September 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 559

Pat comes home from a long day at work surprised to find a dinner party underway.  When Delia tells him that he helped her to plan the party, Pat becomes concerned, realizing that something is seriously wrong with Delia.  Clem and Faith express their concern to Frank about the lack of response from the administration to the hospital association's demands and explore the morality of a doctors' strike.  When dinner is served, Delia expresses how sad it is that chickens had to give up their lives in order to be dinner.  Unable to be comforted, Maeve takes a sobbing Delia to the bedroom to lie down.  When Clem goes back to the hospital, Faith tells Frank that he has no right to be upset about Jill's ring after the way he has been treating her.  He tells her that she may be right, but the ring is a sign of their alienation from one another.  He is resolved to do something about it.  Maeve is worried about Delia and thinks that she may be having a delayed reaction to the strain and insecurity of losing her baby.  Later, a delighted Delia listens in as Pat expresses his concern for her.

Episode 560

When Roger expresses to Seneca his displeasure at the doctors going on strike, Seneca accuses him of not caring about the conditions of the hospital.  Maeve tells Mary about Delia's strange behavior, and is worried about the effect Delia will have on Pat.  Roger tells Seneca that he is being hypocritical.  When Roger leaves, a shaken Seneca reaches a decision and heads off to see Jill.  Frank apologizes to Jill for his treatment of her.  Just when things appear as if they are going well, Frank becomes offended when Jill comments that he is doing Pat more harm than good; Frank storms out.  Maeve expresses her feelings to Mary about Pat's marriage, which leads Mary to comment that her marriage with Jack is over.  Seneca arrives at Jill's apartment to talk about their relationship together.

Episode 561

Note: SoapNet did not post a synopsis for this episode, for whatever reason, so I wrote this summary.

Jill starts shrieking and ranting at Seneca for dropping by uninvited. He starts to tell her the truth about Edmond's paternity, but she orders him not to speak of Frank in her presence, so once again he backs down. Then she tells him about Frank's visit, and wonders out loud if Frank enjoys picking at her emotional wounds. Jill actually apologizes for being a "wretch" and they end up going off to bed together. At the bar, Mary mocks Delia's strange behavior, and assures Johnny that Delia is faking to get sympathy. Tom arrives, and Johnny is all too delighted to leave him alone with Mary. Tom tells Mary that he wants to be more than casual friends, but infuriates/amuses her by refusing to talk about his past in Ireland. Maeve and Johnny once again disagree about Jack and Mary, with Maeve admitting that she loves Jack as if he were her own son. Maeve reiterates that she thinks Tom is hiding something.

Episode 562

Note: SoapNet did not post a synopsis for this episode, for whatever reason, so I wrote this summary.

Mary comes to Frank's office to tape a puff piece for Channel R about his virtually unopposed primary race for reelection to the city council. Tom arrives in the middle of the interview and gives Mary advice about the best "angle" from which to approach the story so that Frank will be cast in the best possible light, which Mary happily takes. Pat suggests that Delia visit Little John, and Delia likes that idea because she can find out if Maeve and Johnny are worried about her. Pat tells Faith about the dinner party fiasco, who is very skeptical. At Ryan's, Delia overhears Mary and Faith gossiping "like two cats" about her fake nervous breakdown and how nice it would be if the family had to have Delia "put away."

Episode 563

Jack wakes to Frank's call as Frank explains that the hospital board turned down all of the house association's demands.  Jack agrees to use discretion as he pursues the story.  When Jack admits that he's sorry for the things he said to Mary the last time he saw her, Frank tries to persuade him to apologize to her.  Delia returns to Roger's apartment and tells Roger about overhearing Faith and Mary's conversation.  Roger comforts Delia, and then shares a long kiss with her.  Delia decides that she has to convince Mary that she's having a nervous breakdown, and Roger agrees.  Jack asks Seneca for a statement about the board's refusal to meet the association's demands.  Jack states that his opinion on Riverside's policy is that rules come first and people come second.  Seneca asks Jack to be clear in his article and that Seneca disagrees with that statement.  After Seneca is called away, Tom asks Jack to not focus his story on Pat.  Meanwhile, Mary is feeding Ryan when Delia arrives.  When Mary steps away to get a washcloth, Delia moves to Ryan's side and begins talking to her as if she is her own baby.  Fulfilling Delia's plan, Mary listens in as Delia continues to fantasize with Ryan.  Mary is clearly thrown by Delia's behavior and calls Pat as soon as Delia leaves.

