October 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 602

Maeve explains the plans in detail to Frank and gets his approval and cooperation.  Later, Frank calls Jack and gets him to agree to meet him at the bar at 9:15 - setting the plan into motion.  When Mary has second doubts about meeting Tom, Maeve convinces her that all will be well and that she should meet him at the bar at 9:00 as planned.  Alicia and Bob visit Delia, who nearly gives herself away when she talks about her miscarriage leaving Alicia to question what Delia is really capable of.  When Frank wins the preliminaries, Bill agrees with Rae that Frank has a fine future ahead of him and insists that they help him in his race for Congress.  Under the guise of doing something especially nice for Frank, Maeve sends Mary to the storeroom on an errand to find a box of whiskey - that she has hidden so well that Mary will never find.

Episode 603

While waiting for Frank to arrive, Jack offers to help Maeve and takes a stack of boxes to the storeroom.  Later, she locks him and Mary in moments before Frank, Tom and an unsuspecting Johnny arrive in the bar.  When Mary figures out what has happened and that they have been set up she pounds the door in rage leaving Jack to wonder just what is going on.  Kevin gives Frank and Tom a thumbs up sign to announce that the plans are moving along as planned. An exuberant and unknowing Johnny plans a party to celebrate Frank's victory.  Mary and Jack have an immediate fight over her interfering family and refusing to speak to one another sit on opposing sides of the room.  Seneca receives word on the hospital administrations next move and pleads with Pat and Clem to avoid a strike - but to no avail.

Episode 604

An anxious and frantic Jack searches for a way out and begins to beat the water pipes in hopes of making enough noise for Johnny to hear him.  Later, Johnny begins to search to find out just where the noise is coming from.  Fearing that he will let them out, Maeve tells Johnny everything and breathes a sigh of relief when he agrees to leave them alone to work out a solution for themselves.  Jack gives up on the pipes and decides to take a piece out of Mary and they two have a new fight when Jack accuses her of sleeping with Tom.  Frank calms an irrational Johnny and convinces him that Mary has to work this out with Jack on her own.  Later, Jill makes an appeal to Frank to use his influence to try and stop the strike and protests when he asks her to join their side.  Later, Jill is shaken when Frank mentions how good it is that they are able to have a discussion without fighting.  Tom sets out to convince Johnny that Mary and Jack deserve the opportunity to work out their differences.  Mary leaves Jack speechless when during a quiet moment she tells him that she and Tom have never been lovers.

Episode 605

When Jack continues to critize Tom, Mary tells him that she is sorry that they did not make love because it was nice to be wanted by someone for a change.  When Johnny is caught in the stairwell trying to eavesdrop on Mary and Jack, he tells Maeve that he is going to bed but instead goes downstairs so that he can listen in better.  Bill becomes depressed, while listening to an account of Frank's election from Rae, when he notices just how much Rae is into Frank.  Later, Frank is interrupted from his conversation with Jill when Rae calls and asks him to come to the hospital to meet with her and Bill.  Jack and Mary voice their feelings of not being wanted by the other leaving a gloating Johnny to report to Maeve that her side isn't doing too well.  Frank is pleased when he finds that Rae and Bill are taking a practical interest in his political career.  When he leaves, Bill tells Rae that he is not sure that he likes the idea of her paying that much attention to Frank.  Maeve becomes worried when Johnny tells her that her plan may end up with Mary and Jack never speaking to one another again.  Jack ties his hand when he mentions Miriam to Mary.

Episode 606

Jack is forced to admit the truth when Mary realizes that he has been seeing Ryan.  Johnny and Maeve reconcile their differences over Mary and Jack.  Mary asks Jack if he would like for her to make arrangements for him to spend time with Ryan on a regular basis.  Roger finds an exhausted Pat studying in the staff lounge and insists that he go and take a two-hour nap.  Later, Roger tells Delia that she has what she wanted and demands that she ease up on her demands on Pat.  When she asks him yet again to help her get out of the hospital he tells her that the only way to do that now is to tell Dr. Pagano the truth.  Fearing that Johnny is right, Maeve eavesdrops on Mary and Jack and is delighted when she overhears Jack asking Mary to tell him as much about Ryan as possible.  Later, she reports to Johnny that her side is making some progress.

