August 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 536

Seneca and Jill are concerned of the hospital being named in the malpractice suit.  Later, Seneca warns Pat that he will face the medical board, without counsel.  Mary and Jill work on their life plans, based on independence.  Roger calls Jill, furious that he has been cited in the malpractice case.  Jill tries her best to reassure him that it will be okay.  As he ends the phone call, Delia visits him for help with Pat.  When he tries to mix business with pleasure, Delia becomes torn and leaves before things can get out of hand.  Later, Mary confronts Delia to see if she set her up to find Jack with Martha McKee.  Pat consults with Frank and is relieved when he offers to represent him in the case.

Episode 537

Frank pays a visit to Seneca and demands to be present at Pat's medical board hearing, but Seneca refuses him.  When Tom is unable to meet Mary at the Ryans due to a bad knee, Mary packs a lunch and takes it to his apartment.  Mary is disturbed when Tom mentions to never go to Ireland again.  After performing a check up, Seneca confirms the seriousness of Angel's condition to Alicia.  Bob makes a personal effort to help Angel through feelings of depression and impresses Alicia in the process.  Tom evades Mary's questions and shares memories of Ireland with her.  Frank seeks to line up support from the house association at the hospital; Pat is relieved when Clem offers to help, too.  Afraid of what Frank's involvement could mean for the hospital, Seneca moves to have the medical board convene as quickly as possible, telling Jill that this is the right thing to do.

Episode 538

Anne Burney brings Frank's list of terms to Jack and is unsettled when one of the terms is to change Ryan's last name when Mary remarries.  Noticing his hesitation, Anne asks if he is sure he wants to go through with it.  Pat receives a call from Clem warning him that the medical board hearing has been scheduled for today, which leaves Delia upset because it has ruined the afternoon she planned for them.  Pat leaves word with Frank of the news and heads off to meet him.  Once he is gone, Delia makes a call to Jack who assures her that he will go to Riverside and see what is happening.  After the call, Anne asks Jack again if he is sure that he wants to go through with the proceedings.  Jack explodes.  Pat expresses his regret to Frank of making a mistake that could cost him his career; he has let his family down after they have invested so much in him.  Frank reassures him that everything will be all right and tells him that he will be at the meeting.  Jack questions Tom about Pat, but pushes too hard, and their argument becomes personal.  A furious Mary comes to Jack's defense, which leaves Tom stunned.

Episode 539

Frank forces Marshall to allow him to be present at the board hearing.  Afraid of adverse publicity for the hospital, Marshall agrees.  Pat tries to deal with his situation in terms of the impact on his family.  Jack calls Maeve to find out information about Pat's hearing and agrees, at Maeve's prodding, to come over in person.  When she hangs up, Maeve tells Ryan that it is time to clean up for daddy.  Frank finds himself outgunned as the medical board hearing begins.  When Pat is forced to tell the board how the case progressed, Frank is concerned that this could be used against him later.  Jack sees Ryan and becomes so shaken after he hugs her that he has to leave.  When Frank's request that Pat be allowed to listen to his colleague's view of the Nieves case is denied, Jill comes to his defense; he may stay, but is not pleased when he finds that he may not cross-examine the witnesses.

Episode 540

Frank is frustrated in his efforts to help Pat, as Roger gives his testimony.  When Frank tries to pose a question to Roger, he is told he will have to allow the process to go along quietly, or leave.  Later, Roger tells a worried Delia that things don't look good for Pat.  While Roger's testimony is nothing short of the truth, he makes sure to cover himself in the process, which does not help Pat.  Clem's testimony falls short of helping Pat as well, leaving Frank frustrated and angry; he receives another threat to be removed from the hearing.  Jack tries, unsuccessfully, to work out his anger in the boxing ring.  Later, when he confesses his anger to Jumbo, he is warned to accept his divorce and leave the Ryans alone.  With the testimonial side of the hearing complete, Frank loses his temper and blames Jill when he is denied the opportunity to present Pat's side of the situation.  Later, he vows to Jill that the fight has only just begun.  When he leaves, Seneca persuades a distressed Jill to go away with him and Edmund to the beach house and is delighted when she agrees.  Roger is opposed to Clem and Frank's idea of forming a union with the other doctors to help Pat.  Frank apologizes to Pat for not being much help in the hearings, but promises him that they will win in the end.

