April 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 971
Monday, April 2, 1979
Re-aired December 11, 2001

Bob tries to engage Nancy in conversation about Frank's schedule and is hurt when he notices her doodling Pat's name all over her scratchpad.  Nancy and Bob wager on whether or not Frank will arrive back in town with Rae and get their answer when the duo enters the room looking to be on top of the world. Mr. Snow arrives to see Frank, who suggests that Rae sit in on the meeting with him.  Frank tells Mr. Snow that his campaign contributions are not wanted, but gives him carte blanche to call upon him whenever he needs to.  When Frank leaves, Snow tells Rae that he is impressed with Frank and that there are bigger things in store for him politically.  Faith and Poppy discuss Tom's training and agree that he should keep at it until his sight returns.  Poppy gives Tom a lesson on using his cane and learns more about Faith's family in the process.  Frank assures Bob and Nancy that leaving Jill alone is not going to be as hard as it sounds.  Lt. Hayes calls and gives Frank the news that the BBG's case is set to go to the grand jury and that the pressure will definitely be lifted off of Jack.  Rae makes an appointment to meet with Snow to discuss the Vice Presidency for Frank in the election term 1984.

Episode 972
Monday, April 3, 1979
Re-aired December 12, 2001

Delia visits with Maeve and Johnny and expresses her fear that Faith and Tom's marriage is in trouble.  Delia receives a sign about her commodities investments when Maeve cuts into a rotten potato.  Jack arrives home from the hospital and tells everyone that the hospital lost his discharge papers, but he was unwilling to wait until they found them.  Delia tells Johnny that the rotten potato is a sign for them to get out of potatoes, but Johnny to talk her out of it.  Mary delights in the fact that her husband is home.  Their loving reunion is interrupted when Thatcher calls and tells Mary that she needs to come to the office for a meeting with him.  Bob tells Nancy about a new restaurant that has opened in Washington and is pleased when she agrees to a date with him that evening.  Later, Pat calls and spoils their plans when Nancy agrees to take a train to New York to spend the evening with him.  Thatcher reminds Mary that her two-week trial period is over and shocks her when he offers her a permanent job.  When she accepts, Thatcher tells her that he has a special assignment for her but that it is going to require that she be away from home more.  Jack spends time with Ryan and promises her that they are going to be able to spend more time together as a family.

Episode 973
Wednesday, April 4, 1979
Re-aired December 12, 2001

Seneca tells Jill that he has arranged for her to go home.  Jill is reduced to tears when Seneca informs her of the plans that they made to have another baby and she realizes that she has no recollection it.  Poppy helps Tom learn to recognize foods so that he can cook for himself.  As Poppy helps Tom prepare dinner, she fantasizes that the house and all that is in it belongs to her.  Roger finds Jill in tears over her memory loss and helps her to remember the promise that she made to Seneca for more children.  A torn Jill tells Roger that she fears that Seneca is taking advantage of her physical condition in order to control her life. She confesses that she feels cut off from everyone, including the Ryan's.  Delia tells Roger that as much as she hates to let him down that she will never be able to help Johnny in the commodities market.  Roger tells Delia of his conversation with Jill and his fear that her medication just might be getting to her.  At the hospital, Jill asks Duke to get a supply of pills for her to take with her when she leaves.

Episode 974
Thursday, April 5, 1979
Re-aired December 13, 2001

Pat and Nancy arrive at the restaurant for a romantic dinner and it is clear that the two are already intoxicated with one another.  Tom demonstrates for Faith the fact that he is making progress day-by-day.  The two are intensely aware of one another physically when Faith helps Tom into his bathrobe. Without Frank's approval, Rae makes a corrupt arrangement with Samuel Snow regarding Frank's run for Vice Presidency. She tells Snow that from this moment forward, he is to never see Frank again.  Rae's planning seems to be going well until Frank shows up at her apartment unannounced.  Rae sends Snow out the back way and tells Frank that she has been lonely all day without him.  Rae is ecstatic when Frank tells her that she is the woman for him in more ways than she knows.  After finishing a second bottle of champagne, Nancy and Pat prepare to leave the restaurant and find a more private place to play.  Before they leave, they admit to one another that they are scared about what could happen, but they're both ready to see where the moment will lead them.

Episode 975
Friday, April 6, 1979
Re-aired December 13, 2001

Johnny nearly faints when he looks at the financial pages and learns that potatoes have taken a drastic plunge.  When Frank and Rae arrive, Johnny is in awe of Rae when she not only accepts the fact that Frank wants to go to Edmund's grave but also offers to go with him.  When they leave, Johnny calls Delia and denies being the reason that they did not pull out of potatoes when she wanted to.  When Maeve finds him in the kitchen looking lost and forlorn, Johnny assures her that all is well.  Johnny has a nightmare where he and Maeve lose everything and have to wait for Delia to take pity on them in order for them to have food.  Pat and Nancy head to Bucky's houseboat for a little privacy.  Frank is hurt when he arrives at Edmund's gravesite and sees the name Beaulac on the headstone, but he tells Rae that he has to accept it and move on.  Rae tells Frank that she has an idea and that she would like to make a brief trip back to Ryan's.  Later, Maeve is surprised and pleased when Frank and Rae return for another visit and ask if Little John can return to Washington with them for a visit with his father.

