January 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 906
Re-aired October 25, 2001

At Ryan's, everyone gathers around and watches Mary's news show. Jack and Johnny argue when Jack comments on how good Mary is. Meanwhile, Mary is challenged when Thatcher critiques her performance. Little John's presence continues to be more than Delia can handle.  She finds herself surrounded in a heap of toys and practically begging him to take a nap.  When Roger arrives, an indignant Delia becomes upset that he was at work all day when he should have been home helping her. Later, a crying Delia calls Roger home demanding that it is an emergency.  Genuinely worried, Roger runs home from the hospital and is infuriated when he finds the emergency to be putty in Delia's fur coat. Roger and Delia agree that they have come to the end of the line with caring for Little John and agree that they should call Maeve to take him back.  When Delia calls and tells Johnny that Little John's presence is a bit of an inconvenience, Johnny cynically tells Delia that Maeve's back is not better.  At Ryan's, Mary arrives and tells Jack about her conversation with Thatcher and all of the help that he is giving her.  She declares that she is going to win Thatcher over no matter what. Jack becomes concerned, realizing that Thatcher is becoming a significant part of Mary's life.

Episode 907
Re-aired October 25, 2001

At Ryan's, Pat arrives extremely happy, telling Siobhan that he and Faith are happier now than they have ever been.  Later, Pat explains to Siobhan that Faith is desperately afraid of Tom and can't wait to get a divorce. Meanwhile, Seneca arrives at Faith's and assures her that Tom is not crazy but that he has a chemical imbalance.  An empathetic Faith agrees to see Tom after Seneca tells her that Tom has agreed to a potentially dangerous surgery so that won't try to hurt her again. At Ryan's, Johnny is excited when he receives a call from Annie's daughter who tells him that Annie is arriving tomorrow.  When Siobhan overhears this, she is excited that an Irish relative is visiting them.  Later, Johnny fills Siobhan in on Little John's situation and she pays a visit to Delia. Faith arrives at Ryan's and tells Pat about Tom's medical condition. Siobhan goes to Delia's and finds her lying on the sofa with an icepack surrounded by a mess.  When Siobhan questions her about how things are going, Delia confesses and tells her that she is definitely rethinking her maternal impulses and wanting custody.  Faith visits Tom and is shaken at his determination to undergo such a dangerous surgery on her behalf.

Episode 908
Re-aired October 26, 2001

Siobhan reports to Maeve on Little John and Delia.  Maeve is relieved that her plan seems to be working. Roger arrives home and finds Delia buried under a pillow to escape the noise that Little John is making with his drum.  When Roger asks why she doesn't just take it from him, Delia tells him that she is afraid that she will damage his psyche.  Later, Delia tells Roger that she realizes now that being a mother is a huge responsibility and that she is not sure if this is what she wants to do. Meanwhile, Pat arrives at Frank's office looking for Frank and finds Nancy there instead.  When the two get into an easy conversation, Nancy reminds Pat of how easy it is to talk to her and the two agree that they really do miss one another. Pat is put on the spot when Nancy asks him how things are going between he and Faith. Delia calls Maeve and pleads with her to let Little John come home.  Maeve convinces Delia that the time is not right and hangs up determined to give Delia all the responsibilities of mothering she can handle, or that she will want for years to come.

Episode 909
Re-aired October 26, 2001

Maeve pays a visit to Tom before his surgery and realizes that Tom is no one to be afraid of and that he is the same person that she had come to know and love.  As Roger explains to Delia the details of Tom's surgery, Little John hammers away with his tool set, unattended.  Delia's plans to be a mother come to an end when she finds that he has nailed the marble bathroom hamper closed. Later, Roger is proud of Delia when she declares that she has had it and that she refuses to be in competition with Rae over LJ when she knows full well that she cannot handle him. Faith and Maeve visit with Tom before his surgery. Tom asks Maeve to stay to make Faith more comfortable and Faith is appreciative of this gesture.  Tom explains his actions to Faith, telling her that he knew all along that it was Pat who was driving the houseboat when Faith lost their baby. Faith later tells Pat that she feels responsible for Tom and that if they had just told him the truth about the houseboat, he would not be in this dreaded situation.  Later, Pat observes Tom's surgery and promises to tell Faith as much as he can.  In the operating room, Seneca and Roger are concerned when things begin to go wrong.  Meanwhile, Faith and Maeve express their guilt in the part that they played in Tom's sickness by refusing to tell him the truth. Roger realizes that he has a disaster on his hands and tells Seneca that there is nothing that he can do for Tom.

