December 1977 Daily Recaps

Episode 624

Jack arrives for the wedding early, a fact that does not go unnoticed by the rest of the wedding party.  Later, Jack is touched when Maeve tells him that he will be a grand husband and father.  Johnny apologizes to Mary for making things difficult for her and Jack and promises to support her all the way this time.  Pat arrives for the wedding, surprisingly full of energy, which causes concern for Mary and Frank.  As the reception is in full swing, Alicia tells Bob that Pat does not look well; he convinces him to make Pat sit down for a while.  Delia resists Bucky's advice to take Pat home to get some rest.  Maeve sings for Mary and Jack as they wait for the taxi to take them to the airport.  While saying goodbye to the newlyweds, Pat is hit with a wave of exhaustion and convinces Delia to take him home, an action that has Bucky thinking the worst.

Episode 625

As a round of toasts go forth, the group realizes that Tom is terribly drunk, doing his best to not think of Mary and Jack.  When it is clear that he cannot walk home alone, Faith offers to walk home with Tom.  When he leaves, Johnny tries to figure out more about Tom's troubled past from Maeve.  Alicia finds Bill sitting on the side of his bed trying to make calls to find Rae.  When she comes on the line, Bill finds out from Polly that she has not seen Rae since earlier in the afternoon.  Rae thanks Roger for being someone that she can relax with and is grateful when he tells her she can relax with him whenever she likes.  While closing up the bar, Maeve thanks Johnny for accepting Jack and assures him that Tom will find someone for himself.  When Faith delivers Tom to his apartment, she learns something of the mystery surrounding Tom and is intrigued.  When Rae returns to the hospital late in the evening, she makes a major mistake when she tells Bill that she has been with Polly all day, when in actuality, she spent the evening with Roger.

Episode 626

Jill visits Maeve and gives her reasons for not attending the wedding, which has everything to do with not wanting to see Frank.  When Frank brings Rae to meet Maeve, Jill tries to hide her reaction to Rae, though it is clear that she does not like her.  Later, when Rae stakes her claim to Frank's political future, Jill is left upset, although she doesn't fully understand why.  When Frank asks to know if everything is all right, Rae tells him that she believes that she and Jill understood one another very well.  Later, Jill tells Bob of her encounter with Rae and how she is staking a claim on Frank's career.  When a postman delivers a letter from Mary, Maeve shares the letter with the group.  In Ireland, Mary and Jack share a romantic dinner at the Old Ground.

Episode 627

During a strike negotiation session, Clem assures Seneca and Jill that Frank's proposal has the House Association approval.  When they come no closer to an agreement, Frank leaves the Board with a threat that the time has come for some reinforcement.  Johnny shares a letter from Mary and Jack with Bob.  Frank pays a visit to the Woodard's, unaware that Bill is watching him and Rae for any signs of an affair.  When Frank asks them for their support with the hospital strike, he is encouraged when they want to publish a story against the hospital in one of their newspapers.  Rae pays a visit to Jill and Seneca and delivers the news that their papers will be taking a position against them in the strike.  When Jill tells her that press involvement will only make matters worse, Rae tells her that as a journalist, it is her job to find out.

Episode 628

Clem sends an exhausted Pat home to Delia after hours of picketing in cold weather and rain, hoping for him to get some rest.  At home, surrounded by mounds of wallpaper, Delia is desperately wishing Pat were there to help.  Bill confides his suspicions about Rae and Frank to Royal and demands that someone finally finds out the truth.  After reading the Woodard's story about the hospital strike, Marshall demands to know if Seneca realizes how much damage the story is going to do to the strike.  Pat arrives home and is coerced into helping Delia in her futile efforts to hang wallpaper; he has to take another pill to get him going.  Seneca declares that the newspaper story is a piece of cheap political opportunism on Frank's part and fears that Frank may be trying to take credit for the strike coming to an end.

Episode 629

Jill vents her anger about the publicity for the "Ryan Plan" to Rae and tells her that if she does not back down, things could backfire on her candidate.  When Rae accuses Jill of being jealous of Frank, Jill leaves in a temper.  Later, Roger visits Rae and tells her the details of Frank's relationship with Jill; Rae tells him that she hopes Jill marries Dr. Beaulac.  Tom brings Johnny a letter that he received from Mary describing her and Jack's trip to Burren.  Faith arrives in time to hear the letter and later invites Tom to have a sandwich with her.  At Ryan's, Jill squares off with Frank over the "Ryan Plan" and accuses him of political opportunism.  Frank objects to her and tells her it is clear what side she is on.

