October 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 581

At the hospital, Seneca finally agrees to approve surgery for Bill Woodard.  He does not respond to Rae and Roger's opinions, but agrees that it would be better to do surgery at Riverside than to risk moving Mr. Woodard for surgery elsewhere.  Meanwhile, Frank runs into Faith at the hospital, and their conversation turns to Delia.  They both agree that Pat must deal with the situation on his own.  Later, Seneca explains the details of the Woodard case to Jill, and she advises him to get a release signed by Rae before surgery begins.  However, before she leaves, Seneca tells Jill how much she means to him.  Roger arrives at Delia's to celebrate his fortunate prospect of performing surgery on Bill Woodard.  Delia confides to Roger that she is worried about her appointment with a psychiatrist, and Roger gives her tips on how to handle him.  As they get closer physically, Delia becomes nervous and backs off.  Back at the hospital, Frank and Rae get to know each other better.  They quickly find that they share the same passion for politics.

Episode 582

Mary and Jack each receive letters notifying them that the annulment has been granted.  At the Ryans, Johnny imagines Tom and Jack boxing one another: Tom beats Jack badly and the fantasy turns to Johnny replacing Tom in the ring and finishing Jack off.  Mary enters the kitchen to find Johnny smiling, as he comments that he was simply trying to fix his mind on pleasant thoughts.  At her psychiatrist's office, Delia uses the information that Roger gave her to fool Dr. Pagano.  Meanwhile, Mary visits Tom in hopes of lifting her mood.  Tom is able to cheer her up as they read through his book on "Love Potions, Charms and Philters."  He follows one of the instructions in the book and throws an apple peel over his shoulder.  He convinces Mary that it formed the letter "M" indicating that she could be his lover; he kisses her.  She informs him that she received her letter from the chancery earlier that morning and announces that she's ready to leave Jack behind.  Later when Tom catches her alone, he sees that she's taking it harder than she cares to admit.

Episode 583

When Miriam arrives to pick up Ryan, Maeve decides to put a plan into action.  Miriam begins to refuse, but Maeve finally convinces her.  Meanwhile, Frank finds out from Rae that Bill is on his way to surgery.  Frank learns much more about Rae's background as he keeps her company.  As the two laugh together, there is a knock at the door and Jill enters with papers in hand.  At the park, Miriam manages to convince Jack that she doesn't care for Ryan very much, and that Ryan might be in better hands.  Afterward, as Miriam leaves the park with the baby, Jack looks very concerned.  Jill explains to Rae that she has a statement regarding Bill's physical condition, which Seneca has signed.  When Jill asks Rae to sign it, Rae turns to Frank and asks him to read it over.  Frank finds no objections, and Rae finally signs the document.  At the Gennaro Social Club, Jack quickly describes the scene in the park to Jumbo.  As he expresses his concern, he realizes that now Jumbo knows how often he has seen Ryan.  Meanwhile, Miriam relays to Maeve that their plan is successful so far.  Maeve replies that the next step is to hope that Jack gets in touch with Mary.

Episode 584

Pat meets with Dr. Pagano and inquires about his appointment with Delia.  Dr. Pagano is unable to give any details to Pat, but he offers that Delia's symptoms indicate that she is on the verge of an emotional collapse.  He recommends that Pat do everything he can to reassure Delia that she is not alone and that she is loved.  In the operating room, Bill Woodard goes into cardiac arrest as Roger operates.  Meanwhile, Alicia reassures Rae that Roger Coleridge is an excellent surgeon.  Delia runs into Bucky at the hospital, and acts very demure as she inquires about Pat.  Bucky is struck by Delia's change in attitude and suggests to Pat that he take her home immediately.  Bill pulls through the heart attack, but Roger is sure that he will be left with a seriously damaged heart.  Rae confides to Alicia that she feels responsible for her husband's condition.  She worries aloud that she was too ambitious for her husband's good.  Pat pays special attention to Delia, and she relishes it.  He assures her how much he loves her.  Meanwhile, an orderly delivers a lab report for Pat.  Faith intercepts the report and signs Pat's name, not wanting to call attention to the fact that he left early.