Episode 910
Friday, January 5, 1979
Re-aired October 29, 2001

Roger fears that continuing to operate could jeopardize Tom's optic nerves.  Maeve and Faith arrive at Ryan's and tells Frank, Bob, and Johnny that Tom has known all along that they lied to him about the houseboat.  They all fear that they helped to contribute to his illness.  Later, Maeve's plan for Delia is revealed to Bob when he watches her bending to pick something up off of the floor.  As the group share a laugh at Delia's expense, Delia arrives with Little John and asks for a word with Maeve.  Later, Delia tells Maeve that she must take Little John back and gives them the good news that she does not feel that she is fit to be a mother is dropping the custody suit for now.  When Frank tells her that she has made a very mature decision. Before Delia leaves, she takes one last shot at Rae, telling Frank that she will never make a good mother to anyone.  As the group celebrates their victory, Annie arrives. Trouble arises when the family discovers just how serious Annie's medical problem is.  In surgery, Roger and Seneca discuss their next steps and decide to consult Faith before they continue forward.  When Seneca and Pat ask Faith to decide, she is reluctant for fear of making the wrong choice, but ultimately tells them to continue to operate.

Episode 911
Monday, January 8, 1979
Re-aired October 29, 2001

Pat delivers news to Faith that Tom's surgery is not going that well.  When Faith inquires further Pat tells her that the optic nerves are heavily involved. Annie and Maeve catch up on what is happening with their respective families.  Later, Annie tells Maeve that she is afraid that she is dying.  Faith visits Jill in her office with news about Tom's surgery and delivers the news that for the past months Tom has known Pat was on the houseboat. She relays her fears that their lies could have added to his sickness. Later, Jill is shocked when Faith tells her that although she loves Pat, she cannot help feeling desperately involved with Tom.  Upset that Rae hired Mary without his input, Thatcher visits tells Rae if she hires anyone else for his department, she'll have to find someone else to run it.   Later, Thatcher admits that Mary has a lot of potential and decides that even though it will be a challenge, he is going to make a newsperson out of her.  In the Ryan parlor, Pat examines Annie and admits to her that her condition could be serious.

Episode 912
Tuesday, January 9, 1979
Re-aired October 30, 2001

Maeve reassures Annie about her sickness, telling her that the doctors at Riverside hospital will have her right again. Johnny receives a call from the hospital that Tom is out of surgery and although he came through they are unsure as to how things have gone.  Meanwhile, Roger gives Faith news on the surgery and tells her he is unsure of how much damage was done.  When Tom wakes up, Faith and Roger are grieved when they realize that Tom is blind.  At Ryan's, a troubled Maeve goes into the parlor and cries when she remembers her times at the farm, knowing that the family is about to lose it after all these years.  When Johnny finds her he understands immediately and comforts her.

Episode 913
Wednesday, January 10, 1979
Re-aired October 30, 2001

After an enchanting evening out, Frank tells Polly and Rae of Maeve's plans with Delia and Little John and how excited the family is that everything worked out so well.  When Frank leaves the room, Rae lets out her frustration that Delia has ruined her plans where Little John is concerned and realizes that this just means that she has to work a little harder to get what she wants - which means getting Frank to marry her.  Seneca gives Jill an update on Tom's condition, telling her that he is unsure if his blindness is permanent.  Later, Seneca confesses his role in Judge De Courcy's decision and demands that Jill reconsider Edmund's relationship with the Ryan's.  Jill accuses Seneca of trying to manipulate her and tells him that she intends to honor the promise she made to Maeve and Johnny of allowing them to be a part of Edmund's life. Meanwhile, Rae goes to work on Frank hoping he will eventually propose to her.

