July 1978 Daily Recaps

Episode 776
Re-aired July 26, 2001

Jill tells Seneca that the break between her and Frank may be serious.  At Rae's suggestion, Frank kisses her.  Faith persuades Tom to attend the farewell party for Bucky and he assures her he will be in good humor.  Frank sets the ground rules for Rae and tells her that he is not in love with her; she agrees to accept that for now.  Jill confesses to Seneca that she is can't admit that Frank does not want her.  Feeling unwanted by Jill, Frank takes Rae to bed.  Faith convinces Roger to come to Bucky's farewell party.  Convinced that she cannot do it on her own, Delia begs Roger to help her manage her money and throws a tantrum when he denies her.  Rae assures Frank that their affair will be discreet.  She tells him she plans to make sure that he has everything that he wants.

Episode 777
Re-aired July 27, 2001

Alicia arrives in Frank's hotel room and discovers that Rae has spent the night with him.  Despite Jack's heavy objections that this will not be good for Ryan, Mary takes Ryan to work with her.  Seeing how upset Alicia is over finding her with Frank, Rae offers Alicia a vacation with a pay increase and is shocked when Alicia gives her a piece of her mind before quitting for good.  Bucky visits Mary at campaign headquarters to say goodbye to her and Ryan; he gives her some bad news that Ryan is coming down with a cold.  When she calls Jack, he tells her "I told you so" and offers to come and pick up Ryan.  Frank learns that Alicia has quit and becomes concerned that she may tell Jill.  Later, Rae convinces Frank to continue their affair through the campaign swing with a promise that if things become uncomfortable for either of them they will end it immediately.

Episode 778
Re-aired July 27, 2001

Bucky tells Pat of his past feelings for Mary and the two agree that being in-laws would have been a pretty terrific thing.  Pat and Faith share with Maeve some memories of Bucky.  Tom enters while the two are singing a song and becomes violently jealous when he sees Pat put his arms around Faith.  Later, Faith tells Maeve her fears that she may be pregnant.  Pat tells Tom that he is being unfair to Faith and himself and assures him that he will not come between them.  Bucky arrives and the group prepares for the going away party.  Roger helps Delia to set some financial goals and forces her to admit that she needs a job.  An emotional Bucky faces the fact that it is time to say goodbye.  Siobhan calls with news that she is on her way home.

Episode 779
Re-aired July 30, 2001

Jill tells Mary and Maeve about the telephone conversation between her and Frank.  When Maeve leaves, Mary asks Jill what is she trying to do with Frank.  Later, Jill gets upset when Mary asks her to try again so she won't let Frank down.  Pat finds himself at Nancy's side when she tries to get out of bed and falls.  An angry Mary tells Bob of the new problems between Frank and Jill and accuses Jill of giving up on Frank.  Alicia arrives to tell Bob that she quit her job.  When Alicia tells him why, Bob defends Frank and tells Alicia that she must not have the entire story.  When Alicia leaves, Bob tells Mary that Alicia left the campaign for reasons of her own.  He decides that he is going to check on Frank a day earlier.  The family expresses their opinions about the problems between Frank and Jill, each choosing their own sides.  Siobhan arrives home on crutches, accompanied by a four-legged friend.

Episode 780
Re-aired July 30, 2001

The Ryans hear the story of Ryan's trip home and how she acquired her dog, Finn MacCool.  She explains he is a gift for Johnny.  When she finishes her story, Siobhan asks to be caught up on the family, including Delia.  Delia wrestles with the thought of having a job and cries when she has a fantasy of a salary that is not exactly livable.  Roger helps Delia come to a more positive self-image about her job and convinces her that she has to think bigger than what the situation is.  Trouble erupts when Finn chews through Ryan's toys and clothes and Siobhan tries to pass it off as teething problems.  Mary accuses Siobhan of behaving irresponsibly by bringing a dog home.  Johnny comes to Siobhan's defense when she comes down on herself for messing up things yet again.  Mary tells Maeve and Jack how upset she is with Siobhan and that she knows that this is only the beginning.

Episode 781
Re-aired July 31, 2001

Siobhan talks to her parents about why she left home and the reasons for her return.  She has obvious concerns about her parents' approval of her.  As they talk, Siobhan indicates that she really needs to reconcile her relationship with Mary.  Meanwhile, Rae is ecstatic as she and Frank spend some time alone.  Frank reiterates the ground rules for their relationship, and Rae happily agrees.  She is pleased when Frank tells her that any issues over their age difference are nonsense.  When Bob interrupts the two lovers and gets a moment alone with Frank, Frank is honest with Bob about the situation and assures him that he has it under control.  Jill tries to comfort Faith when Faith tells her that she is pregnant and doesn't want to be.  Later, Siobhan apologizes to Mary and tells her that she is the number one reason for returning home.  The two sisters try to talk things through, but end up falling into the same routine of arguing that has always plagued their relationship.

