June 1978 Daily Recaps

Episode 754
Re-aired July 11, 2001

Faith finds Tom brooding in the dark and is troubled when again he refuses to tell her about his discussion with Delia.  Rae begins to establish a new level of intimacy with Frank when she gives him a relaxing hand massage.  She becomes upset when she is interrupted by a visit from Polly.  Faith visits Roger and threatens to sue for ownership of the Coleridge house if Roger fails to keep Delia out of her part of it.  Grateful for the interruption, Frank escapes from Rae's apartment, afraid what would have happened if Polly had not arrived.  Polly encourages Rae to pursue Frank and tells her if she wants him then she should have him.  A possessive Tom tells Faith that he cannot handle knowing Pat was her first lover and begs her to love only him.

Episode 755
Re-aired July 12, 2001

Roger lays down the law for Delia, and tells her if she doesn't follow them she will have to move.  When Roger tells her that she must give up the Ryans, Delia is concerned of what is to become of her if she does.  Frank tells Mary about the argument he had with Jill over the party, and admits to her that he is purposely going home late so that Jill will be asleep when he gets there.  Armed with Roger's blessing, Delia leaves to face the Ryans in hopes of letting go of them.  Mary apologizes to Frank and tells him that she is happy about her new job, even if Jack is opposed to her taking it.  Delia apologizes to the Ryans and tells both Pat and Frank that she will not contest their annulment and divorce proceedings.

Episode 756
Re-aired July 12, 2001

Tom is appalled when he finds a bruise on Faith's arm, and realizes that he was angry when he made love to her.  Roger rewards Delia for having faced the Ryans and tells her that he is looking forward to her new maturity so he can have her for himself.  When efforts to make up with Jill go awry, Frank makes plans for him and Jill to go to the beach house and have some family time together.  Tom explains to Faith why her silence bothers him; she promises to be more open with him in the future.  Frank is pleased when Rae expresses her approval at the way he is handling the campaign.  Deciding to take the day off, Jill prepares to go to the beach house and agrees to let Seneca go with her, making him promise to be gone before Frank arrives.

Episode 757
Re-aired July 13, 2001

Jill thanks Seneca for spending the day with her and Edmund, but tells him that he has to leave before Frank arrives.  Against his better judgment, Frank accepts an invitation to a congressional dinner, forcing him to cancel his trip to the beach house with Jill.  Seneca secures an invitation to remain at the beach house with Jill, but is told that he will have to sleep alone.  Later, Seneca tells Jill that things with Frank are going to fall apart and that he will be there when they do.  Frank and Rae are excited with the evening's political prospects.  Maeve and Johnny share a romantic evening on the cruise.  Mary comes home after an emotional goodbye to Channel R and becomes upset when Jack questions her judgment about it.  Later, Jack decides to trust her judgment and let Mary do the job.  Away from one another, Frank and Jill are faced with temptations by both Rae and Seneca.

Episode 758
Re-aired July 13, 2001

Although he is tempted, Frank tells Rae that he is in love with Jill and that they can only be friends.  When Rae tells him to go home and get some sleep, Frank tells her that he is going to the beach house to see Jill.  Seneca asks Jill to have a brandy with him before they go to bed.  When Roger goes to sleep and refuses to stay up to talk to her, Delia is forced to face her feelings of insecurity alone.  On the way to the beach house, Frank is tormented by his feelings for both Rae and Jill.  Jill sends Seneca to bed, alone.  Delia has an anxiety attack when she dreams of being separated from the Ryans and is comforted by Roger.  Rae and Polly share intense and honest feelings about the men in their lives.  At the beach house, Frank kisses a figure that he sees lying on the bed thinking it is Jill, but becomes enraged when he discovers that it is Seneca.

Episode 759
Re-aired July 16, 2001

When Jill discovers that Frank has kissed Seneca, she and Seneca begin to laugh, which angers Frank.  Later, Frank accuses Jill of using Seneca as a substitute for him.  When he leaves, Jill consults with Seneca as to what she should do next.  Maeve and Johnny have a romantic time on the cruise.  Tom overhears Faith talking in her sleep and becomes distressed when he realizes that she is dreaming of Pat.  When Faith awakens, Tom clings to her not wanting to share her with anyone, even in her dreams.  Frank and Pat have a heart to heart talk about Jill and Faith.  Seneca is less than pleased when Jill decides to return to the apartment to smooth things over with Frank.