Episode 914
Thursday, January 11, 1979
Re-aired October 31, 2001

At the hospital, Faith finds Pat in the staff lounge. She tells him that she feels more obligated to Tom now than she ever has before because he is blind.  At Ryan's, Annie tries to help make breakfast but cannot manage to hold onto her bowl which concerns Maeve. Siobhan tries to make the situation better and ends up being yelled at by Maeve when she asks Annie if she is afraid to die.  When Jack arrives, he helps to ease the embarrassment of Annie's accident when he turns the conversation to Ireland and asks Annie how everyone is at home.  Annie tells them about an outing that the family recently took to the farm, which leads everyone on their own trek down memory lane.  Meanwhile, when Pat consults Roger about Tom's prognosis, his anxiety about Faith surfaces when Roger gives him a grim projection.  Maeve tells the family about her excitement at seeing Frank sworn in as Senator.  Later, Pat goes to Ryan's to collect Annie for her tests at the hospital.  When they leave, Siobhan is moved to tears when Maeve apologizes to her for yelling at her for asking a natural question.

Episode 915
Friday, January 12, 1979
Re-aired October 31, 2001

Siobhan visits Frank at his office to say goodbye.  While there, she volunteers to help in a rent strike when she learns of Ethel Green's problem with here landlord.  Meanwhile, as Jill packs her things for their trip to the beach house, she invites Seneca to join them and it is evident that some strain exists between the two from their argument over Edmund's involvement with the Ryan's.  Later, the two kiss and make up and agree to disagree - for now. Frank questions Siobhan about her experience with rent strikes, and although cautious, he tells Siobhan that he would be honored if she would do this for him but makes her promise that she won't do anything that he wouldn't do.  Later, as Frank prepares to leave for Washington, Siobhan hugs him proudly and tells him that he will be a real live Senator the next time she sees him.  Jill takes Edmund to visit Maeve who is upset that Johnny had to miss out on this visit and Jill is touched when Maeve gives Edmund a St. Francis Xavier medal that has been passed down through the generations of Ryan boys. Later, Frank arrives to collect his parents for their trip for Washington and has a touching moment with Edmund moments before they leave for the beach house.

Episode 916
Monday, January 15, 1979
Re-aired November 1, 2001

After a full afternoon of playing on the beach, Jill puts Edmund down for his nap with his medal that he got from Maeve and a promise that no matter what happens, she will make sure that he is not confused about who his father is.  In Washington, Frank and Rae give his parents a tour around his office suite. They are further impressed when Frank tells them that he has arranged for them to be at the Senators' luncheon at the White House where they are set to meet the president.  At the hospital, Tom learns that he is blind and handles it better then Faith and Roger could have ever hoped.  Later, Tom surprises Faith when he tells her that she should not feel obligated to him in anyway. Roger interrupts Tom, explaining that now is not the time for them to worry about anything but his recovery.  Meanwhile, Maeve and Johnny appreciate all that Frank has accomplished and Maeve is happy that her sister is there to be a part of it.  Later, as the group heads out for the ceremony Frank expresses gratitude realizing this is the moment that he has been waiting for.  At the beach house, Jill settles a restless Edmund down for his nap and plugs in a wall heater to knock the chill off of the room.  At the hospital, a terribly upset Faith expresses her grief about Tom's condition and asks Roger how she can help him without turning her back on Pat.  Meanwhile, as Frank is being sworn in, Edmund is in grave danger as smoke begins to trickle from the electrical socket that the heater is plugged into.

Episode 917
Tuesday, January 16, 1979
Re-aired November 1, 2001

Trusting Edmund to be okay, Jill takes a walk to the sand dunes and thinks about their future. Newly sworn in Frank and company arrive back at his offices. They discuss their reactions to the ceremony with proud-filled Maeve and Johnny. At the beach house, Edmund sleeps as smoke continues to come from the outlet.  As Siobhan assists the tenants that live in Ethel's building in learning their legal rights, they are visited and confronted by one of the landlord's representatives who demands to know what their meeting is about. An explosion at the beach house horrifies Jill who screams for Edmund. Siobhan is threatened by the representative of Riverside Realty and is told that she is not only bringing trouble on herself but to those in the other buildings.  When he leaves, Siobhan cannot help but to be shaken because she knows the seriousness of the situation.  Frank thanks Rae for placing the world at his feet in which Rae tells him that she expects nothing but good things for him in the future.  At the beach house, Jill is in shock when she finds that Edmund's room has been blown up and making her way into the debris she desperately tries to find him.

