February 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 929
Thursday, February 1, 1979
Re-aired November 9, 2001

Seneca gives Jill the news that she is going into surgery and that he'll be attending Edmund's funeral afterwards.  Roger arrives and orders Jill a pre-operative shot and assures her that he will be there to watch over the surgery.  When Jill cries out in pain and asks for Maeve, Seneca tells her that he will call her.  Maeve and Johnny rejoice when they find out that Annie's medicine seems to be working and that her symptoms have gone away.  Seneca calls Maeve to tell her that Jill is going into surgery and refuses her offer to come and sit with him before the funeral.  Maeve tells Annie and Johnny that Seneca is hurting and regardless of the feelings that exist between him and Frank that she is going over to offer him emotional support.  When she arrives, Maeve helps Seneca to finally mourn the loss of his son.  At Ryan's, Johnny finds out from Annie just how much money is needed to save the Colleary farm and tells her and Siobhan that he just may have a way that they can do it. Siobhan receives a threatening note but lies to Johnny and does not tell him the nature of it.  At the hospital, Seneca thanks Maeve for helping him to grieve and learns that Maeve herself lost two sons.  In surgery, Dr. Barnhill announces that Jill's situation is critical and hopes that he will be able to pull it off.

Episode 930
Friday, February 2, 1979
Re-aired November 12, 2001

Roger announces to Maeve and Seneca that the surgery was successful and although she is sure to experience more pain for a while that she will regain full use of her leg.  Roger also tells Seneca that Jill will not wake up for hours and encourages him to go to Edmund's funeral.  When Tom and Roger meet later, he accuses Faith of helping him out of pity and insists that Roger set him up with a nurse or seeing eye dog and release him immediately.  Pat is delighted when he learns that Annie is recovering.  Jack is shaken when Siobhan shows him the note and insists on going with her to the next tenants meeting.  Bob arrives and Pat asks Bob and Rae to help him with Tom's immigration problems.  When Rae learns that Jill may have on-going medical problems, she is convinced that this will do nothing but serve as a constant reminder of the tragedy for Frank.  In the parlor, Frank finds Maeve explaining to Little John that Edmund is in heaven and tries in vain to fight back tears.

Episode 931
Monday, February 5, 1979
Re-aired November 12, 2001

At Ryan's, the wake is in progress and all are concerned that Frank, being unable to mourn the death of Edmund in public, will withdraw.  When Rae expresses her concern about Frank to Maeve, Rae is told that she also needs to understand that Jill is adding to Frank's worries.  Later, Maeve comforts Frank when she and Annie sings a family song for Edmund.  When Annie describes the wake after her father's funeral, Maeve mourns over the fact that they are going to lose their family home and wishes that there were something that she could do about it.  Meanwhile, Roger tells Faith and Pat that Tom is adamant in his decision to be able to go home alone with a nurse or seeing-eye dog.  When Faith rebukes Tom's stubbornness, Pat tells Faith that Bob and Rae are working diligently to help Tom with his immigration problems.  Later, Faith continues to stand in her decision to help Tom, and Pat gives her an ultimatum, which results in the ending of their relationship.  Rae is shaken by Frank's decision to go to the hospital to visit Jill against her wishes because Rae knowing that if she pushes the issue, Frank will end their personal relationship.  Later, Rae emotionally tells Bob about her unhappiness with Frank's attachment to Jill.  When Bob tells her that it is only understandable that Frank is concerned about Jill, given all that they have shared with one another, Rae demands that for once she would like to see that kind of concern from Frank for her.  Finally, Frank sits at a sleeping Jill's bedside and tells her that he wishes with everything that she could have been at the funeral.

Episode 932
Tuesday, February 6, 1979
Re-aired November 13, 2001

Faith visits Tom and tells him that she has new information which might persuade him to change his mind about his refusal to stay with her at the Coleridge house.  Jack accompanies Siobhan to a meeting at Ethel Green's house for protection purposes and with the hope of getting a story out of it.  When Ethel leaves them to take her son to the neighbor's house, Jack tells Siobhan that Mary knows about his being here with her but admits that he is not in favor of pacts of honesty between spouses.  At Channel One, Mary and Thatcher come head-to-head when Thatcher chops up her article and makes more changes than Mary can tolerate.  Thatcher refuses to back off, and Mary threatens to quit.  She is rewarded when Thatcher tells her that not only would he like her to stay, but also that he will give her editorial space.  Meanwhile, Faith is shocked when she gives Tom all the reasons that he should come home with her, and he actually accepts.  Jack admits his jealousy of Thatcher to Siobhan.  Later, the two of them become concerned for Ethel when they realize that she has been gone much longer than she'd anticipated.   Dorothy arrives for the meeting and is shocked to find that Ethel is not there.  When Ethel finally arrives she is hurt, and Siobhan is badly shaken.

