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September 1978 Daily Recaps

Episode 820
Re-aired August 27, 2001

Mary arrives at the hospital and learns from Jack that Faith's situation is grave.  When Mary learns that Jack knows about Frank and Rae, Mary tells him she is worried that Frank won't have a choice.  Meanwhile, Frank pays a visit to Little John and delivers a present that he picked up for him on the campaign trip.  When Delia walks in and sees the two together, she cannot resist needling Frank about his relationship with Rae and cheating on Jill.  Sending Little John to another room, Frank tells Delia to leave Little John out of their affairs.  At the hospital, Mary is shocked when Jack tells her if she wants to take the job with Frank, then the choice is hers.  Later, Jack tells her with the extra help Rae is offering, he will be willing to sit out the next nine weeks without her if she is happy.  In Faith's room, Faith tells Tom that she is fighting to keep their baby, moments before being racked with pain.  When Tom realizes that Faith is in the throes of a miscarriage, he calls out for help as Faith becomes incoherent and begins to babble.  When the doctor orders him to leave the room, Tom is stopped in his tracks when Faith calls out for Pat.  At Rae's apartment, Frank tells Rae about the disappointment his parents are feelings; Rae persuades Frank not to make any drastic changes in his life until he can sleep over it.  Meanwhile, Tom tells Jack and Mary that Faith is miscarrying.  When Pat overhears, he tells Tom that he is sorry about his loss and is stunned when he sees the rage in Tom's face.

Episode 821
Re-aired August 28, 2001

Faith is troubled when Tom maintains a strong rein over his feelings and tells her he will feel better when she is well again.  When Jill arrives, Tom sees this as an opportunity to leave and tells Faith he will return later.  Sure that he is gone, Faith tells Jill that something happened last night that frightened her.  Mary consults Bob about her job offer from Rae; he is surprised when he is able to put his personal feelings for Rae aside and tells Mary if she wants the job, then she should take it.  Later, the family agrees that while they are not comfortable with it, the only thing to do about Frank and Rae's situation is to support Frank and go along with it.  Meanwhile, Faith shares with Jill her fear that Tom overheard her yell for Pat.  At the boxing ring, Tom tells the manager that he needs a good workout.  Siobhan pays a visit to Frank and admits why she is working for the campaign and is relieved when he is supportive.  Later, when Frank admits to Tom that he has made a mess of things with Jill, he tells him he hopes he will be able to recover and straighten everything out.  At Ryan's, Pat admits to Maeve the depth of his feelings for Faith and how frustrating it is that he cannot go and see her because of Tom's feelings toward him.  At the gym, Tom lets out his anger on a body bag.

Episode 822
Re-aired August 28, 2001

Faith shares her concern with Roger of how Tom is going to be affected by losing the baby.  Later, against Roger's urging not to do so, Faith insists he get Pat.  At the gym, Jumbo is concerned when he arrives and sees all the rage and frustration Tom is directing toward the body bag.  Meanwhile, Faith begs Pat to keep their secret and is hopeful when he promises to do so.  In the ring, things get out of hand when Tom goes head to head with a sparring partner and begins to take out all of his frustration on him.  In the staff lounge, Delia arrives to tell Roger the good fortune she is having with the commodities.  Failing to capture his interest, Delia launches into the story about Frank and Rae and is pleased when Roger becomes a little more attentive.  Mary pays a visit to Rae and while accepting her job offer, tells Rae that she is not pleased with her and Frank.  When Rae explains what Frank means to her, Mary is shaken when she realizes Rae has fallen in love with her brother.  In the ring, Tom becomes more and more aggressive and crosses the line when he ignores the manager's bell to end the session and knocks his partner out.

