April 1978 Daily Recaps

Episode 711

Howard is hopeful about spending time with Delia when he sees the strain in her and Pat's relationship.  As Rae and Seneca come to understand one another better, Seneca tells her that he would like to see her again.  Jill shares with Frank some fears that she has for their future.  When Pat drifts off to sleep, Delia fantasizes that he is again wildly in love with her.  Jill explains to Frank the need for her to protect herself and Edmund.  After Seneca leaves, Rae tells Alicia that he could prove to be very useful to her.  Delia becomes angry when Pat refuses to wake up and take her to a late night movie.

Episode 712

When Faith finds Tom worrying about the letter from the Immigration office, she suggests that he call Frank right away.  Rae makes an appointment to see Frank and is glad to know that he spent the night at home without Jill.  Later, as the two organize a press conference, Rae is greatly satisfied when Frank expresses jealousy with Rae spending so much time with Seneca.  Jack and Johnny have a disagreement about Siobhan.  Later, Johnny invites Jill and Edmund to Frank's press conference.  Frank offers to help Tom with his immigration problems.  At the press conference, Frank plays with Edmund and is unaware that his picture was taken with Edmund.

Episode 715

When Delia realizes that Mrs. Simpson knows that she is not blind, she panics thinking that Pat will find out.  Faith tells Mary and Jack about Tom's immigration problem and is hopeful when Mary suggests a solution.  When Mary suggests that Faith marries Tom to keep him in the country, Faith is concerned about what would happen if she doesn't decide to marry him.  Frank pays a spontaneous visit to Jill and apologizes to her for not having enough time to devote to her.  Jill tells him that as long as they can spend quality time together, they will be able to preserve what they have through November.  Afraid that they will see Mrs. Simpson, Delia feigns a stomach illness.

Episode 716

Faith shocks Jill and Roger when she tells them she is considering marrying Tom to keep him from being deported.  When Delia continues to make excuses for leaving the cabin, Pat insists that she go out on the deck with him to enjoy their lovely vacation that his parents gave them.  Despite Jill's advice, Faith is inclined to follow Roger's advice and considers marrying Tom.  Jill tells her there will be trouble on Tom's end considering the marriage as a ruse, because he is already in love with her.  Delia uses a hat and mounds of sunscreen in hopes of hiding her identity.  When Howard sees Delia, he warns that if his wife sees her there, her secret will be exposed.  After suggesting marriage as a possible solution to his immigration problem, Faith is surprised by Tom's hesitant reaction.

Episode 717

When Faith consults Maeve about marrying Tom, Maeve tells her that it would be the wrong thing to do.  Jack arrives to see Tom, who is drunk.  When Frank turns down the chance to do a prominent interview, Rae persuades Frank to cancel his time with Jill and meet Judy Johnson instead.  Jack confirms the danger Tom will be in if he does not rectify his immigration problems.  As he talks to Tom, he realizes that the more Tom drinks, the more possessive he becomes about Faith.  Rae solicits the House Association backing for Frank.  Later, Rae enjoys her time with Maeve as she learns about Frank's childhood.  An angry Tom tells Pat that that the only reason that he does not have Faith's love is because of Pat.

Episode 718

When Judy arrives to do an interview with Frank, she quickly gets things on a relaxed basis.  Concerned about Judy's objectiveness, Rae decides to drop in on the interview at Frank's office.  Troubled with Tom's behavior, Jack recounts the story of Tom's drinking to Johnny, which offends Johnny greatly.  When Rae overhears a personal moment between Judy and Frank, she becomes angry and stalks away.  Faith tells Jack and Johnny that marrying Tom may be the only option that he has.  Worried, Jack advises that she use caution.  Judy leaves Frank with the promise of seeing him again soon.  Rae arranges a transfer for Judy to a different paper to get her out of the way.

