January 1978 Daily Recaps

Episode 648

Finding Jill outside of the hospital room and knowing that they have been overheard, Rae carries on as if nothing has happened and goes to visit Bill.  When she leaves, Roger learns from Jill how much she has overheard.  Faith tells Johnny her concern for Pat, and learns from him that Mary and Jack are expected home any moment now.  Confident that he can hear her, Rae makes a heartfelt plea to Bill about the love she feels for him.  Unable to speak, Bill offers Rae a weak kiss on the cheek moments before dying.  Mary and Jack land in New York.  Jack calls with news that they are home and are going through customs.  Rae tells Roger and Frank that Bill is dead and thanks them for their sympathy.  Jill arrives in horror and watches as Frank comforts Rae, knowing that she and Roger were having an affair.  When Roger tells her that Bill is dead, Jill cannot help but to feel sympathy for Rae.

Episode 649

Pat apologizes to Delia for losing his temper.  When she starts with her pathetic routine, Pat has trouble dealing with her and finds himself in need of a pill.  In light of the new information that she has about Rae, Jill tells Seneca how upset she is about Rae and Frank's relationship.  Rae tells Frank how grateful she is that he is in her life.  Pat tells Delia that he needs her to grow up and learn to take some responsibility for her own life.  When she becomes hysterical with fear, Pat breaks away and leaves.  Jill admits to Seneca her hope that with Bill gone, Frank will distance himself from Rae.  Rae tells Frank that she will continue to support Bill's dream and back him one hundred percent on his race to Congress.  Pat finds refuge in Bucky's quarters and escapes questioning when Bucky is called to neurology.  Delia sets out to find Pat and bring him home.

Episode 650

A semi-hysterical Delia arrives in neurology looking for Pat and accuses Clem and Bucky of lying when they say that they have not seen him.  When she leaves, Bucky tells Clem that Pat is resting and that he is extremely worried about him.  In Bucky's room, Pat is in serious trouble.  Mary and Jack arrive home to a joyous reunion.  Mary learns from Maeve of Bill Woodard's death and wonders what this will mean to Frank's future.  After enjoying dinner together at Faith's apartment, Tom and Faith's near kiss is interrupted by Delia, who barges in demanding to see Pat.  Seeing Tom instead of Pat, Delia leaves.  Johnny's toast to Mary and Jack's return is interrupted by Delia, who arrives looking for Pat, and is encouraged to try the hospital again.  Unable to cope on his own, Pat leaves the room in search of Bucky's help.  As he stumbles out of the room, Delia finds him and begs him to come home.  Trying to get away, Pat enters the stairwell begging Delia to leave him alone for one night.  When Delia continues to plead, Pat shoves her away and is horrified when she falls backwards down the stairs.

Episode 651

Fearing Delia is hurt, Pat goes to the neurology department for help.  When Roger asks him what has happened, Pat tells him about Delia's fall and his fear that he has killed her.   Frank catches Mary up to date on what she has missed while in Ireland. He tells her that Jill has made up her mind about what she wants and there is nothing that he can do about it.  Jill tells Seneca that she is happier now than she has ever been in her life.  Pat blames himself as he watches Clem treating Delia.  Later, Roger offers to write up the accident report in an effort to question Pat.  When alone, Pat tells Roger the truth about his pill addiction.  Mary asks Frank if all of the long hours that he has been putting in at the office are helping him keep his mind off of Jill.  Pat solicits Roger's help with his addiction, but demands that they start after he finds out Delia's fate.  Delia's condition takes a turn for the worse.

Episode 652

Pat watches while Roger and Clem fight to save Delia.  Later in a fit of delirium, Delia relays to Pat how much she needs him - which only serves to trouble him more.  When Mary and Jack give Maeve one of the gifts they bought her from Ireland, Mary hints to Jack that the time has come for him to give Johnny his special gift.  Later, Mary tells Maeve how much it means to her that Jack has opened up and is allowing people to love him.  Jack presents his gift to Johnny.  Delia accuses Pat of not loving her, which makes him feel extremely guilty.  When Roger overhears their conversation, he wonders if it is real or part of Delia's manipulative scheming.  Jack and Johnny make a guarded step toward reconciliation.  Pat arrives at the Ryan's with news about Delia.  In her incoherent state, Delia babbles about Alicia and the miscarriage, giving Roger more information than he needed.