Episode 823
Re-aired August 29, 2001

At the gym, Tom has to be pulled off of his sparring partner when he gets out of control.  When the gym manager asks Jumbo to help him get Tom out of the gym, Jumbo calls Jack for help.  Maeve visits Jill in Edmund's hospital room and expresses her sympathy for what Frank has done to her.  Jill is touched when Maeve tells her that regardless of what happens between Jill and Frank, she and Johnny will always be there for her and Edmund.  Meanwhile, Jack explains to the gym manager about Tom and promises to get him out of there.  Later, Jack talks Tom into going to the locker room and cooling off.  At the hospital, Jill is pleased when Seneca tells her he wants to throw Edmund a welcome home party.  Soon after, Seneca convinces Jill to go for a visit with his mother in Canada.  When Jack tells Tom that the gym manager has expressed concern over his behavior, Tom promises to apologize to him, as well as his sparring partner.  Later, Tom confirms Pat's suspicions that his anger is centered towards Pat, though he still has no idea that Pat was on the houseboat.

Episode 824
Re-aired August 29, 2001

Jack leads Tom to his office and convinces him to get some much-needed rest and promises to get him if something comes up with Faith.  In the waiting room, Siobhan visits Pat and reminds him of some of their childhood pranks to help get his mind off of Faith.  Roger arrives and gives Pat news of Faith's condition and Siobhan finally realizes why Pat is so worried.  When Roger leaves, Siobhan tells Pat of the trouble she is having with Mary; Pat reinforces her instinct to hang in there.  When Jack finds them in the waiting room, he tells Pat and Siobhan about Tom's trouble at the gym and that he finally got him to go to his office and get some sleep.  A nurse comes and tells Pat that Faith is asking for him.  Meanwhile, Tom wakes up and heads to Faith's room.  Roger arrives home to a dinner prepared by Delia who is exulted in her success in the commodities market.  When Delia tells him she knows about Frank and Rae, Roger is stunned and tells Delia that Rae has had her eye on Frank for a long time.  Later, Delia fantasizes that she is comforted by Roger when the grim reaper comes to take her life away and realizes that they do belong together.  While visiting with Faith, Pat comforts Faith and tells her there are plenty of people that love her, including himself.  When he hears a grunt, Pat turns toward the door and sees Tom who tells Pat that it is okay for him to be there because he knows that he loves Faith.

Episode 825
Re-aired August 30, 2001

Frank pays a visit to Edmund at the hospital and promises to never leave him.  When Jill arrives she demands that Frank put him down.  At campaign headquarters, Mary and Siobhan have a disagreement about the situation between Frank and Rae.  Later, Bob arrives and the three begin to work on a press release.  They fall into a tirade of laughs when a mock release is prepared that details the affair between Frank and Rae.  Outside of Edmund's room, Frank and Jill get into a disagreement about a father's rights when Jill tells Frank to stop pretending to be a father and get out of Edmund's life for good.  At Greenberg's, Nancy and Pat talk about her dance career and Pat's feelings for Faith; both recognize if they can't have what they want, at least they can be with each other.  Frank enters campaign headquarters, and after overhearing the details of the mock press release, he snatches it from Mary and adds a few lines of his own that leaves the group laughing even louder.  While laughing, a distracted Siobhan prepares the press release to be sent out and mistakenly sends out the wrong one.  Later, Frank tells them that he is finally giving up on Jill, but he is sad that Edmund has to be caught in the middle.

Episode 826
Re-aired August 30, 2001

Tom seeks comfort from Maeve on his way back from the hospital.  Later, Rae arrives with plans about primary night and receives the cold shoulder from Maeve.  Trying to warm her up, she invites all the Ryans to the celebration, but is thrown off when Maeve asks her if Jill and Edmund are welcome as well.  Roger is concerned when Faith becomes delirious and confuses him for their father.  When Tom arrives, Roger worries when Faith starts murmuring about the houseboat.  He tries frantically to get Tom out of the room, but not before Tom overhears Faith making them promise that they won't tell Tom.  At Ryan's, Maeve gives Rae a piece of her mind about Frank and tells her regardless of what happens between them, she will always hope things work out between him and Jill.  Delia visits Siobhan at campaign headquarters and is overjoyed when Siobhan promises to tell the entire Ryan family her success in the commodities market.  Later, Rae visits headquarters and comes close to reading the wrong press release, but is stopped when Siobhan gives her the corrected copy.  Outside of Faith's room, Roger fails to stop Tom from going back to Faith's room.  When Roger is summoned upstairs, Tom leans over Faith and asks her what it is that she is trying to keep from him.

