July 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 515

Pat calls and delivers the news that he is tied up at the hospital and that he will not be able to attend the Christening.  Sister Mary Joel and Jumbo won't give odds that Jack will make it to the Christening in spite of what he told Maeve.  Jack picks up Christine.  Frank catches Kathleen up on his situation with Jill and his sense of loss and anger.  Jill shares with Seneca her regrets of the circumstances that make it uncomfortable for her to attend Ryan's baptism.  Seneca tries to convince Jill that the best thing would be to avoid Frank Ryan altogether and is taken aback when she decides to go anyway.  Later, Jill enters the baptism as the godparents are taking their vows.  When the baptism concludes, the party returns to Ryan's to find Jack and Christine in intimate conversation at the table.

Episode 516

Mary meets Jack's presence with Christine head-on.  Johnny is furious and is escorted to the kitchen by Frank and Tom.  Jumbo offers to remove Jack from the premises, but Maeve tells him that Mary needs to have the satisfaction of handling this one on her own.  Alicia and Pat tell a frightened Angel that he will have to have surgery.  Bucky fills Roger in on Angel's condition as the two prep for surgery.  Mary tells Christine the true reason that Jack invited her to the Christening.  A furious Johnny wants nothing more than to throw Jack out on his head.  Mary asks Johnny to do his toast early so that Jack can leave.  Later, Frank asks Jack to leave and when he does Mary hugs Ryan covering tears.  Bucky is supportive to Alicia as she waits through the surgery.  Roger can't find hematoma and drills another hole when Pat is convinced that that is the diagnosis.  Christine reams out Jack for involving her in his scheme.  Jack tells her that she may have done Mary and her family a big favor before leaving in total depression.  Mary receives comfort from her family.
Episode 517

Jumbo calls Jack on his behavior, and Jack is guilty but determined to end things once and for all.  Roger finishes drilling a second hole in Angel's head and realizes that the problem isn't hematoma.  Tom corners Christine, who is very apologetic and has a few insights into Jack.  After being questioned by Roger, Pat realizes the seriousness of his situation and what could happen because of his wrong diagnosis.  Roger regrets to inform him that he will have to report this to Seneca because of the chance that Angel can die because of it.  Tom reports to Mary Christine's innocence in Jack's scheme, which leads Mary to believe that she was right about Jack all along -- but what hurts the most is that today is their wedding anniversary.  A saddened Jack sits in his apartment looking at their wedding photo -- near tears.

Episode 518

Seneca goes over the details leading to Angel's misdiagnosis and sends Pat and Faith to obtain as much history as he can from Alicia.  Later, he tells Bucky that Pat may be in very grave trouble.  Pat obtains history from Alicia without telling her of the mistake that was made.  Delia comes in minutes later demanding attention and refuses to give Pat the time that he needs.  Jill lays out an alternative life-style for herself, Seneca and Edmund and finds that Seneca is very much opposed to it and sees marriage as the only way.  Confrontation erupts when Delia places a claim on Pat's time, and he walks away from her.  Having overheard everything, Roger approaches her and tells her that things don't look good in Delia land.  Later, Roger tells Delia the seriousness of Pat's mistake.  As Angel's temperature continues to rise, Pat and Faith arrive at the diagnosis of meningitis.
Episode 519

Alicia comforts Angel as they wait for the doctors to check on him.  Pat examines a very ill Angel and arrives at a new diagnosis -- meningitis.  Delia comforts a worried Alicia until Bob arrives to reassure her that Angel is not going to die.  Kathleen and Frank share their outrage at Jack's behavior at the Christening.  Mary tells Ryan that she made a mistake of choosing her father and tells her that no matter what; Ryan is going to be all right.  Faith and Pat begin treatment on Angel.  Delia apologizes to Alicia for Pat's mistake, whereas Alicia previously knew nothing about Pat's mistake.  Kathleen gives Mary a few baby tips.  Later, Mary tells Kathleen and Frank that she has not been patient with Jack -- which is a big part of the problem.  After starting emergency treatment of Angel, Pat informs Alicia of his condition and realizes that she now knows that he has made a mistake. Alicia asks Pat if Angel is going to die to pay for the mistake that he made.

Episode 520

Jack is sent to Riverside hospital to cover the demonstration.  Seneca shares with Clem his views on the strike and the fact that the hospital is falling apart.  Later, Clem fills Seneca in on Angel's meningitis and the fact that Alicia feels it will be Pat's fault if Angel dies.  A worried Faith goes to Jill for legal advice for Pat and Jill recommends that Frank be brought into the situation as soon as possible.  Later, Faith admits to Jill that she loves Pat as much as she ever did and blames most of what is happening on Delia.  Jack meets Martha again as the two cover the demonstration.  Clem gives them a quote and asks them that it be off the record.  Later, the two of them find themselves in conflict with Tom.  Bonding between Seneca and Edmund intensifies, leaving Seneca to realize that it is going to be hard to tell Jill the truth.  Tom refuses to offer the hospital's side of the story to Martha and Jack.  Later, Jack makes a date with Martha and takes her off to lunch.  Before they can get away, Faith arrives and tells Jack that he'd better be sure that he wants to lose Mary, because once he does, he will never get her back.