Episode 607

Alicia visits Delia and questions if she is really sick.  She tells her to stop pretending for everyone's sake.  Later, when Dr. Pagano visits, Delia tells him that she has a terrible confession to make.  Having talked about Ryan all night, Mary and Jack have grown closer.  In a moment of courage, Jack asks Mary if she feels bad about what has happened and to his horror finds that she has fallen asleep.  Assured that she will have doctor/patient confidentiality, Delia confesses to Dr. Pagano that she has been faking and asks to be released from the hospital.  He tells her he will have to give it some thought and leaves Delia in a fit of rage.  Alicia shares her concerns over Delia with Angel and is overheard by Roger, who knows all about "Mrs. Brown's" troubles.

Episode 608

Rae is appalled when she learns from Pat that the hospital strike has been called for midnight tonight.  Father McShane pays a visit to Delia and is horrified when he learns what she has done.  Tom tells Faith about the progress between Mary and Jack; Faith realizes the depths of Tom's feelings for Mary and impulsively offers to have lunch with him.  When Rae continues to over react to the strike situation, Seneca suggests that she find an additional outlet for her worries so as to not strain Bill any further.  Bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, Dr. Pagano tells Pat that he may have to release Delia, due to the strike.  Father McShane reprimands Delia and tells her it is time that she thinks of someone else besides herself.  Later, joyful from the news that she is to be released, Delia is further ecstatic when Pat tells her he is going to live up to his promise and look after her. This statement worries both Father McShane and Dr. Pagano.

Episode 609

Jumbo calls Ryan's Bar, worried about Jack and is filled in on the details of his whereabouts with Mary.  Mary and Jack awaken and have breakfast where he gets the courage to ask her, yet again, if she feels annulled.  When she admits that she does not, Jack tells her that if he has a choice he would like to have her and Ryan back.  Faith overhears Tom's refusal to be the hospital spokesperson for the strike and is puzzled.  Delia shares her good news with Roger who is unsure just what she has gained from the whole routine.  Later, Delia is appalled when Roger continues to feel sorry for Pat; she asks Roger if he still likes her.  He tells her that for the sake of his own mental health, he needs time alone.  Jumbo tells Maeve that she is doing the best thing for Mary and Jack.  In spite of the mystery surrounding Tom's life, he and Faith grow closer.  Jack asks Mary if they could try again.

Episode 610

Mary tells Jack that although it took a long time, she is finally convinced that Jack does not want to be a husband or father.  Jack tells her that not only does he want her, but that he wants them to accept him.  He pleads with her to give him another chance.  After listening to Royal's background report on Frank, Rae pushes Frank to Bill as a politician whom he should take interest in and assures him that her relationship is strictly professional.  Later, Bill offers his assistance to Frank in his race for Congress.  Jack and Mary work their way through their situation and are overcome with the love they still feel for one another; they agree to try again.  Rae confesses some of her problems to Roger and accepts an invitation to a private, informal date at his apartment.

Episode 611

Mary and Jack openly confess their love to one another.  Jack gives his blessing to the person who designed the scheme to lock them up together.  Over drinks, Rae explains her relationship with Bill to Roger and vows that she will never do anything to hurt him.  Just as Johnny is about to speak to Rae, smoke emerges from the basement; Johnny yells that Fenelli is trying to burn down the building.  Roger and Rae reach an understanding about their future relationship when he explains that he is not looking for a permanent commitment.  Assured that he will use the utmost discretion, Rae decides to have an affair with him.  Johnny barges into the storeroom and is disgusted when he finds Mary and Jack embracing.  Maeve and Jumbo are ecstatic when Jack announces that they are going to try again.  Later, Maeve asks Johnny to be cordial to Jack.  Mary takes Jack to see his daughter.