Episode 760
Re-aired July 16, 2001

When Jill finds Frank waiting for her at the apartment, they immediately address the problems at hand.  Delia engages in a fantasy about her death, hoping that then the Ryans will be sorry when she is gone.  When she ends up in tears, Roger awakens and comforts her.  While discussing their problems, Jill and Frank see how deep their anger toward one another has grown and become frightened at what their future holds.  Roger reassures Delia and tells her that she will have to let go of the Ryan's completely before she is finally free.  Frank accuses Jill of being unwilling to meet him halfway with the campaign.  Later, when Frank accuses Jill of being unwilling to let Seneca go, Jill becomes angry and goes to bed.

Episode 761
Re-aired July 17, 2001

Frank tells Mary of his problems with Jill at the beach house and her and refusal to let go of Seneca as her friend.  Delia tries to apologize to Tom and further upsets him when she continues to talk about Pat still loving Faith.  She later begs Tom not to tell Faith that they talked for fear of being moved out of the house.  Tom becomes angry and suspicious when he interrupts an innocent moment between Pat and Faith in the staff lounge.  As Mary tries to reassure Frank about Jill, Dave Feldman arrives with news about his daughter, Nancy.

Episode 762
Re-aired July 17, 2001

Delia asks Roger if he will ever want to make love to her again.  Jack is furious when Mary is late arriving home from her first night at work because he interprets it as a sign of things to come.  When Roger tells Delia that he will not make love to her again until she is over her fascination with the Ryans, Delia asks what if she wants to make love to him.  Mary arrives home and apologizes to Jack about her lateness, but fails to reassure him.  Roger psychoanalyzes Delia's reasons for wanting to make love with him and tells her when the time is right it will happen.

Episode 763
Re-aired July 18, 2001

Rae is puzzled at Frank's effort to dodge Jill when he asks Georgia to call and tell her that he will be late.  Later, a jealous Rae watches as Frank sees Nancy again for the first time in years.  When Jill gets the phone call from Georgia, she tells Faith that things are getting worse between her and Frank.  Faith tells Jill that Tom is a very angry person underneath all his gentleness and sweetness.  Roger visits Jill to find out how long it will take for Delia's annulment to go through.  Rae watches jealously as Frank and Nancy proceed to rush to the airport so she won't miss her flight.  Roger explains his hopes of Delia to Jill and tells her with a little time and cooperation from Delia, he will make her a changed woman.  On the way to the airport, Frank, Rae, Dave, and Nancy are in a terrible automobile accident.

Episode 764
Re-aired July 18, 2001

In the wrecked car, Rae changes places with Frank and tells the police that she was the person driving.  Mary becomes upset when she lays out her new work schedule for Jack; he refuses to give her the benefit of the doubt.  In the emergency room, the doctor encourages Frank and tells him he will be all right, although Nancy may not be.  As Mary tries to convince Jack that she will not jeopardize their relationship, she gets a phone call from Pat telling her that Frank is in the hospital.  Rae tells Frank that she has told the police she was driving the car and that Dave corroborated the statement.  Pat arrives to look after Nancy and sits with her as she goes through x-ray, reassuring her that everything will work out.

Episode 765
Re-aired July 19, 2001

A frantic Jill arrives at the hospital and is relieved when she finds out that Frank is not in immediate danger.  Later, when Jill witnesses the argument between Rae and Frank over the statement she gave to the police, Jill tells Rae that the hospital is not the place to start an argument with Frank.  Pat tells Faith of the conversation he had with Tom, convinced that he and Faith must avoid each other's company entirely.  Rae is put in place when she tries to override Frank's decision to straighten things out with the police.  Later, Frank sets the record straight and asks consideration for Rae.  He tells the officer that she meant no harm.  Alone with Jill, Rae asks her whose side she is on.  When Pat tells Dave the seriousness of Nancy's condition, Dave prepares to tell her the disappointing truth.  Rae accuses Jill of hanging around Frank in public to damage his political ambitions.  Later, Rae and Jill get into a disagreement about what is best for Frank and the two admit that they are not fond of one another.