Episode 918
Wednesday, January 17, 1979
Re-aired November 2, 2001

As a hysterical Jill fights her way through the debris to find Edmund, she is knocked unconscious when a huge beam collapses leaving her trapped beneath.  Seneca arrives in Annie's hospital room and reassures her about her condition. Annie asks Seneca to reconsider letting her spend with Edmund while she is in America and is surprised when Seneca says he will consider it. At the beach house, Jill remains unconscious in Edmund's room where there is no sign of life.  At Ryan's, a very upset Siobhan explains her problem with Riverside Realty to Jack and tells him that she hopes that he and Wes Leonard will be able to help.  When Siobhan stick her chin out in determination, Jack recognizes it as a Ryan quality and tells her that it is the first thing that drew him to Mary.  Meanwhile, Mary questions Thatcher on his professional feelings for her and is satisfied when Thatcher tells her that while he is not happy with the way that she was hired, he sees potential in her and that he is more than willing to work with her.  Later, Mary is in shocked when Thatcher reveals that he does not have a family to be concerned about him.  When Siobhan reveals to Jack that she is going to challenge the Realty Company, Jack offers to go with her to offer emotional support.  Later, as Jack and Siobhan visit with Annie, Mary arrives and talks about but Thatcher.  When Annie tells them of her visit with Seneca, the group is happy knowing that they are much closer to being able to spend time with Edmund.  Meanwhile, Seneca arrives at the beach house and finds Jill.

Episode 919
Thursday, January 18, 1979
Re-aired November 2, 2001

A stone-faced Seneca watches as Jill is wheeled into a small local infirmary with a severe injury to the spine.  When a small covered stretcher is wheeled through ER, Seneca gives a long sad look and then takes charge in Jill's case when the doctor hesitates about what to do.  Delia tells Roger about the hurt that she feels over Franks being sworn in and the fact that the Ryan family is rising upward now that she is no longer a part of the family.  Later, Seneca calls Roger and gives him the bad news about Jill.  When Roger asks about Edmund there is a long pause in which Seneca tells Roger that Edmund is dead.  Later, Roger tells Delia about the accident and leaves to collect Faith so that they can get to the hospital.  When Jill awakens, Seneca tells her that she will have to have surgery and that everything will be all right.  When Jill's head clears she realizes that something is wrong and has to be sedated when she begins to scream for her baby.  Later, Seneca learns that there is no surgeon on site and realizes that he is going to have to perform the surgery. Meanwhile, Faith and Pat struggle with the dilemma that is posed by Tom's behavior in wanting her help in his current condition.  While they are talking, Roger arrives and delivers the bad news to Faith and the three head out to the hospital near the beach house.  At the hospital, Jill takes a turn for the worse and demands to know where Edmund is.

Episode 920
Friday, January 19, 1979
Re-aired November 5, 2001

Faith, Roger, and Pat arrive at the hospital and learn from the nurse that Edmund was dead on arrival and that Seneca is performing surgery on Jill.  When Roger heads to the surgery room, Faith and Pat fear what is going to happen to Seneca when the Board learns that he has performed surgery without a license.  Roger arrives in surgery and learns from Seneca that Jill has only a small chance at survival.  At the party, Rae tries to make progress with Maeve as the two enjoy a quiet moment away from the party.  As reassures her that she does not feel anything against her personally, Rae continues to press the issue which angers Maeve who prepares to give her a piece of her mind until Frank enters.  After surgery, Seneca fills the group in on Jill's condition and has to control himself when he speaks of Edmund's death. Faith reassures Seneca telling him that they will do all that they can to ensure that the surgery is kept as quiet as possible.  When Jill begins to regain consciousness, Pat goes to the phone and calls Frank to give them the news. Rae is appalled when she learns of what has happened from Pat and sadly hands the phone over to Frank who promises that he will be right there.  Later, Frank delivers the news to his family and they mourn for Edmund.  At the hospital, Jill awakens hysterical and demands to know where Edmund is.  As Seneca calls for a sedative, he tells Jill that Edmund is dead, but she falls unconscious unable to express any emotion as the medicine takes affect.

