May 1978 Daily Recaps

Episode 730

When Frank tells Johnny and Bob that Jill has agreed to marry him, he learns of Delia's latest tricks and deception.  Father McShane becomes concerned for Delia when she arrives at his office behaving strangely and tells him what has happened.  Tom and Faith agree that no matter what they have to try to make their marriage real.  Rae accuses Frank of going back on his promise to give all to the campaign.  Frank then tells her that he and Jill are planning to get married as soon as possible.  Later, Rae admits to Alicia that she has fallen in love with Frank.  Delia tells her dead mother that the Ryans have condemned her and fears that God is punishing her for all that she has done.

Episode 731

When Roger tells Jill about Pat and Delia's break-up, Jill can't help but to feel sad for Faith.  Later, as Jill is telling Roger that she and Frank are getting married, Seneca overhears and lists three reasons why their marriage will fail.  Frank learns from Father McShane that although he is pulling for him and Jill, an annulment may not be entirely possible.  Seneca tells Jill that her marriage to Frank will only happen if it fits into his schedule.  He becomes angry when Jill tells him that if he ever truly loved her, he would not be treating her this way now.  Frank tells Pat that he should see Faith as soon as possible and tell her how he feels.  Later Frank tells Seneca that he is a sore loser when Seneca accuses him of making promises to Jill that he cannot keep.

Episode 732

Maeve has an emotional outburst after thinking of how much Delia has hurt the family.  Johnny receives a call from Siobhan and finds out that something is clearly wrong.  The honeymoon hits a rough spot when Tom flies into a rage after Faith teases him.  Tempers between Mary and Johnny flare over Siobhan when he overhears her warning Jack to beware of talking too much about Siobhan when he is around.  Seeing the hurt he has caused, Tom apologizes to Faith and promises that nothing like this will ever happen again.  Jack becomes angry when he realizes that his opinion regarding Johnny does not matter.  When Mary tells him that Siobhan will generate more trouble than he can imagine, Jack tells her he can't wait.

Episode 733

Roger is worried about Delia when he goes to her apartment and finds the door wide open and other strange things, but no Delia.  At her mother's gravesite, Delia tells her mother that she has nowhere to go and asks if she can stay with her.  Home from their honeymoon, Tom becomes concerned when Faith tells him that he should keep his old apartment so he can have a place to call his own.  A sorrowful Delia tells her mother that it is her own fault that her life is ruined.  When Roger tells Bob about Delia's strange behavior, Bob thinks that she is crying wolf and refuses to believe she is in trouble.  Jill makes Tom feel like a part of the family when she gives them a wedding gift from Ireland.  Later, both Faith and Tom are pleased when Jill shares tells them news about her upcoming marriage.  As Roger tries to convince Bob that something is wrong with Delia, Delia gathers her things from her mother's gravesite and disappears.

Episode 734

Faith is stunned when she learns from Clem that Pat and Delia have broken up for good this time.  When Pat enters the lounge, Clem leaves him alone with Faith.  Rae is upset when she does not find Frank at his apartment and fears that he is with Jill, which he is.  Frank and Jill share a pleasant morning and can't wait until they can live together.  Pat tells Faith that his marriage to Delia is over.  Later, Faith becomes angry when Pat suggests that something else must be done to solve Tom's immigration problem so that they can finally be together.  Father McShane tells Frank the bad news that an annulment is unlikely between now and the election.  Later, Rae uses Frank's disappointment as an opportunity to get what she wants.  When Pat makes another desperate attempt to get Faith to end her marriage with Tom, Faith pleads with him to understand that her choice has been made and she cannot go back on it.  While the two are talking, Tom enters the staff lounge and is caught off guard when he finds her with Pat.

Episode 735

Faith assures Tom that she can manage her feelings with Pat.  Later, Tom finds Pat in the corridor and asks if the two can have a moment to talk.  Roger becomes even more concerned about Delia when Dr. Pagano confirms his suspicions that there is something seriously wrong with her.  Jill is disappointed when Frank gives her the bad news about the annulment.  Later, Seneca feels bad for Jill when he finds out that she and Frank will have to wait until after the election to be married.  Tom tells Pat that he had his chance with Faith and asks him to give their marriage a chance; Pat agrees to respect his wishes.  Later, Roger admits to Pat the part that he played in Delia's breakdown.  He fails to draw Pat's sympathy when he tells him that now is really the time to be concerned for Delia.