Episode 612

Mary and Jack enjoy Ryan's company together as a family for the first time.  Maeve tries desperately to reason with Johnny about Mary and Jack.  She walks out on Johnny when he calls her a hypocrite and accuses her of setting Mary up.  Later, Johnny tells Jack that he wants to talk with him.  Roger understands Rae's loneliness and offers to help her.  Clem and Pat arrive to see Seneca in hopes of ending the strike, but to no avail.  Later, Clem sends Pat to pick up Delia and take her home; she urges him to get some sleep so that he is on the picket line at 8 AM.  Johnny expresses his disapproval to Jack and tells him that he fears that Jack will hurt Mary again.  Mary overhears and tells Johnny that she wants her husband back.  Shaken by her words, Johnny reconsiders the situation and decides to make amends with Jack.

Episode 613

When Pat arrives at Delia's hospital room to take her home, Delia promises that that she will try to be the best wife that she can.  Later, a very tired Pat gives in to Delia's demand to visit the Ryans, but warns her that they are not going to stay long.  Roger and Rae share champagne in bed and learn more about each other.  Faith learns from Maeve the good news about Mary and Jack.  Bill tells Rae that he wants to back Frank, but thinks that running for Congress might be setting his sights too low.  He feels if they put forth the effort, they may as well run for Senator.  Welcomed home by the Ryans, Delia makes a pathetic showing by asking Faith to leave Pat alone.

Episode 614

After making love, Delia insists that Pat, who is exhausted, take her to dinner.  Pat gives in, but makes Delia promise they won't stay out late.  Mary thanks Frank for helping her and Jack get back together again; he tells her that it is Tom and Faith that she should thank.  Feeling free from the confines of the hospital, Delia convinces Pat to take her to the movies.  Jack gives Ryan a tour of her new home while Mary observes.  Later, Jack tells Mary that his apartment meant nothing to him when she left; he promises to share it with her this time.  Home from the movies, Delia still refuses to allow Pat to sleep when she talks about the movie, and later convinces him to make love to her.

Episode 615

An exhausted Pat barely manages to get started for the day ahead.  Bill overcomes his jealousy and decides to have Frank deliver a speech in Albany on his behalf.  A sleep deprived Pat goes to strike headquarters as Frank arrives to tell them of the Board's refusal to negotiate.  Bill shares his ideas with Frank and the news about Albany; Frank is excited about the prospects that lay before him.  While the two talk, Rae accepts a phone call from Roger and assures him that they will definitely meet again.  Clem tells Pat to splash some water on his face so that he looks sharp for the reporters.  When he leaves, Pat goes to neurology and takes a pill from a bottle to overcome his exhaustion.  Roger enters and is puzzled that Pat is not at the strike.  Pat is forced to hide the bottle in his pocket and leaves.

Episode 616

Mary and Tom share a bittersweet moment together as Mary thanks him for his part in helping her get back together with Jack.  Delia takes a gift to Alicia in hopes of mending their relationship.  Alicia tells Delia that she does not want to cause any more trouble.  Jack learns the truth about Miriam, but instead of being angry with Maeve for yet another trick that she has played on him, he is relieved for Ryan's sake.  Mary and Jack arrive to see Father McShane who is overjoyed that the two are getting back together again.  After receiving assurance from Jack that he knows the consequences of the original divorce, he agrees to marry them again.

Episode 617

Full of energy from the pill that he took, Pat works well during the strike, which does not go unnoticed from the group.  Delia arrives at strike headquarters with food and coffee and finds Pat with his arm around Faith.  Mary and Maeve are happy with Father McShane's reaction for she and Jack.  Later, as the two make plans for the re-marriage and mass at the Ryan home, Mary tells Maeve that Jack admitted he loves Maeve.  Frank arrives at strike headquarters and requests Pat and Faith's presence at the negotiating session that is to take place in the evening.  In a fit of jealousy, Delia lies to Pat and gives him details of a non-existent dinner party that she has planned.  She hopes to prevent Pat and Faith from attending the session together.  Later, Delia goes to the Ryans to invite them to the dinner party and is ecstatic when Mary and Maeve agree to come.  Frank tells Mary and Bob of the invitation that he has received from Bill Woodard.  Later, Mary and Bob realize that Frank is a little too impressed with Rae Woodard.  When Pat arrives home to change clothes, Delia succeeds in keeping him from spending the evening with Faith.