Episode 921
Monday, January 22, 1979
Re-aired November 5, 2001

Rae orders her plane ready to escort Frank, Maeve, and Johnny to the hospital where Jill and Edmund are waiting.  Later, a stricken Maeve accepts a kiss on the cheek from Rae for assisting them in getting to the hospital quickly.  When they leave, Rae asks Polly to stay for awhile so that Rae can comfort her. Rae realizes that she feels guilty for the many times that she has wished Edmund out of the picture knowing that now he really is.  Meanwhile, Faith tries, without success, to get Seneca to react to Edmund's death.  When the two begin to make arrangements for Edmund's funeral, Seneca thanks Faith for what she is trying to do with him but tells her that he cannot grieve for Edmund.  Later, Faith describes to Pat the arrangements that she made with Father McShane.  When Faith expresses that she feels obligated to help Tom, Pat tells her that as soon as the things settle down for Frank, they will ask for his assistance to prevent Tom from being deported.  The family arrives and Pat gets them up to speed on the situation, and they all become upset when they learn that Seneca performed the surgery.  Meanwhile, Jack tells Mary about Siobhan's troubles with Ethel Green.  Jack has to talk Mary out of doing a story on the situation so that Siobahn can have a chance to do it on her own.  After recovering from the shock that Seneca performed the surgery on Jill after months of not practicing medicine, Frank tells Seneca that if anything happens to Jill that he will personally crucify him.

Episode 922
Tuesday, January 23, 1979
Re-aired November 6, 2001

Frank reminds Seneca that he has no license, and that he should not have operated on Jill.  Seneca tells Frank that he is no longer a factor in Jill's life and that had he not performed the surgery, Jill would have died.  Later, Faith and Roger tell Frank and Maeve of the trouble that Seneca is in for having done the operation and ask them to not let the news get around.  Roger then tells Frank that he should remember that Seneca is also hurt by the loss of Edmund.  Seneca learns from the nurse that Jill has not asked about Edmund and decides that she not be told until she has recovered.  At Ryan's, Delia awakens a sleeping Siobhan and is shocked when she learns that not only is Siobhan a part of the Ethel Green situation but that Jack is making himself a part of it - a fact that is sure to get to Mary.  At the hospital, Frank to mourns for a son who he fears he failed and with whom he'll never be able to reconcile.  Delia warns Siobhan that if Jack gets too involved with Ethel Green that he could be hurt.  When Siobhan tells her that she likes the idea of someone being there with her, Delia tells her that she would do well to stay clear of Jack Fenelli.  At Jill's bedside, Seneca mourns for Edmund remembering happier days.

Episode 923
Wednesday, January 24, 1979
Re-aired November 6, 2001

Finding a tired Seneca at Jill's bedside, Maeve convinces Seneca to go and catch a few hours of sleep while she sits with Jill.  As he leaves, Seneca tells Maeve that Jill does not know about Edmund and that if she wakens to handle the situation the best way that she knows how.  In Washington, an emotional Frank bites Bob's head off when he suggests that Frank is going to take as much time as he needs to mourn Edmund - even if it means putting her appointments aside.  Later, Nancy impresses Bob with insight into Rae's personality.  When Jill awakens and inquires about Edmund, Maeve tells her that Edmund is dead.  Later, Jill asks for Frank, and Maeve sends for him.  Learning that they have a lot in common, Nancy and Bob decide to have dinner together rather than spend the evening alone.  Frank reassures Jill about Edmund.  Seneca arrives at Jill's room and when he sees that Frank has been visiting with her, he orders Frank to stay away from her.

Episode 924
Thursday, January 25, 1979
Re-aired November 7, 2001

Seneca and Roger prepare Jill to be moved to Riverside.  Later, the clinic doctor discovers that Seneca does not have a medical license and vows that he will report Seneca to the Board immediately.  Pat gives Annie the details of what has happened to Edmund and Jill.  Pat also gives Annie her preliminary diagnosis and tells her that she is not dying. In the ambulance, Jill's goes into shock, and Seneca warns the driver that if he does not drive faster, he'll be responsible for Jill's death.  Faith offers to let Tom live with her until his immigration problems are over and is shaken when he adamantly refuses.  Later, Faith finds Pat at the hospital and tells him about Tom's refusal.  Pat things that Tom is displaying better sense than Faith.  In the ambulance, as Seneca yells that they need to hurry, there is a resounding crash.

