March 1978 Daily Recaps

Episode 689

Liam looks around Tom's apartment puzzled about where Tom could be.  When Faith goes to peek out to see if Liam is there, Tom yells out in pain and Faith is forced to rush to cover his mouth.  Her worst fears are confirmed when the hidden door begins to open.  After talking things over with Johnny, Frank leaves to visit Jill and find out for once and for all if there is any prospect for himself, Jill and Edmund.  Roger explains Seneca's surgery to Jill and delights in her praise of a job well done.  Later, Frank arrives at Jill's office to clarify a few things with her.  Faith is relieved when Bucky emerges from the other side of the door and fills him in on Tom's condition - which is considerably worse.  Bucky tells her that not taking Tom to the hospital was a bad move on their part and fears that Tom will not make it through the next hour.  Jill and Frank agree to proceed cautiously and not jump into a relationship full swing.  When the nurse calls with news that Seneca is awake, Frank leaves Jill with a promise to call her.  Coming out of the bedroom, Bucky tells Faith to make the calls to let everyone know that Tom is dead.  Later, while stretcher-bearers takes a covered body out of Tom's apartment, Liam is pleased when he finds out from Bucky that a man who was shot has died.

Episode 690

A loving moment between Mary and Jack is interrupted by a call from Maeve that Tom is dead.  Unaware that Delia can see, Pat fails to guard his facial expression around her, making her aware that something is terribly wrong between them.  When an enraged Mary is unable to accept the fact that she led Tom's killers straight to him, Jack reassures her and tells her that Tom wanted her to know that none of this was her fault.  Later, Maeve becomes suspicious when after Bob arrives, Bucky pulls him to the side to talk to him.  Frank becomes agitated when Rae tells him that if Jill is worth anything, she will agree to wait until after the election for them to get together.  Just as he is about to lose his temper with her, Maeve calls and delivers the news that Tom is dead.  Before leaving, Frank tells Rae that they will continue their conversation at a later date.

Episode 691

When Delia becomes uncooperative with Dr. Pagano, he warns her that unless she changes there will be serious problems ahead.  Maeve comforts Jack when he confesses to her his fears of death and losing the people he loves.  Jill tells Seneca that while she believes that he loves Edmund more than anyone, they cannot pick up where they left off.  Delia refuses Rogers advice when he tells her to work harder at letting go of Pat and the Ryans.  Jack runs into a brick wall when he tries to find out from Bob what the police are doing about Tom's shooting.  Liam sends a copy of Tom's obituary home letting his father know that he is dead.

Episode 692

Bob becomes uncomfortable when Johnny questions him about Tom's killer.  Frank tells Jack of his plans to pursue Jill against Rae's wishes.  Mary feels guilty about leading Tom's killer to him and sets out to receive some motherly comfort.  When Pat looses his patience with her, Delia fears that she will lose him.  Mary listens as Maeve delivers Tom's message that she is not responsible for what happened.  Later, the two become concerned when they realize that no one has heard from Faith.  At Tom's funeral, Johnny makes eulogizes as Liam listens in the background.  Maeve becomes concerned when Faith slips out unnoticed during the middle of the service.  After everyone leaves, Liam peeks into the casket and leaves, not very happy.

Episode 693

As the Ryans have a small memorial for Tom at the bar, Faith answer the door to Tom's apartment thinking it to be Bucky and is surprised when Liam pushes his way in.  Rae realizes that the best way to get Frank's attention is to mount a full-fledged campaign.  When Faith tries to convince Liam that Tom is dead, Liam threatens her and Tom emerges from the hidden room.  When Frank visits Rae, she turns on her charm and Frank finds himself thoroughly tempted.  Mary regrets that Tom and Faith could not find what she and Jack have together.  As Liam and Tom confront one another, Liam threatens to finish the job he came to do.  When Faith throws a pot of hot water in Liam's face, Liam drops the gun giving Tom a chance to run out the door.   While looking for the gun, Faith hears a scream and is terrified when she hears someone fall off of the roof.