Episode 653

Roger presses an incoherent Delia for more information about the miscarriage, but gets nowhere.  Alicia takes care of Bill's personal belongings, leaving Rae thoroughly impressed with her.  When Polly visits, Rae learns just how long Bill knew about her and Roger and tells Polly that no matter what the cost, she refuses to give up on her plans for Frank.  Later, Rae calls Roger to say goodbye and to get some information on Alicia.  Bob visits Delia who is so heartsick that she cannot hold a conversation about anything.  When he suggests to her that she take a trip alone, a shaken Delia cries out that she only wants to make things right with Pat.  Roger intercepts Pat on his way to visit Delia and asks some questions about Delia's miscarriage.  Later, Roger watches Pat in his heroic struggle as he prepares to face Delia.  When he enters, Delia expresses the desperate love that she feels for him and is grateful when Pat answers in kind.  Roger seeks answers from Alicia.

Episode 654

Maeve discusses Delia's injuries with Bucky and Faith and what they will mean to them.  Later, Faith struggles with her love and concern for Pat and is determined not to allow herself to get too close to the matter - for her own sake.  A frustrated Roger fails when he tries to learn the truth about Ms. Brown from Alicia and walks away feeling more suspicious than ever.  Jill tells Faith about her living arrangements with Seneca and becomes unnerved when Faith defends Frank.  Later, Faith tells Jill about her feelings for Tom and receives nothing but support.  Bucky delivers to Angel the news that he can go home in a week and draws a picture of his foot for one last test.  Later, Bucky warns Alicia about Roger, telling her that any information that Roger is trying to get from her is for Roger's benefit only.  Maeve takes her worries about Delia to Father McShane, who has more reason to worry than Maeve because he knows more than any of them.  Roger questions Bucky and finds out that Alicia last worked in OB-GYN before coming to the Neurology department.

Episode 655

A well rested Pat thanks Roger for allowing him time to get himself together.  Later, Roger finds out from Pat the exact date that he and Delia were married.  Alone, Pat tells Bucky the truth about his addiction.  Roger goes to the record's office to get Mrs. Brown's file and is furious when the supervisor denies him access.  Bucky takes Angel boxes of shoes to celebrate his getting out of the hospital.  Rae calls Alicia and requests a meeting.  Pat describes the weird reactions that he is having trying to come down from the drugs and learns from Bucky that with all of the coffee that he has been drinking that he may have cross-poisoned himself.  Rae asks Alicia to be her new personal assistant and offers her double the salary that she is making now as well as a ton of fringe benefits.  Overwhelmed at the offer, Alicia tells her that she will think about.  A flirtatious Roger is able to charm one of the female records clerk into letting him read Mrs. Brown's file --  he learns that Delia has been an incredibly naughty girl.

Episode 656

Roger corners Alicia about Delia's miscarriage, but she refuses to confirm or deny what she knows.  Frank provides moral support to Rae as she deals with a very ambitious undertaker who tries to sell her a bronze casket.  When Pat tells Faith about his addiction, she sympathizes with him while trying to control her involvement.  In an effort to help Rae through her grief, Frank jokes about the bronze casket and is awarded when after laughing for awhile, Rae allows herself to mourn.  Faith tells Roger that even if Delia had not been pregnant, Pat would have found a reason to marry her.  When Roger tells her that the marriage has to be as bad for Delia as it is for Pat, Faith says that it will take an act of God to get Pat out of it.

Episode 657

Seneca tries to make things better between him and Bucky, telling him that he is close to revealing the truth to Jill about Edmund.  Bucky tells him that hopes that he won't live to regret the decisions that he has made. Jill arrives at Ryan's to pick up Edmund and is crushed when Frank arrives with Rae.  Mary visits Tom with news about Ireland and throws him off guard when she tells him that they saw his picture in a Limerick bar.  Jack receives a phone call from a stranger looking for a Tom O'Brien.  Concerned that he has been found out, Tom thoroughly questions Mary and is relieved when she assures him that they did not say anything to anyone that could give his new location away.  Frank is shaken but recovers quickly when he learns from Jill that she and Seneca are living together.  Later, Frank tells Mary that Jill and Seneca's marriage may be for Edmund.  Jill delivers the news to Seneca that they have Frank's blessing.  Rae tells the Ryan's that she is grateful to them in her time of need.  Jill tells Seneca that she is happy with the direction that her life is headed and knows that they are doing the right thing.

