In an effort to stop Frank from waking her neighbors, Jill invites Frank in and regrets it when he does nothing bug criticize Seneca.  Later, Jill is mortified when Seneca comes from her bedroom demanding that Frank says what he has to say to his face -- which leaves Frank to draw the right conclusion about the two.  Delia shares with Roger her fears about finding Faith's arm around Pat and begs him to find out if Faith is still after him.   Before she leaves, Delia is shaken when Roger again asks her about Alicia and tells her that he has not given up on her little secret.  Sure that the two have been lovers all along, Frank apologizes to Jill for intruding on her evening.  Seneca reassures Jill that all will be well.

Episode 507

A disheartened Jack admits to Jumbo that he went to the hospital to bring Mary and the baby home but missed his chance.  An angry Frank refuses Faith's efforts to lighten the situation between him and Jill.  He tells Faith that he hopes that Jill will be happy with Seneca and the baby.  Mary plans Ryan's christening, and Maeve worries when she makes not one mention of Jack.  Later, Mary becomes disgusted with Jack when she learns from Jumbo that Jack came to the hospital but refused to come and get her when he saw that the Ryan's beat him there. Delia apologizes to Frank and blows up when Frank accuses her of being irresponsible.
Episode 508

Delia tries unsuccessfully to enlist Pat in her argument with Frank and is determined to take matters into her own hands.  Frank receives sympathy from Mary when he tells her what has happened between Jill and himself and the pain it has caused him.  Later, Mary leaves with one last-ditch effort to talk to Jack.  Delia becomes angered when Faith refuses to release Little John to her care.  When Faith leaves, Delia sneaks Little John out of his room with promises of taking him to his Uncle Pat.  Mary tells Jack that she will give him a divorce -- if he first tells her how to stop loving him.  A furious Frank goes to Delia's to get Little John and a tired Pat is involved -- in spite of himself.  Later, Pat refuses to give into Delia's demands and tries to get some sleep.

Episode 510

Johnny thinks that he has talked Jack into coming to the Christening.  Jack pays a visit to a sexy physical therapist, Christine.  Alicia reprimands Angel, not knowing that he isn't feeling too well.  Bob arrives and takes both Alicia and Angel for an outing.  Jack flirts with Christine and invites her to the Christening party.  Maeve and Johnny prepare for the Christening.  Maeve asks Johnny to let Mary have time alone with Jack if he shows up.  Mary confirms the baptism arrangements with Father McShane and tries to deal with her true feelings for Jack.  Waiting for their lunch, Bob takes Angel outside of Ryan's to play catch with him and is shaken up when Angel is badly hurt.
Episode 511

Pat watches as Angel goes into convulsions.  Faith learns that Jack is more determined than ever to force Mary into an annulment.  Pat warns Alicia that Angel's condition is serious.  Later, Alicia comforts a worried Bob when he blames Angel's being hurt on himself.  Bucky arrives in time to see Bob and Alicia comforting one another.  Roger sets out to discover Faith's intention toward Pat and learns of her degree of unhappiness instead.  Bucky realizes that Pat is extremely tired and warns him to get some rest.  Alicia visits Angel and reassures him that the doctors will give him the best of care.

Episode 512

Frank finds his life in considerable disorder.  Seneca continues his courtship of Jill.  Mary and Maeve discuss Christening preparations and the fact that Ryan will have Kathleen and Frank as godparents.  Jill and Seneca become closer as they enjoy a romantic night on the town in one another's arms.  Frank and Mary discuss Delia's attempt to take Little John home with her, leaving Mary to believe that it was nothing but a bid for attention.  Frank is elated when Mary asks him to be Ryan's godfather.  At Jill's apartment, Jill refuses to allow Seneca to make love to her and explains why she must set limits on what is happening between the two of them.  When Seneca leaves, Jill sits on the sofa thinking of Frank, who is lonely and thinking of her in return.
Episode 513

Bucky notes a disturbing problem with Angel as Alicia is reassuring Angel that he will be all right.  Alicia tells Delia that Roger was asking questions about "Mrs. Brown."  Delia begs Alicia to be discrete and is relieved when she gets a promise of nothing less.  Faith admits to Jack her feelings of being apprehensive about Jack and the Christening.  Later, as Pat and Faith head off to check on Angel, Bucky warns them of the vision problems that Angel is having.  Delia confronts Roger about his badgering of Alicia and is relieved when he promises not to bother her again.  Later, Roger gives Delia a report on Faith's honorable intentions where Pat is concerned.  Roger infuriates Bucky when he orders him to pick up his lab work.  Pat and Faith are alarmed by Angel's deteriorating condition, and surgery seems imminent.  When he leaves to consult with Seneca, Pat runs into Delia and becomes infuriated when she refuses to understand that he has a job to do.

Episode 514

Tom brings Ryan a Christening gift.  Maeve calls Jack in a last ditch effort to ensure his plans of being at the Christening.  Bucky confronts Seneca on the subject of Roger and Jill and is shaken when he realizes that Seneca plans to draw things out as long as possible.  Pat arrives at Seneca's office for a consultation on Angel.  Jack reassures Maeve of his plans to attend the Christening.  Maeve promises to not tell Mary and to let her find out when he gets there.  Pat explains Angel's case to Seneca, who concludes that it must be subdural hematoma.  Seneca agrees with Pat's recommendation of surgery to relieve pressure and makes Pat promise to get some sleep after Angel is prepped for surgery.  Maeve fills Kathleen in on the situation with Jack.  Maeve is optimistic about Jack and asks Mary to enjoy her day with her baby.  Jack confirms his plans with Christine and tells her that he will pick her up at five o'clock.

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