May 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 992
Tuesday, May 1, 1979
Re-aired December 26, 2001

Polly congratulates Rae on her engagement to Frank and is delighted when Rae asks her to be her matron of honor.  Rae tells Polly of Jill's dependency on the pills and Frank not feeing the need to rescue her and takes this as a sign that this time it is all going to work out.  Unable to bear the pain from withdrawal, Jill demands more medication and a chance to talk to Frank.  When Seneca refuses, Jill throws a major tantrum and a frustrated Seneca is forced to wait until she regains control fearing that this might re-injure her back.  Siobhan makes Jack feel guilty about leaving and tells him that Maeve will have more to worry about if he leaves the Ryan house before he is better and manages to talk him out of returning to Weehawken street.  Siobhan tells Jack about the Nancy and Pat situation.  Johnny arrives Roger's apartment to see Delia, and after learning that she is not there, pleads with Roger to tell him where Delia has her money invested.  Roger tells him of the promise that he made to Delia to keep her commodities a secret and vows to not break that trust.  Before Johnny leaves, Roger implores of him to get out of commodities before it is too late.  Rae tells Polly of Frank's annulment status and what it will mean to their marriage if Delia refuses to grant him the annulment.  After apologizing to Seneca for her outburst, Jill tells Seneca that she feels as though she is not in charge anymore and that it is making her feel cheated.  When she demands that she be allowed to make the decision about her quitting cold turkey, Seneca tells her that medically speaking these are decisions that she is not ready to make.

Episode 993
Wednesday, May 2, 1979
Re-aired December 26, 2001

Siobhan finds a withdrawn Jack working on his column and knows that although he is making the changes that his editor requested he is only working to cover his pain.  When Siobhan receives a phone call from her ex-fiancé, Jack is surprised when she dodges his dinner invitations and quietly refuses to see him again.  Siobhan tells Maeve of Jack's current problems with Mary and his anger hoping to receive her sympathy and help.  He is shocked when instead she receives a warning to leave Mary and Jack alone.  Pat calls Nancy to tell her that he loves her and they each learn from one another just what their families feel about their current relationships.  Tom finds Poppy in tears and learns just what being in the Coleridge home and having them care for her well-being means to her.  Tom tells Poppy that he is haunted by the feeling that they know one another so well and that he is glad that he can make her feel wanted.  Siobhan finds Jack asleep in Mary's room, and after covering him with an afghan, she is unable to hide her true feelings and reaches out to caress his shoulder.  In a panic afraid at what she was about to do, she rushes into the living room to call her ex-fiancé and makes his day when she arranges for the two of them to meet for dinner the following night.

Episode 994
Thursday, May 3, 1979
Re-aired December 27, 2001

Mary comes home excited from her trip, and Maeve tells her of Jack's troubles and sends her off to see him right away.  Siobhan shocks Jack when she arrives in the living room dressed elegantly for her dinner date in the hopes that she'll dazzle Art.  When Mary arrives, she and Jack are immediately absorbed in one another, leaving Siobhan shut out.  Mary tells Jack that they need to address the problem at hand concerning her job and that they should do it while there is still time.  A depressed Johnny gives Kevin the news that his original investment of ten thousand dollars is now down to $800.  As Kevin is urging him to get out, Delia arrives and saunters into the kitchen for a minute with Maeve.  Siobhan turns on a jukebox to prepare for her date, and the music prevents Johnny from being able to hear Maeve and Delia's conversation about where the money is invested.  Johnny is overcome with grief when he learns that Delia is not doing as badly as he is but that in fact her unknown commodities are on an upward trend.  At Seneca's request, Roger vows to help him find out who gave the drugs to Jill.  Mary learns that Jack resents her job and the amount of time that she has to spend away from him and Ryan, but he refuses to demand that she quit.  After meeting Art, Maeve is concerned at her apparent change in feelings and wonders just what has gotten into her.