Episode 694

Faith finds Tom alive and realizes that it was Liam that fell to his death.  After making sure that Tom is okay, she calls the hospital and Bob.  Frank tells Jill that he has his priorities straight and the two agree to see if they can make it work.  When Tom is settled in at the hospital, Bob promises to delay immigration as long as possible and prepares to deal with the legalities of Liam's death.  Jill is hopeful when Frank makes a concerted effort to spend quality time with her and Edmund.  As Tom worries, Faith calms and convinces him to get some needed rest.  After he drifts off to sleep, Faith heads to Ryan's to let them in on the truth.

Episode 695

Faith gathers everyone at Ryan's and after explaining that Tom is alive, she apologizes for having to lie; she convinces them that it was for the best.  When Pat delivers the news to Delia, she is pleased to know that Faith will have Tom to distract her after all.  Faith admits to Mary how deep her feelings are for Tom.  Frank is excited when he learns that Tom is alive.  Later, while visiting with Little John, Frank discusses with Jack the feelings he has for Jill.  When Johnny tells Maeve that Faith and Bucky did not trust them with the truth, Maeve gets him to see that there was no other way to handle it.  Later, the two decide to take a cruise.  Delia is alarmed when Pat refuses to make love to her; she fears that this is a sign that Pat is going to leave her as soon as she is better.

Episode 696

Jill prepares to tell Seneca the truth when he presses her to know where they stand.  Faith tells Tom that he is well enough to go home and promises that she will go with him.  Bob visits Tom with news that he spoke with Liam's father and that he truly believes that Tom is dead.  He advises Tom to straighten out his business with immigration.  Delia becomes jealous when she learns that Maeve and Johnny are going on a cruise.  Seneca becomes furious when he learns that Jill is getting back together with Frank.  Tom admits his feelings to Faith and that he has fallen in love with her.  When Faith expresses her sympathy to Tom about his former love, Tom thanks her and is pleased that he has someone as loving and understanding as her.

Episode 697

When Seneca tells Roger that Jill is ruining her life by getting back together with Frank, Roger tells him that there is nothing that he can do about it.  Jill arrives at Frank's office to invite him to dinner and finds him on his way to Rae's dinner party.  Later, Rae manages to interrupt the intimacy between the two when she calls and asks Frank to come over.  When she overhears Maeve describing her vacation plans with Jack, Delia sulks.  Roger becomes disgusted with Delia when he learns she plans to ruin Maeve and Johnny's plans of their vacation.  At Rae's apartment, Frank becomes uncomfortable when he finds himself attracted to Rae and is relieved when his parents arrive.

Episode 698

When her dinner party is over, Rae continues her efforts to charm the individual members of Frank's team.  Tom feels free for the first time in years knowing that all of his troubles are behind him.  He expresses his regret when Faith leaves him to sleep alone.  Bob becomes jealous when he finds Alicia comfortable with Bucky.  At Maeve's urging, Frank announces to the group his decision to run for the Senate.  Faith is comforted by Tom after having a nightmare about people falling.  Frank's commitment to run for the Senate leads him dangerously close to a sexual involvement with Rae.

Episode 699

An ecstatic Frank pays visits Jill to share his decision to run for the Senate and becomes apologetic when she reminds him that it is 1 am.  Maeve tells Johnny her discomfort with Rae and fears what she could do to Frank.  Later, Delia interrupts them as they are reading a letter from Siobhan.  When she hears that Siobhan may be coming home, Delia wonders if Mary knows.  Mary and Jack are in domestic turmoil as they disagree how to handle Ryan and her teething.  Later, Mary tells Jack that Faith and Tom are in love.  Frank is excited when Jill accepts his invitation to spend St. Patrick's Day with his family.  While quietly slipping their vacation brochures in her pocket, Delia tells Maeve and Johnny that she and Pat deserve a vacation and that she plans to talk to him as soon as possible.

Episode 700

Maeve and Johnny are very happy with Jill and Edmund's presence at their St. Patrick's Day party.  Clem gives an update on Seneca's condition and the fact that he is not taking the Jill and Frank situation well.  Mary feels no sympathy for him.  Delia infuriates Pat when she presses him hard about taking a vacation.  Later, a whining Delia tries to tell Maeve how much Pat needs a vacation and is upset when Maeve refuses to allow her to spoil the party.  Rae arrives at the celebration and is unhappy when she sees Frank, Jill, Edmund, and Little John together like a family.  Later, when Rae learns that Jill has invited Frank to a late supper, she sets up an appointment and holds him to his promise.   Covering her disappointment, a supportive Jill expresses her understanding and hopes that Frank will reschedule soon.

