March 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 949
Thursday, March 1, 1979
Re-aired November 26, 2001

Roger arrives home and tells Delia of the presentation that was made to the Medical Board on Seneca's behalf.  Later, when Johnny arrives for some commodities advice, Delia gives him all of the warnings that he gave to her, which are ignored.  After much pleading on his part, Johnny leaves pleased that he has the name of Delia's broker as well as a promise from the two that they will keep this amongst themselves.  Upstairs, Faith arrives home and finds that Tom has fallen over a table and has to hide her frustration when she learns that he has fired his nurse.  When Tom mentions that now is a good time for her to consider her options with Pat, Faith loses her temper and tells him that she is tired of hearing about Pat Ryan.  At Lem's, Nancy is appalled when she learns from Pat the events that have been taking place with C&P realty.  Later, Nancy tells Pat of her recent struggle with Rae and Pat tells her that any jealous behavior on Rae's part will truly mean the end of her relationship with Frank.  Meanwhile, Faith assures Tom that they will hire a new nurse in the morning and is comforted when Tom begins to use black humor to ease the strain of the situation.  Pat goes to see Johnny and laughs when he realizes that Johnny is using Finn as a poor replacement for Maeve.  Later, Johnny warns Pat about involving himself in a relationship with Nancy again and winces when Pat tells him that she is a lovely girl who he likes as much as he ever did.

Episode 950
Friday, March 2, 1979
Re-aired November 27, 2001

Mary arrives at her office and finds Thatcher waiting to hear her explanation for disobeying his command to not go to Washington.  When Nancy arrives in Washington a day earlier than expected with a terrible hangover, Bob learns of her renewed interest in Pat and realizes that his chance with Nancy is over.  As Jill settles into a new room, she begs Seneca to approve of her getting her shot early.  When he refuses, Jill begins to plead and is frustrated when Seneca tells that she can easily become addicted to the medication and that he is doing this for her own good.  When Seneca leaves, Jill begs her nurse for her shot and is told that she has to wait until it is time.  Later, the orderly sympathizes with Jill and tells her that he can get her something for the pain but that it is going to cost her $50.00 - cash.  Mary defends her position to Thatcher and tells him that the story that she got in Washington was excellent and that it was not her fault that she could not get back to cover it in time.  When Mary refuses to admit the gravity of her mistake, she is stunned when Thatcher tells her that he is not used to having to debate matters with his employees and since she is so adamant about her feelings then he has no other choice but to fire her.

Episode 951
Monday, March 5, 1979
Re-aired November 27, 2001

Angry that C&P Realty purposely tried to kill his daughter, Johnny reviews the situation with Kevin, Pat, and Siobhan. During the conversation, he decides that although Pyle is cooperating with the police, he is going to go and have a little talk with Pyle.  Unable to get Johnny to change his mind, the group decides to accompany Johnny on his visit, and Siobhan convinces Wes to go along with them.  Jill lies to Seneca hoping to get the $50 that she needs to buy the pills and is dismayed when she is only able to get half the amount.  Later, Jill is further dismayed when she tries to buy half the amount of pills and is told that she needs the entire $50, or it is nothing at all.  At Pyle's office, Johnny threatens him and makes it clear that he and his family will not tolerate anything further from Pyle or his men.  Pyle's reply is that since their friends have heat and hot water, they should leave the situation alone for their own sakes.  Before they leave, Johnny worries Pyle when he tells him that they should expect a visit from the D.A.'s office along with another article in the newspapers.  Pyle calls his boss and asks him what to do.