Episode 782
Re-aired July 31, 2001

As Delia pours her heart out to Mrs. Lem about her unsuccessful job hunt, Siobhan arrives.  Delia is thrilled to see her, and Siobhan returns her enthusiasm.  Siobhan indicates that she knows everything that Delia has been up to during her absence and asks Dee to fill her in on all of the details.  Meanwhile, Tom is overjoyed when Faith tells him that she is pregnant.  Tom picks up on Faith's unhappiness, but his delight makes her feel better.  Seneca teases Jill when she admits that she has taken up jogging to relieve some of her anger.  Seneca offers to take her out dancing and is refused, but manages to get invited to spend the evening with her and Edmund at home.  Delia tells Siobhan all about her own life without once inquiring about Siobhan's life.  Siobhan is genuinely amused by Delia and agrees to get together with her again soon.  Faith is honest with Tom and about her doubts of their marriage.  Tom vows to make everything better by being more loving and caring.  Faith tells Tom that she wants to go for a walk alone and that they can continue their conversation tomorrow.

Episode 783
Re-aired August 1, 2001

Nancy flirts with Pat as he does neurological checks on her legs.  Faith informs Maeve that her pregnancy test results are back; Maeve can tell from Faith's expression what the results are.  Roger is unrelenting as Delia whines about her job hunt.  Delia fumes when Roger suggests that he could pay Delia to do housework around the apartment.  Faith admits her fears about her marriage and the baby to Maeve.  Maeve acknowledges Faith's reservations, but advises that her only option is to go home to Tom and work hard to build a family relationship with him.  Faith is appreciative of Maeve's advice and sits alone in the living room after Maeve leaves. When Pat enters and finds Faith crying, he asks her quietly what is wrong.  At the hospital, Nancy is able to find out some background on Pat from her father.  Nancy is obviously pleased when her father says that Pat and Faith are not getting back together.  Meanwhile, Pat is stunned to find out from Faith that she is pregnant.  Delia learns from Bob that Lloyd has been found and that Bob is putting pressure on him, but still hasn't gotten her money back.

Episode 784
Re-aired August 1, 2001

Delia decides to take matters into her own hands and goes after her money herself.  She writes Roger a note asking that he and Bob bring the police and come for her if she isn't back by noon.  Meanwhile, Siobhan tells Johnny about running into Delia and how impressed she is with Delia's determination to cope for herself.  Johnny warns Siobhan to keep distance between herself and Dee.  Later, Siobhan asks Jack if he thinks her family is being fair to Delia.  Jack thinks they are and realizes that Siobhan identifies with Delia's sense of being an outsider.  As the conversation turns to an argument, Jack makes a wisecrack comparing Siobhan to Johnny.  Johnny is offended as he enters the room and overhears Jack's comment.  Jack and Siobhan's argument is reconciled as Siobhan sees Johnny's disagreement with Jack.  Meanwhile, Frank sits in bed with Rae as she comments on the wonderful time they have ahead of them.  Delia arrives at Lloyd's hotel room and confronts him.  Lloyd looks both frightened and angry, as Delia demands her money.

Episode 785
Re-aired August 2, 2001

Lloyd suspects Delia of being wired, and continues to profess that he did not take her money.  Seneca invites Jill to go to Canada with him to visit his mother.  After Jill agrees, Seneca checks on Edmund and returns concerned that he is sick.  Faith and Tom talk about her pregnancy, and pledge to make a renewed effort.  They both agree that their relationship is easier when it is just the two of them.  They are interrupted by a phone call from Jill, asking Faith to stop by her apartment and look at Edmund.  Delia insists to Lloyd that she is not wired, and that all she wants is her money, not revenge.  She promises that if he returns her money then she will keep Bob away from him.  She then advises him that Bob and Roger will come looking for her if she doesn't return.  Lloyd turns the tables and accuses Delia of extortion.  Meanwhile, Faith arrives at Jill's apartment and examines Edmund.  She decides that they should run some tests, and they get him ready to walk over to the hospital.