Episode 521

As Angel worsens, so does the seriousness of Pat's situation.  Jill pays a visit to Frank to warn him of Pat's troubles.  When Jill questions Frank's unemotional response, he thanks her for the information, but tells her that nothing has changed and not to expect for them to become friends.  Alicia tells Clem that Pat's mistake can very well cost her brother his life.  Jack explains to Martha that he is truly separated from Mary.  Mary shares a few moments with Tom before taking Ryan to work with her and finds him to be a good friend.  As he explains to Mary why he has stayed single, simultaneously Martha is sharing a similar story with Jack.  Later, Tom gives Mary a carrying device and helps her to put it on.  As Angel's condition worsens, Alicia demands from Clem that Pat be taken off of the case.

Episode 522

Seneca tries to protect Pat's credibility with Alicia, but agrees to remove him as Angel's doctor.  Jack admits to Martha that he has been lonely and invites her to dinner at his apartment.  Martha declines his offer, but gives him her number for future reference.  Seneca tells Pat that he has been taken off of the Nieves case.  Later, Pat apologizes to an emotional Alicia and before he heads for home when she accuses him of being too tired to handle patients.  Frank's visit to Seneca about Pat's situation turns ugly when both men fail to keep Jill and the baby out of the conversation.  When Pat tells Delia of being removed from the case, she blames him for never spending time at home and is afraid that the family will blame her.  Later, Pat fails to get some much-needed sleep when Delia wants him to make love to her.  Martha shows up at Jack's apartment and wants to see him.

Episode 525

Mary discovers Martha in Jack's apartment.  Johnny and Little John encounter Jill and Edmund in the park.  Instinctively, Jill turns to Johnny for paternal support while realizing that old habits die hard.  A stunned Mary asks Martha if she spent the night and hears what she doesn't want.  After Mary leaves, Jack apologizes to Martha and admits that he did not realize how much this would hurt him, too.  Bob comforts a despondent Alicia, who is convinced that her brother is going to die.  Mary returns to Jack's apartment in a rage and gives him the one thing that he has been waiting for - an annulment.
Episode 526

Mary tells Frank what happened at Jack's apartment and that the marriage is officially ended.  Frank is sure Delia knew Martha was at the apartment and that she set Mary up.  Johnny comforts Alicia and offers to call Fr. McShane for Angel, when she finds that their pastor is unavailable.  Mary seeks comfort in her daughter while a miserable Jack remembers better times.  Fr. McShane gives Angel his last rites.  Frank calls Jack and arranges for a meeting at the chancery.  While he has him on the phone, Jack gets a statement about the conditions at Riverside hospital.  Johnny comforts Mary when she tells him that things between her and Jack are over.

Episode 527

Maeve comforts a sad Mary who cannot believe her marriage is over.  Faith tries to convince Pat that Angel will be okay.  As she is consoling him, Bucky comes from Angel's room with good news.  Maeve tells Tom about Mary and Jack's divorce and tells him to visit her.  When Mary arrives, he gives a present to her and Ryan, which she opens and finds a stuffed version of Billy the rooster.  Bucky and Faith take Pat to the houseboat to celebrate and relax.  Before they leave Pat tries to call Delia, but there is no answer.  Tom asks Mary to do a story about the hospital for Channel R and she agrees.  Later, Frank calls Mary and gives her the time that they are to meet Jack at the Chancery.
Episode 528

Mary and Frank discuss the details of the settlement and divorce.  Mary tells him that under no circumstances will she accept alimony or child support.  As the trio sets up for their celebration on the houseboat, Pat goes to sleep.  Mary tells the chancery that her marriage is over and asks for an annulment.  When it's found that there is no witness, Jack tells Mary that he would like to talk to her about that.  Delia has a fit when Bucky calls to tell her where Pat is and that he is with Faith.  Jack explains that Johnny is a potential witness and Mary agrees to talk to her father about writing the letter that they need.