Episode 952
Tuesday, March 6, 1979
Re-aired November 28, 2001

Pat and Johnny recap for Jack the unsatisfactory scene at Pyle's office.  When Jack learns that Wes was with them, he feels not only left out, but also concerned about what Pyle and his goons are going to do next.  Jill tells Roger of her struggle to maintain her sanity during the times in between her medication and receives some assurance that things are going to get better.  Jill then lies to Roger to get the other $25 that she needs for her unauthorized pain medication by telling him that she needs it to buy a birthday gift for one of the nurses.  Later, Jill yells at her nurse and demands that she bring Duke to her as soon as possible.  When Duke arrives, he takes the money from Jill and promises that he will have her medication to her as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, Jack tries unsuccessfully to get Mary to see her being fired as a sign from heaven.  Mary tells Jack that she is determined to get her job back, and when Jack suggests that she try and get help from Frank and Rae, Mary tells him that she is going to get her job back and that she is going to do it herself and her own way.  Pat tells Johnny about his date with Nancy and expresses that likes her more than he realized.  Johnny makes an appointment with the broker.  Roger is pleased when he finds that Jill is doing better unaware that it is due to the unauthorized painkillers that she has been taking.

Episode 953
Wednesday, March 7, 1979
Re-aired November 28, 2001

Thatcher informs Rae of his decision to fire Mary due to insubordination. Rae inquires if this is permanent or not, Thatcher states that either he goes or Mary goes.  Later, Mary arrives in Thatcher's office and pleads with him to reconsider hiring her back.  Johnny meets with the broker about investing in commodities and is stopped from investing all of his savings.  Unsure as to which way to go in the commodities market, Johnny tells the broker that he is going to do whatever Delia is doing.  Mary manages to talk her way back into her job on a two week trial basis with the understanding that whatever happens going forward that she is now Thatcher's employee and not Rae Woodard's.  Johnny pays a visit to Tom and is encouraged when he sees that Tom is adjusting well.  Johnny grows concerned when Tom tells him that he plans to leave before he can hurt Faith anymore than he has.  Rae is pleased when Thatcher gives her the news that he has re-hired Mary on his terms and is grateful that Rae is willing to accept the terms.  Jack supports Mary's decision to give her job another try, but he is privately unhappy about the situation.

Episode 954
Thursday, March 8, 1979
Re-aired November 29, 2001

Edgy over the possible danger to Jack and Siobhan, Mary decides to stick by her truce with Siobhan, on Maeve's behalf, and tries to be on her best behavior.  Mary shocks Siobhan when she admits that being fired hurt her, and that she has no plans of being hurt again in the future.  After speaking to the D.A. about Pyle, Frank calls Siobahn to implore her to stay out of the way and let the authorities handle things.  When Jack leaves to see Jumbo, Siobhan goes with him, unaware that they are being followed.  Nancy shares a confidence with Frank about Pat and learns that although the bigger brother and a Senator, Frank is still jealous of Pat in some ways.  During Nancy and Frank's conversation, Rae listens in from the other room and is displeased when Nancy gives Frank the news that Jill appears to be recovering well.  Rae finally barges in, and Nancy leaves discreetly.  While waiting for a report from Jumbo at the Genarro Social Club, intimacy grows between Siobhan and Jack.  The lurker watches as Jumbo announces that he has more news.  When Jack and Siobhan learn of the criminal element involved in C&P Realty, they quickly realize that they have stumble onto something much larger than a realty company.

Episode 955
Friday, March 9, 1979
Re-aired November 29, 2001

Seneca grieves at Edmund's graveside.  Johnny reads Mary a letter that he received from Maeve.  Siobhan and Jack tell Mary and Johnny about the connections C&P Realty has to criminal activities, and they all decide that they need to come up with a plan should the company decide to retaliate against them.  Jack swears to Mary that he will not allow himself to be dragged into the situation further, but he points out that he wants to make sure C&P gets what they have coming to them.  Fighting intense pain, Jill sends her nurse out to find Seneca but is stopped from taking one of her unauthorized pills when Mary arrives for a visit.  The second Mary leaves, Jill swallows two painkillers and waits helplessly for relief.  Seneca is pleased to find Jill quiet, meditative, and doing much better than when he last saw her.  He is further heartened when Jill asks him to pick out Edmund's grave marker and asks that the name read "Edmund Strong Coleridge Beaulac."  Johnny is apprehensive about Siobhan telling Ethel of the latest developments.  Siobhan is cornered by two henchmen from the realty company and is forced to confront the gravity of her situation.