Episode 827
Re-aired August 31, 2001

At campaign headquarters, Mary thanks Siobhan for all the work she has done and tells her that she doesn't know how she would have made it through without her.  Later, Jack enters and gives the sisters the bad news that Siobhan sent out the wrong press release.  With Faith's condition being as grave as it is, Seneca brings Jill a present to help her mind off of the situation; they're toe rings for each toe.  After receiving the latest report on Faith, Roger instructs the nurse to call her doctor and Jill.  Mary is appalled when she realizes the depth of the mistake that Siobhan has made.  Jack steps in to help and offers to call each reporter to retrieve the releases.  Later, Jack is successful in getting four of the releases back from the columnist, leaving Siobhan to get the last one from a reporter, who will only give it to her if she goes on a date with him.  Modeling her new toe rings, Jill receives a call from the hospital and rushes over.  In Faith's room, Tom is troubled when he presses Faith to find out what she doesn't want them to tell him; she continues to murmur about the boat.

Episode 828
Re-aired August 31, 2001

Siobhan arrives at Lem's and is taken aback when Wes questions how much of the phony press release is true.  Meanwhile, Roger questions Tom to see if Faith has revealed any information in her delirium and is assured when Tom tells him no.  Later, Tom questions Jill about the events of the houseboat.  Jill is spared telling too much information when Roger comes in and tells them the antibiotic they are using might be the wrong one.  Siobhan explains to Wes some of her family history, hoping he will see how important getting the press release back means to her.  At the press office, Jack is concerned about how Siobhan is handling her date with Wes.  Mary assures him that Siobhan can handle herself.  When Jack accuses her of being unsympathetic, Mary tells him she fears if things with Siobhan continue along the same path, she will have to fire her.  At Lem's, Wes invites Siobhan to his apartment so they can discuss things a little more comfortably.  Aware that Faith needs her rest, Jill and Roger leave the room and are uncomfortable when Tom insists on staying for a while.  Later, Tom is able to put things together when Faith murmurs that Pat was the one driving the boat.

Episode 829
Re-aired September 3, 2001

Siobhan tells Wes she is not going to bed with him and she will have to take her chances of him keeping the press release.  When Wes sees that she is serious, he hands over the press release and is pleased when Siobhan announces that he now has a friend for life.  At the hospital, Tom, Roger, and Jill become concerned when Faith's condition worsens.  When Faith yell's her father's name and becomes deathly still, Jill fears that she is dead.  Pat arrives at Ryan's and gives a report on Faith's condition.  Later, Siobhan arrives with Wes and assures Mary and Jack that everything is fine.  Mary asks for a word with Siobhan and tells her if anything like this happens again, Mary will be forced to fire her.  Meanwhile, cheers erupt from the bar when Bob, Rae, and Frank arrive and announce that Frank has won the primary.  After Johnny gives his speech, Rae tries to talk with Maeve, but is hurt when she gives her the cold shoulder.  Later, Roger, Jill, and Tom arrive from the hospital with word that Faith's fever has broken and that she is resting comfortably.  Moments later, Jill learns from Rae the truth about her feelings for Frank.  Tom questions Pat again about the accident and becomes angry when Pat tells him there is nothing he can do to help him.  When Pat leaves, Tom thinks that he sees someone he knows and is troubled when they disappear.

Episode 830
Re-aired September 3, 2001

Roger arrives home and finds Delia in tears and refuses to tell him what is wrong.  After telling her that Faith has made a turn for the better, Roger is shocked when Delia admits that she voted for Frank.  He insists that she tell him what is wrong because he cannot handle the hysterics.  Jill tells Seneca that the antibiotics are working and Faith is getting better.  Later, Jill admits to Seneca that she questioned Rae about Frank.  At Ryan's, Johnny tells Pat how happy he is with the events of the evening.  When he brings up Pat's name, Tom begins to question Johnny about Pat and is haunted by the familiarity of a girl he thought he saw, to Johnny's concern.  Later, Tom questions Johnny about the events of the houseboat and is anxious when Johnny tells him to put it behind him.  Delia tells Roger that she lost her money in the commodities market; Roger tells her if she cannot handle the market, then for she should get out of it now.  Later, Roger and Delia admit to one another they are in love.  Roger tells her that they are meant for one another.  Jill and Seneca make love.  At home, Tom has trouble controlling his rage when he realizes everyone is lying to him.  He becomes uncomfortable when he remembers seeing Terry at the bar.