Episode 658

Roger tries to confront Delia with the knowledge of her trap of Pat and the miscarriage, but realizes that she is still too sick to discuss it rationally.  Alicia tells Bob of Rae's offer. She becomes concerned when Bob tells her that she should not accept the job without clearly thinking it through.  The morning of Bill's funeral, Royal delivers the rest of the private investigator cassettes to Rae.  When she tells him that his new position is based solely on his job performance, Royal pockets a cassette to be used as collateral.  Roger questions Pat about his and Delia's relationship and gains more insight about the miscarriage.  Delia becomes hysterical when she has a nightmare about losing Pat.  Shaken by Bob's analysis of Rae, Alicia is determined to weigh all the options before taking the job, even though she can use the money.  Frank arrives to take Rae to the funeral and is taken aback when Rae asks him to remove her wedding ring and have it placed in the coffin with Bill.  Pat manages to calm Delia as Roger listens.

Episode 659

Rae takes Frank to a Hungarian restaurant that she and Bill loved.  Seneca arrives to take Jill out to dinner and tells her that it is time that they visit the violinist that serenaded her at the Hungarian restaurant.  Tom and Faith play in the snow enjoying one another's company.  Feeling relaxed, Faith presses Tom and succeeds in getting information about the former love of his life.  Liam arrives at Ryan's looking for Tom.   Jill misunderstands the nature of Frank and Rae's relationship when she sees Frank holding Rae's hands to keep her from crying.  Seneca probes Jill about her feelings for Frank.  He is encouraged by her answer and proposes again.  Slyly, Liam questions Kevin about Tom and learns that a Tom Desmond fits the description of the man that he has been seeking.  Tom and Faith share their first real kiss in the park.  Jill accepts Seneca's proposal. He tells her that there is one more thing that she should know.

Episode 660

With the funeral behind her, Rae tells Frank of Bill's plans - to take him to the Senate.  Jack takes steps to turn the apartment next door into a nursery for Ryan.  In celebration, Mary convinces Jack to let her plan a dinner party where Faith and Tom are the guests.  Seneca tells Bucky about Jill's reaction to the news about Edmund and fears her next move - telling Frank.  Rae tells Frank that everything is set in place for his campaign.  Remembering Bill, Rae has a weak moment in which Frank takes her into his arms to console her.  Jill arrives to tell Frank the truth and finds Rae in his arms.  Mary visits Faith and invites her and Tom to dinner.  Later, Faith tells Mary that her hesitation with Tom has a lot to do with Pat - and Delia.  Jill misinterprets Rae and Frank's embrace and leaves.  Later, Jill tells Faith the truth about Edmund and that Rae Woodard is not going to affect her son's life.  Faith wonders what Frank will do when he finds out.

Episode 661

As Jill thinks over marrying Seneca, he struggles with deciding whether or not to tell Jill the truth.  Liam tries to get Tom's address and phone number from the phone company and is furious when he learns that Tom has an unlisted number.  Tom enjoys Faith's company as they thaw out from their adventure in the snow.  Seneca fantasizes about what life as Edmund's father will be like when he gets older.  Later, Jill finds Seneca and Edmund and assumes that something is wrong with Edmund since they are in the living room in the middle of the night.  Tom assures Faith that they have something special, but advises that they take it slow.  Liam calls the hospital operator and tricks her into giving him Tom's home address.  Seneca tells Jill how much he loves her in hopes of preparing her for the truth - that Frank Ryan is Edmund's father.

Episode 662

Seneca explains to Jill how and when he learned of Edmund's paternity and his reasons for not telling her sooner.  Jill is outraged and offended when she realizes that Seneca has been lying to her for the past nine months.  Pat pays a visit to Delia in the hospital and distraught when she begs him not to leave her.  An angry Jill tells Seneca that she hates him and returns his ring to him before she throws him out.  Pat tells Frank about his addiction and cross poisoning and the fact that he feels responsible for Delia's fall.  Frank reminds him that Delia is guilty of a little pushing herself.  Jill tells Seneca that she is going to confront Frank about Edmund being his son.  Frank reassures Pat about his life and tells him that it will get back on course.  Jill braves herself for what she has to do.

Episode 663

With the funeral behind her, Rae tells Frank of Bill's plans - to take him to the Senate.  Jack takes steps to turn the apartment next door into a nursery for Ryan.  In celebration, Mary convinces Jack to let her plan a dinner party where Faith and Tom are the guests.  Seneca tells Bucky about Jill's reaction to the news about Edmund and fears her next move - telling Frank.  Rae tells Frank that everything is set in place for his campaign.  Remembering Bill, Rae has a weak moment in which Frank takes her into his arms to console her.  Jill arrives to tell Frank the truth and finds Rae in his arms.  Mary visits Faith and invites her and Tom to dinner.  Later, Faith tells Mary that her hesitation with Tom has a lot to do with Pat - and Delia.  Jill misinterprets Rae and Frank's embrace and leaves.  Later, Jill tells Faith the truth about Edmund and that Rae Woodard is not going to affect her son's life.  Faith wonders what Frank will do when he finds out.