Episode 956
Monday, March 12, 1979
Re-aired November 30, 2001

Jack goes off to rescue Siobhan as soon as he learns that she has gone over to Ethel Green's alone.  Siobhan tries unsuccessfully to talk her way out of what is sure to be an attack.  Aware that Nancy has gotten a lot of attention from the males in Washington, D.C., Bob hopes for a chance with her.  He is distraught to learn of the time she's been spending with Pat and that the two may be reconciling.  Pat tells Johnny of his feelings for Nancy and that he is happy to feel something for a girl besides Faith.  Jack arrives to rescue Siobhan without a moment to spare.  Unsettled by her own interest in Frank, Rae persuades Pat to come back to Washington by feigning concern for Frank. Bob convinces Nancy that the party for Frank will be better than she expects and promises her that this will be the night that she meets someone interesting.  Jack is left gravely injured by his run-in with the men from C&P.

Episode 957
Tuesday, March 13, 1979
Re-aired November 30, 2001

Siobhan finds Jack and frantically rushes for help.  Jack arrives at Riverside hospital in critical condition.  Johnny arrives to find a hysterical Siobhan. Siobhan tells him that she left a message for Mary and told her to come as soon as possible.  Rae softens Pat with food and champagne, hoping to get him ready for the party and for seeing Nancy later that evening.  Nancy and Bob finish the preparations for Rae's dinner.  Faith finds Tom frantically working out and is distressed to hear that he plans to attempt to return to work quickly.  Johnny and Siobhan wait miserably at the hospital as the doctor tries desperately to revive Jack. Rae gives Pat a tour of her house.  Rae is gratified to find Nancy and Pat getting along well at the party.  Pat tells Nancy that while he is terribly concerned for Frank, he knows that what he really came to Washington for was to see her.

Episode 958
Wednesday, March 14, 1979
Re-aired December 3, 2001

Mary is so disgusted with Siobhan for getting Jack attacked by Pyle's men that she hangs up on her after receiving the news.  Roger is unsuccessful in his attempts to bring Jack to consciousness.  A pitiful Siobhan tells Johnny that Mary and Maeve were right when they accused her of always having to make trouble.  When Mary arrives and learns that two thugs with a lead pipe beat Jack, it is clear that she blames Siobhan for the situation.  Roger declares that Jack will need surgery, and Mary vows to stay by his side.  As things heat up between Pat and Nancy, they decide to spend the evening together and have breakfast at Nancy's apartment.  All plans for romance are postponed when Bob arrives with news of Jack and offers to let Pat return with him on the jet.  Before he leaves, Nancy assures Pat that they will survive being apart but with difficulty.  When Jack begins to respond to Mary's voice, Roger encourages her to keep talking to him and not let him slip away again.  Roger gives her the news of the x-rays, and Mary goes out to the waiting room to give a report to Johnny and Siobhan.  Siobhan tells her that she is sorry, and Mary, infuriated, makes if knows that she will hold Siobhan responsible if Jack dies.

Episode 959
Thursday, March 15, 1979
Re-aired December 3, 2001

Roger is reassured when Jack begins to respond to the Mannitol drip and sends for Mary.  Mary  tries to get Jack to respond to her and is dismayed when he continues to refer to things from his childhood.  Later, Roger fills Pat and Bob in on the details of the mugging and allows Bob to go in and ask Jack some questions.  While rambling unconsciously, Jack tells Mary that he wishes she were home more because he misses her.  Jack recovers further and apologizes to Mary for getting into more trouble.  Gaining more ground, Jack tells Bob that he could identify his attackers for police.  Frank pays a visit to Jack and assures him that the D.A.'s office is on the case.  Roger asks Frank and Bob to leave and allow Jack to get some rest.  As the mannitol begins to wear off and Jack deteriorates, Pat and Roger tell Mary that Jack has to have surgery immediately.  After dreaming of Edmund, Jill awakens in physical pain but is stopped from taking one of her pills by Seneca's arrival and is forced to hide them inside of her bed linens.  Although hurting himself over Edmund, Seneca tells Jill that Edmund is dead and they she is the one that they must concern themselves with now.  Seneca encourages Jill to get out bed and forces her to walk around the room to loosen her muscles.  Jill is distressed when the nurse changes her bed linens taking her pills along with them.  Emergency surgery has begins on Jack to relieve the pressure from around his brain.  In the waiting room, Mary tells Pat that Siobhan is a source of endless trouble and unfortunately this time it is Jack who has to pay.