Episode 719

Mrs. Simpson confronts Delia, when she observes her playing blind.  Faith finds a hung over Tom on the couch where Jack left him.  After listening to the reasons why he cannot marry her, Faith insists.  Clem angers Seneca when he actively campaigns on Frank's behalf.  Later, Seneca tells Bucky his concern that Jill and Edmund are being drawn more closely to Frank; he tells him that this time he will not interfere.  Delia threatens Mrs. Simpson if she tells Pat the truth.  Unshaken, Mrs. Simpson leaves to find Pat and tell him the truth.  Tom tells Faith that it is unfair of her to marry him when she is still in love with Pat.  Unsure of his future, Tom agrees to accept Faith's offer.  Mrs. Simpson finds Pat and asks if he has a moment to talk with her about Delia.

Episode 720

Ambition for his campaign is triggered when Frank reads the Judy Johnson interview.  Judy arrives at Rae's apartment to discuss that she has been promoted to Washington.  Mrs. Simpson tells Pat about finding Delia and Howard in her cabin and shocks him when she tells him that Delia can see.  Judy figures out that her new job in Washington is actually a transfer.  Tom and Faith announce to the Ryan clan their plans for an immediate wedding and receive mixed reactions.  Mrs. Simpson convinces Pat to find out the truth about Delia.  Later, to determine if Delia can in fact see, Pat throws Delia a hairbrush in the air and Delia catches it instinctively.

Episode 721

As Frank and Rae share a moment of excitement over the campaign, sexual feelings stir between the two.  Exposed, Delia admits that that she has been able to see for some time and tells him that she lied to keep him from going to Faith.  Pat tells her that it is over.  Faith and Tom announce to Jill and Roger that they plan to get married as soon as possible.  When Roger expresses his reservation and begs her to wait until Pat returns, Faith tells him that she refuses to live her life waiting for Pat to finally leave Delia.  Frank tells Rae that although he is attracted to her, he refuses to be unfaithful to Jill.  Rae is pleased and thinks that it will just be a matter of time before they are married.  Pat tells Delia that the trip is over and that they are going home on the next flight.

Episode 722

Frank thanks Clem for the House Association's endorsing his campaign.  As he does, Seneca enters and accuses Frank of walking over anyone to get elected.  Pat and Delia's return home is delayed by a tropical storm.  Faith tells Bucky of her decision to marry Tom, immediately.  Frank becomes angry enough to take a swing at Seneca when he accuses him of exploiting Jill and Edmund.  Tired of hearing that she should talk to Pat, Faith tells Bucky that she refuses to restructure her life waiting for Pat to come back to her.  A hopeless Delia begs Pat for another chance.  Having overheard the heated exchange between Seneca and Frank, Rae gets Seneca alone and makes him a promise that if he just gives it time she will make sure that he has a future with Jill and Edmund.

Episode 723

On the morning of Faith's wedding, Roger congratulates her, but can't help wishing that she were marrying Pat instead of Tom.  Delia begs Pat to not cut their vacation short.  Johnny reprimands Jack when he questions Frank about whether he is ready to give all he has in the race for the Senate.  Later, Johnny receives a call that Siobhan is in jail.  Faith is near tears when Roger mentions that their father would have been proud of her and asks if he can be the one to give her away.  Mary upsets Johnny when she criticizes Siobhan.  As Faith and Roger go over the last minute details for the wedding, Roger wishes that Pat were there to stop Faith.  When Delia begs Pat to let them enjoy the rest of their trip, he tells her that he refuses to act as if things are okay.  When the boat docks, Delia and Pat start their trip home, against Delia's wishes.  They will arrive just in time for the wedding.

Episode 724

Frank makes a favorable impression on Jill when he arrives with the wedding cake during the pre-wedding preparations.  Tom thanks Maeve and Johnny for all that they have done and expresses his hopes of making Faith happy.  Rae demands that Frank spend less time at the wedding and more time devoted to the campaign.  When Frank refuses to give in to her demands, Rae likes him more for it.  Later, Frank informs Jill that he has the night free and is delighted when she makes plans to spend it with him.  As the wedding gets underway, Pat and Delia arrive home at Ryan's where they learn from Kevin about the wedding.  Pat runs off and arrives at the critical moment in the ceremony.