Episode 766
Re-aired July 19, 2001

Jill begins to understand how Rae feels about Frank when Rae tells her that she will be with Frank on a full time basis until November.  If necessary, she will be with him for as much time as he allows.  Later, Jill and Rae's heated discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Mary and Jack; Jill prepares to fill them in on what has happened.  As Tom quotes a poem to Faith, the two grow closer until Faith mistakenly calls him Pat.  When Jill tells Mary and Tom that Rae gave a false statement to the police, Jack feels it is worth writing in his column.  When Mary leaves to visit Frank, Jack asks Jill to describe everything from the beginning.  As Tom struggles to maintain control, he tells Faith that his feelings for Pat are not good.  Frank tells Jill that he can and will handle Rae whenever she does something to affect his morals.  Jack visits Frank to get the true story about the accident.  Seneca gives an "off the record" quote to a rival reporter about Rae's cover-up.  Rae tells Alicia that Jill does not deserve Frank and plans a ten day campaign swing to keep her from him.

Episode 767
Re-aired July 20, 2001

At Ryan's, Tom has had too much to drink when Bob arrives with a report on Nancy and Frank.  When Bob tries to get him home, Tom becomes violent and wanders into the night, alone.  Seneca suggests to Jill that she admit Frank's life is not big enough to encompass both her and Rae, especially when Rae can give Frank what he wants.  As Jack settles in to type the story about the cover-up, Mary is concerned that it could have ramifications for her job.  Worried about Tom, Bob calls Faith who thinks she may know where to find him.  Alone with a bottle of liquor, Tom struggles over his jealousy of Pat.  As Jack writes his story, Mary reads over his shoulder to get material to write a press release on Rae's behalf.  Mary becomes annoyed when Jack tells her that her job is going to cause serious problems for their family.  Faith finds Tom in his apartment and becomes concerned when Tom admits to almost killing his father.

Episode 768
Re-aired July 20, 2001

Alicia tells Bob about the impending ten-day campaign swing and of the workload that she has been handed.  Maeve and Johnny arrive home from the cruise.  Pat gives Nancy news of her condition and tells her she will not be able to dance this summer.  Bucky makes plans to meet Pat at Lem's and tell him some big news.  Delia invites Roger to lunch at Lem's.  Later, Delia becomes offended when Bucky and Pat enter the restaurant and refuse to acknowledge her.  Bucky tells Pat that he is leaving Riverside when his contract is up.  Seneca pays a visit to Nancy, and offers to bring her a medical book so that she can understand her injury better.  Later, Seneca is exasperated when Frank offers Nancy a job for the summer.  Delia throws a tantrum when Roger refuses to give in to her pity-party and runs out of the restaurant.  Roger calls Maeve and Johnny and warns them they may have a visitor.  When Delia arrives at Ryan's, Johnny tells Maeve that he will handle her.

Episode 769
Re-aired July 23, 2001

Johnny forces Delia to see that there is nothing she can do to force her way back into the Ryan family.  Later, Delia leaves devastated when Maeve and Johnny suggest that she find a life away from the Ryans.  Rae finalizes her plans for an early campaign swing, hoping to have Frank out of town and away from Jill.  Later, Rae is blind-sided when Frank agrees to her plans on one condition, that they take Jill with them.  A helpless Delia cries on Roger's shoulder that her world is falling apart.  Alicia tells Bob that she doesn't know how much longer she can handle being the depository for Rae's secrets; she becomes increasingly frustrated knowing that she cannot tell him more.  When Rae objects to Jill being involved, Frank sticks to his guns and tells her to take it or leave it.  Alicia delivers a newspaper to Rae from their rival company and is appalled when she reads about her cover-up of Frank's accident.  Angry, Rae tells Alicia that Jill has set her up and leaves to give both, Jill and Frank, a piece of her mind.

Episode 770
Re-aired July 23, 2001

Frank asks Jill to come along with him on the campaign swing and becomes upset when she tells him no.  Pat visits Nancy and finds that he enjoys getting to know her.  Faith consults Jack about Tom and tells him that although she did not see any other way out of it, he was right in telling her not to marry Tom.  Rae arrives at Jill's office and accuses her of giving a statement to a rival newspaper about the cover-up.  Frank apologizes to Rae for the story being printed, but tells her it was her dishonesty that caused all of this.  Later, Jill tells Frank that Rae is the reason she cannot go on the campaign trip.  Faith tells Jack she is beginning to think that marrying Tom may have been a very big mistake.  Frank and Jill have a huge argument when she tells him there is no way she and Rae will be able to coexist in different areas of his life.  Seneca finds a furious Jill in her office and gets yelled at when he asks her if she is all right.