Episode 933
Wednesday, February 7, 1979
Re-aired November 13, 2001

Pat arrives at Ethel's apartment and gives her first aid.  As the rest of the tenants arrive, they are shocked to learn that Ethel has been mugged.  The group is shaken, and Jack tells them that they have great reason to fear.  He also advises them that they should possibly reconsider having the meeting, but Siobhan pleads with him to support her continuing the meeting.  Siobhan starts the meeting against Jack's wishes and plans for the group's next meeting to be with C&P Realty.  When Jack refuses to write the article that he has promised, for fear that they are in over their heads, he is angered that Siobhan threatens to call Wes Leonard to write it for her.  At Ryan's, after telling Johnny that farm prospecting in Ireland seems to be prosperous, Kevin tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Johnny that investing in the Colleary will be a disaster.  Later, Pat, Siobhan, and Jack arrive and tell Johnny about Ethel's mugging and their fears that it was connected to the realty company.  When Johnny tries to convince Jack to write an article about it, Jack comes close to telling Johnny the truth about Siobhan's letter, but he is taken aside by Siobhan before he lets the cat out of the bag.  Johnny consults Pat about his plan to invest in the Colleary farm and is encouraged to do it.  Later, Pat tells Johnny of his trouble with Faith.  He admits that it is his own fault for falling into his old pattern by trying to rescue Faith and that he should have never fallen in love with someone else's wife.  Jack's jealousy of Wes Leonard surfaces when Siobhan insists that having him and Jack be on the same team will be for the best.

Episode 934
Thursday, February 8, 1979
Re-aired November 14, 2001

While working late, Nancy offers sympathy to Frank about Jill and Edmund and lets him know that she understands his reasoning for wanting to work through his pain.  Later, Nancy is able to reach Frank in a way that others cannot, and when Rae arrives, she notices it and is not happy.  Jill learns from Maeve that Frank was there while she was unconscious and that he was at the funeral and feels the need to speak with him.  Faith arrives in Tom's room and finds him alone and reciting poetry.  She tells him of all the plans that she has made for his coming home, and Tom is appreciative, promising to not be a nuisance.  Rae is discouraged when she is unable to convince Frank to come home with her.  Frank declines Rae's offer to stay, and she leaves him, much to his displeasure, with Nancy.  Later, Johnny calls and receives Frank's blessing when he tells him of his plans to finance the restoration of the Colleary farm.  Seneca discourages Jill's efforts to call and talk to Frank.  When he is called out of her room on an emergency, Jill tries to call Frank and falls asleep before the call goes through.

Episode 935
Friday, February 9, 1979
Re-aired November 14, 2001

Johnny comforts Maeve when she awakens upset after Edmund's funeral.  Later, Johnny suggests to Maeve that he advance the money to the family to save the family farm and tells her that he has the blessings of both Pat and Frank.  When Johnny tells her that he really wants to do it, an excited Maeve goes to tell Annie.  When Maeve tells Annie she is touched and promises that every cent will be paid back.  Siobhan fills Jack in on Ethel's latest condition and tells him that she has set a meeting with the head of the realty corporation later that evening.  When Jack tells her that he refuses to write a column on the buildings until he is sure that he will not cause more harm Siobhan accuses him of taking a conservative stance to save his own skin.  Later, Jack is annoyed when Siobhan continues to insist on inviting Wes Leonard to the meeting.   Siobhan further increases Jack's annoyance when she begins to flirt with him and gets him to agree to attend the meeting.  When Jack realizes that Bob is in town and has agreed meet with her about her options Jack promises Siobhan that he too will be there.  Annie expresses her heartfelt thanks to Johnny and swears to him that he will never regret his generosity.  Later, Johnny tells Maeve that he is happy that he could make her happy and that everything is going to be just fine.