Episode 541

Not realizing the extent of his impairment, Angel tries to walk unassisted and falls.  At the beach house, Seneca is finally happy to see that he, Jill and Edmund are living together as a family.  Tom persuades Frank to cool things for a day with the hospital board and to let him see what he can do for Pat.  Alicia and Bob help Angel back to bed and listen to Angel talk about the financial obligations that he and Alicia will be facing.  As Jill and Seneca move closer, Jill gives Seneca hope that spending every night together may be possible.

Episode 542

Pat tells Delia the ramifications of the board's decision.  Faith sets a plan in motion to help Pat and works to reschedule the EEG that could get him off the hook.  Jack goes to Frank for information about Pat.  Before he can leave, Mary arrives.  Faith convinces a reluctant technician to do a test on Angel.  Delia reassures Pat that everything will be okay, as long as he stays with her.  Mary is shaken, after facing Jack at Frank's office.  Later, Frank tells her that she was unfair to Tom and convinces her to apologize.  After his test, Faith tries to reassure Angel and tells him that they will know more in the morning.

Episode 543

Seneca and Jill share loving moments; Seneca presses her again as to why they cannot share every morning together for the rest of their lives.  Mary expresses her feelings with her father, regarding Jack.  Tom suggests that Seneca approach the board from a public relations standpoint.  Later, Mary apologizes to Tom for yelling at him about Jack and promises to be better next time.  As Seneca tries to convince the board that Pat's dismissal would be a disaster for the hospital from a public relations point of view, Faith enters with Angel's test results: Angel's brain damage is not permanent.  When the board requests to see Pat, they learn from Clem that Pat failed to report for duty.

Episode 544

Seneca sends Clem to fetch Pat, who is still asleep.  Mary tells Maeve that Tom has a tendency to be more than evasive about his past.  She convinces Maeve to see what she can get out of Tom the next time she sees him.  As Delia opens the door to Clem, Pat awakens and is nervous when he realizes that not only is he over two hours late for his shift, but he is late for a meeting with the board, as well.  Clem is disgusted as Delia explains to Pat that she turned off the alarm; Clem tells Pat to get to the hospital on the double.  When he leaves, Delia becomes hysterical when Pat refuses to hear her excuses.  Later, Maeve calls Frank and tells him of the board's meeting.  The board is disappointed with Pat's lateness and tells him they will decide his fate to practice medicine as a doctor within the hour.

Episode 545

Pat tells Frank about his conversation with the board.  As Frank relays to Pat his conversation with Tom, Seneca tells Pat that the board is ready to see him.  Alicia tries to cheer Angel with news of his test results.  When she fails, Bob presents Angel with a painting of his hometown and succeeds in brightening Angel's day.  Dr. Pierce announces to Pat the board's decision, which includes an official letter that will be added to his file; Pat is to be assigned under the direct supervision of Roger Coleridge.  Tom shares with Mary his belief in non-violence.  Later, Tom becomes withdrawn and businesslike when Mary tries to question him further.  Jill tells Frank she did all that she could for Pat and will only make things worse if she continues to interfere.  When Frank tells her of his plan to involve: city council, the welfare committee, the mayor, and every newspaper in town, Jill tells him he is acting destructively.  She becomes frustrated when she realizes that there is nothing she can do to change his mind.

Episode 546

Johnny gives his granddaughter a history lesson on the Yankees, which is interrupted by Mary's arrival.  Mary tells Johnny the news about Pat, who is concerned about the letter of reprimand being placed in his file.  Jack receives a phone call from Anne Burney and is sad to hear about his divorce hearing set for tomorrow.  Jill offers Pat her apologies for the way things turned out and assures him that she has his best interest at heart.  Later, as Pat thanks Faith for her help, Roger asks to see him.  When Bob tells Mary and Johnny of Alicia's money problems, Johnny asks him if there is any way they can help.  Later, Mary tells Bob about the divorce.  Jack breaks down in tears when a crying baby in his building reminds him of what he's lost.  Roger tells Pat not to make a move without consulting him first.  Jack fantasizes about a life with Mary and Ryan.