Episode 736

Rae becomes upset when Frank puts her off for a lunch appointment with Jill.  Later, a vindictive Rae sends reporters to Lem's hoping to ruin his lunch date.  Mary apologizes to Pat for her role in getting Tom and Faith together and tells him that she only did it because she thought that he was unavailable.  Surprised at the interruption, Frank invites the reporters to lunch with him while he answers their questions.  When Jill sees the reporters, she waves goodbye to Frank and heads back to the office.  Later, Seneca overhears Jill telling Pat about missing lunch and gets an idea.  Rae offers Jack a job and is politely refused.  Seneca takes Jill lunch and is rewarded with a truce.  Rae is pleased when she overhears Frank postponing a dinner appointment with Jill for a meeting that he is to have with her.

Episode 738

Frank learns that Delia is missing and that the family is taking it seriously.  Delia wakes up in the park after sleeping there all night.  When Mary realizes that her life is disorganized, she yearns for some normality and feels the only way to get that is to change jobs.  Delia arrives home and realizes that she is locked out of her apartment.  As Frank and Maeve discuss the annulment and his situation with Jill, Frank learns from Maeve that Delia got pregnant with Little John on purpose.  A tired and confused Delia rings the doorbell and wonders why no one will let her in.  Mary tells the family that she is looking for a new job.  Later, the Ryan children plan a mother's day surprise that Maeve won't forget.  Frank offers Pat help with the annulment.  Angel finds Delia in the park and realizes that something is wrong.

Episode 739

When Angel tells Alicia that he found Delia in the park, she calls Bob.  Rae is concerned when she realizes the effect that a missing Delia will have on the campaign.  Delia goes to the bank to withdraw all of her money.  Frank warns Pat to not get himself caught up in Delia's rescue or anything else, as long as the annulment proceedings are going forth.  Rae arrives with news that Delia was spotted in the park and insists to Frank that this situation be handled carefully.  Delia makes a scene at the bank when she demands all of her money.  Pat is grateful for Bucky's friendship because of the plans he made for them in an effort to get his mind off of Faith.  Rae offers to send Delia to a sanitarium in Argentina.  Delia gets all of her money and wanders off.  Concerned for her, the bank manager makes a phone call.

Episode 740

Mary and Frank warn Pat against giving in to the urge to rescue Delia and assure him that she will find someone else to take on that role.  Delia meets a kind stranger in the park.  As Mother's Day preparations ensue, Maeve and Jill spend some quality time together.  Rae arrives at Ryan's with news that reporters will be on hand to take pictures of the celebration.  When the reporters arrive, things become a little sticky after they try to get Jill and Edmund to be a part of a family picture.  Sneakily, Lloyd offers to help Delia get a job and finds her a place to stay for the night; she accepts his offer.  During an emotional confrontation with Rae, Jill agrees to only see Frank in private.

Episode 741

After hearing Delia's story, Lloyd tells her that he might be able to help because he takes special interest in girls like her.  When Faith drops off a Mother's Day gift to Jill, the two share confidences about their lives and the men they love.  Lloyd pours drink after drink for Delia and frightens her when he tries to force her to have sex with him.  Seneca takes a Mother's Day gift to Jill and is rewarded when Jill invites him to a game of chess.  Later, Jill admits to Seneca that she no longer feels Delia has everything that she loves.  Delia throws her purse at Lloyd when he tries to attack her causing her money to spill on the floor.  When Lloyd sees the money, he leaps on the floor to count it, which gives Delia a chance to escape by jumping through the window.