Episode 564

Pat arrives at Maeve and Johnny's to meet Delia, and Mary explains that she already left.  Mary confides to Pat that she really is concerned about Delia's mental health.  At the hospital, Jill meets with Seneca in his office.  The conversation turns to Edmund, and Seneca suggests that he would like to get him a dog.  Later, Mary visits Jack at his apartment and tries to convince him not to do a story focusing on Pat.  Jack agrees that he cares about Pat, and tells Mary that he will figure out another angle.  As Mary prepares to leave, Jack tells her that there is something he has been meaning to say to her.  Jack apologizes to Mary for the things he said to her in front of Tom.  He admits that it bugs him to see Mary getting closer to Tom.  When Mary replies that it is none of Jack's business, he stresses that he's sorry.  He suggests that it will be easier if they keep their distance between them.  Jack watches wistfully as Mary leaves.

Episode 565

Seneca arrives at Jill's apartment with a dog named Rover.  Jill is furious when she realizes that Seneca plans on giving the dog to Edmund, expecting her to take care of him.  Meanwhile, Mary talks to Tom about her latest interaction with Jack.  Afterwards, when Mary prepares to leave, Tom asks her to stay.  At the Ryans, Johnny walks in to find Maeve playing with Little John and Ryan.  Jill and Seneca argue further about Rover, until finally Seneca angrily leaves.  Tom convinces Mary to stay awhile at his apartment.  Mary questions him about why he doesn't have any friends, and Tom changes the subject by kissing her.  Mary assures Tom that she likes him, but doesn't know that kissing him is a good idea.  As they continue to talk, Mary confides that Jack was her first love.  They fantasize about being alone together forever, but Mary lets thoughts of Jack interfere with her daydreaming.

Episode 566

Tom states his case with Mary and tries to get her to see why they would be good together.  When she explains that the timing is wrong, Tom hopes that something will happen to change that.  Faith and Roger share a happy brother-sister chat as Roger tells her exactly what men see in Delia.  Mary confides in Maeve about her visit with Jack and about her growing feelings for Tom.  Maeve warns her that the worst time to get into a relationship is on the rebound.  Jill tells Faith about Seneca and the dog.  Mary calls Tom and becomes unsettled when she notices that he is again avoiding her questions.

Episode 567

Jill accepts a dinner invitation with Dr. George Hoyle.  Faith convinces Angel that although things don't seem to be going well, the staff is very proud of him.  Later, Pat and Faith have a nice moment together helping Angel to get over his depression.  Delia spots Pat coming out of Angel's room with Faith, and sets a plan into motion.  At dinner, George gets to know more about Jill and likes what he is learning.  When Delia does not act her normal way with her, Faith becomes concerned.  When at Jill's apartment, Dr. Hoyle presumes Jill to be easy prey.

Episode 568

Delia acts out more phony symptoms and delays Pat's departure for the hospital so that he cannot see the psychologist with Faith.  Jill tells Faith about her dinner date with George.  Faith encourages her to try again.  Bucky covers for Pat, who is late for his shift, and incurs Roger's wrath.  While waiting to show Frank his latest column, Jack tells Bob the details of what is happening with the hospital administration.  When Bob tells Jack that he was a fool to let Mary go, Jack leaves his column with him and rushes off.

Episode 569

Jack paces his apartment waiting for the Ryans or Mary to give him recognition for his column.  Tom goes to campaign headquarters with Jack's column and brings it to everyone's attention.  While eating alone, Jill meets an old colleague who turns out to be an admirer as well.  Frank calls Jack to thank him for paying Frank an honor with a superb column.  In hopes of seeing Mary, Jack invites himself uptown.  Mary, choosing to be gone when he arrives, leaves to have dinner with Tom.  At dinner, Jill discovers that Charlie is as unenlightened as her previous date and she finds herself fighting off his advances.  A disappointed Jack discovers that he missed Mary and later becomes infuriated when Johnny happily informs him that she is off with Tom.

Episode 570

Frank's election night seems headed for great success.  Maeve is unhappy when she finds out that Johnny told Jack about Mary's date with Tom Desmond.  Meanwhile, Tom and Mary are enjoying each other's company.  Seneca arrives at Jill's apartment and finds that she is out.  Jill continues to fight Charlie off.  Seneca plays bridge with Miriam.  When Jill comes home, she accepts Seneca's peace offering and tells him that after having dinner with a man like Charlie she is able to forgive anything.  Frank receives a call from Rae Woodard, the wife of a prominent politician, and rushes off in the wee hours of the morning to meet with her.

Episode 571

Frank finds a wounded but demanding Rae Woodard in the Emergency Room waiting on test results for her husband and promises to give in to her demands.  Maeve is distressed when she finds that Johnny has put up the punching bag again.  Johnny admits to her that while the column was a nice gesture, he is glad that Mary is no longer with Jack.  Frank helps Rae to fight off the reporters, but as she begins to help him, she faints.  Maeve is afraid that Jack may be looking for reconciliation just as Mary is moving in the other direction.  Johnny remembers a time when he could solve Mary's problems for her.  Rae is examined and it is determined that she is suffering from several broken ribs.  She asks Frank to wait for her as she is examined.