Episode 960
Friday, March 16, 1979
Re-aired December 4, 2001

Rae seeks Frank out and is upset to find him at the nurse's station checking on Jill.  The nurse tells Frank that he is not allowed in Mrs. Beaulac's room, and when he asks by whose orders, Seneca steps out of Jill's room and says that he issued the order.  Thatcher arrives at Ryan's bar to check on Mary and Johnny gives him an update on Jack's condition.  Johnny is hopeful that Mary's job will be granted back to her fully given that Thatcher had that decency to check in for a visit.  A distressed Jill begs her nurse to find Duke for her.  Frank confronts Seneca, and after reminding him of the marriage contract that he signed for Jill, he goes in to see Jill against Seneca's wishes.  Seneca calls for the guards, and though Rae tries to dissuade him, he completes the call.  In Jill's room, the nurse realizes who Frank is and tries to stop him from visiting, and he sends her out of the room in a search for Seneca.  Frank reassures Jill about Edmund and tells her that it is okay to cry.  When Seneca arrives with the guards to escort Frank out, Jill protests.  Jill, already annoyed that Seneca has sent Frank away, becomes even angrier with Seneca's insistence that she practice exercises to ease her pain.  Johnny comforts Siobhan about Jack and tells her if this was anybody's fault it was his for angering Pyle further. Mary calls and gives Johnny the good news that the pressure has been relieved and that Jack is going to be okay.

Episode 961
Monday, March 19, 1979
Re-aired December 4, 2001

Pat and Kevin prepare for the St. Patrick's Day party.  When Nancy calls to see how Jack is doing, Pat invites her to the party and is pleased when she accepts.  Jack receives a visit from Bob and Lt. Hayes regarding the mugging and agrees to identify the thugs regardless of the possible risk.  Bob tells Mary that he will assign extra security to her and each of her family members.  Faith tells Tom about the St. Patrick's Day festivities at the Ryan's and agrees to take him, knowing that he needs to get out of the house.   When Frank arrives he tells the group about his run in with Seneca and declares that he has no intention of leaving Jill alone.  Bob arrives with the news that Jack has identified the thugs and that Lt. Hayes should be making an arrest in the morning. Bob realizes that his chances for a relationship with either Faith or Nancy are slim. Mary lays into Siobhan about the trouble that she has caused for the family. A guilt-ridden Siobhan controls her tears and goes off to be alone for awhile.  Maeve arrives home and wants to know what the police car is doing out front.

Episode 962
Tuesday, March 20, 1979
Re-aired December 5, 2001

Siobhan goes to see Jack for reassurance and admits that she is afraid that they are in more trouble than they can handle.  Faith visits Jill in the hospital room and reveals that things are definitely over between her and Pat.  Later, Jill lies to Faith about needing some necessities and gets Faith to cash a $50 check for her.  When Faith leaves, Jill pages her nurse and asks her to send Duke in to see her as soon as she can.  Jack tries to reassure Siobhan and tells her that the heat is off of them and that they have nothing to worry about. Jack tells Siobhan that she needs to trust Maeve and sends her home.  Duke warns Jill that her asking for him so often might clue people in to what is happening.  He takes her money and promises to bring her pills as soon as he can.  Maeve learns that Finn has taken her place in the bed and she is forced to boot him out of it for the evening. Siobhan visits with Maeve and starts off on the wrong foot when she immediately takes a defensive stance.  She refuses to believe that Maeve's sympathy is genuine. Duke returns with the pills and watches as Jill takes two pills in her desperation for the pain to go away.