Episode 742

As Seneca and Jill wrap up a wonderful evening together, Frank arrives.  The Ryans are concerned when Roger tells them that Delia withdrew all of her money from the bank and disappeared.  After jumping out of the window, Delia is seen lying face down in an alley.  Maeve and Johnny share their excitement about the cruise and their concern about Siobhan.  Jill and Frank have a small argument over Seneca because Frank has a problem that the two of them are friends.  Jill assures him that Seneca is just her friend and that he will always be the man that she loves.  Mary is thrilled when she receives numerous wedding gifts from Jack, including a new wedding ring.

Episode 743

Roger is terribly concerned about Delia and convinces Faith that something has happened to her.  After a fun-filled morning, Frank and Jill schedule time together for later in the afternoon.  When Seneca decides to give Jill the family chess set, Bucky realizes that he has not given up on her.  Seneca tells Bucky that Frank's ambition is going to come between him and Jill and when it does, Seneca plans to be waiting for her.  Later, Frank allows an unscheduled meeting to come between him and Jill.  When Pat oversees Tom and Faith sharing a loving moment in Ryan's, he pulls a young nurse on the dance floor to hide his pain.  When Faith sees him, she reacts peculiarly, which Tom observes and manages for them to leave.  Responding to a light knock on the door, Roger is surprised when he opens the door and a disheveled Delia falls into his arms.

Episode 744

Roger cares for a frightened and battered Delia and becomes concerned when she asks him to call her mother.  When Frank tells Rae of Mary's problems at Channel R, Rae offers to hire Mary for the campaign and is rewarded when Frank impulsively leans over and kisses her.  When Delia continues to bring up unresolved issues from the past, Bob becomes concerned and agrees with Roger that Delia should rest at his house instead of being admitted in the hospital.  Rae offers Mary a job, with assurance that after the election she will be placed at the Woodard television station, and is pleased when she accepts.  When a confused Delia tells Roger that she is not sure why everyone is upset with her, Roger assures her that everything will be okay.

Episode 745

When Frank promises Jill that he will be home at 7:30, she allows Seneca to come over to visit Edmund before he goes to bed, hoping that he will be gone before Frank arrives.  Frank is pleased when Rae tells him that Mary accepted the job with his campaign.  Bob delivers the news about Delia to the Ryans and expresses his concern of her current emotional conditional and wonders if it is permanent.  When Seneca delivers the chess set to Jill, she thanks him but refuses to let him stay and play a game because she is expecting Frank.  As Frank prepares to leave the office, Rae convinces him to go to the picnic of a few city leaders and assures him that it will not take long.  Mary tells Jack about her new job with Rae and the campaign.  The two get into a heated debate when he tells her that accepting the job was a mistake.  Seneca angers Jill when he comes back to her apartment tells her that Frank is at a picnic in the park.

Episode 746

Tension arises between Jill and Frank when he arrives late and becomes upset when she refuses to stop working to accommodate him.  Pat is relieved when Maeve tells him that Delia has been found and is safely at Roger's apartment.  Later, when Pat and Faith share a joyous moment for Angel's progress, Tom is troubled when he realizes that the two still have a strong connection with one another.  Frank accuses Jill of reverting back to her introverted ways when she refuses to tell him why she is upset.  When Frank shares his day with her, Jill gives in and allows him to take her to bed, although not everything is okay.  Jealous over the memories that she has with Pat, Tom asks Faith to go to the beach house with him to put some romance in their relationship.  In bed with Frank asleep, Jill regrets not having been honest about her feelings with Frank; she is concerned about what the campaign is doing to their relationship.

Episode 747

Maeve pays a visit to Delia and learns from Roger that Delis is very troubled.  Later, Roger tells Maeve that he is going to be tough with Delia in order for her to seek professional help.  At Lem's with Seneca, Jill runs into an ex-congressman and becomes dismayed when he tells her that when Frank makes it to the Senate, his life will not be his own.  Tom and Faith enjoy their afternoon together at the beach house making love.  Roger refuses to encourage Delia's helplessness.  He tells her that for him to help, she has to go and see Dr. Pagano.  When her hysterical fits fails to move him, Delia realizes that Roger is serious and agrees.  Jose gives Jill an account of the demands that Frank will face in public office in Washington.  Jill realizes that in no way is this the life that she wants to live.