Episode 585

At the hospital, Rae shares her apprehension and fear with Frank who is calm and reassuring.  As they talk, Roger arrives and grimly tells Rae that Bill came through surgery, but that it didn't go the way Roger had hoped.  He explains that Bill suffered a heart attack while on the operating table and that the extent of the damage is still not known.  As he goes on about Bill and how he will require months of complete bed rest, Rae explodes.  She tells Roger that her husband cannot be an invalid; he would rather be dead.  Meanwhile, Jack visits Sister Mary Joel and expresses his concerns about Miriam's attitude towards Ryan.  Sister Mary Joel refuses to get involved.  After Jack leaves, Sister Mary Joel makes a phone call and asks for Maeve.  As Roger checks the charts that piled up while he was in surgery, he discovers that someone forged Pat's signature on a chart.  He immediately suspects Bucky, but Bucky denies it.  Rae tries to cope with the idea that none of her hopes for Bill will ever be realized.  Frank tries his best to comfort her, agreeing to keep her company.

Episode 586

Roger summons Pat to the hospital.  Roger demands an explanation from Pat for leaving early, and Pat explains that he had to deal with a personal situation.  Bucky again denies that he forged Pat's name.  Roger tells Pat that he plans to report the incident to Seneca and ask that it be sent to the Board.  Later, Roger insists to Seneca that the written complaint regarding Pat be sent through the proper channels.  Seneca tries to refuse, but when Roger threatens to go over Seneca's head, he finally agrees.  Mary confides to Faith that if she had met Tom before Jack, she would probably be in love with Tom.  Later, Mary accepts an invitation from Tom to meet early the next morning to visit the flower district and then have breakfast.  Meanwhile, Faith interrupts a heated argument between Roger and Seneca to explain that she is the one that forged Pat's signature.  As they all realize it's too late to recall Seneca's memo, Bucky asks Roger how it feels to report his own sister to the medical board.

Episode 587

At the hospital, Roger informs Faith that he broke into Marshall Westheimer's office to no avail.  He was unable to find Seneca's memo of the complaint.  When Faith questions why Roger pushed to have the memo written, Bucky points out that Roger only did it in an attempt to get Bucky in trouble.  Rae visits Bill as he wakes up from surgery.  As she assures him that everything is okay, he asks her if he had a heart attack.  When Rae confirms that he did, she also tells him that he'll have to let the campaign go.  He apologizes for letting her down, and suggests that she should run in his place.  Meanwhile, Mary and Tom return from their morning trip laden with flowers.  Tom then proposes a romantic trip to Williamsburg.  Mary says she wishes she could say yes.  Back at the hospital, Roger denies Bucky's accusation that he was trying to get Bucky in trouble.  Faith pushes to find out what Bucky meant about "blackmail," but Roger plays innocent.  Roger is clearly upset at the thought of Faith's impending trouble.  Meanwhile, Rae decides to call a press conference.  She agrees to Frank's request that she give his friend, Jack Finelli, a few moments alone before the general press conference.

Episode 588

Pat continues to take care of Delia as she wakes up.  Things are going well until Seneca arrives to talk to them about Pat's most recent incident at the hospital.  Meanwhile, Roger stops by to offer sympathy to Rae.  He tells her that he feels like he let her down.  Rae insists that the decision was hers alone and that she accepts full responsibility.  At Pat and Delia's, Seneca tries to help them, but inadvertently inflames the situation.  After Seneca leaves, Delia decides that the entire situation is Faith's fault.  She waits until Pat leaves for work and then calls Roger, telling him she's on her way over.  At the hospital, Rae's friend Polly arrives to help her.  As they discuss Bill's condition, Polly mentions that "he" called and that he's desperate to see Rae.  Rae insists that Polly should never mention him again.  Polly assures Rae she has a hunch that she will come through this with flying colors.  Meanwhile, Delia confronts Roger for writing the complaint that got Pat into trouble.  Roger has finally had it with Delia, and shows her out the door.