Episode 995
Friday, May 4, 1979
Re-aired December 27, 2001

A distressed Delia expresses to Roger her despair that although she is making a lot of money she does not feel that her life is fulfilled.  Johnny realizes that he is in great financial distress but refuses to let his family know of the fool that he has been following after Delia in the commodities market.  When Kevin sympathizes with him, Johnny tells him that he can only hope that Delia is in cocoa beans, that she knows what she is talking about with her upward trend, and that he can get his ten thousand dollars back.  Maeve finds Mary worrying about her job and what type of damage, if any, having a career will mean to her family. She convinces Mary that while she herself would not have chosen a career path that Mary needs to find a way to make it all work.  Mary is horrified when she learns that Siobhan has been counseling Maeve on talking to her about how her job is affecting her family.  Pat arrives in his hospital quarters and is surprised when he finds Nancy waiting for him there.  Later, the two discuss what their relationship is doing to their families but feel that they just don't want to have to be a part.  Bored with her commodities, Delia tells Roger of her desire to be an international tycoon and Roger suggests to her that she take half of her money from commodities and find herself a small business to buy.  Maeve becomes worried when she finds Johnny sitting alone in the darkened kitchen and he refuses to tell her what is going on.

Episode 996
Monday, May 7, 1979
Re-aired December 28, 2001

At dinner, Siobhan's impression of a total maniac fails to impress Art who knows her well enough to know that her act is a cover up for fear and that she is afraid of something.  After filling Art in on the troubles at home, Art accuses Siobhan of being as competitive with Mary as she was the day she left home.  Faith finds it harder and harder to resist Tom when she finds him sitting before the fire in pain and begins to massage his shoulders for him.  When the two kiss, Tom sends Faith away before they get carried away with one another not wanting to break the ground rules that he set for himself.  After taking a drunken Siobhan home, Art proposes to Siobhan and tells her that it is time for her to settle down and make a nice loving home with him.  Maeve arrives in the kitchen, Art leaves Siobhan in her care but vows to call her in the morning before he leaves to go to Philadelphia.  Siobhan tells Maeve of his proposal and the fact that she is considering it, Maeve tells her that she is not sure what has caused the sudden burst of maniacal behavior but that she hopes that she considers it seriously before she makes any decisions.

Episode 997
Tuesday, May 8, 1979
Re-aired December 28, 2001

Bob tells Frank that his annulment proceeding have been stopped and that the only thing that will be able to help is a statement from Delia, Frank makes plans to go to New York to see Delia and to give his parents the news that he is marrying Rae.  Dave visits Johnny and the two discuss their feelings over Pat and Nancy's relationship and what a marriage can mean to them respectively.  Jack talks to Siobhan about her proposal from Art and learns that while she loves Art a lot, she is not going to marry him.  Disturbed by the fact that Siobhan might still consider the proposal, Jack counsels her to be patient because her turn for love will come along like everyone else's.  Frank tells Maeve of his decision to seek an annulment from Delia so that he can marry Rae, Maeve tells him that while she would like to find it in her heart to rejoice in his marriage to Rae that she cannot and prays that while he is waiting for his annulment that he will take the time to think this through.  Later, Frank calls Delia and makes an appointment to meet with her the next day.  Johnny learns from Grimley that he is in debt by $5000 and that he must settle his account by the end of the business day.  Not having anyone to borrow money from and making a firm decision to never borrow money from his children, Johnny can only hope that cocoa beans will rally overnight and bring him out of his deficit.

Episode 998
Wednesday, May 9, 1979
Re-aired December 31, 2001

Frank tells Delia that he would like to make a home for Little John in Washington and asks her to file a written statement that she was emotionally unstable when they were married in hopes of pushing the annulment along faster.  Delia refuses to write the statement and tells him that she feels that Maeve and Johnny are doing a fine job raising Little John and the refuses to do anything to help turn Little John over to Rae Woodard.  Johnny calls Grimley and learns that his $5,000 debt has increased to $7,000 and realizes that they only person that he can turn to for that kind of money is Rae.  Roger visits Jill and is delighted to find that she has made it through the worst part of her withdrawal symptoms.  Jill tells Roger that the time has come for them to re-examine their marriage honestly that the time has come for Seneca to stop making all of the decisions in their marriage and in her life.  When Maeve comments on Johnny's lack of sleep, Johnny convinces Maeve that all is well with him and that there is no need to worry.  Later, Maeve and Johnny attempt to deal with the situation that is posed by Pat and Nancy.  A furious Delia arrives at Jill's apartment looking for Roger to discuss Frank's nerve in asking her for a statement for their annulment and manages to tell Jill of Frank's decision to marry Rae.  Delia leaves, and Jill is upset and experiences terrible back spasms as a result.