Episode 976
Monday, April 9, 1979
Re-aired December 14, 2001

Thatcher gives Mary the details of her new project and her enthusiasm for it delights Thatcher, although she is unaware of it.  When Thatcher asks about her family's reaction to her new office hours, she tells him that they will understand once she has time to explain.  On the houseboat, Pat tells Nancy a love story while the two share caviar and wine.  Pat tells her that he would like to make love to her and Nancy readily moves into his embrace.  When Mary calls for Jack, Siobhan pretends-for Mary's benefit-that there is someone else at home with them before calling Jack to the phone.  Mary gives Jack the details of her new job, but assures him that they will be able to spend just as much time together as they have.  When Siobhan asks Jack if Mary's new job is a good thing or a bad thing, Jack tells her that he can only hope that it will be good.  After making love, Pat and Nancy admit to feelings of love and know that the only way for their relationship to work is if they think only of one another and not their families.  Jack does yoga with Siobhan and admits that he fears Mary's independence will tear them apart. Siobhan tells him that whether she knows it or not, Mary is one of the most fortunate people in the world.

Episode 977
Tuesday, April 10, 1979
Re-aired December 14, 2001

Delia tells Roger that Johnny is to blame for her failed investments.  Roger agrees that Delia made the right decision by deciding not to work with Johnny any longer and suggests that she break the deal immediately. Duke tells Jill that someone in his drug ring was caught the day before, so the price for the pills has tripled.  When Jill tries to be strong and tells him that she doesn't need more pills, Duke taunts her about the excruciating pain that she is going to be in. Jill rethinks it all and tells Duke that she will call him if she needs him.  Roger tells Jill how proud he is that she is going home and pledges his support.  Johnny takes it well when Delia tells him that she is going to have to stop feeding him her commodities information.  When Delia goes into the kitchen to talk with Maeve, Johnny moves to the end of the bar so that he can hear everything that they say.  Jill has a nightmare about Edmund and is further distressed when Seneca arrives to comfort her and tells her that he has removed everything from Edmund's room.  When Jill asserts that she would have liked a chance to say goodbye herself, Seneca turns into his old controlling self and Jill resorts to taking more pills.  Feeling that Delia is watching her like a hawk, Maeve offers to make Delia some cocoa, which pleases both her and Johnny to no end.

Episode 978
Wednesday, April 11, 1979
Re-aired December 17, 2001

Nancy and Pat are reluctant to go back out into the real world, but agree to have dinner at Ryan's.  When Little John and Frank arrive at Rae's apartment for breakfast, she sets out to create a warm family atmosphere for them. Faith takes Maeve a few baskets of fresh strawberries and catches her up on both Jill and Tom.  Maeve tells Faith that it is wonderful to see her so happy and that she knows that everything is going to work out just fine.  Pat and Nancy arrive and are a bit uncomfortable when they find themselves face to face with Maeve and Faith.  When Faith leaves, Maeve is distressed when she realizes that the feelings between Pat and Nancy are serious.  In Washington, Rae arrives home exhausted and admits to Polly that she finds "mothering" Little John to be more than she can handle.  Rae tells Polly that after seeing Frank's sadness at Edmund's grave, she knew that she would have to bring Little John back with them - even if it required a huge sacrifice from her.  Polly assures Rae that her efforts will be well worth it and Rae concludes that her marriage to Frank is going to be the splashiest event that Washington DC has ever seen.

Episode 979
Thursday, April 12, 1979
Re-aired December 17, 2001

Jack awakens early to find Mary leaving for work and realizes that her new job is going to interfere with her promise that the two of them will be able to spend more time together.  Siobhan has breakfast with her mother before going to work and the two disagree when Siobhan tells her that if Pat and Nancy love one another, that is all that matters.  Siobhan further argues that it is unfair for parents to impose their standards on their children. Poppy describes to Tom her life in the orphanages growing up. Her love for material things becomes more evident as do her feelings for Tom when he tells her that he wishes she were around more often.  Jack and Thatcher meet and do not get off to a good beginning when the two men begin to criticize one another's news mediums.  When Jack tells Maeve of his instant dislike of Thatcher, Maeve reminds him that the man is Mary's boss and that his attitude was unnecessary.  Defensive of Jack, Siobhan jumps to Jack's defense and Maeve reminds her that he is still another woman's wife.