Episode 786
Re-aired August 2, 2001

Delia forces Lloyd to make a decision about her money, threatening that he should not plan on doing anything to her because everyone knows that she is there.  Lloyd finally steps back, writes a note, and hands it to Delia.  Siobhan makes an effort with Maeve, but ends up feeling belittled when Maeve indicates that Siobhan is immature.  Siobhan shows empathy for Delia.  Meanwhile, Delia reads Lloyd's note asking if she will settle for less than the full amount.  Delia takes the money and leaves.  As she stands outside of Lloyd's hotel room, Bob and Roger arrive.  They insist that they go with her to confront Lloyd, but she tells them that won't be necessary and they need to leave right away.  Delia is triumphant, and enjoys the fact that Roger was genuinely worried about her.  Pat is thrilled to see Siobhan for the first time since her return.  He tells her how much it would mean if she decides to stay.  Roger admits that he is really impressed by what Delia did by herself, and suggests taking her out for a celebration.

Episode 787
Re-aired August 3, 2001

Jill is very worried as Faith delivers the news that she is putting Edmund on penicillin and that they should have his results today. At the bar, Tom tells Jack that Faith is having a baby, and they share a pleasant discussion about fatherhood. As Tom steps away to get some coffee, Siobhan enters and overhears Jack talking about Faith's pregnancy. Tom is surprised to overhear her say that she thought Faith's marriage was one of convenience. When Tom confronts her, he assumes that she learned about Faith's marriage from Pat. Tom is able to control his anger, but has to work at it. After he leaves, Jack comments to Kevin that so much anger in someone can only lead to trouble. Seneca comforts Jill as they wait for more news about Edmund. Jill debates calling Frank, and decides to wait until she knows more. Meanwhile, Frank and Rae are delighted at the way the campaign is going, and lay in bed together exhausted, but happy. Faith returns with Edmund's test results, and is concerned because the problem is unclear. Jill calls Frank to inform him of Edmund's illness, and finds him warm and concerned. He offers to fly home, but Jill tells him to hold off until they know more.

Episode 788
Re-aired August 3, 2001

Next morning Tom visits Maeve and discusses his concerns that people think his marriage won't last. Maeve responds to his anger, and Tom tells her that he is under control. They are interrupted by a call from Jill, who informs Maeve about Edmund's illness. Maeve invites Jill to come over; Jill is grateful for the suggestion. Frank feels that he should return home, but Rae suggests that they get a pediatric specialist to see Edmund instead. Meanwhile, as Maeve comforts Jill, Johnny walks in soaking wet with Finn McCool. Pat entertains Nancy by telling her the story of Siobhan's arrival with Finn. Their conversation turns personal when Nancy inquires about Pat's relationship with Faith. Meanwhile, Tom arrives at the hospital and cheers up Faith, who is deeply concerned about Edmund. Tom tells Faith he has a surprise for her the following evening, and she agrees to be at home for it. Pat briefly answers Nancy's question about Faith, but then gets back to doctor-patient business. Frank calls home and talks to Jill about the specialist. They share a genuine exchange over the details, and Jill promises to keep Frank posted.

Episode 789
Re-aired August 6, 2001

Jill returns to the hospital and finds Seneca with Edmund. She is clearly moved. Faith is relieved when Jill tells her about the specialist. Delia discusses her finances with Roger, and without fully understanding what she says, tells him that she wants to become a capitalist. The specialist arrives and Faith briefs him on Edmund's condition. Mary comes to the hospital to see Jill. She apologizes for their disagreement about Frank and Jill assures her that Frank has been wonderful in dealing with Edmund's illness. Mary wants to know if that means reconciliation is possible, but Jill tells her that the problems remain the same. Meanwhile, Delia has a fantasy about being rich, while Jill and Faith are poor and in awe of her. After Dr. Guellet gives his opinion to Seneca and Jill, Jill excuses herself to check on Edmund. She runs back in and frantically tells them that Edmund has stopped breathing. They find that the baby spontaneously began breathing again, but Jill begs to know what is wrong with her son.

Episode 790
Re-aired August 6, 2001

Jill arrives at the Ryan's with the latest news on Edmund. She tells Siobhan how nice it is to have her back; Siobhan expresses her concern for the baby. Maeve ends up having to walk Finn since Johnny got a cold from walking him in the rain. Mary sees Pat at the hospital and inquires about Nancy. Pat takes the chance and makes a plea for Mary to take it easy on Siobhan, hoping that Siobhan will decide to stay. Mary tells Pat she'll try, but is later infuriated by Siobhan again when she finds out that Maeve had to walk Finn in the rain. When Siobhan makes a comment about Frank not being there for Edmund, Mary blows up. Maeve walks in, just as the exchange gets heated. Maeve takes Mary into the kitchen to get her away from Siobhan; they find Finn eating all of the food that was prepared for the party. Pat finds Nancy crying as she worries about her career. The two are obviously getting closer as Pat is able to comfort her. Mary and Siobhan begin arguing again over Finn, with Mary eventually asking Siobhan in front of everyone when she plans to leave for Australia. Siobhan replies that she let Mary run her away from home before, and she won't let it happen again.