Episode 999
Tuesday, May 10, 1979
Re-aired December 31, 2001

Seneca finds Jill having back spasms and learns that they were brought on when Jill learns of Frank's decision to marry Rae.  He tells her that her feelings for Frank should be in the past and that it is time for Jill to consider their future.  Seneca is stunned when Jill tells him that he manipulated her and took away her decision to have another child and that she has no memory of their agreement.  Johnny learns that he his debt has increased again and tells Mr. Grimley that he is sure that he will have the money to him by the end of the day.  Johnny assures Kevin that he will only ask Rae for a loan and that he is sure that she will do it for him since she loves his son as much as she does.  Poppy unknowingly admires Tom when she finds him exercising in his room.  Later, Poppy learns more about Tom and Faith and is pleased when she learns of their estrangement.  Jill accuses Seneca of trying to hold her to a decision that she made when she was not in the position to make decisions and as the two are debating the situation Jill has another back spasm.  Seneca makes Jill a drink to relax her back muscles and she is thankful that her pain seems to be easing already.  Maeve and Rae get into an argument when Maeve tells her just what she thinks of her upcoming marriage to Frank and the fact that her grandson will spend the rest of his life being raised by nannies and maids.  Later, Johnny realizes that he cannot ask Rae for the money when she emerges from the kitchen in tears and shaken from her conversation with Maeve.

Episode 1000
Friday, May 11, 1979
Re-aired January 1, 2002

While trying to figure out the perfect Mother's Day gift to give to Maeve this afternoon, Jack suggests a present that would please Maeve more than anything else - an effort by Mary and Siobhan to get along.  Meanwhile, Maeve apologizes to Frank and tells him that while she cannot change the way she feels about Rae and his upcoming marriage to her, she does not want to hurt her feelings in any way shape or form.  Mr. Grimley arrives at Ryan's and tells Johnny that while he sympathizes with him on his current situation his deficit has gone from $7500 to close to thirty thousand dollars and that he must insist on a settlement from Johnny as soon as possible.  As Grimley is leaving, Delia arrives and realizes something is amiss when Kevin accuses her of being the reason that Johnny is in the mess that he is.  Mary finds Siobhan in the parlor and apologizes for not paying more attention to her and knows that is the cause of what is happening between the two of them - an effort with her which is well received by Siobhan.  Later, the family gathers for a Mother's Day celebration.  When Pat arrives he assures Maeve that although she is worried about his situation with Nancy, that things are going to work out okay.  When Maeve receives her gifts, she is reduced to tears and heads upstairs to have a moment alone and change into the gift that Pat gave to her.  Later, Siobhan thanks Jack for initiating Mary's apology to her and making an effort to mend their relationship.  At the day's end, Johnny seeks Maeve out in the parlor to tell her how much he loves her and to wish her a happy mother's day.

Episode 1001
Monday, May 14, 1979
Re-aired January 1, 2002

Frank leaves Ryan?s to collect Rae and asks Mary not to sing until he returns.  A forsaken Rae explains to Polly her argument with Maeve and complains about how unfair it is that after getting past hang-ups with Jill that she should have to deal with the same thing with his family.  Rae is shocked when not only does Frank arrive with an invitation to the Ryan?s Mother?s Day celebration but also with an apology from Maeve as well.  Pat and Maeve have another moment over his situation with Nancy.  Maeve reminds him that if he and Nancy were to have children there would be no winning situation as far as religion is concerned.  Mary gives Siobhan a little sisterly advice about her proposal from Art and reminds her that she has time before she makes a decision that will be with her for the rest of her life.  Later, Siobhan finds Jack to thank him for his help in her situation with Mary and is shaken by the feelings for him that are brewing just below the surface.  Maeve apologizes to Rae for losing her temper with her but stresses to her that her feelings may not have changed that she will try to control her outburst in the future.  Her children court Maeve as they sing their Mother?s Day wishes to her.