Episode 936
Monday, February 12, 1979
Re-aired November 15, 2001

Tom shares with Maeve his real feelings about Faith and the misgivings that he has about the arrangement for him to return to the Coleridge home.  Maeve tells him that Faith is honoring the promise that she made to him before God and that it will be wrong of him to not allow her to do so.  Later, Maeve tells Tom about Johnny's generous gesture in restoring her family home and leaves Tom wishing that he and Faith had what she and Johnny has.  Siobhan gives Bob the details on her efforts to date with the Ethel Green situation and although concerned for her safety Bob approves of her continuing forward.  Grateful, Siobhan makes Bob and Kevin promise not to tell the family what is happening determined to finish what she has begun.  When Pat finds Faith waiting in the lab for test results, the two come to a decision that they cannot run from one another and decide to tough it out.  When Pat accuses her of being the cause of their break-up, Faith reminds him that he did the same thing for Delia and that Tom seems to be in more of a need than Delia ever was.  After talking things through, Faith and Pat decide that there is lesson to be learned through all of this and can only hope that this time they will.  Later, when Tom questions Faith about her feelings for Pat, she reassures him that while she will always love Pat she is sure that things between the two of them are not meant to be.  At Ryan's, Siobhan fills Wes in on the details behind the Ethel Green case including the fact that her family has no idea of the danger behind it and gets his promise to keep it that way.  Later, as Wes and Jack begin to exchange barbs, Siobhan takes them off leaving Maeve with the distinct feeling that something is going on that she does not know about.

Episode 937
Tuesday, February 13, 1979
Re-aired November 15, 2001

Wes and Jack accompany Siobhan to Ethel's and when they arrive Wes immediately begins to get some background information on the rent strike, including Ethel's mugging.  When Pyle arrives he is put off by the fact that not only is Siobhan there but that she has brought Wes and Jack with her.  When Siobhan accuses him of being behind the muggings, Pyle tells her that this is a bad neighborhood and further warns her that strangers can only expect to get into trouble - regardless of who their brothers or their friends may be.  Maeve tells Johnny of her sadness for Edmund and that just knowing that Johnny is going to help save the Colleary farm has brightened her morning.  Later, Delia arrives at Ryan's and while flaunting her success in commodities tries to find out as much as she can about Pat and Faith.  Wes angers Pyle when tells him that he is going to write a news article and is the entire group is threatened behind it.  Jack is annoyed when Siobhan decides to have dinner with Wes.  Johnny tells Maeve that with all that has gone on with the farm and with Edmund's death that she needs a change and surprises her with a trip to Ireland.  Later, Jack comes into Ryan's still upset about Siobhan being out with Wes and when Johnny comes to her defense about it Jack gets upset and picks a fight with him.  At Lem's, Wes apologizes again for his past behavior and is delighted when Siobhan tells him that although she does not trust him she does forgive him and feels that there is no reason that they cannot spend time together in the future.

Episode 938
Wednesday, February 14, 1979
Re-aired November 16, 2001

Mary arrives home and finds Jack in bad humor and is shocked when she finds out that his anger is because of Siobhan's date with Wes.  When Jack tells her of the meeting with Pyle and the potential danger that it poses, Mary is concerned about his involvement and tells Jack that he has enough people in the city after him without involving himself in more trouble.  Later, Mary and Jack square off when he refuses to let go of his anger about Siobhan and allow her to comfort him.  Roger sits at Jill's bedside listens as she recounts what she remembers happened at the beach house.  When she mentions that she wants to call Frank and make sure he understands, explain things to Frank, Roger tries to discourage her - but to no avail.  Meanwhile, Rae has to hide her jealousy when Frank tells her of his plans to fly to New York for the evening.  When she tells Frank that his going there is not a good idea, Rae is happy when Frank tells her that she is right and that he will be home after he takes a long walk.  Later, Rae asks to see Bob and tells him that it is about Frank and Jillian.  Roger tells Jill that he thinks it will be a good idea if she speaks to Frank so that she can get some peace about it all and tells her that he will do what he can to arrange it.  Mary tells Jack that if she is doing all that she can to not bring her job home then the least he could do is not bring her sister home.  Later, Jack calls Jumbo for information on C&P Realty and feels worlds better when Jumbo promises to have the information for him by tomorrow.  Roger tells Seneca of Jill's desire and that although he knows how Seneca feels about the entire situation that this could do some good for Jill.  Later, Seneca tells a nurse that he wants the phone removed from Jill room until her condition improves.  In Washington, Bob confronts Rae on trying to control Frank's schedule and makes her feel better when he tells her that he will not encourage him to go to New York.   Meanwhile, Seneca is shaken when Jill murmurs Frank's name in her sleep.