Episode 547

When Roger finds out that Pat ordered medication without his approval, he reminds him he is not allowed.  Later, Pat thanks Faith for ordering the test for Angel.  When she tells him of the house association meeting, the two leave to look for Frank.  When Delia calls for Pat, Roger informs her that he has left with Faith.  As the family rallies around Pat, a hysterical Delia arrives and starts to make trouble.  When Delia tells Maeve that she wants to help Pat, Maeve convinces her to talk to Clem about volunteering at the hospital's blood bank, much to Delia's horror.  Seneca and Frank have a heated confrontation about Pat and Jill.  Frank tells him that he has just begun in his fight for Pat and threatens to bring his little kingdom tumbling down.

Episode 548

Mary tries to take her mind off of what is happening in the judge's chambers downtown.  The divorce proceedings take place with the judge announcing that he will have a final answer for them in a few days.  Tom meets a saddened Mary in the park and offers to spend some time with her.  A distressed Delia goes to Roger with her problems and is horrified when he tells her that things with Pat are never going to work.  As Roger explains his reasons to Delia, he also provides her with a solution to her blood bank problem: pretend to faint at the sight of blood.  Mary shares her feelings with Tom of her failed marriage.  Later, Tom evades Mary's questions about returning home to Ireland.  Frank becomes frustrated when Jack refuses to realize that things with Mary are not completely over.

Episode 549

Faith tells Pat of Angel's condition and is relieved to see that he is getting sleep.  Delia pays a visit to Pat at the hospital and informs him that she will be volunteering at the hospital as well.  Later, Delia tells Roger that she will soon be working for the hospital association.  A forlorn Jack sits alone in his apartment and tries to cope with his pain.  Delia reports for her first day of volunteer duty and faints at her first sight of blood.  Jack confesses the true depth of pain he is feeling.  Mary, although equally miserable, is determined to not look back.  Delia persuades Pat to help her do volunteer work for the house association rather than the blood bank.  Roger tells Faith that the more time Pat and Delia spend together, the quicker they realize that their marriage is a mistake.

Episode 550

Pat leaves Delia to deal with Clem.  Maeve tries unsuccessfully to find out more about Tom's background.  When she notes a discrepancy in what he says, Tom just further evades her questioning.  Delia is furious when Clem refuses to recommend her for work with the house association or anywhere else.  Later, Faith is happy with Clem for standing up against Delia.  Tom and Faith get caught up on Mary and Pat.  Delia's emotional appeal to Pat backfires when he decides to go to the hospital for some much needed sleep.

Episode 551

Delia tells Pat he will be deserting her if he goes to the hospital to sleep.  Tired of her emotional manipulation, Pat leaves Delia wild and furious and decides to go.  Seneca and Jill enjoy their time together with Edmund and imagine what their lives would be like if they stayed together permanently.  While looking for Bucky, Faith finds Pat and learns of his fight with Delia.  When he tells her that he thinks that his marriage was a mistake, she asks him what he intends to do.  Bob and Alicia hang the painting of Taxco in Alicia's apartment.  Later, the two kiss when Alicia admits her attraction to Bob.  Delia arrives at Bucky's room looking for Pat and finds him with Faith and is horrified when she sees them kissing.

Episode 552

Frank invites Jack to sit in as the house association presents an official list of their grievances to Marshall.  Tom also invites Mary, not knowing that Jack will be there.  Delia tells Roger about the kiss between Faith and Pat.  When Roger tells her that what Pat may want most from her is a sense of independence, she formulates her own plan - to have a nervous breakdown.  In Marshall's office, Jill questions Tom's judgment in having the media present and feels that this is only going to make things worse.  When Marshall arrives, he takes the grievances and assures that the board will look into them as soon as possible, which annoys Frank.  Jack glowers when Tom continues to pay special attention to Mary and later questions him about it.  When Tom tells him that it's not his business, Jack becomes furious.  Delia becomes fascinated with the idea of planning a nervous breakdown and borrows medical and psychiatric books from Roger to research the symptoms.  Tom assures Jack that he will provide him and any other newsperson all the resources to compete their stories.  When it becomes evident that Jack is instigating a fight, Mary places her arm in Tom's and leads him out of the room.

