February 1978 Daily Recaps

Episode 668

Frank calls Jill to thank her for her effort the night before.  Bob learns from Bucky that Delia's condition is improving.  Alicia delivers the news to Bob and Bucky that she has turned in her resignation and is now working as Rae's assistant.  Later, Bob watches as Bucky helps Alicia with her first assignment.  Maeve visits Jill and tells her that Seneca has a lot to answer for.  When Jill doubts their future, Maeve tells her that in order for her and Frank to make it work, they both have to be willing to take the first step.  When Rae arrives to discuss with Frank whether or not he will run for Senate, Frank tells her that there is something that she needs to know first.  Pat consults with Fr. McShane about Delia's being too dependent upon him and is told that the only way that she is going to learn to stand on her own to feet is if Pat stops coddling her and gives her the chance.  Frank tells Rae the truth about Edmund and fears that this news could possibly hurt his campaign.  Rae discusses some options with him and tells him that she plans to stand by him regardless of what happens.

Episode 669

Faith is reprimanded by the head of pediatrics in response to Delia's letter. She is  told to stay as far away from Delia as possible, for the sake of her career.  Bucky reminds Seneca about Roger and the fact that he blackmailed his way back onto the staff. He is satisfied when Seneca sets up a meeting with Roger.  Later, after grilling Roger about his personal behavior over the past couple months, Seneca permits Roger to stay on at Riverside hospital and tells him that the terms of the blackmail are behind them.  Faith tells Roger about Delia and the letter of reprimand and garners his support as she prepares to tell Delia just what she thinks of her.  Later, Roger and Faith visit a bewildered Delia who is hurt when Roger refuses to come to her aide.  After a bitter tirade on Delia's part, Faith leaves Delia's room with the satisfaction that she said exactly what she came to say.  Delia demands to know why Roger refused to defend her and is shocked when Roger tells her that what Faith said to her is the truth and that there is definitely more of it that she needs to hear.

Episode 670

Faith visits Tom in hopes of blowing off steam about Delia.  Delia is horrified when Roger demands that she stop lying about being Mrs. Brown.  When Delia continues to lie, Roger tells her that he has learned about the miscarriage and that he is going to tell Pat immediately.  Frank fills Jack in on his situation with Jill and the fact that he is Edmund's father.  Later, Frank is shaken when Jack suggests that he visit Edmund in order to take his feelings into consideration.  Faith shares some of her childhood with Tom, as the two grow closer.  Liam takes the gun back and threatens the bartender to produce one that works by nightfall.  A pathetic Delia pleads with Roger and offends him when she offers to have a sexual relationship with him in order to stop him from telling Pat the truth.  Refusing to take the bait, Roger heads to the door and is stopped when Delia cries out in pain.  She has fallen out of the bed and cannot see anything.

Episode 671

Roger tries to calm Delia who cannot see.  Later, Clem is stunned when he does a quick test on Delia and is nearly convinced that she is not faking her symptoms.  Frank visits Edmund and Jill.  As the two are close to reaching a truce, Seneca arrives - uninvited.  Alicia tells Rae of the perfect apartment that she has found for her.  Later, as Rae discusses Frank's problems with Alicia, she comes up with the perfect plan.  Delia persuades Roger to not go through with his plan to tell Pat, at least for now.  After sending Little John in with Miriam, Frank confronts Seneca about his behavior and tells him what he thinks of him.

Episode 672

When Faith visits Roger for an update on his meeting with Delia, she is disgusted when she learns from Roger that Delia is suffering from hysterical blindness.  Seneca apologizes to Jill for allowing his judgment of Frank to keep him from telling her the truth.  When he asks that she not give up on him, Jill is shaken.  Roger and Faith fill Pat in on Delia's letter and the fact that she is blind.  When a concerned Pat rushes to her bedside, Delia continues to lie to him.  A heartbroken Bob arrives to see Delia; he stresses to Pat that Delia now needs his and the entire Ryan family's support as well.  At dinner, Tom surprises Faith with presents.