Episode 630

Hyped on pills, Pat insists on taking a surprised Delia to Coney Island for hotdogs and a walk along beach, in the cold of December.  Rae and Frank lay out the reactions to the "Ryan Plan" to Bill who suggests that they run the story again, but more direct this time.  Later, when both Rae and Frank leave, Rae tells Bill that she loves him, which he has a hard time believing.  On the ride to Coney Island, Delia is delighted when Pat debates the hospital strike with the cab driver and wishes that things with him would always be this way.  Rae makes a date with Roger and agrees to meet him at his apartment.  Before she leaves, she tells Bill that she is going for a walk and that he should not to wait up for her.  When she leaves, Royal informs Bill that she will be followed.  While lying in the sand looking up at the stars, Pat falls into a deep sleep, which worries Delia when she is unable to wake him.  Later, she is alarmed when she sees someone lurking in the darkness watching.

Episode 631

A hysterical Delia explains Pat's condition to a policeman and is relieved when he helps her revive him.  Royal gives Bill more details about the arrangements he's made with the detective.  Faith and Tom discuss how hard it is for Jill to watch him with Rae.  Unaware that a detective is following her, Rae arrives at Roger's and is forced to leave when she finds Faith and Tom sitting on the stoop. Rae refuses to go back to Roger's apartment and insists that he meet her for dinner at Lem's.  When he agrees, she tells him to act as if their meeting were entirely coincidental.  When Pat's strange behavior continues, Delia calls Roger for help and is upset when he is not home.  Roger and Rae have dinner together at Lem's under the watchful eye of the detective.

Episode 632

Delia tells Pat about his behavior at Coney Island and becomes upset when he brushes her worries aside.  Irritated by Delia's constant chatter, Pat takes a pill to get him going as he prepares for work.  As Maeve enjoys Mary's latest letter, Delia arrives in need of counseling and interrupts her.  Maeve uses Countess Markievicz as an example of bravery and courage as she tries to offer Delia advice about Pat.  As Mary and Jack climb toward the grave of Queen Maeve, Mary challenges Jack to a race and wins.

Episode 633

Pat and Bucky hope that the newspaper editorial will persuade the hospital administration to end the strike.  Later, when Seneca arrives in a rage, he demands that Pat call Frank off before his newspaper coverage ruins everything.  Delia arrives at Roger's apartment to ask for help with Pat.  When she finds Rae's earring, she becomes enraged that Roger has another woman in his life besides her.  Pat delivers Seneca's message to Frank and shares his concern that his career is going nowhere.  Maeve reads a letter from Mary describing her and Jack's visit to Wolfe Tone's gravesite.  Roger ignores Delia's demands to know who the other woman is and promises to look in on Pat at his earliest opportunity.  After hearing Mary's letter, Pat is more determined than ever to stand by what he believes is right, regardless of the personal price that he will have to pay.

Episode 634

Rae tells Bill that she is going for a walk and actually plans to meet Roger.  When she leaves, Bill reads over a report from the detective detailing her whereabouts the night before.  Tom confides to the strikers that things are going in their favor.  When a reporter accidentally takes a picture of Tom, Tom pries the camera away from him and destroys the film.  Jumbo shares a letter from Mary and Jack about their trip to the races.  Rae arrives at Rogers and is happy that he has her missing earring.  Bill calls Ryan headquarters and learns that Frank is out of the office.  Believing Rae to be with Frank, Bill is relieved when Frank arrives and asks for a few minutes of his time.  Tom evades Faith's questions about not having his picture taken.  Rae reminds Roger that now is not the time to allow their feelings to get them in trouble.  Bill demands to know whom Rae is with and tells Royal that he would like the detective's report on his desk first thing in the morning.

Episode 635

Rae tells Bill that she went for a walk and continues to lie to him when he observes that she is too warm to have been walking in the cold.  Later, Bill receives a phone call from Royal informing him that Rae spent the afternoon with Roger Coleridge.  Mary persuades Jack to spend the afternoon shopping in Dublin.  Bill continues asking Rae of how she spent the afternoon, forcing her into a massive series of lies.  Moments later, Frank arrives, heading off what is sure to be a full-blown confrontation.  When Rae leaves the room, Bill tells Frank that one of his most trusted people is lying to him and asks Frank's suggestion at what he should do.  Mary and Jack share a romantic journey on St. Stephen's Green in Ireland.  Frank gathers more details from Bill regarding his betrayer and counsels him to find out if what he suspects is right, then act firmly and quickly - not knowing that the person that they are speaking of is Rae.

Episode 636

With the strike close to an end, Jill and Seneca feel that the hospital was blackmailed into making a settlement by public pressure that would not have occurred if Frank Ryan weren't running for office.  Mary and Jack explore Marion Square and have mass in Dublin.  Speaking for the hospital, Jill lays out the hospital's offer, which is shockingly similar to the "Ryan Plan."  When Jack and Mary tour the National Gallery, Jack finds a portrait of a young child that reminds him of Ryan which makes him want to go home.  Seneca and Marshall defend the hospital's 100 year-old disciplinary system and tell Frank that to undercut it now, even for Pat and Faith, would destroy it.  Frank tells them that he cannot recommend settlement to the members of the House Association with Faith and Pat paying the price of the settlement.  Knowing that it is the best solution for everyone, Marshall gives in, leaving everyone pleased that the strike is over.  Later, when Jill accuses the Woodard's of using the strike to gain leverage for their client, Frank refuses to acknowledge his personal stake in the situation, leaving Jill furious.