Episode 589

Jack's apprehension about Miriam's treatment of Ryan is building.  As he complains about the situation to Jumbo, Frank calls to tell him that Rae will see him privately before the press conference.  Meanwhile, Tom calls Mary to tell her about the press conference and suggests that she get there early.  Frank sees Faith on her way to Angel's room.  Tom tells Faith that if there is anything that he can do for her or Pat, to let him know.  Rae thanks Alicia for everything she has done to help.  When Jack arrives, Rae is professional and charming.  As they proceed with the interview, Mary arrives and is told to wait outside while Mrs. Woodard meets with another reporter.  Frank enters as Jack and Rae are concluding their interview.  After Jack leaves, Rae and Frank fall into a friendly conversation, clearly at ease with one another.  While they talk, Rae asks Frank if he would like to go out for lunch after the press conference.  Frank turns her down because of an appointment.  Mary is waiting when Jack comes around the corner from Rae's room.  Mary tells Jack that she doesn't want to argue in public, so he asks if they can talk tomorrow.  Mary defiantly tells Jack that she won't be home and that she's going away for the weekend with a friend.

Episode 590

After Jack leaves, Tom assures Mary that she can back out of the weekend if she wants to.  Mary agrees to go forward with the weekend plans, but makes clear that it doesn't mean they are going to sleep together.  Delia arrives to meet Pat, but he is running late.  As she waits, she makes a comment about Pat and Faith to Clem.  He assures her that there is absolutely nothing going on between them, and that she's driving herself crazy for no reason.  When Clem goes to take a phone call, Delia has a brief interaction with Roger that leaves her a little upset.  Later, Roger is able to cheer up Rae by inviting her to dinner.  At the Ryans, Maeve reassures Sister Mary Joel about Miriam, explaining her plan.  The two women delight in the idea that Jack might have to approach Mary about the situation.  Meanwhile, Mary tells Johnny about her argument with Jack.  She tells Johnny that she is going away for the weekend with Tom.  After Sister Mary Joel leaves, Mary tells Maeve about her weekend plans.  Mary assures both Maeve and Johnny that she and Tom are only going as friends.  Maeve looks concerned, but agrees to take care of Ryan.

Episode 591

Delia puts on a show for Clem and convinces him that she is emotionally unstable.  Pat thanks Faith for trying to help him, although he wishes it didn't get her in trouble.  For Mary's sake, Johnny wants she and Tom to get together.  Maeve has a mother-daughter conversation with Mary, telling her that she should not leave town with Tom.  Joe confronts Jack on his treatment of Mary and tells him that he needs to deal with his feelings for Ryan.  Pat and Faith try to make light of their current situation, which is overheard by a disturbed Delia.  Mary admits to Maeve that Jack's comments about her care of Ryan are what prompted her to go away with Tom.  Sister Mary Joel tells Jack that if he is honest with himself he will call Mary and tell her how much he loves her.  Delia goes into hysterics at the Ryans, accusing Pat and Faith of having an affair.  Later, Pat is convinced that something needs to be done about Delia and soon.

Episode 592

Pretending to be crazed, Delia confronts Pat about kissing Faith.  An emotional confrontation between Jill and Roger leaves Roger shaken.  Pat and Bob take Delia to the hospital.  Faith denies Delia's accusations to Maeve and Johnny.  Rae is amused by Roger.  Delia's hospitalization causes Pat to become emotional.

Episode 593

Mary and Tom review the conditions under which they are traveling together.
Alicia is distressed to hear about Delia and tries to offer solace to Bob.  A drunken Jack phones Maeve for Mary's phone number.  Johnny sees that he doesn't get it.  Maeve and Johnny disagree about love.  Tom doesn't make a pass at Mary, which piques her interest, as he had hoped.

Episode 594

Jill delivers news to Faith that letters of reprimand are being placed in her record, as well as Pat's.  Faith blames it all on Delia.  Pat arrives in the psyche ward to visit a worried Delia who realizes that she has overplayed her hand.  Later, Roger visits Delia who begs him to help her.  Faith lies to Frank and tells him that the Board has not made a decision.  Jill sees a warm greeting between Rae and Frank.  Later, Bill gives Frank a nod of approval and tells Rae that he would like to help him.  Jill deplores the hospital's position on Pat and Faith; Seneca explains why he can't do much.  Regretfully, Roger tells Delia to be quiet and patient so she can go home soon.  Faith consoles a grief-ridden Pat over Delia's situation.