Episode 725

A discouraged Pat stands helplessly at the back of the room and watches while Faith marries Tom.  When Faith notices him, Pat manages to offer his congratulations without becoming emotional.  Later, when Maeve asks about Delia, Pat tells her and Johnny about Delia's deception with Roger overhearing.  Bucky offers Faith his blessing and tells her that happiness is what she deserves.  An anxious Delia leaves Ryan's hoping to stop Pat from trying to get Faith back.  Maeve keeps her yearlong promise to Faith and sings at her wedding.  Later, Faith is disgusted when she learns Delia deceived Pat and the Ryans about her eyes.  When Delia arrives, she picks a fight with Faith and accuses her of trying to steal Pat from her.

Episode 726

Refusing to buy Delia's smokescreen, Pat asks Faith to tell him the truth about Delia's miscarriage.  When Faith becomes upset that Delia and Pat are ruining her wedding day, Roger comes to her rescue and offers to tell Pat all that he wants to hear.  Later, when Faith tells Tom that Pat's marriage is ending, Tom tells her to not regret the feelings she had for Pat and assures her that they will make their marriage work.  When Roger tells Pat the whole truth, Delia confesses and gives him permission to ask Dr. Pagano and Father McShane everything.  Later, Pat tells Delia not to return to Ryan's because their marriage is over.  Jack reassures Faith and Tom and that he is happy for them.  Bob is appalled when he finds out what Delia has done.  When she leaves hysterically, Roger tells Bob to get Maeve and Johnny to the house to keep her away.

Episode 727

Delia tries to plead her case with Pat, but gets nowhere.  When she begins to have a tantrum, Maeve and Johnny arrive with Bob.  Frank and Jill agree that although Tom is not the one that they wanted to see with Faith, they are happy for them.  Later, Frank tells Jill of his plan to get an annulment from Delia and asks her to marry him.  Maeve and Johnny are horrified when they learn of Delia's deceiving Pat.  When Pat tells them that the marriage is over, Delia threatens to kill herself.  Frank and Jill make love.  Pat asks Bob to see Delia back to at the apartment and leaves her alone to face the wrath of Maeve and Johnny.

Episode 728

When Maeve and Johnny tell Delia their disappointment and sense of betrayal, Delia realizes that she has lost their love for good.  Polly supports Rae in her quest to find Frank and tells her to keep calling Jill's apartment.  When they answer, Rae hangs up realizing that Frank spent the night with her.  Bucky is outraged and sympathetic for Pat when he learns of Delia's deception.  When he asks Pat what he is going to do, Pat tells him there has to be an answer somewhere.  Delia becomes discouraged when she realizes that Bob has disowned her.  Jill and Frank enjoy one another's company and both look forward to married life together.  Rae confesses to Polly that she is in love with Frank.  Delia becomes distraught when Bob leaves her alone - for good.

Episode 729

When Frank promises to be there for Jill and Edmund, Jill promises to be patient and understanding about the campaign.  A concerned Roger visits Delia and begs her to see Dr. Pagano as soon as possible.  Maeve and Johnny express their disappointment in Delia's behavior and Johnny has a hard time forgiving her.  Frank tells Jill that he is sure that the annulment will go through as soon as possible for Pat.  A somber Jill realizes that if the annulment does not go through, they will have to wait until after the election to get married.  A disoriented Delia wanders off the elevator in neurology and angers Bucky, but worries Clem, who knows that something is definitely wrong with her.

Episode 730

When Frank tells Johnny and Bob that Jill has agreed to marry him, he learns of Delia's latest tricks and deception.  Father McShane becomes concerned for Delia when she arrives at his office behaving strangely and tells him what has happened.  Tom and Faith agree that no matter what they have to try to make their marriage real.  Rae accuses Frank of going back on his promise to give all to the campaign.  Frank then tells her that he and Jill are planning to get married as soon as possible.  Later, Rae admits to Alicia that she has fallen in love with Frank.  Delia tells her dead mother that the Ryans have condemned her and fears that God is punishing her for all that she has done.

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