Episode 637

Jill tells Seneca how Frank is allowing himself to be led around by Rae.  When she continues to rant about her disappointment in him, Seneca does nothing to discourage her.  Pat arrives home full of energy and tells Delia that the strike is over.  Later, when he is unable to calm down, Delia becomes nervous when she notices his hands shaking and offers him one of her tranquilizers to help him sleep.  Jill finds out that the Hospital Association has decided to accept the Board's proposal.  Later, Jill admits to Seneca that her priorities now lie with him and Edmund.  Taking this as a positive sign, he proposes to Jill, who becomes dizzy and admits that she is coming down with a head cold.  Delia reads a letter from Mary that describes a trip to the glass factory at Waterford and wishes that she and Pat were in Ireland.  When Delia pushes Pat about a vacation, Pat realizes that one tranquilizer won't be enough and he takes another.  Jill is grateful to Seneca when he offers to stay and care for her and Edmund while she recovers from her cold.

Episode 638

Seneca takes care of Jill and Edmund, and tells her that he would like to make her life as pleasant as he can.  At the hospital, Seneca welcomes the returning strikers back to work and expresses his pleasure that Pat's situation worked out for the best.  Pat thanks him, but draws unwanted attention when his hands start to shake.  Later, when Pat goes to the medicine cabinet to take another pill, he has a panic attack when the door won't open and puts his arm through the glass window.  Maeve and Johnny are proud of both Pat and Frank with the way things turned out at the hospital strike.  Later, both are surprised when, while reading a letter from Mary, they learn that Jack has not only kissed the Blarney stone, but was a big hit with Maeve's family as well.  Pat lies to Bucky about what happened and tells him that he fell against the door.

Episode 639

Roger worries Delia when he arrives at her apartment and confirms her suspicions that something is wrong with Pat and that he may be doing drugs.  When Delia tells him of the tranquilizer that Pat took the night before, Roger warns her to be careful with Pat before she makes things worse.  Royal tells Bill that arrangements have been made to place a bug in Roger's apartment through a phony exterminator company.  Later, after Faith lets the exterminator in, she reads a letter from Mary describing their trip to the Dingle peninsula.  Later, Delia is further concerned when Pat hears music and becomes confused that she does not hear it as well.  Roger returns home to find the exterminator there and is perplexed because they were there days ago.  When Bill leaves for his therapy appointment, Rae calls Roger and makes a date.

Episode 640

Mary disguises herself as a man so that she and Jack can go to a "men only" bar.  Jill admits to Seneca that, although she still has feelings for Frank, he has gone his way and that she must go her way as well.  When he proposes, Jill tells Seneca that she is unwilling to commit to marriage, but agrees to live together.  When Mary's disguise fails, she and Jack get permission from the bartender to stay and enjoy a drink.  Later, when she notices a picture of Tom on the wall, she yells to Jack, drawing unwanted attention.  Seneca and Jill get into an argument when he assumes that she will be the one to change apartments, but it is quickly settled when Seneca agrees to move.  Unaware of what they are doing, Mary and Jack reveal to the wrong people that Tom is living in New York.  Later, Red pays a visit to Liam to tell him of the two Americans that visited the bar and gives him news that he has been waiting years to hear - that they are closer to finding Tom O'Brien.

Episode 641

Liam learns where he may be able to find Tom O'Brien a.k.a. Tom Desmond.  After hearing a brief part of a letter from Mary, Tom admits that he is homesick, but tells Faith that there is no chance of making a visit.  Rae arrives for an afternoon of pleasure at Roger's, unaware that their every word is being recorded.  Alicia visits a gloomy Bill and is unable to change his mood.  While Faith and Tom spend time with Ryan, he gets her to talk about herself to prevent her from asking questions about his past.  When she mistakenly brings up the subject of his past, Faith apologizes to Tom and promises to never mention Ireland again.  Alicia brings Angel to visit Bill, which helps him to forget about his problems with Rae.  As the tape recorder rolls, Roger tells Rae that he is willing to do whatever is necessary to please her.