Episode 980
Friday, April 13, 1979
Re-aired December 18, 2001

Johnny admits to Kevin that he is still following Delia's lead and tells him that after listening in on her conversation with Maeve, he has invested all that he has in cocoa beans.  Fearing the worse, Kevin reminds Johnny of Delia's overall nature and warns him to get out of it while he still has the chance.  Delia arrives for a visit with Johnny and Maeve and gives them an update on Jill's condition.  Johnny assures Delia that things are well between them and that he has taken her advice to handle his investments on his own.  Rae frets when Little John falls ill, but Poppy assures her that keeping him with them on the sofa is as safe as his being in the bed.  Rae tells Poppy of her plan to use Little John's sickness to her advantage with Frank.  Tom brings Poppy to Ryan's for a visit and is invited to lunch later in the week with Delia.  When Pat arrives, Poppy notices the change in Tom and learns of the problems that they have had with one another.  Johnny is pleased when he opens the financial pages and learns that cocoa beans are up.  Rae sets a trap for Frank and pretends to have fallen asleep reading to Little John, which makes Frank fall in love with her even more.

Episode 984
Thursday, April 19, 1979
Re-aired December 20, 2001

Johnny is distraught when he finds that cocoa beans are not going up, but he vows to hold out since this is where Delia is investing.  Roger encourages a depressed Delia to go and talk to Maeve for another burst of inspiration.  Seneca alarms Roger when he informs him that Jill is missing.  Roger calls Ryan's and Maeve suggests to him that they call the police. but he and Seneca both agree that the measure is too drastic at this moment.  Meanwhile, a confused Jill cries at Edmund's gravesite and tells herself that if she had just not left Frank none of this would have happened.  In Washington, Frank tells Rae that he wishes there was a way to structure his life so that Little John could come and live with him.  Faith describes Poppy's poor living conditions to Tom and asks if he would mind if Poppy came to stay with them until she was feeling better.  Rae helps Frank construct a plan to bring Little John to Washington.  At the gravesite, Jill screams out for Edmund, hoping that he will return to her.

Episode 985
Friday, April 20, 1979
Re-aired December 20, 2001

Delia arrives for a visit with Maeve and manages to coax some information out of her that sends her back to her first investment: tea.  Johnny and Seneca arrive and tell Maeve that Jill is in trouble.  Poppy is taken aback when Faith extends the invitation to stay with her and Tom until she is feeling better and she cries tears of joy at her good fortune.  Maeve tells Seneca what Jill said about the medication making her feel strange, but Seneca assures Maeve that Jill is not taking enough to do any real damage.  Frank arrives with Little John and Maeve sends Delia upstairs with him so that they can fill him in.  Delia finds a troubled Jack in the living room and reminds him that Mary is off in Washington living out her dreams and he is the one stuck at home with the baby.  After getting the entire picture on Jill, Frank calls the precinct and asks to have a car sent out to look for her.  While making the call, a wild-eyed, pathetic Jill enters begging for Frank's help.  When Jill throws her pills across the table, Maeve takes her in her arms and tries to convince her that everything is going to be all right.  Jill tells Frank that although she doesn't know what she is doing, she does know that what she is doing is because of them.

Episode 988
Wednesday, April 25, 1979
Re-aired December 24, 2001

Nancy and Pat awaken in one another's arms and find themselves more in love than ever.  In Mary's room, Thatcher calls for a cab to pick them up for their interview, and Mary decides to go to his room to retrieve the tape recorder that he has left behind.  Jack apologizes to Siobhan for his behavior the night before and decides to call Mary to do the same.  When he calls, he is surprised when Thatcher answers her phone.  Delia and Roger recap the terrible night that Jill had, and Delia tells Roger of Frank's pain in knowing that there is nothing that he can do to help the situation.  Later, Roger is horrified when Delia decides to call her commodities broker and change her investments at such an early hour in the morning but knows that there is absolutely nothing that he can do about it.  When Delia calls, she wakens Mr. Grimly and tells him to take her out of cocoa beans and into tea.  Meanwhile, Pat tells Nancy how much he feels they belong together and that he does not want to think about his future without her being a part of it.  Upset, Nancy reminds Pat of their religions and begs him not bring up their futures again because it upsets her to think about what they both know cannot continue.  Jack expresses his anger to Mary over Thatcher being in her room and after hearing her explanation hangs up the phone madder than he is willing to admit.  When Siobhan questions him about it, Jack tells her that he is not in the mood to explain and that he hopes that no one gets in his way today because he is spoiling for a fight.  Thatcher tells Mary that this trip is causing more problems for her than he anticipated but that he is sure that Jack will be willing to listen to reason at the end of the day.