Episode 963
Wednesday, March 21, 1979
Re-aired December 5, 2001

Frank tells Rae about the St. Patrick's Day celebration that she missed at Ryan's and catches her up on Jack's condition.  Later, Rae shocks Frank when she tells him that she has ordered her jet to take him back to Washington without her.  Pat takes Nancy to the airport, but he stuns her when he asks her not to leave. Rae tells Frank that she refuses to wait in the background while he obsesses over another mans wife. In a discussion with Seneca, Jill justifies her reasons for wanting visitation rights with Frank. Seneca reminds her that she is his wife and demands that she put the past behind her for good.  Pat tells Nancy his reasons for wanting to see her again and she tells him that the feeling is mutual. Still, she decides against staying in New York with him for the evening. Trying to manipulate her feelings, Seneca tells Jill that Frank and Rae have too strong a bond to come between them. Seneca suggests that Jill work with him to get through the pain of losing Edmund.  Realizing that Rae won't change her mind about coming with him, Frank leaves for Washington alone, but he wonders if he made the right decision.

Episode 964
Thursday, March 22, 1979
Re-aired December 6, 2001

Johnny expresses his regret to Maeve that she had to come home to deal with the trouble surrounding Siobhan and Jack.  Maeve later assures Johnny that making the investment into the Colleary farm was one of the most generous acts in the world.  Delia arrives and flaunts her new fur coat. Johnny feels badly when Maeve talks about how cold it was in Ireland and Delia suggests that Johnny should buy Maeve a fur to keep her warm. Poppy Lincoln shows Tom the advantages of using the home therapist for the blind training program. She is even more eager to start when she realizes he is ready to become self-sufficient.  Maeve visits Jack and gives him details of her trip to Ireland.  She also tells him how grateful she is that he has been so helpful to Siobhan.  Pleased that the tin and aluminum stocks were up the day before, Johnny calls Grimly and invests $5,000 more.  After talking to Maeve about potatoes, Delia places a call to Grimly and asks him to sell her tin and aluminum shares and put all of the money in potatoes instead.

Episode 965
Friday, March 23, 1979
Re-aired December 6, 2001

Polly arrives at Rae's apartment and is shocked to find her in tears.  Bob is shaken when Frank shares his distress over Rae not coming to Washington with him. Bob tells Frank that due to Jack's confession, the BBG is under arrest. The bail was set very high and none of the lawyers have show up to get them out.  Siobhan pays a visit to Jack and the two share their respective misery; Jack is bored and unable to see his wife and child and Siobhan is upset because of her argument with Maeve.  The duo realize that with C&P Realty being out of their hands, they will miss seeing each other.  Poppy helps Tom get used to his surroundings and Tom remains unaware that Poppy shares a striking resemblance to Teresa Donoughue.  Frank admits to Bob that he has become more attached to Rae than he cares to admit.  Because of that, he fears that if they got involved again, it would be much harder to recover if the relationship failed.  Meanwhile, Rae tells to Polly that refusing to go back to Washington with Frank might have been one of the biggest mistakes that she's made in her life. Polly tries to assure her that Frank will come back to her and that when he does, he will be effectively saying that Jill is out of his life for good.  Jack is infuriated when he learns that Wes has scooped the C&P Realty story.  Jack's pique grows when he learns that Siobhan is going out to dinner with Wes.

Episode 966
Monday, March 26, 1979
Re-aired December 7, 2001

Frank is surprised when he arrives at his office in the middle of the night and finds Nancy there working. Frank calls Rae and becomes frustrated when she refuses to accept his call.  Mary calls Jack at the hospital and convinces him that he would be released much sooner if he would agree to stay at Ryan's for a couple days. Concerned that he would be a nuisance to Maeve, Jack speaks with her and is delighted to learn that she has already given her approval. Siobhan sneaks into Jack's hospital room to reassure him about her involvement with Wes. She is pleased to learn that he will be staying at Ryan's for a few days.  Frank asks Nancy her opinion of his relationship with Rae and is impressed by her perception.  When he asks Nancy if missing Rae justifies his asking her to return to Washington, Nancy tells him only he can answer that. Siobhan becomes defensive when Maeve questions her late-night visit to Jack.  When the two begin to argue about Siobhan's behavior, Mary intervenes because their yelling has woken Ryan.  When things quiet down, Maeve fears that having Siobhan, Mary, and Jack under the same roof might not be the best thing after all.