Episode 642

As his shift comes to an end, Pat fights the urge to take a pill.  Later, Bucky is worried when Pat tells him that he is just "coming down" and gives a bad explanation to what he means.  Alicia apologizes to Bucky for the bad feelings that she had toward him because he is rich.  She comes to the realization that because someone has money does not mean that they are a bad person.  Later, Bob arrives and finds her having a good time with Bucky and becomes jealous.  Pat arrives home to find Delia in the middle of moving the furniture around and becomes furious when she asks him to help her.  Bob admits to Alicia his jealousy at seeing her with Bucky.  As he tries to explain his feelings for her and his reasons for never marrying, Alicia is called to an emergency, leaving Bob feeling frustrated.  A pathetic Delia apologizes to Pat for moving the furniture and eventually makes him feel sorry for her.  When Delia takes advantage of Pat's sympathy, Pat has to take a pill in order to cope.

Episode 643

Faith gives Tom the history of her relationship with the Ryans and what falling in love with Pat meant to her.  Later, both in good spirits, they head into the bar and walk into Delia and Pat.  Seneca arrives at Jill's apartment with suitcases, champagne, and flowers and tells her that he wants to move in before she changes her mind.  Rae and Roger enjoy their freedom together and the fact that no one will find out their secret.  Watching Delia with Pat, Tom feels that Delia is devoted to Pat, but learns from Faith that Delia is a very selfish person.  Later, as Delia smothers Pat with an over abundance of affection, Pat watches Faith with Tom and trembles with rage.  Faith admits to Tom her anger at Pat choosing Delia over her, but tells him she understands Pat's reasons.  When he asks her if Pat will ever leave Delia, Faith regretfully answers that he may want to, but he will never be able to.  During their first night living together, Jill makes a toast to their son; Seneca toasts, but fully aware that Edmund is not his son.  Frank confesses to Rae that he is working so hard because it helps him not think about Jill.

Episode 644

Roger talks to himself out loud about Delia's failure, but rejoices that at least he has Rae.  Meanwhile, his every word is being recorded.  Royal picks up the first cassette from the detective.  Roger calls Rae to make plans for their next date.  Royal takes Bill the cassette and tries to convince him that the relationship between Rae and Roger does not mean anything to Rae.  Bob questions Pat about his behavior and is astonished when Pat turns his anger on Delia.  When Bob tries to speak on Delia's behalf, Pat tells him that he has no right to interfere and storms out to return to work.  When he leaves, Delia tells Bob that she fears what Pat will do next.  Roger is flustered when Bill asks him and Rae to lunch and regretfully tells him that he has patients to attend to.  Later, when he is alone Bill listens to the tape and overhears the first phrases of a love scene between Rae and Roger.

Episode 645

Bill cries out while listening to a love scene between Rae and Roger.  When the moment becomes too painful, he sends for Rae.  Bucky is alarmed when a furious and irrational Pat storms into the staff lounge moments after his exchange with Bob and Delia.  When Bucky offers Pat advice, Pat turns his anger on Bucky and storms off again.  Bill leads Rae into an entanglement of lies, before accusing her of having an affair with Roger, which Rae denies.  Roger tries to find out about Pat and leaves in a rage when Bucky refuses to tell him anything.  Alone, Pat hears music again.  As Rae continues to deny her affair with Roger, Bill lets her hear the proof.  While begging for forgiveness, Rae becomes concerned when Bill rises from the bed and demands that she leave his room.  As severe pain radiates through Bill, Rae pleads with him to go to bed, before it is too late.

Episode 646

When the pain subsides, Bill tells Rae that once he is better, she will be free to live the rest of her life with Roger.  Refusing to accept his dismissal, Rae continues to stand her ground, which angers Bill and causes a massive heart attack.  Frustrated that he cannot reach Pat, Bucky urges Faith to talk to him.  Struggling to make it through the day, Pat takes two pills to keep going.  Emergency treatment is begun on Bill as Rae watches in the background.  A worried Faith pays a visit to Pat hoping to reminisce about what their lives would be like if they had each other.  Clem finds Rae and tells her that Bill's chances for survival are not good.  When she goes to see him, the sight of Bill strikes Rae, but she does not forget to retrieve the cassette from the recorder.  Later, Clem delivers the grim news to Rae that Bill probably won't make it through the next 48 hours.

Episode 647

With no change in Bill's condition, Rae decides to stay in the waiting room so as to not upset him further.  When Frank tries to offer her some hope, Rae tells him that Bill is dying and asks Frank to wait it out with her.  When Royal arrives, Rae shows him that tape and tells him that he will be interested to know that the results of his spying were instrumental in Bill's heart attack.  Trying desperately to avoid taking more pills, Pat is pressured when a frightened Delia visits him in the staff lounge.  As Delia does her helpless routine, Pats demands that she go home.  In a moment of anger, Pat gives Delia a hard shove, which sends her reeling into Roger's arms.  Rae orders Royal to close down the surveillance by the private detective and for his trouble, tells him to choose the job of his choice, as long as it is out of town.  When Roger arrives, Rae tells him the truth behind Bill's attack and that she cannot see him anymore.  Outside of Rae's room, Jill has heard everything and is in shock.

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