Episode 792
Re-aired August 7, 2001

Still angry with Siobhan, Mary is calmed by her parents and helps them to prepare more food for Faith's party. Bob tells Frank the good news about Edmund and tries to call Jill, but finds out that she is asleep. As Bob reassures him, he comes to further understand Frank's situation with Rae. As Tom tells Roger about the jealousy he is feeling for Pat, Roger tells him of Delia's jealousy of not being included in the party. Later, Johnny tells Tom how proud he is of him that he is putting all the stuff with Pat behind him. When Faith arrives, the group hides as Faith comes into the house with Pat. When they walk into the surprise party, Pat needs to explain to an angry Tom why he is with Faith. Maeve and Johnny dance to lighten the mood and Faith becomes uncomfortable because it is obvious that Tom is maintaining his anger. When everyone leaves Tom goes for a midnight run to clear his head and is haunted by visions of Faith and Pat together.

Episode 793
Re-aired August 8, 2001

In an effort to punish Roger for going to the party without her, Delia runs a bath and floods Roger's living room, while pretending to be asleep. When Roger becomes enraged, Delia tells Roger that she did not think that he would be upset. Later, when Roger tells her to either pay for the damages or leave, Delia begins to pack. Siobhan tells Johnny that she made a mistake coming home and that she is making plans to move to Australia. Johnny reassures her and tells her even with all of their problems that Maeve and Mary will miss her. Later, Maeve is alarmed when Johnny tells Maeve of his talk with Siobhan; he sends Maeve to have a few words with her. Maeve reassures Siobhan that she is special to her and convinces her to stick around for a while. Roger gives Delia one last chance to apologize for the damage. When she refuses, Roger tells Delia that he is not coming after her and the only way she can come back is if she does it on her own.

Episode 794
Re-aired August 8, 2001

Tom returns from running and is curious when he finds Delia on the front stoop. Later, Delia is alarmed when Tom tells her how angry he is at Pat for bringing Faith home from the hospital. Jill calls Frank about Edmund and it becomes clear that the two are trying to keep their relationship alive, in spite of the situation. Later, Rae tells Frank that it makes her sad to watch him go through this with Jill when it is clear that the two of them have no future together. Delia tells Roger about her conversation with Tom; she believes that Tom is crazy. Tom returns to Faith and tells her that all is well, but if she continues to worry about him it will only make matters worse. Rae tells Frank all the qualities in Jill that make it impossible for them to have a long-term relationship. Frank tells her that while he is committed to the campaign, he is going to do all he can to make things work out with Jill. Delia lays out her reasons for Roger of why she believes that something is terribly wrong with Tom; she is stunned when Roger actually believes her.

Episode 795
Re-aired August 9, 2001

Delia pays a visit to Father McShane seeking his approval at the new turn of events in her life and is surprised when she receives it.  Roger visits Faith to probe about Tom and becomes alarmed when he finds her overly defensive about it.  Later, Faith tells Roger that her feelings for Pat are under control and she is sure that he is doing the same.  Pat encourages a disenchanted Nancy, which is observed by Roger and Faith.  Siobhan angers Jack when she embarrasses her mother in front of Father McShane by rejecting the church.  When Jack confronts her about it, Siobhan gets offended and tells Jack that with what he has done to Mary and to the family, he is not in a position to say anything to her.  Later, the two have a nice moment together when Jack tells Siobhan that she has great potential when she grows up.

Episode 796
Re-aired August 9, 2001

Jill calls Frank's hotel room and leaves a message with Bob.  Later, Rae deals with Bob head on when she asks him if he disapproves of her.  When Bob asks Rae to tell Frank that Jill called, Rae promises to tell him.  Jill accepts Seneca's offer to see her home from the hospital.  At Ryan's, Jack questions Tom about Faith's party and notes the undercurrent of anger, even though Tom is doing his best to keep it under control.  Maeve expects better behavior from Mary in order to improve the situation at home with Siobhan.  Frank arrives at his hotel room exhausted from campaigning and is told that he has no messages.  Seneca spends time with Jill hoping to make her relax after hours on end at the hospital.  Jill and Frank drift further apart because of the undelivered message.

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