Episode 967
Tuesday, March 27, 1979
Re-aired December 7, 2001

When Frank receives an anonymous $10,000 donation to his campaign fund, Bob suggests that they call Rae to see if she knows anything about it. Frank becomes aggravated when he calls Rae and Polly says that she has gone out for the evening. Frank leaves a message for Rae stating that he will be at her apartment later and she had better be there when he arrives.  After receiving the message, Rae plots to have a man there when Frank arrives.  Frank tells Bob to return the money and to let it be known that he does not accept unsolicited campaign contributions. Poppy helps Tom organize his room so that he can find his way around; in the process, she is pleased to learn that he and Faith have separate bedrooms.  Tom learns more about Poppy's troubled childhood and expresses his sympathy.  Mary is forced to control her temper after learning of the rescheduled time of her news broadcast from Thatcher.  Their conversation is cut short when Rae calls and asks Thatcher to come over for a drink later that evening. Rae hopes that this will be the move to convince Frank that losing her would not be a very good thing.

Episode 968
Wednesday, March 28, 1979
Re-aired December 10, 2001

Dressed to impress, Rae has a moment of regret for stooping to trickery to get Frank's attention. Polly warns Rae that her outfit will get Frank's attention, but it might get Thatcher's as well. After finding out that his investments in tin and aluminum are sinking fast, Johnny wonders how it is that Delia's investments have soared.  Meanwhile, Delia invites Roger to an expensive dinner to celebrate her latest triumph in the commodities market. She confides that if it weren't for the clues she's been receiving from Maeve, she would not be where she is today.  Roger suggests that Delia take a portion of her money and invest it into a business.  Rae spills a drink on Thatcher in order to remove his jacket so that he can look nicely settled in when Frank arrives. When Frank arrives, Thatcher puts two and two together and realizes exactly why he is there.  When Johnny learns that Delia has changed her investments he pleads with her to tell him what she did; he is pleased when she agrees.  Rae refuses Frank's request for her to send Thatcher home so that they can meet in private and Frank leaves in a huff.  Later, Rae apologizes to Thatcher for using him in her game and assures him that she will get his jacket cleaned.

Episode 969
Thursday, March 29, 1979
Re-aired December 10, 2001

After taking several pills, Jill dreams of being reunited with Edmund.  When Seneca wakes her, Jill is upset that Seneca ruined her chances to see Edmund again and she refuses to be consoled.  Jack contacts the D.A's office and arranges to get inside information on C&P Realty before any other journalist - including Wes Leonard.  Later, Mary slips into Jack's hospital bed and tells him about her new schedule from Thatcher. Moments later, the two are getting frisky when they are caught by Jack's disgusted nurse.  Grieving over Edmund, Jill takes another pill while Seneca is not looking. Under the influence, Jill agrees that they should have another baby as soon as possible.  Later, Faith and Roger give Seneca the good news that his license to practice medicine has been restored due to Roger's brilliant plan.  Jack's nurse calls security when Jack and Mary refuse to obey hospital policy.  Frank calls Rae in the middle of the night and demands to see her. He tells her that he is on his way without giving her a chance to respond.

Episode 970
Friday, March 30, 1979
Re-aired December 11, 2001

Frank arrives at Rae's apartment and ignores the negligee that she has on; instead he focuses on telling her about the $10,000 campaign donation.  After listening to Johnny groan over his financial losses, Kevin tells him that he should stop taking his leads from a woman who gets inadvertent tips from her former mother-in-law. Rae tells Frank that in order for their relationship to succeed, he must stop chasing another man's wife. Conceding to her demands, Frank happily reconciled with Rae.  Maeve reads Johnny a letter from Annie and Maggie expressing their gratitude over the restoration of the farm and Johnny realizes that there is no way he can pull the funding back from them.  Jill awakens haunted by dreams of Edmund and takes yet another pill.  Later, a confused Jill tells Roger that all of the medication is getting to her. Frank shares a loving moment with Rae, but realizes that he had to make a great sacrifice to be with her.

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