Episode 831
Re-aired September 4, 2001

Delia forces Roger to share a cup of tea with her while they open their mail and finds a legal envelope declaring that her marriage to Pat has been legally annulled.  Rae awakens Frank with a reminder that he won the primary.  When Rae realizes that Frank is not listening, she questions him and realizes that he is thinking about Jill.  In Jill's bedroom, Seneca tells Jill they should talk again about getting married.  When Jill asks him why he wants to marry her, Seneca goes into a list of reasons ending with the fact that she belongs with him.  At Rae's house, Rae tells Frank that although she is not pressuring him into anything, she feels that they belong together.  Meanwhile, Delia is surprised when she notices that she has no reaction at all over the annulment and realizes that she is finally over the Ryan's.  Feeling that now would be the best time to do so, Roger proposes.  When Delia tells him that she is not sure if she wants to consider marriage right now, Roger tells her that he loves her and is sure that she loves him and pressures her for an answer.

Episode 832
Re-aired September 4, 2001

Delia agrees to marry Roger and is delighted when he offers to buy her a diamond as big as the Ritz.  Roger visits Faith and tells her that she is recovering well.  Later, Faith is uneasy when Roger can't assure her that she did not tell Tom about Pat in her delirium.  In the waiting room, Pat is discouraged when Faith's nurse tells him that she is awake and asking for her husband.  In the waiting room, Roger finds Pat outside Faith's room and tells Pat that Faith is recovering well and that she would appreciate it for Tom to not find Pat hanging around her room.  When Nancy arrives, Pat tries to focus his attention on Nancy and is not fooled when she tries to hide the weakness in her leg.  Later, Nancy visits Faith and delivers a loving but friendly message to her from Pat.  Faith reinforces to Nancy, Pat's need to stay away, and asks her to make sure Pat gets the message.  In the staff lounge, Nancy limps in and tells Pat Faith's message.  When he questions her about limping, she dances to prove that all is well, but collapses.  At the jewelers, Delia picks out an extremely vulgar four-carat engagement ring, which Roger buys against his morals.

Episode 833
Re-aired September 5, 2001

While delighting in Frank's victory, the Ryans express pleasure of Faith's recovery, although they are worried about Tom.  When Johnny tells them about Tom's behavior, Jack warns them to tread carefully around him.  Before he can explain everything, Tom enters the bar.  At the press office, Mary warns Siobhan that if she makes another mistake, she will be fired.  When Siobhan becomes angry, Mary tells her that she has an unconscious desire to cause trouble and that it will not be tolerated in the future.  Meanwhile, Tom gives Maeve, Johnny, and Jack one more chance to tell him the truth about the accident.  He becomes even angrier when they continue to lie.  When he leaves, Jack tells Maeve and Johnny that he needs to see if Tom knows because if he does, then lying to him is only making matters worse.  At the press office, Jack finds a depressed Siobhan and is shocked when she tells him that she is going to quit.  When he tells her the best way to be a good press secretary is to keep quiet about everything, he succeeds at getting her to hang around a little longer.  At Roger's, Delia hears loud noises coming from upstairs and becomes concerned when she realizes that Tom is upset and throwing things.  When she goes upstairs to investigate, Tom threatens her and tells her to get out of his house.  Frightened, Delia leaves.  Tom becomes confused and is not sure what has happened.