Episode 673

Frank fills Maeve in on his confrontation with Seneca.  Bob enters with news of Delia's blindness.  Home from dinner, Tom and Faith waltz in the kitchen as Liam arrives outside of Tom's apartment with a gun in hand.  An emotional Bob pours his heart out to Maeve and pleads with her and Johnny to take Delia in until she recovers.  Maeve agrees tentatively, as she leaves to visit Delia.  Seneca arrives at Bucky's quarters with a bottle of scotch to drown his sorrows over the fact that he is losing Jill and Edmund.  He tells Bucky that Frank is just another opportunistic politician that will hurt Jill the first moment he gets.  Frank tells Bob about his trouble with Jill and gives him the good news that he is on the road to the Senate.  As Liam waits for him, Tom pleads with Faith to not send him home.

Episode 674

Liam curses Tom for making him wait for him.  Tom continues his romantic pursuit of Faith, trying desperately to convince her to not send him home.  Frank arrives at Jack's apartment to consult with him about the Jill, Edmund, and Rae situation.  Jack tells him that Rae fights for what she wants and she wants to see Frank as Senator.  Rae continues to make plans for her and Frank.  When an emergency phone call interrupts Tom and Faith, Tom goes to the hospital with her.  Still waiting, Liam is stuck out in the rain.  Jack advises Frank to try and get back together with Jill.  Rae confides to Alicia her hopes that Frank will leave Jill and the baby behind.  Tom insists on waiting at the hospital with Faith.  A cold and wet Liam refuses to give up and is determined to complete his mission.

Episode 675

Maeve tells Bob that Delia and Pat will come home to them.  Rae arrives at Ryans looking for Frank and finally meets Bob.  An emotional Delia begs Roger to not tell Pat the truth in fear that he will leave her and go straight to Faith.  When Faith finds Tom asleep in his office, she goes to wake him and is shocked when he almost attacks her out of fear.  Later, Faith and Tom make a date for tomorrow evening.  At her pleading, Roger promises Delia that he will keep his mouth shut for the time being.  Later, Delia is ecstatic at the prospect of going to the Ryans when she is released from the hospital.  Frank and Jill make progress toward a more realistic understanding of each other's feelings.  Rae discusses Frank's campaign with Maeve and Bob and the fact that Frank's current situation could prove to be disastrous.  To get things moving in the right direction, she offers to take Bob and Frank to Washington for a big political dinner.

Episode 676

Jill prepares for Edmund's birthday party.  After not hearing from Frank, Jill tells Faith that she fears something is wrong.  Rae surprises Frank with plans for dinner in Washington.  While waiting for Bob, Alicia expresses her gratitude to Bucky for his help in the apartment search for Rae.  Bucky uses this as a chance to get to know her better.  As Bob prepares for his date with Alicia, Frank calls him with the news of Washington and that Rae's car will be there to pick him up shortly.  When they leave, Georgia finds Edmund's present and realizes that he has forgotten about the party.  Bob cancels dinner with Alicia, which leaves her open for dinner with Bucky.  As the trio heads off to the airport, Frank is hit with the feeling that he has forgotten something.  As Jill worries about Frank, Seneca arrives at her door with a present for Edmund.

Episode 677

Maeve, Jack, and Mary discuss Frank's situation and what they think he will do about it.  Pat brings Delia home.  As Jill tries to convince Seneca that it is unfair of him to continue dropping in on their lives, Georgia calls and tells Jill that Frank is on his way to Washington.  Later, Jill tells Faith that she was a fool to believe that Frank would drop his career for them.  Faith invites Seneca in when she finds him waiting on her doorstep.  Tom arrives at Faith's, unaware of being followed by Liam.  Delia enjoys time with the family before she goes upstairs to rest.  Later, Mary tells Jack that Delia is right back where she wants to be, in the center of attention.  Wearing a raincoat similar to Tom's, Seneca leaves the apartment and is shot in the back.