Episode 771
Re-aired July 24, 2001

Jill tells Seneca about her argument with Rae regarding the newspaper article.  She is shocked when he admits that he is the source that was quoted.  Roger learns from Bob about Delia's past and now understands her strange behavior.  Later, Roger explains to Bob why he cares for Delia.  Frank makes peace with Rae and cautions her against arguing with Jill.  Later, both Frank and Rae are thrilled when they read Jack's column and find that Frank comes off smelling like a rose.  Later, Rae is puzzled when Seneca calls her apartment.  Refusing to give in to her tantrums, Roger tells Delia he has some reading to do and sends her out to dinner alone.  Seneca takes the blame for the bad newspaper story, clearing Jill.  Rae is delighted when he tells her that he no longer expects Jill to go on the campaign swing.

Episode 772
Re-aired July 24, 2001

Delia is forced to make decisions for herself when she orders dinner alone at Greenberg's Diner.  Later, Delia flirts with a curious stranger who sees her dining alone and asks to join her.  Faith is devastated when she learns that Bucky is leaving.  Later, when she consults with Pat to arrange a going away party, Tom sees them together and misunderstands.  Delia finds Jim eager to accept her flirtations and becomes nervous when he insists on walking her home.  Faith and Tom have their first real fight about Pat.  Faith accuses Tom of trying to ruin what they have together.  When Jack receives a thank you note from Rae for his column about Frank, he wants Mary to admit that he made the right decision in writing the article after all.  When Jim insists on walking Delia home from Greenberg's, Delia is compelled to introduce him to her roommate, Roger.

Episode 773
Re-aired July 25, 2001

Refusing to get her out of the mess that she made, Roger pretends to leave, forcing Delia to make the conscious decision to ask Jim to leave.  Tom is troubled by his own jealousy and goes to Johnny for reassurance about Pat and Faith.  Faith begins to feel trapped in her marriage to Tom when Jill tells her that if they separate any time during the first year, it will cause serious immigration problems for Tom.  Frank offers Jill an apology on Rae's behalf, which she accepts with caution.  The two come close to reconciling whey they agree to try and work things out.  Roger makes Delia examine her motives for inviting Jim home and is delighted when Delia comes close to expressing why she acted that way.  After reassuring one another that they want things to work out, Jill and Frank argue over Seneca and Rae and are no closer to a resolution than they were before.

Episode 774
Re-aired July 25, 2001

Frank says goodbye to both Jill and Edmund and leaves, unsure as to what their next steps are.  Faith awakens Tom to discuss and resolve their problems about Pat.  Pat visits Nancy after his shift and his interest in her begins to grow.  Frank tells his parents about his problems with Jill, leaving Maeve concerned about Edmund's future.  When Alicia overhears, she becomes troubled knowing that Rae is the source of the trouble.  Faith becomes agitated with Tom when he evades discussing the situation with Pat.  Pat ignores Nancy's questions about Faith.  Maeve reassures Jill about her situation with Frank and tells her that everything will work out for the two of them.

Episode 775
Re-aired July 26, 2001

Rae lifts Frank's spirits and sends Alicia to her hotel room to relax for the rest of the evening.  When Rae goes to change into something more casual, Frank takes the moment to call Jill.  Johnny is ecstatic when he receives a phone call from Siobhan telling them that she is coming home.  Johnny agrees to host a going away party for Bucky.  Frank's efforts to improve things between him and Jill go sour.  After an emotional argument, Jill suggests to Frank that he not call her again until after the election.  Johnny visits Seneca to invite him to the party and the two share views on fatherhood.  Seneca calls Jill to tell her the news, but goes to see her after he finds out about her argument with Frank.  Rae tells Frank it is a good thing that Jill set him free because it gives him more time to concentrate on the election.  Later, Frank tells Rae that she is a good friend and becomes aware of the feelings he has for her.

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