Episode 748

Jill tells Mary about her conversation with Jose and her fears that it will not be easy to be with Frank.  When Mary asks how her lunch was with Seneca, Jill tells her that Seneca is just a friend and will continue to be as long as he does not try to run her life.  During an intense appointment with Dr. Pagano, Delia realizes that she has spent her life dependent on the Ryans; she is forced to face the fact that her own lies are the reason for her unhappiness.  When Frank arrives home late, he wakes up Jill expecting a loving response, but is confused when she becomes enraged.  When she tells him it is unfair to expect her to share her life at all hours of the morning, Frank accuses her of not being willing to share their time together.

Episode 749

After giving a television interview, Frank becomes uncomfortable when reporters decide to come to Ryan's birthday party to gather extra footage.  Delia makes an effort to manipulate Roger and when her effort fails, she threatens to kill herself.  Roger refuses to be manipulated and warns Delia that he is not going to baby her.  If she is afraid to be alone, then it might be best if she goes into a mental hospital.  Frank tells Jill about the news coverage and asks her not to go to Ryan's party for the sake of the campaign.  Hurt, Jill agrees and calls Seneca as soon as Frank leaves.

Episode 750

When the reporters and party guests leave, Mary confronts Frank about Jill and Edmund's absence.  When Frank explains, Mary doesn't believe him; the two argue and Mary tells him that choosing politics over Jill was the wrong choice.  When Jill lays out the details for Seneca, he realizes that there is definitely something wrong between her and Frank.  When Mary tells Frank how she feels, he tells her that the campaign and publicity comes first and there is no reason he should have to justify any of this to her.  Later, Mary calls Jill and invites her for cake.  Tom is forced to control his anger when Faith expresses concern at the possibility of becoming pregnant.  Frank arrives at Jill's and is dismayed when he finds Seneca in Edmund's tunnel.

Episode 751

Frank tells Jill to get rid of Seneca; Jill tells him that he cannot dictate who comes into her house.  When Seneca notices the tension between the two, he leaves believing that things between Jill and Frank are not going well.  Delia tries again to manipulate Roger and becomes upset when he refuses to give in to her demands.  Later, Delia is served annulment papers.  Frank accuses Jill of confiding in Seneca; he tells her that she spends time with Seneca simply because she enjoys being with him.  Roger tells Delia that it is time to give up the Ryans once and for all; this is something that Delia is not ready to do.  When Frank arrives at Rae's apartment to find that his late evening meeting has been cancelled, he decides to stay and spend the rest of the evening with her.

Episode 752

Assured that he has convinced Delia to stay at his apartment, Roger leaves moments before Delia decides to visit the Ryans.  Faith tells Jill that she is not ready to have a baby and shares her concern of Tom's anger.  When Jack oversees Tom taking out his frustration on a body bag, he asks him who he is trying to kill.  Maeve tells Delia that no matter what she does to change things, there is nothing she can do to stay married to Pat.  Roger sees Delia in Ryan's and leaves before she has a chance to see him.  Tom explains his frustration to Jack, but becomes upset when Jack tries to encourage him by telling him that at least his past is behind him now.  When Delia arrives back at Roger's, she finds him moving her out.  When she begs to stay, Roger tells her that she can continue to live with him only if she tells him the truth; she promises never to lie to him again.

Episode 753

When the two come face to face, Delia upsets Tom by telling him that Pat will always love Faith, no matter whom she is married to.  Faith and Pat struggle with their feelings for one another when they meet in the x-ray lab.  Delia upsets Tom further when she tells him that Faith is as obsessed with Pat as he is with her.  Jill seeks out Maeve for a bit of mothering and is comforted when she tells her that things may look bleak now, but everything will work out for her and Frank in the future.  In high spirits, Johnny carries his and Maeve's suitcases into the bar, ready to whisk her away to their magical cruise.  Before they leave, Mary brings her another sun hat, determined that she will have it for her trip.  When Faith arrives home and finds Delia there, Tom deliberately avoids telling her what they were discussing.  Later, Tom apologizes to Faith for getting angry over the children issue and promises he will never do it again.

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