Episode 939
Thursday, February 15, 1979
Re-aired November 16, 2001

Jack arrives at Ryan's and is concerned when he finds Siobhan to be suffering a hangover from her dinner date with Wes.  When Wes calls and suggests another dinner date so that they can discuss the article, Siobhan accepts another dinner date, which aggravates Jack further.  When Roger finds Jill crying out in her sleep over Edmund he becomes concerned when he is unable to comfort her.  Later, Roger assures Jill that while it was a terrible accident that she has no need to fear that she has let anyone down.   An excited Maeve tells Siobhan about her trip to Ireland and tells her that while she is going to use the trip to help heal the ache that she feels for Edmund that she fears that now is not the best time to go with Jill being in the hospital.  When Roger calls Maeve and gives her the news of Jill's dreams, he is comforted in the fact that Maeve is coming over for a visit and feels that a visit from Maeve just might help.  When Maeve arrives at Jill's bedside, she reassures Jill that this is not her fault and tells her that if she had been at the house then she might have been hurt more than she was with no way of preventing the explosion. Later, when Maeve tells Jill of her trip to Ireland and her fear of leaving Jill behind, Jill assures her that this would be great for her and that she will have plenty people in town to care for her.  Later, Maeve is shaken at Jill's desperation to see Frank and realizes that there is nothing that she can do to shake this desire.  Jack pays a visit to Wes and suggests that he leave Siobhan alone and is further dismayed when his suggestion gets him nowhere.

Episode 940
Friday, February 16, 1979
Re-aired November 19, 2001

Bob and Frank tease Nancy over all the invitations that she has been receiving from the Washington bachelors.  Later, Frank calls Maeve and when he learns of Jill's current condition and her desire to see him he tells Maeve that he will be in New York in less than two hours.  Before Frank leaves, he tells Bob and Nancy that he will be back this afternoon and that it would not be a good idea if Rae finds out where he is.  Maeve and Annie visit with Tom before they leave for Ireland and are excited to see him up and dressed and on his way home.  Tom arrives home and works hard at being self-sufficient.  Later, Tom is grateful when Faith tells her that she is very glad that he is home.  Rae arrives to see Frank and explodes when she learns that Frank has gone to see Jill and that Nancy was trying to keep that information from her.  When she tells Nancy that she needs to remember who is who around the office Bob steps in and tells her that they work for Frank and Frank only and that they will not tolerate being spoken to in this manner.  Frank arrives to see Jill and assures her that he understands about Edmund and tells her that even if she were in the next room with him nothing would have saved Edmund.  Later, Frank confesses to Jill his belief that he would have been granted another chance to raise Edmund and that he let Edmund down and now he will never get another chance to make things right.

Episode 941
Monday, February 19, 1979
Re-aired November 19, 2001

When Johnny discovers just how much his generous endeavor to restore the Colleary farm will cost him he bemoans the idea knowing fully well that he does not have enough money to cover it.  Later, Kevin encourages Johnny to rethink his offer when Johnny admits to him that he has overextended himself.  Meanwhile, Maeve and Annie delight in the idea of the house being restored and the fact that Johnny is doing a big part to preserve their family heritage.  Later, a troubled Johnny finds Maeve in tears as she remembers happier times at the farm.  Against Seneca's request, Roger gives Jill the details of her surgery and the trouble that Seneca is in because of it.  When he explains the proposed action on the part of himself, Marshall and Faith, Jill signs a letter asking the Board to commend Seneca for what he did to save her life.  When Roger leaves, Jill thanks Seneca for risking his career to save her life and fears that he will have to go to jail because of it.  Later, when Seneca learns from Jill that Frank visited her he takes steps to make sure that no one allows him to visit again.  At Ryan's, Maeve explains her tears to Johnny and her happiness and troubled, Johnny decides to say nothing of his financial problems.