Episode 989
Thursday, April 26, 1979
Re-aired December 24, 2001

Faith tells Tom that Poppy is upstairs sleeping and takes his passport to Frank's office to give to Georgia for his naturalization process.  Feeling that all is lost with Jill, Frank explains his feelings about her to Rae.  He knows that he must stop allowing himself to base his feelings on an expectation that it will somehow include her.  Jill tells Faith of the pain that she is experiencing both mentally and physically and admits that she is missing Frank more now than ever before.  Grimley advises Delia to stay with cocoa beans and warns her that if she sells now then she will have to take a small loss, but she refuses, feeling that tea was a sign from Maeve knowing that he was not the man that could help her.  Kevin begs Johnny to sell his cocoa bean stock, but Johnny tells him that he believes in Delia and that if she is in cocoa beans then that is where his money shall be.  When Poppy arrives in the living room with no bathrobe or socks, Tom tucks her in on the sofa with an afghan and Poppy finds that not only does she like being in the Coleridge home but that she loves being fussed over - especially by Tom.  Later, Poppy clears the coffee table for Tom and puts the picture of Teresa in the box without noticing it.  Faith is shocked when she learns from Jill that Seneca did not seem to mind too much Jill calling out for Frank and Maeve.  Later, Jill tells Faith that she is not sure that she can make it through her drug dependency but that she knows she could if Frank and Maeve were around.   Frank tells Rae of his plans to get an annulment from Delia and his hopes of making a home for Little John and Rae is pleased and triumphant when Frank asks her to marry him.

Episode 990
Friday, April 27, 1979
Re-aired December 25, 2001

In agonizing pain, Jill tells Seneca that going cold turkey is too painful and becomes upset when Seneca refuses to give her a pill to comfort her.  Later, an exhausted Seneca is unable to keep his eyes open a moment longer and falls asleep in the chair as a hurting Jill fights her pain and whimpers Frank's name.  On an emotional high, Rae asks Frank how he would feel about a big wedding if he were able to get his annulment from Delia.  Dave arrives in Washington looking for Nancy and decides to wait in Frank's office with Bob until she gets in.  In the outer office, as Nancy and Pat say goodbye, Nancy gives Pat a kiss that is witnessed by her father who comes into the office to surprise her after hearing her voice.  Rae is ecstatic when Frank gives her the go ahead for a big wedding and becomes solemn when she realizes what not getting an annulment will mean to them.  Frank reassures her and tells her that he is sure enough time has passed to where he can convince Delia to write a letter to the Chancery and get the process flowing as smoothly as possible.  Meanwhile, a troubled Jill realizes that Seneca is asleep and struggling out of bed leaves the room.  After a moment of awkward silence, Nancy reminds Pat that he has a plane to catch and sends him off to the airport.  Later, Nancy explains her relationship with Pat to her father but assures him that they are not going to get married.  After hearing a lecture that going into a loving relationship with someone that you do not plan to marry is wrong, Nancy convinces her father that she should be the one to give her mother the news.  Racked with pain, Jill calls Frank at Rae's house for help but the call is interrupted when Seneca takes the phone from her and tells Frank that he has everything under control and to stay out of it.  Controlling his rage, Frank tells Rae that he is mad that there is nothing that he can do about it because she has made her choice, and he is sure that she is in competent hands.

Episode 991
Monday, April 30, 1979
Re-aired December 25, 2001

Siobhan arrives home and is pleased when she finds that not only has Jack not gotten into a fight with anyone around the house but that he has also maintained an air of civility when speaking on the phone with his wife.  Later, when Jack's editor calls and tells him that his column is too stiff and demands that he change it, Jack becomes angry and tells him that his column will sit there and rot before he makes any changes to it.  Mary visits with Frank and tells him of her new assignment and all of the trouble that it is causing at home and knows that she is going to have to straighten things out the minute she gets home because Frank is furious.  Siobhan convinces Jack that he is taking his anger out on his editor and is delighted when Jack considers making some revisions to his column.  After rereading the commodities listings over and over again, Johnny realizes that staring at the paper is not going to improve the numbers any more than he hoped.  Later, Pat arrives for a visit and shocks Johnny when he tells him that he is in love with Nancy and that he feels they should be together.  As the two are talking, Siobhan enters and upsets her father when she asks him to go lightly on Jack and learns that Pat and Nancy are in love.  Roger learns from Seneca of the pain that Jill is experiencing due to her withdrawal symptoms and applauds Seneca's efforts with Jill going cold turkey especially considering there is a possibility for liver damage.  Pat tells Nancy that he and Nancy are in love and warns her that she should not get involved in this situation.  Later, Johnny apologizes to Pat for walking out on him and tells him that he has some business things on his mind.  Later, after having a fight with Johnny, Jack decides that the best thing for him to do is leave the Ryan apartment and return to Weehawken Street.

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