Episode 553

Busy in her scheme, Delia calls Roger to confirm if her symptoms are believable.  Pat thanks Faith for listening to him the night before and tells her how much the kiss meant to him.  Johnny is pleased when Maeve tells him that Mary is having dinner with Tom Desmond.  Delia tells Roger that her plan is the best way to gain Pat's attention.  Later, when Pat comes home she puts her plan into motion and is pleased when it seems to work.  Although the air of mystery surrounding Tom is unsettling to Johnny, he tells Maeve that he prefers him to Jack.  Jack runs across Miriam in the park with Ryan and Edmund and is shaken when Miriam, not knowing who he is, calls Ryan's father a dead-beat dad.  Later, when she is packing the children up to go home, Miriam asks Jack to hold Ryan and he discovers that he does not want to let her go.  Before leaving the park, Jack finds a stray kitten and decides to take it home.  Successful in her depression scheme, Delia is delighted when Pat offers to help her cook dinner so she will not be alone.  Faith tells Roger that Pat is finally drawing the line with Delia.  When Delia apologizes to Pat for being depressed and offers to be brave for him, Pat becomes worried.

Episode 554

Seneca surprises Jill at her apartment with a romantic invitation.  Bob consults Frank about Alicia and admits that he is getting emotionally involved.  Later, Bob tells Frank he hopes that Jack is miserable for leaving Mary.  Jill tells Seneca that Frank treats her as if they have no romantic history together.  Later, Seneca gives Jill a small jeweler's box.  Jumbo learns that Jack has seen Ryan and surprises Jack by telling him to stay far away from her.  Seneca gives Jill a ring and proposes.  Wishing the ring were from Frank, she turns him down, but promises to wear it as a reminder of his love for her and Edmund.

Episode 555

An ecstatic Delia visits Roger to celebrate the initial success of her plan.  Jill shows Faith the ring that Seneca gave her and admits to being unsure of her next move.  Faith tells Jill that Pat is making progress with Delia.  Roger tells Delia that she must use her symptoms with other people so Delia plans a dinner party.  Johnny gets an opportunity to probe Tom's past, and recognizes his evasiveness.  Delia arrives, interrupting Johnny's questioning, and invites Maeve and Johnny to the dinner party she is planning.  Later, when Maeve asks Delia about her depression, she tells her that she realizes she has to stop thinking about her problems.

Episode 556

Jumbo finds a depressed Jack when he arrives at his apartment and sympathizes when he realizes that the divorce has come through.  Although saddened by the news, Mary is determined to do her job, even it means she needs to see Jack.  When Jack tells Jumbo that he is covering the story on the hospital association, Jumbo taunts Jack about Mary and Tom's relationship; Jack leaves for the hospital in a fury.  When Marshall cancels his appointment with the hospital association, Frank realizes this as a stall maneuver and leaves with Clem to meet with Seneca.  Tom offers to wait with Mary, much to Jack's chagrin.  Seneca manages to convince Clem that he has the hospital's best interest at heart.  Frank tells Seneca that unless there is some type of relief for Pat he cannot promise that the hospital association won't take more drastic measures.  Not wanting to see Mary with Tom, Jack picks a fight with her by belittling her work ethics.  Determined to not let him bother her, Mary turns to Tom and invites him to dinner, which angers Jack further.  Jack throws a punch at Tom, which is blocked. When Frank sees the ring that Seneca gave to Jill, the two share a sad exchange.

Episode 557

Maeve encourages Mary to explore the mystery that she senses in Tom Desmond.  Delia completes the arrangements for the dinner party planned for tomorrow night.  Maeve and Johnny wonder about Tom and it is clear that they share a difference in opinion.  At Tom's apartment, Mary becomes curious when she notices that all of Tom's books have the name, "Tom O'Brien" and questions him about it.  Roger and Jill catch up on the hospital situation.  Roger is startled when Jill admits that she is tired of fighting Seneca about marriage and feels that the ring could mean more than just friendship.  Noticing Tom's intense reaction when saying the name, Mary's suspicion is aroused and doesn't believe Tom's explanation.

Episode 558

Roger pays a visit to Delia with flowers and more tips for the evening's festivities.  As he listens to Delia, Roger realizes that things are going as planned.  When Maeve sees Jack in the hospital she suggests that he may be jealous of Tom Desmond and smiles when Jack answers as she expected.  When Tom invites Mary to dinner, she tells him she is on official baby-sitting duty and invites him upstairs for a sandwich instead.  Later, as intimacy grows between Mary and Tom, the two share a kiss.  As the dinner party gets underway, Delia's strange behavior proves unnerving to all present.

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