Episode 678

After a quick examination, Roger tells Faith that he hopes Seneca makes it through the night.  Rae, Bob, and Frank celebrate the success of their dinner with the National Committee Chairman.  The mood is spoiled when Frank realizes that he's missed Edmund's party.  Later, Frank calls Jill to apologize and is rejected when she accuses him of putting his career first.  Seneca receives emergency treatment and is found to be in very bad shape.  Roger suggests to Faith that she calls Bucky and Jill.  Tom tells Faith of his fear that the bullet was actually meant for him.  Jill arrives to see Seneca and is shaken when after telling her that he loves her, she fears that he's died.

Episode 679

Bucky and Alicia arrive at the emergency room and find out that Seneca is fighting for his life.  Jill fills him in on the details, as Bucky braves a visit.  Delia receives reassurance from Johnny and Pat.  Later, she convinces Pat to sing her a song to help her sleep.  Bucky struggles for control as he appraises his uncle's condition.  After apologizing to Seneca, he tells him that he loves him.  When Jill arrives back at his bedside, Seneca is moved when Jill cries and tells him that she never doubted his love for her.  Tom arrives at Mary's with news of Seneca's injury.  Johnny expresses his concern to Pat that Roger is not the best friend for Delia to have.  Later, he tells Pat that the best way for Delia to get better is for them to stop coddling her. Confused, Pat leaves to visit Father McShane.  Tom explains to Mary that the bullet was meant for him and begs her to tell him again exactly what happened when she was in Ireland.

Episode 680

Roger tells Jill of the dangers of surgery at this point and tells her that the only thing to do now is pray that Seneca makes it through the next twenty-four hours.  Later, Bucky sends Jill to Seneca's bedside.  He agrees with Roger if Seneca makes it through the night it will be a miracle.  Summoned by Delia's bell, Johnny tells Delia that Pat went for a visit with Father McShane and demands that she get some rest.  Instead she demands to see Roger; Johnny calls and asks him to make a house call.  Trying desperately to hang on to consciousness, Seneca tells Jill how much he loves her and Edmund.  He tells her of some things that he would like to give to Edmund if he doesn't make it through the night.  Frank tells Johnny of his trip to New York and his blotched plans with Jill.  Later, Delia is forced to seek professional help when Roger tells her that he will keep her secret from Pat if she agrees to see Dr. Pagano.  While talking to Jill, Seneca goes into shock.

Episode 681

Mary tells Jack that Seneca was shot; they realize how grateful they are to be together in love and alive.  Tom tells Faith that Mary's visit to the Limerick Pub may have led his killers to him.  Pat visits Father McShane and tells him about his pill addiction.  When he asks him about his separation from the church, Father McShane tells Pat that there is nothing that he can do until he has resolved his relationship with Delia.  Tom is grateful to Faith for willing to share some of his life with him without asking questions.  Later, Faith fears for Tom's safety and offers to walk herself home in an effort to keep him out of harms way.

Episode 682 (NOTE: This was one of the "missing episodes" not re-aired on SoapNet.)

Johnny reads a newspaper article regarding Seneca and finds out that the police still don't have a lead.  Tom explains to Maeve that the shot for Seneca could have been meant for him.  Later, Johnny tells Tom that there has been someone looking for Tom O'Brien.  Bucky comforts Jill when she begins to feel guilty about Seneca.  Kevin tells Tom that someone has been looking for him and admits to him where he could be found.  When Frank visits Jill to apologize again for missing the party, the two get into an argument and Frank accuses her of putting an obstacle between them.  Tom tells Faith that he has been found and that the time has come for him to move on.  Not wanting to lose him, Faith leaves work to see him for one last time.  Liam is enraged when he reads the newspaper and realizes that he has shot the wrong person.