Episode 572

Rae is angry because she has not been allowed to see her husband.  When the doctor arrives to give her an update on William's condition, she finds out that he is in neurology.  Pat and Delia share a loving wake-up together.  She is so delighted with his attitude that she forgets to be fragile and comes close to blowing her cover.  When Clem does not meet Rae's demands, she insists on seeing the head of the department.  In an effort to assist, Frank calls Jill's apartment in the middle of the night looking for Seneca and provokes Jill with his insinuation of Seneca. When Pat prepares to leave for work, Delia becomes upset and blames Faith.

Episode 573

Inadvertently, Tom reveals more about himself and his prowess as a boxer to Mary and Johnny.  Later, when Tom and Mary learn about the injury to William Price Woodard, Frank leads Mary away from the story because of his promise to Rae Woodard.  While reviewing Woodard's X-rays, Seneca tells Roger and Clem that there is trouble.  They agree that the best course of treatment will be intensive care and freedom from emotional demands, although they know that his wife is not going to allow that.  Later, when they give Rae the diagnosis they realize they are dealing with a very determined lady.  In Tom's apartment, Mary discovers that Tom Desmond is really Tom O'Brien.

Episode 574

Troubled by incidents with Delia, Pat arrives for his meeting with Faith and Dr. Fowler.  Rae realizes that her husband's condition is more serious than she expected.  Tom admits to Mary that his real name is Tom O'Brien and begs her to not tell anyone.  Dr. Fowler explains the basic principles of Biofeedback to Pat and Faith, who are excited by what this could mean for Angel.  Rae explores the alternatives that she and her husband faces.  Later, she confers with Roger and comes to a conclusion as to which method of treatment she is going to take.

Episode 575

Jack visits Ryan again and takes her a toy.  Delia goes to Maeve in an effort to deal with her jealousy of Faith and realizes that the best way to handle it is in her own way.  Later, she has a fantasy about Pat responding to her and gets an idea.  While talking to Miriam, Maeve realizes that Jack has been visiting Ryan in the park.  Delia shows up in neurology with a suitcase and convinces Bucky that she is unstable when she tells him that she is going to visit her mother, who happens to be dead.  Later, when he tells Pat where she has gone they both are stunned.

Episode 576

Bucky stops a frantic Pat from leaving work without permission to go and find Delia, so they call Bob instead.  Seneca seeks Jill's legal advice on how to deal with Rae and finds out that keeping her out of her husband's room is well within his rights.  Rae's assistant arrives with the merger papers and she insists that William must sign them.  When he does, she continues to press him to regain conscious.  The tension between she and Jill rises.  After listening to Bucky and Pat, Bob agrees to go and find Delia.  A one-on-one chat between Jill and Rae turns into an emotional confrontation, when the two women fail to see eye to eye.

Episode 577

Bob's failed search for Delia leads him to the only place that makes sense, the cemetery.  Jack visits the hospital in hopes of getting the story on the Woodard's and is stonewalled by Tom.  Later, Tom visits Mary and stresses the importance of her keeping his secret and tells her that if she cannot, then he will have to leave town.  Mary agrees, although she is concerned.  Later, Mary asks her mother to stop her inquiries into Tom's past, which she agrees to do.  Delia waits at the cemetery for Pat to show up and becomes upset when she realizes that Bob has shown up instead.  Later, she tells him that she feels abandoned by Pat and his job; she refuses when he asks to take her home.

Episode 578

Bob convinces Delia to let him take her home.  A sneaky Jack tries to read William's chart.  Later, Frank protects Rae from Jack, who unable to get what he wants, goes home.  Johnny and Bob put pressure on Pat to spend more time with Delia since it is clear that she wants to be with him.  Frank understands Rae's feelings for Drew.  Rae makes a decision about her husband's surgery, but decides to discuss it with Seneca tomorrow.  Delia explains to Pat why he is all that she will ever need.

Episode 579

Rae meets with stiff resistance when she tells Seneca that she wants her husband to have the operation, regardless of the danger.  Pat insists that Delia see a psychiatrist and makes her an appointment when he gets to work.  Alicia infuriates Rae, who is clearly under considerable stress.  Delia apologizes to Roger for her last encounter and asks him for advice.  Rae tells Roger that she has decided on the surgery for her husband, regardless of the cost.  Later, Roger goes to Seneca on Rae's behalf to see if there was anything he can for them.

Episode 580

A very concerned Tom goes to Mary again about his secret.  Bob seeks Maeve's advice about Delia.  Jack spends time with Ryan under Miriam's watchful eye.  Tom suggests to Mary that they both go their separate ways before things become too complicated.  Roger tells Seneca that Rae is serious about the surgery.  She will move William to Riverside Hospital and asks his permission to perform the surgery there.  Mary tells Tom that she does not want to lose him; Tom kisses her.  Maeve and Miriam come up with a plan involving Jack and Ryan.

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