Episode 595

Mary and Tom talk about the wonderful day they've had.  Bucky is prepared for a strike and explains the reasons to Faith and the Ryans.  Pat arrives after a very bad day.  Tom realizes Mary's hesitation about making love and is determined to not pressure her.  Mary declares her love and friendship for Tom and asks him to make love to her.  He tells her that she is not ready for that type of commitment yet.  Pat reaffirms his intention to stay with Delia and do what he can to make her well.  Mary comes to a decision about her relationship with Tom and goes to his rh room.

Episode 596

Mary apologizes to Tom for her indecision and tries to explain.  Later, Mary admits to Tom that she wants him to make love to her.  Jack goes to Maeve to complain about Tom and spends time with Ryan.  Later, Jack storms out when Maeve urges him to see Mary before it's too late.  As Tom and Mary begin to make love, Mary stops him and tells him that she can't do it.  Alicia encourages Angel in his therapy.  Later, Alicia talks to Faith about Delia's nervous breakdown.  Mary cries on Tom's shoulder and tells him that she can't get away from Jack; Tom comforts her.  Unknown to Maeve, Jack watches her and Ryan through the bar window.  When Mary falls asleep, Tom covers her with a blanket and goes to sleep on the sofa.

Episode 597

A worried Pat prepares to visit Delia.  As Pat cares for a "sick" Delia, Faith realizes Pat is more hooked over Delia than ever before.  Clem asks Faith to help him with the hospital dispute.  Maeve takes the news about Mary's out of town trip surprisingly well, and suggests that Mary call Jack; Mary refuses.  Delia becomes furious when she overhears Pat agreeing to go to a strike meeting with Faith.

Episode 598

Delia has a tantrum as she fails at her attempt to confront Pat and Faith.  To Tom's regret, he finds that Maeve agrees with his assessment that Mary is still in love with Jack.  Members of the House Association rally behind Clem and vote to strike.  Tom and Maeve reach an understanding with Maeve agreeing to stay quiet about Tom's past.  A tired and weary Pat goes to look after Delia.

Episode 599

Frank finds Pat sleeping in the staff lounge where he learns more about Delia and the strike situation, which has heated up.  Clem presents an ultimatum to Marshall and demands a response within twenty-four hours or else the doctors will strike.  Tom sees Clem in an effort to protect the hospital.  Later, he finds an accomplice in Faith.  They set a plan in motion.  Rae explores a personal relationship with Frank and is gently evaded by him.  Later, Rae persuades Bill to support Frank for City Council; she is clearly interested in Frank's future.

Episode 600

Faith and Tom arrive to explore Ryan's storage room.  Jill and Seneca try to remain friends, but their busy schedules are keeping them apart.  Seneca and Bucky have an emotional confrontation about Jill and implications of the strike.  Bucky tells Seneca that he no longer believes in him.  Rae and Bill struggle with their personal situation.  Intimacy grows between Faith and Tom.  Bill confronts Rae about her life without him and tells her he doesn't think he can handle it if she ends up with someone else.  The discussion ends when Bill suddenly has a bad reaction to his medication and becomes seriously ill.

Episode 601

Bill has an allergic reaction to his medication, which sends Rae screaming for help.  Roger orders Alicia to perform mouth to mouth.  Unable to see Delia for herself, Maeve gets the latest report on Delia from Bob.  Later, Tom tells Maeve of the plans concerning Mary and Jack and not only gains Maeve's approval - but also her respect.  When he leaves, Johnny wants to know what they were talking about.  Roger gets full credit for pulling Bill through and taking advantage of Rae's vulnerability asks Rae out for a drink.  Johnny becomes livid at Maeve's suggestion of a Mary/Jack reconciliation.  Furious, Maeve promises to never mention Jack's name again and purposely leaves Johnny out of the plans.  Roger learns a great deal about Rae and Bill's relationship and the two develop a mutual understanding of one another.

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