Episode 1002
Tuesday, May 15, 1979
Re-aired January 2, 2002

Roger finds Delia in a state of outrage over Kevin's accusation that Johnny is in $30,000 of debt because of her.  Roger leads Delia to acknowledge her true feelings in wanting to help Johnny and reminds her of his advice to invest in a small business.  After watching Mary's Washington interview, Jack congratulates her and Mary thanks him for allowing her the time to complete her homework.  Mary is even more excited when she receives a call from the Mayor's office praising her on her accomplishments.  Jack admits to Maeve his apprehension over what Mary's new position will do to their family, but agrees that he has to step aside and allow her to shine.  Delia arrives and offends Johnny when she mentions her desire to buy a small business since he thinks that she might snatch the bar from him.  When Johnny goes into the kitchen, Delia tells Kevin of her true desire, but she leaves when Kevin continues to be cruel to her.  Later, when Johnny tells Kevin that he cannot borrow money from Delia, Kevin asks him what other choice does he have.

Episode 1003
Friday, May 16, 1979
Re-aired January 2, 2002

Rae is shaken when Frank tells her that without the annulment they will not be able to marry.  Rae calls Delia and makes an appointment to see her at the earliest convenience.  Poppy longs for a lifestyle like Faith's as she models Faith's clothes and puts on her expensive perfume.  When Tom finds her, Poppy wins his sympathy when she tells him of her own poverty growing up and what it meant to her to wear something so beautiful.  Rae arrives at Delia's apartment and after seeing that trying to sell Delia on the points of Little John having a good home are not going to work, she tries to bribe her into giving Frank the statement that he wants with an offer of $50,000.  Rae leaves a bit shaken when Delia reprimands her on her offer and tells her that while she might be willing to buy another woman's child Delia is not willing to sell hers.  Tom is pleased when Faith agrees to let Poppy stay with them until their loan is paid off.  Johnny is shaken when he learns from Grimley that he owes $33,000 and that it must be paid within the next 24 hours.  Delia lays out a proposition to Johnny which would result in her giving him the money for his debts and in her being the de facto owner of Ryan's.

Episode 1004
Friday, May 17, 1979
Re-aired January 3, 2002

Johnny arrives to see Delia and after reiterating the terms of their agreement, he agrees to the business arrangement.  After realizing that giving Johnny $83,000 will use up almost all of their money, Delia makes an appointment to see Rae.  Determined to make a new life for herself, Jill visits Maeve to return the button that belonged to Grandfather Ryan.  When Maeve asks about Seneca, Jill tells her that he is back to his old controlling self, but she hopes that it will ease up once she gets back on her feet.  Nancy tells her mother about Pat and becomes a bit apprehensive when Beryl requests his presence at dinner that following night.  Delia arrives for her visit with Rae and shocks her when she requests $83,000 in exchange for a letter to the Chancery.  Meanwhile, Johnny tries to reassure Kevin, as well as himself, that Delia owning the bar will be all right.

Episode 1005
Friday, May 18, 1979
Re-aired January 3, 2002

Nancy is pleased when Pat accepts a dinner invitation.  As a nervous Beryl prepares for the evening ahead, Dave tries to reassure her that there is nothing at all to worry about - although he is just as nervous as she is.  Delia hands Johnny a check for $83,000 and becomes the de facto owner of Ryan's.  Johnny knows that he will be in need of a lot of patience when Delia makes the comment that she just might be able to help him improve business.  Poppy helps Tom draft a letter asking for Frank's help in his naturalization situation and comes close to finding the picture of Teresa. He is stopped when Tom becomes flustered and fears that he will be in this mess forever.  Later, Tom notices that his sight is beginning to return.  Pat arrives for dinner with Nancy's family and Beryl lays out the reasons that they could not be married. Beryl says that since neither Pat nor Nancy is willing to compromise their religious beliefs, there isn't much of a future for them.

Episode 1006
Monday, May 21, 1979
Re-aired January 4, 2002

Delia gives Father McShane her annulment statement. When he congratulates her in her new founded maturity, Delia gives all of the credit to Roger and Dr. Pagano.  Later, Delia tells Roger that she has been a shamefully wicked person and that she cannot wait to tell him all about it.  Rae gives Mr. Snow an endorsement on Frank's letterhead that is sure to compromise him in the long run.  Delia fills Roger in on the fact that she has just given Frank his annulment statement and that it only cost Rae the total of $83,000.  Roger is in awe of his wife and begins a celebration that is interrupted by Poppy's arrival. She begs Roger to come upstairs and check on Tom as soon as possible.  When Roger confirms for Tom that his eyesight is beginning to return, Poppy fears that her time with him is coming to an end.  Frank and Bob discuss the Pat and Nancy situation and both agree that Pat should ease himself out of the relationship.  Rae gets Frank to sign his letter of endorsement believing it to be a letter to a charitable organization.  Afterwards, Frank is baffled when Father McShane calls to tell him that Delia signed the annulment papers and wonders just what convinced Delia to change her mind.