Episode 618

As the Ryans prepare to go to Delia's for the evening, Pat calls and tells them that Delia is not feeling well and that the dinner party is off.  Later, when Mary asks Jack what he would like to do for the evening, Jack smiles at Johnny and says that he would like to stay there.  Tom arrives and stays to help Maeve deal with Johnny and his attitude.  Later, Maeve tells Mary that she hopes that this extra effort does not prove to be too much for Jack.  Jack expresses his gratitude to Tom for his part in locking him and Mary in the basement.  Tom offers some friendly advice to Johnny and tells him that if he doesn't change his behavior, he may lose Mary for good.  Jack and Maeve discuss Ryan.  As they talk, Jack comes up with an idea to take Mary to Ireland for their honeymoon.  Rae instructs Royal to plant a story about Frank in one of their Albany newspapers.  Roger becomes concerned when he learns that Rae is going to Albany with Frank.  In his first step at reconciling with his son-in-law, Johnny removes the punching bag from the kitchen.

Episode 619

Realizing that the three of them can't live in one room indefinitely, Jack tells Ryan of his plan to rent the adjacent apartment.  Later, as he picks out Ryan's clothes, Jack pleads with Mary to leave Ryan with him for the day.  While Rae is out with Roger, Bill questions Royal on her whereabouts and becomes very jealous when he does not answer.  Ryan makes her first visit to the Genarro Social Club and Uncle Jumbo.  While listening to him plan his family's future, Jumbo is relieved when he realizes that Jack is going to be all right.  Mary thanks Faith for her part and quietly gives her the go ahead to see more of Tom.  When Faith questions Mary about Tom's past, Mary becomes evasive and switches the subject.  Faith realizes more is going on than Mary is willing to admit.  Rae and Roger enjoy their time together before she leaves for Albany.  When Bill learns that Frank is not in his office, he fears the worst; he asks Royal to keep an eye on her and Frank in Albany.

Episode 621

After he gives his speech, Frank is walked through the political minefield by Rae and charms his way into being accepted.  Exhausted by the strike and dealing with Delia, Pat takes two pills to get him going.  When Frank learns that Rae planted a story about him in the Woodard's Albany newspaper, he demands to know what all about it.  When a rejuvenated Pat enters strike headquarters with posters that he has made, Bucky becomes concerned knowing that he was tired just moments earlier.  As Pat does his best to assure him that a cup of coffee and a walk performed wonders, he has a mild auditory hallucination and is bewildered when know one hears the music but him.  Later, Seneca leaves strike headquarters impressed after Pat gives a thorough explanation of their operation.  With Royal eavesdropping in the background, Frank puts Rae in her place.

Episode 622

Mary and Maeve go over wedding plans, clearly excited at the turn of events.  When Jack arrives with the airline tickets, Johnny is in shock that Jack is actually going through with it after all.  Maeve goes through an itinerary for Jack and provides him with details of where they should visit while in Ireland.  Later, Pat arrives and gives everyone an update on the strike.  Noticing his fatigue, Mary suggests to Pat that he skip the wedding and get some needed sleep.  Although he is sad that he will miss the wedding, Pat agrees.  Bill is excited to learn from Royal that nothing is going on between Frank and Rae.  Later, Rae's enthusiasm for Frank triggers Bill's suspicions once again.  When everyone leaves, Bill asks Royal to check the situation further and tell him anything that happens.

Episode 623

As wedding preparations continue, Jack arrives with flowers for the bride and a green Irish boutonniere for Johnny, much to his delight and astonishment.  After Johnny leaves, Maeve tells Jack that she wishes he'd been able to handle Johnny this way from the beginning.  Mary and Frank share a loving brother and sister moment.  Later, Frank tells Mary of his Albany trip and of the newspaper story.  He assures Mary that he put Rae in her place.  Rae lays out her plans for Frank to her friend Polly and tells of her excitement at having a candidate "of her own" for the very first time.  Later, when Roger sees the two of them at lunch he takes the opportunity to invite Rae to dinner and is happy when she accepts.  After a talk with Jack, Maeve tells Mary that she is convinced more than ever that Jack is the right man.  Later, Mary is touched when Jack tells her that he would like to be a part of the Ryan family once again.

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