Episode 834
Re-aired September 5, 2001

Delia finds Roger at the hospital and gives him details of her run in with Tom.  She confirms her suspicions that Tom is crazy.  Roger tells Delia he will look into things and leaves her in the lobby, where she runs into Jill who inquires about her ring.  In X-ray, Pat gets a copy of Nancy's charts and gives her the bad news that she will not be able to dance again.  Later, Pat tries to explain to Nancy that this would happen if she overdid it, but Nancy explodes and walks out on him.  Meanwhile, Delia, still gloating, tells Jill about her engagement to Roger and the fact that they will be sisters-in-laws.  She is hurt when Jill becomes upset and refuses to believe that Delia has changed at all.  At Rae's apartment, Polly visits Rae in hopes of getting the dirt on her relationship with Frank and is rewarded with news that Rae intends to marry Frank.  Meanwhile, Jill slams into the staff lounge demanding that Roger not go through with his marriage to Delia, for her sake as well as Faith's.  When Roger explains he loves Delia and is happiest with her, Jill tells him they were finally getting themselves together as a family and that if he goes through with it, he is going to spoil everything.

Episode 835
Re-aired September 6, 2001

Seneca arrives at Jill's apartment and presents her with a pre-nuptial contract.  Before she can address it, Jack interrupts and tells Jill he is concerned about Tom and has a few questions for her.  Meanwhile, Pat finds out from a nurse that Tom has left Faith's room for the evening.  He visits Faith and as he is admitting that he is still in love with her, Tom walks up to Faith's door with flowers and overhears this.  When Faith admits to Pat that she still loves him as well, Tom misunderstands and leaves angrily before he has a chance to hear Faith also tell Pat that she is going to give her marriage a chance to work.  Meanwhile, Roger arrives home and tells Delia he wishes she had let him tell his family about their engagement, but gives up being upset when she tells him how happy she is being with him.  Delia suggests to Roger that they should live upstairs in the house, and Faith and Tom should move to the apartment.  She tells him that it will be better when Little John comes to live with them.  Roger accuses her of using Little John as a way to stay close to the Ryans, which Delia denies an immediately drops the subject in order to maintain peace in the home.  Jack asks Jill and Seneca if they think Tom knows about Pat's presence at the scene of the accident.

Episode 836
Re-aired September 6, 2001

Jill tells Seneca that while she is anxious to know if Tom knows about Pat being on the boat, she is even more anxious to focus on the marriage contract that he presented to her.  While reading it, Jill finds something that does not meet her requirements.  Nancy apologizes to Pat for the way she treated him when she found out about her leg and assures him of her commitment to stay off it.  She then tells him she has decided to accept a job with the campaign.  Overjoyed, Pat offers to walk with her to campaign headquarters.  After reading over the contract, Jill tells Seneca that his logic is irresistible and agrees to marry him.  At campaign headquarters, Nancy approaches Frank about a job and is delighted when he accepts her with open arms.  Rae becomes jealous of the way Frank responded to Nancy, and is horrified when he offers her a job working with Georgia.  When Pat and Nancy leave, Rae tells Frank of the plans she's made for them this evening and doesn't get the hint that Frank wants to be alone.  As they prepare to leave, Rae notices how much Frank is missing Jill.  She tells him she loves him at the same moment that Seneca is telling his new fiancée, Jill, the exact same thing.

Episode 837
Re-aired September 7, 2001

Tom finds a delighted Faith in her hospital room standing without assistance.  He brings her even more delight when he gives her word that she is to be released today.  Later, Faith becomes concerned when Tom asks her how soon it will be before they can plan for another baby.  Delia tells Bob her news about marrying Roger and is pleased when he gives his approval.  Faith tells Tom that now is not the time to think of another baby and pressures her to think of becoming pregnant in the next few months.  Later, Faith becomes upset when Tom refuses to acknowledge her desire to plan for the next baby more carefully.  Meanwhile, Roger visits Faith and tells her to prepare for some news she may not take well.  Bob and Siobhan share the news about Delia's marriage.  Faith misbehaves when Roger gives her the news of Delia; she begs him not to marry her.  When Roger tells Faith, he loves Delia and that she has grown up, Faith tries to give Roger advice before realizing she can't give someone advice on marriage when she can't even handle her own.  Meanwhile, Tom arrives home and finds Teresa's ghost waiting for him in the parlor with a flower in her hand.  Angry, she tells him that Faith and the Ryans are lying to him and are no longer his friends.  When she disappears, Tom calls after her and becomes confused when the flower that Terry was holding appears in his hand.