Episode 664

Tom makes plans to pick up Faith for the dinner party.  Liam locates Tom's building and watches angrily from the entranceway as Tom leaves for the evening.  A pathetic Delia pours out her agony to Father McShane.  She tells him that Pat not only pushed her, but that she fears she is going crazy.  Faith and Tom arrive for the dinner party with Mary and Jack.  Alone, Tom tells Mary that he is happy for her and Jack and Mary tells him that she believes that his time has come.  Liam pays for a handgun and waits for it to be delivered.  Roger consults Father McShane about what he has learned about Delia and admits his role in her nervous breakdown.  Father McShane warns him that if Pat does find out the truth about Delia that he will leave her - an act that will definitely send Delia over the edge.  Jack seeks advice from Faith about whether or not to allow Ryan to have a pacifier.  Faith appreciates his concern and tells him that she would not be surprised if he turns out to be the best father that ever lived.

Episode 665 (NOTE: The date was referred to as January 27th on-air in this episode.)

After a black tie function at Gracie Mansion, Frank and Rae share a late night drink at Rae's apartment.  Seneca arrives at Jill's to pick up the rest of his things and has a moment with Edmund when Jill arrives.  At Faith's house, Tom tells Faith that he finally sees that Jack and Mary are right together and admits to her that he is finally over Mary.  Later, as Faith asks Tom to tell her about the trouble that he has fallen into, Liam waits outside of Tom's apartment with the gun wondering if he is ever coming home.  Jill tells Seneca that it is unfair of him to try and spend time with Edmund and declines to make peace with him.  Seneca tells Jill that he would appreciate knowing how things turn out when Frank finds out the truth.  Jill makes plans with Georgia to wait for Frank at his office.  Rae makes a play for Frank as she offers him a second drink.  Tom tells Faith considerably more about himself than she has ever heard before.  Restless and cold, Liam continues to wait outside of Tom's apartment.  Jill lets herself into Frank's office.  Rae and Frank come to an understanding about their future together - that is will be only a business relationship.  Later, when Jill and Frank come face-to-face, she tells him that she needs to talk to him and that it is important.

Episode 666

Frank shares a happy memory with Jill from their past, moments before finding out that Edmund is really his son.  Delia admits to Maeve that she got pregnant with Little John on purpose.  When Maeve tries to reassure her about the things that she fears are going wrong in her life, Delia has trouble accepting the reassurance.  Jill admits to Frank that Seneca has known the truth about Edmund since he was six weeks old.  After Frank gets over his initial anger, he asks Jill what they are going to do next.  Maeve shares her concern for Delia with Faith.  Later, when Faith tells Maeve that Tom still has not revealed his secret, Maeve tells her that she will be a lot safer if she does not know.  Tom arrives home, unaware that his life is in danger.  Liam's attempt to kill Tom fails when his gun goes through a series of misfires - although he refuses to give up.  Jill and Frank have a moment to reach out to one another but allow the moment to pass.  Later, Frank and Jill agree to think things over before deciding how they are to handle family life with Edmund.

Episode 667

Frank shocks Johnny when he tells him the truth about Edmund.  Jill tells Faith that she told Frank the truth, but is unsure as to how he took it.  Johnny can't deal with the fact that Seneca lied to them all these months and is furious with the thought that he was trying to take his grandson away from him.  Later, Frank tells him that any thought of family life is null and void because Jill does not want anything to do with him.  Jill tells Faith that although Frank knows the truth they have no chance whatsoever of being a family.  Later, Faith and Pat spend quality time together in the staff lounge.  A distressed begs Clem to find Pat and send him in to see her, but he refuses.  When he leaves, Delia puts on her robe and slipper and sets out to find him on her own.  Faith mentions to Pat that Mary and Jack invited her and Tom to their house for dinner.  Delia stalks back to her room after she overhears Pat and Faith talking.  Later, Delia obtains the name of the head of Pediatrics from Clem and begins a letter.  Johnny finds Maeve awake in the middle of the night and tells her that Edmund is their grandson and that Jill can use all of the support that she can get.

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