Episode 701

Maeve and Johnny share concern to how Jill will react to Rae's spiriting Frank away when the two clearly had plans.  Delia tries to stop Pat from leaving after the two have another vacation spat and he tells her she'd better be prepared to hear a thing or two that she will not like.  When a furious Jill visits Roger, she is forced to face the fact that if she wants Frank, she will have to pursue him.  Hoping to deceive Maeve and Johnny out of their vacation, a determined Delia informs them of Pat's drug addiction.  Faith fills Tom in on St. Patrick's Day at the Ryan's and shares some loving moments with him in the process.  After promising Delia not to tell Pat how they found out about his addiction, Maeve and Johnny discuss giving him and Delia their cruise.

Episode 702

Frank apologizes to Jill for not being able to keep their date and gives her an idea:  he wants her to work on his campaign.  Johnny confirms Delia's news about Pat with Bucky and leaves with even more concern for Pat.  Rae objects when Frank tells her about Jill working on the campaign, but gives in hoping to make Frank happy.  An angry Seneca signs himself out of the hospital before he is released.  Later, Jill is offended when Seneca is rude with her for no apparent reason.  Maeve and Johnny share their hurt that Pat did not tell them about his addiction and discuss whether to give up their vacation.  Furious with Frank, Rae decides to think of a way to make trouble for Frank and Jill.

Episode 703

Rae devises a mysterious plan to keep Jill away from Frank's campaign.  Alicia becomes concerned when Rae is certain that after this meeting, Jill will no longer be a problem.  Faith is surprised when she arrives at Tom's apartment and notices how well he is recuperating.  Later, Faith becomes hesitant when Tom continues to pressure her to become romantically involved.  Rae persuades Seneca to be on a medical panel at a meeting that will be attended by Frank and Jill.  When Faith tries to slow things down between her and Tom, she finds him impossible to resist.  When Rae invites Maeve to be on the medical board panel, Maeve and Johnny realize that their trip was not meant to be.

Episode 704

Tom is surprised when Faith admits that she wasn't a very giving person the first time she fell in love.  Pat is close to losing his patience with Delia when he arrives home and she clings to him in desperation.  Later, Delia is ecstatic when Maeve and Johnny offer their vacation to her and Pat.  After their announcement, Jack arrives with a bon voyage present for Maeve.  When Bob shares with Alicia his concern that Jill is included in the campaign, Alicia is forced to make a decision and remains loyal to Rae.  Later, when Rae learns what Alicia has done, she gives her a raise.  Tom prevents Faith from exploring their relationship too deeply and tells her that he is content with things the way they are.  As Maeve and Johnny face their disappointment, Delia rejoices that she has gotten her way.

Episode 705

Mary is furious when she learns that Delia has somehow managed to get Maeve and Johnny's vacation.  Rae and Frank arrive at Jill's apartment to welcome her to the campaign in person and supply her with information about the panel.  When Rae refuses to acknowledge Jill and Edmund as a part of Frank's life, she succeeds in unsettling Jill.  Mary tells Maeve that Delia does not deserve their vacation and begs her to take the time for her and Johnny.  Eavesdropping, Delia enters and accuses Mary of trying to cause trouble for her and Pat.  Frank reassures Jill about Rae and the two share a few nice moments together and a kiss.  Delia fails when she tries to convince Mary that this trip is something that she needs to regain her sight.  Later, Mary tells Maeve that she doesn't think it's a good idea for Pat to be sentenced to seven days on a vacation with Delia.

Episode 706

Hoping to place Seneca in the right frame of mind for her plan, Rae invites him to drop by early for a drink before the panel begins.  Johnny tells Pat that he and Faith belong together and convinces him to tell her how he feels before he goes on the cruise.  Maeve and Delia learn from Faith that things are serious between her and Tom and Delia cannot resist flaunting her trip with Pat.  Rae, who gives Seneca too much to drink, and who hears the anger in his voice when he talks about Jill, knows that the evening will prove to be fascinating.  Moments before leaving to tell Faith the truth, Pat is horrified when he learns from Delia that Faith and Tom are living together.

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