Episode 838
Re-aired September 7, 2001

Siobhan briefs Jeri and the camera crew on the Ryan family background, and mistakenly tells Jeri that Frank has two sons.  Meanwhile, an out of breath Maeve arrives looking forward to the interview.  Frank gives Nancy an assignment her first day on the job: to defuse Ethel Green from verbalizing her objections of Frank for Senate.  Maeve gives Jeri some background information for her interview and is interrupted when Delia arrives with news that she is going to marry Roger.  When the interview starts, Mary, Bob, and Johnny watch from Campaign Headquarters.  While talking to Ethel, Nancy learns that Ethel does not like Frank because her son was given bad treatment during the hospital strike.  Nancy promises Ethel that she will get some information and return in the next few hours.  During the interview, Mary and Johnny are proud when Maeve answers tough questions about Frank.  Later, Maeve is appalled when she is put on the spot about Frank's private life and is questioned about Frank having two sons.  Able to dodge the bullet, Maeve smoothly delivers an answer that only includes Little John, never mentioning Edmund.  In the press office, when Johnny wonders who could have tipped Jeri off, Mary stares at Johnny boiling mad and yells that it was Siobhan.

Episode 839
Re-aired September 10, 2001

Furious, Rae calls Mary determined to find out who it was on the inside and could have leaked information to the press about Edmund.  Mary tells her she may have a lead, but she will get back to her when she is sure.  At Ryan's, Siobhan admits to Maeve that she mistakenly told the reporter about Little John.  She is saved from Maeve's wrath when Jill enters the bar.  Nancy finds Pat in the staff lounge at the hospital and tells him about her encounter with Ethel Green.  She is delighted when Pat offers to visit Ethel in person to explain things to her.  Later, when Pat tells her she is giving him mixed signals, Nancy tells him that while she does not want to have a personal relationship, she would like to keep him as a friend.  Jill tells Maeve that she plans to marry Seneca.  When Maeve reminds her of their relationship with Seneca and how this will affect their relationship with Edmund, Jill assures her that Edmund will continue to be a part of their lives regardless of whether she is married to Seneca or not.  Meanwhile, Pat visits Ethel Green and while he improves the situation, he fails to resolve it, leaving Ethel still unwilling to give Frank her vote.  At Ryan's, Mary congratulates Maeve on her interview and tells her that she did a wonderful job handling the Edmund comment.  Later, Mary fires a grief-ridden Siobhan and refuses to explain to Maeve all the details.  When Siobhan tries to fight back, Maeve tells her that she is nothing but trouble and refuses to let her get off easily.

Episode 840
Re-aired September 10, 2001

At Ryan's, Frank tells Maeve and Rae that he understands how Siobhan could have made the mistake she made because he has come close to talking about his two son's himself.  Rae irritates Maeve when she tells Frank not to think about or mention Edmund again until well after the election is over.  When Frank tells his mother that he wants to make things right for Siobhan, Siobhan tells him that it isn't possible and apologizes for the mistakes that she made.  Jack visits Tom in his office in hopes of learning what Tom may know about the Pat being on the houseboat; he manages to make Tom even more angry and withdrawn when Tom realizes that Jack is lying to him more and more.  When Jack leaves, Tom sees Terry again and is comforted when she tells him that they are all lying to him, but he doesn't have to get back at them because she will be angry for him.  Meanwhile, at Ryan's, Siobhan manages to make Maeve even angrier when she leaks information about Jill's engagement to Seneca.  After giving Frank all the details, Maeve accuses Siobhan of managing to destroy her own place in the family with her mouth.  Later, Rae becomes incensed when Frank leaves to talk to Jill about his role in Edmund's life.  Jack arrives at Ryan's and learns from Siobhan that she has been fired.  He realizes what this will mean in terms of Mary's workload and his home life.  At Jill's office, Frank arrives and demands that he have visiting rights with Edmund when she marries Seneca.

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