Episode 925
Friday, January 26, 1979
Re-aired November 7, 2001

After the crash, Seneca confirms that Jill is still alive and radios the police for help.  In Washington, Rae tries to comfort Frank and hurts for him as he mourns Edmund.  Mary calls Frank for moral support and is happy when she learns that he will be home that evening.  Mary finds Thatcher waiting for her lets him know that she is not in the mood for any negativity from him.  At Riverside, Jill is admitted to ICU.  When Seneca tries to issue orders to the nursing staff, Roger has to step in, as Seneca does not have a license.  Roger tells Seneca that Marshall is on his way down for a visit and that he has a report on Seneca from the clinic.  Thatcher tells Mary that he lost both his children in accidental death.  Rae is distressed when Frank tells her that he is going home to check on Jill and attend Edmund's funeral.  Thatcher tells Mary about the death of his wife and children, which helps Mary to understand more clearly why Thatcher is as remote as he is.  Marshall tells Roger that things do not look good for Seneca, especially if anything happens to Jill.

Episode 926
Monday, January 29, 1979
Re-aired November 8, 2001

After tricking his nurse into leaving the room, Tom crashes his IV stand and has to be helped back into bed.  Faith tells Tom that in light of the fact that he cannot make it on his own, he should reconsider her offer to stay with her.  Maeve and Johnny recap for Siobhan all that happened on Long Island, and Edmund's funeral is set for the next day.  To everyone's delight, Annie returns home from the hospital.  Faith tells Tom that it is time for him to be realistic about his blindness and realize that the best thing for him to do would be to come home with her.  When Tom accuses her of pitying him, Faith tells him that she has invested a lot of her life in helping him and that she is not going to let him ruin all of that now.  Ethel tells Siobhan of the bank account that she has established for the tenants to deposit their rent into until improvements have been made to their apartments.  When they receive a threat from a henchman of the building, Ethel tries to talk Siobhan out of assisting them further.  Pat tells Faith that her getting Tom to live with her again will put them all in an awkward situation.  When Faith argues that if they leave Tom out there on his own that he will be deported, Pat tells her that Frank will handle the immigration problems and that Faith has nothing to worry about.

Episode 927
Tuesday, January 30, 1979
Re-aired November 8, 2001

A distressed Seneca watches as Jill struggles in pain.  Later, Roger tells Seneca that given Jill's present condition, that surgery might not be a good idea.  While looking at family pictures, Siobhan draws out the problem about the Colleary farm.  Annie tells her that they will have to sell the farm because of overdue taxes, and Maeve is grief-stricken knowing that what her family has fought so hard for is to be lost.  Roger diffuses tensions between Frank and Seneca when Frank comes to visit Jill.  Maeve awakens crying in the night as she remembers her father and exactly what the farm meant to him.  Jill cries out for more painkillers and Seneca demands that the nurse give Jill something for the pain.  Seneca tries to reassure Jill about Edmund and tells her that the funeral is set for tomorrow.  In the waiting room, Roger confirms Seneca's opinion that if Frank visits with Jill, it just might cause her more pain.

Episode 928
Wednesday, January 31, 1979
Re-aired November 9, 2001

Mary awakens in the middle of the night desperate for Ryan's presence.  She tells Jack that the tragedy with Jill and Edmund has forced her to realize things about herself.  In the waiting room, Roger is supportive of Faith in her problems with both Tom and Pat.  Faith and Roger discuss Seneca's options and try to come up with a way to get him out of trouble.  Mary confides in Jack that she's not sure if she has enough time for her family and a job, but Jack assures her that she can do both.  Later, Jack becomes annoyed when Mary switches the conversation to Thatcher and analyzes how his problems have directly affected his life.  Roger and Faith visit with Marshall and devise a way to help Seneca with the Board.  While sitting at Jill's bedside, Seneca remembers Jill and Edmund at Christmas and comes close to mourning but is interrupted when Roger comes in with Jill's x-rays.  It is decided that surgery be performed on Jill tomorrow.

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