Episode 683

Tom tells Faith of his conversation with Maeve and Johnny and that he must leave New York.  When Frank informs Rae of his disagreement with Jill, Rae fears to make a commitment to the campaign and suggests that the time has come for him to make a decision.  Tom tells Faith about his past and why he is running away.  Later, Faith offers to pick up Tom's passport and to cash a check to keep him safe.  When Rae tells Frank that trying to pursue a relationship with Jill while running for the Senate isn't working, Frank becomes angry.  Tom asks Maeve to write his mother and let her know he has been in New York and that he is safe.  Faith's search for Tom's passport is cut short when Liam appears at Tom's office pretending to be an old friend asking after Tom.

Episode 684

Pretending to be Tom's secretary, Faith tells Liam that Tom is delayed and asks him to wait in Tom's office.  When she finds the documents she is looking for, Faith leaves and Liam follows her.  From the payphone outside Tom's office, Faith calls Tom and tells him that Liam is waiting for him and urges him to go home and get his things as quickly as possible.  Having heard the entire conversation, Liam heads to Tom's apartment.  As Maeve prepares a snack for her, Delia tries to make her way to the kitchen and falls down the stairs only to be rescued by Pat.  Later, when Delia becomes upset, Pat warns her that the only way she is going to get better is if she is happy.  Jack visits Jill to inquire about Seneca and speaks up for Frank, but to no avail.  Delia is horrified when she realizes that her eyesight is returning.  Tom arrives at his apartment and is stopped in his tracks when Liam points a gun at him and tells him not to take another step.

Episode 685

Delayed at the bank, Faith begs the bank officer to give her a check quickly so that she can help a friend whose life is in danger.  Gun in hand, Liam tells Tom that although he has had to wait four years for this moment, it has been worth it.  Rae confesses to Alicia that although she hopes he recovers, she is glad that Seneca's condition is distracting Jill from Frank.  A frantic Jill yells for the nurse when Seneca passes out while trying to sit up to look at pictures of Edmund.  Tom apologizes to Liam and tries to talk his way out of the situation, which only angers Liam more.  Rae plans a dinner party to divert Frank's attention from Jill.  An angry Liam reminds Tom of the tragedy that has befallen his family.  From the stairwell, Faith calls out to Tom who moves and is shot in the chest by Liam who escapes over the adjoining rooftop.

Episode 686

Faith finds a wounded Tom and takes him in to the safety of his apartment.  Once inside, Tom insists that regardless of what happens he cannot go to the hospital.  Seneca realizes that surgery will be the best alternative and sends for Roger.  Maeve brings Delia a present from Little John and pretends not to see it, although her sight has returned.  In the United States illegally, Tom refuses to go to the hospital fearing that he will be deported.  After making a deal with Tom to try and treat him outside the hospital, Faith calls the hospital and solicits Bucky's help.  Honored at Seneca's request, Roger agrees to perform Seneca's surgery.  Jill tells Maeve how she feels about both Frank and Seneca and admits that with all that he has done, she still regards Seneca as Edmund's father.

Episode 687

With Delia sitting beside him, Jack questions Johnny about Tom and finds out that he knows nothing new.  Later, Frank pays a visit to Maeve and Johnny to consult with him about Rae Woodard.  Rae is determined to not allow Jill and Edmund to be a burden on Frank's future.  When Bucky arrives with the medicine, Faith explains Tom's immigration problems and tells him of the deal that she has made with him.  Later, Bucky helps Faith move Tom to the safety of a hidden room.  Delia convinces Jack to tell her all that he knows about Faith and Tom.  Later, Rae visits the three with an invitation to her dinner party and is excited when Maeve and Johnny agree to attend.  After making sure Tom's condition is as stable as possible, Bucky leaves with a promise to return as soon as possible.  Later, Faith tells Tom that she will make sure that he is safe, unaware that the chain is unlatched from the door.

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