Episode 942
Tuesday, February 20, 1979
Re-aired November 20, 2001

Mary delivers to Maeve and Johnny a pair of socks for their plane trip to Ireland.  Later, Maeve sits with Siobhan and Mary and exhorts them to behave while she is away because the last thing that she wants to worry about is trouble between the two of them.  Johnny angers Jack when he reads Wes's column about the realty company with relish.  Later, Jumbo gives Jack information about C&P realty and tells him that they company is heavily involved in organized crime and that he and Siobhan to watch out for them.  Pat shares with Siobhan his feelings about Faith and tells her that all he can do at this point is wish her luck on her marriage with Tom.  Meanwhile, Delia finds Tom sitting in the Coleridge parlor and proceeds to needle him about Faith and Pat's current relationship until Tom demands that she leave.  As the family celebrates Maeve and Annie's trip to Ireland that afternoon, a brick crashes through the parlor window at Ryan's.  Jack tells Johnny that he knows who was behind it and implores of Johnny to get Maeve and Annie to the airport as soon as possible.  Later, Mary accuses Siobhan of getting her family into more trouble than they can handle and demands that she end her girl crusade and let the police and professionals take over.

Episode 943
Wednesday, February 21, 1979
Re-aired November 20, 2001

Mary forces Siobhan into calling Frank by threatening that if she does not then Mary will.  Frank with the news before Mary does it for her.  Later, Frank assures her that he will call the District Attorney's office as soon as possible and demands that Siobhan cool down and allow the authorities to handle the situation from there.  Siobhan tells him that she cannot walk away from the tenants exactly but assures him that she will do nothing to get herself in further trouble.  Frank places a call to the D.A's office and is assured that they will investigate this further.   Later, when Bob tells Frank about Rae's determination to put Nancy in her place Frank tells him that it was Rae that got them to where they are and that he hopes that he can only hope that what he is offering Rae personally is enough.  Siobhan is excited when Jumbo and Jack invite her to the exclusive Genarro Social Club.  Meanwhile, Delia deliberately tries to goad Pat about Faith's going back to Tom and Pat tells her that with all of the dirt that she has done in the past that she is not in the position to comment on anyone's behavior.  Jack and Jumbo tell Siobhan a false story about Jumbo's childhood hoping to divert her attention from Mary - but to no avail.  Mary gives Thatcher the details of her reasons for staying out of Siobhan's situation and tells him that the two of them are in a competition to where Mary is ahead and Siobhan is fighting to catch up.  Meanwhile, Jack comforts Siobhan when he assures her that C&P Realty is her project and that Mary is not going to interfere.

Episode 944
Thursday, February 22, 1979
Re-aired November 21, 2001

When Johnny expresses his doubts to Pat about whether or not the Colleary farm will ever be profitable again, Pat thinks that his doubts are a part of missing Maeve and assures everything will work out just fine.  Later, Pat tells Johnny about his conversation with Delia and of his assumption that things are working out between the two much better than he expected.  Tom demands of Roger to be told something definitive about his eyes.  When Roger manages to calm him, Tom admits Roger and unknowingly to Faith that he is angry about being trapped in a house with a woman who he loves but doesn't love him back.  Later, Roger comforts Faith and tells her that she is the only one that will be able to get through to Tom.   Frank questions Rae about her conflict with Nancy and when Rae tells him that with as much as she has done for him she does not appreciate being lied to Frank tells her that her real problem lies with Jill.  Meanwhile, while fighting intense pain, Jill begs her nurse for her shot and throws a tantrum when the nurse tells her that it is not time yet.  Later, Seneca tells Jill that he back pain might exist for sometime and that she needs to learn to live with the pain.  In Washington, Frank tells Rae that he has offered her all that he can at the moment and implores of her not to take her frustrations out on Nancy.  As Pat admits to Johnny that his feelings for Faith have not changed, Faith's feelings for Tom obviously are as she makes a conscious decision to help Tom no matter what.

Episode 945
Friday, February 23, 1979
Re-aired November 21, 2001

While frantically trying to figure out the cost of renovating the Colleary farm, Johnny has to take Siobhan's comments into consideration when she asks if he has taken on much more than he can handle.  When Jack enters, Johnny pretends to be unconcerned about the renovations and tells Jack that he has everything taken care of.  Later, Ethel tells the Ryan's that while all of the buildings have heat and hot water that one of the buildings is having a problem with the boiler and Jack vows to have a look at it for her - and against his best interest decides to take Siobhan with him.  Rae tells Frank of a problem in New York that needs immediate attention and is pleased when Frank decides to send Nancy away for a few days to solve it.  When Frank approaches Nancy with the idea she is pleased that she will be working with her father but not so pleased that she will have to go back to New York and face Pat.  Later, when Nancy learns that her unwanted trip to New York was Rae's idea, Nancy tells her that regardless of what she tries to do she will never be able to run her away from her job and out of Frank's life.  As Siobhan and Jack look around the boiler room for the source of the problem, one of the men from C&P Realty peeks inside and decides that there is a problem.