Episode 529

A frantic Delia learns from Roger the location of Bucky's houseboat and is shocked when he refuses to take her there.  She argues to no avail, and borrows twenty dollars to bring Pat home.  Bob is reassured when he learns from Alicia that Angel is out of danger.  She declines his offer of dinner in an effort to be with Angel, although it is clear that personal feelings between the two are growing rapidly.  Bucky and Faith admit to feelings of loneliness, but agree that the two are best as friends.  As they decide whether or not to let Pat sleep for the rest of the evening, Delia arrives outside on the pier.  Seneca tries to prevent Jill from using Jack's latest column as a reason for seeing Frank.  Delia's emotional reunion with Pat is spoiled by Bucky, who accidentally bumps her off the pier.
Episode 530

A soaked and furious Delia is rescued from the Hudson.  Mary tries to start a life for herself without Jack, and plans to move into her own apartment.  Later, at Mary's insistence, Johnny agrees to write the letter to the chancery that Jack never wanted to have children.  On the ride home from the pier, Delia gets into an unhappy confrontation with Faith leaving Pat miserable.  Maeve and Johnny discuss the problems being encountered by Mary and Pat.  Pat yells at Delia and tells her that she is never to talk badly to Faith again.  At her sobbing, Pat apologizes and Delia persuades him to make love to her as forgiveness.

Episode 531

Mary is sad, but coping.  When Tom arrives at Channel R, she stands up to Frank's statement in Jack's column and decides to help Tom with what is a potential PR problem.  Jack's column magnifies the break between Frank and Jill, much to Seneca's satisfaction.  Maeve pays a visit to Jack in an effort to keep the lines of communication open between the two.  Mary agrees to go to dinner with Tom.  Seneca tells Roger that Frank is the last person that should be involved with Edmund and Jill.  Later, Roger examines Angel and is shaken when he finds pronounced weakness on his right side.
Episode 532

As Alicia goes to deliver a milkshake to Angel, Roger informs Pat of Angel's condition.  Later, Alicia realizes that something is terribly wrong when Angel drops the milkshake from his right hand.  Maeve shares with Frank her hopes that Mary's divorce will not proceed as planned.  When Mary overhears, she tells Maeve she wants it over now.  Roger explains Angel's condition to a furious Alicia who blames it all on Pat.  Mary lays out her plans to her mother and Frank.  Due to Maeve's concern, Mary explains that if the courts say her marriage never existed then she will be able to put it aside as well.  Alicia blames Pat for making her brother worse and tells him since his health is in question then he must have something in return - even if it is at Pat's expense.  When she leaves, Roger warns Pat to get a lawyer.

Episode 533

Frank tells Mary that the divorce will be over in a matter of weeks, leaving her to get on with her life.  When Tom enters, Mary assures Frank of exactly what she plans to do.  Jumbo refuses to acknowledge Jack's presence when he shows up at the social club.  Roger visits Delia and is amused when she tells him she is afraid of catching a disease from her fall in the river.  Later, Roger tells her of the trouble that Pat is in, and warns her to stay out of it she is determined to help.  Jack becomes furious at Jumbo's insistence that he is making a mistake and storms out of the club.  Frank stands by his statement in Jack's column, but offers to help Tom regain the community's confidence in the hospital.  Later, Mary reminds Tom that he invited her to dinner and as the two leave Frank tells Bob that it is a distraction that Mary needs.  Alicia seeks Bob's advice about the suit and a good malpractice lawyer.  Later, Frank tells her that she has a case and backs Bob's suggestion of a lawyer for her and Angel.  Mary warns Tom of Johnny's enthusiasm as the two are having dinner and explains to him that what she needs right now is a friend.  Jumbo tells Jack he will get his wish and that Mary will find someone else.

Episode 534

Faith tells Pat that she cannot say for sure how things will turnout for Angel, but the prognosis is not good.  Dave Feldman assures Alicia that if he takes the case she and Angel will be his first responsibility.  Jill, concerned about Edmund, calls Seneca and suggests he come over. After hearing the facts, Dave tells Alicia that she has a case, naming both Pat and Faith as the doctors involved; he agrees to represent her.  He further warns that if the impairment to Angel is critical and permanent, it will end Pat's career.  Pat tells Faith that Delia insists she has developed some water borne disease.  Later, Delia approaches Faith about her spending time with Pat and tells her she sees them together all the time.  Seneca identifies Edmund's problem, teething, and prescribes different methods to deal with it.  Later, Seneca offers Jill a proposal, and although Jill turns it down, further confirms the loving feelings between them.  Faith is appalled when Delia tells her it would be a good thing if Pat were to lose his job at Riverside; she warns Faith that she will do anything to keep her away from her husband.

Episode 535

Despite Maeve's efforts to dissuade him, Johnny leaves to deliver his deposition to Jack.  Delia tries unsuccessfully to persuade Alicia to not press charges against Pat.  When she fails, she calls the operator and pages Pat for an emergency.  Johnny gives Jack his deposition and expresses his approval of the annulment.  Pat yells at Delia for waking him with an emergency page and tells her he will only need her help when the time comes.  Moments later, Pat is served with a summons and complaint in the malpractice suit.  Maeve remembers Mary as a child and her commitment to marriage.  Jack calls Father Neal with news that he has everything for the annulment to proceed, but wonders what would happen if he ever wanted to change his mind.

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