Episode 946
Monday, February 26, 1979
Re-aired November 22, 2001

In the boiler room, as Siobhan and Jack continue to search for the problem with the furnace the representative from C&P realty calls Pyle to find out what he should do next.  In the staff lounge, Tom tells Pat that he wants to get his eyesight back so that he can leave clearing the way for him and Faith to be together.  Having overheard everything, Faith tells Tom that there are a few things that she would like to discuss with him.  Siobhan finds an old rag wrapped around a safety valve and begins to unwrap it.  Meanwhile, sure that the building is going to blow up when Siobhan takes the rag off of the valve, Pyle instructs his worker to lock Siobhan and Jack inside the boiler room.  Meanwhile, Mary wants to go to Washington to do a story on Frank and realizes that she will have to do it against Thatcher's wishes.  Faith apologizes to Pat for the story that Tom has painted for her and tells him that things stand as they originally discussed.  Later, Faith convinces Tom that while the circumstances may not be as he would like that he is not in the position to not accept her help - regardless of how uncomfortable things may be.  Thatcher refuses Mary's story in New York fearing that the weather is not right for it at this moment.  Non-fazed by his rejection, Mary plans to get the story on Frank and make it back in time to do the news that evening.  Aware of the danger that the furnace poses, Siobhan and Jack are locked inside the boiler room with an overheated furnace moments before leaving to warn the others in the building to get out.

Episode 947
Tuesday, February 27, 1979
Re-aired November 22, 2001

Siobhan and Jack panic when they realize they are in a room that is moments away from blowing up.  Johnny admits to Delia his desire to invest in commodities and is discouraged when she refuses to give him the advice that he is seeking.  Meanwhile, Siobhan swings a brick at the pressure valve and screams when the valve falls and her arm is burned by a hiss of steam.  When Jill begs a fill-in neurology nurse for her painkiller to be given to her early the nurse tells Jill that while the shot is prepared she cannot give it to her for another forty-five minutes.  When the nurse leaves, Jill reaches for the needle and is distressed when she knocks it on the floor.  Later, a desperate Jill eases herself out of bed and manages to give herself her injection.  When Seneca finds her he makes her promise to never do anything of this sort again and later yells at the nurse for leaving her in the room alone.  At Ryan's, Delia warns Johnny against commodities and leaves Johnny regretful that he was unable to get the name of her broker.  When Ethel frees Siobhan and Jack from the boiler room, Jack tells her that they must get Siobhan to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Episode 948
Wednesday, February 28, 1979
Re-aired November 26, 2001

Against Thatcher's wishes, Mary arrives in Washington to get the story from Frank and is alarmed when Frank and Bob warn her that there is a big chance that she will not be able to make it back to New York in time for the news broadcast.  At Ryan's, Nancy delivers to Johnny the Bible Frank used when he swore in and is shocked when she runs into Pat.  Later, Pat and Nancy catch up with one another and agree to dinner hoping to cheer one another from the terrible moods that they are in.  From the emergency room, Jack calls Pat from the emergency room and gives him the news of her burn and begs him to not tell Johnny of what has happened.  After getting the story that she needed, Mary gives Frank an update on Jill condition including the fact that Seneca is at her bedside at every possible moment.  When she asks about Rae, Frank tells her that Rae is not totally happy with their situation but he hopes that her love for him will be enough.  Troubled over how to get home, Mary is clearly in trouble when an enraged Thatcher tells her assistant to inform him of the moment that she returns.  While treating Siobhan's burn, Pat gets the whole story from Siobhan and Jack and thinks that it is time to tell Johnny what is going on.  Jack vows to call Frank and the D.A.'s office determined that Pyle is not going to get away with this one.  Unable to summons Rae's private airplane, Bob delivers to Mary the terrible news that she is stuck in Washington for the evening leading Mary to realize that she is in serious trouble over this one.

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