Episode 1007
Tuesday, May 22, 1979
Re-aired January 4, 2002

Enthusiastic over the fact that his vision is returning, Tom asks Poppy to sit by the fire so that he can make out as much of her as he can.  Faith returns and is ecstatic when she learns that his sight is returning.  Maeve is confused as to what could have possibly made Delia change her mind after all this time and refuses to comment on what this could mean to Frank and Little John once he marries Rae.  After having dinner with her parents, Pat tells Nancy that he understands both their parents' feelings on their marrying and is quieted when Nancy begs him to not bring up the "M" word.  Roger confirms his diagnosis of Tom for Faith and assures her that it is just a matter of time before Tom's full vision returns. Faith tells Roger that she is falling in love with her husband and that his recovery means a lot to her.  Later, Faith begins to share her feelings with Tom, but she's interrupted when Poppy arrives with a bottle of champagne to celebrate his eyesight returning.  When Tom begins to open the bottle, Faith feels a little left out as she watches Poppy waiting patiently for Tom to pour.

Episode 1008
Wednesday, May 23, 1979
Re-aired January 7, 2002

As Nancy asks Bob for a moment to discuss something that is really important to her, Dave calls and asks that Bob and Frank do everything they can to keep Nancy in Washington, DC and away from Pat.  When Bob ends his call, he has to hide his shock when Nancy asks him for a transfer to the New York office.  Jill tells Faith of her efforts to begin working half days from home. Faith tells Jill of her plan to make Tom see that she is not staying with him out of pity but because she loves him.  Meanwhile, Poppy finds Tom and tells him that she has planned a dinner party for three as a celebration for him later this evening.  Nancy insists on a transfer and threatens to go straight to Frank in New York if Bob denies her.  When Nancy leaves, Bob calls Georgia and tells her that there is trouble brewing and asks that Frank call her back as soon as possible.  Faith is taken aback when she finds Poppy and Tom putting the finishing touches on dinner and after reassuring Poppy that she will not have to leave when her vision returns, Faith tells Tom that there are a few things that she would like to discuss with him.  Roger takes an unsuspecting Duke in to see Seneca and names him as one of Jill's drug suppliers.  Later, Roger has Duke arrested for drug trafficking.

Episode 1009
Thursday, May 24, 1979
Re-aired January 7, 2002

Delia arrives at Ryan's and asks that Johnny hire her in the role of hostess.  When she leaves, Johnny has a fantasy/nightmare of Delia arriving for work in a green playboy bunny outfit and fears that giving her a job will be the worst thing that has ever happened to him.  Jill arrives at Ryan's and asks to see Little John in hopes of feeding the maternal instinct that has been resurfacing lately.  Jack learns from the DA's office that four members of C&P Realty have been indicted on charges that could send them to jail for a very long time. He and Mary agree that they will return to Weehawken Street as soon as she returns from Washington.  Later, Jack is less than pleased when Mary tells him that the response to her Washington series has been so overwhelming that Thatcher is thinking of making it a regular part of her schedule.  Jack invites Siobhan to a baseball game, but she declines.  Frank arrives at Ryan's and melts when he sees Jill playing with Little John.  Later, Jill begins to have twinges in her back when Frank tells her of his plans to have a big wedding in a chapel with Rae as soon as possible.

Episode 1010
Friday, May 25, 1979
Re-aired January 8, 2002

Jill arrives home and is startled when Seneca informs her that Duke was arrested earlier that day for drug trafficking.  Seneca questions Jill on her whereabouts and as she enjoys the first of many drinks, she tells Seneca that she went to see a little boy.  Faith proposes to Tom that they make every effort to make their marriage a real one. He tells her that although he loves her, he cannot fully trust the situation yet.  As the two embrace, Tom's vision returns and he is able to see her for the first time in weeks.  Art presses Siobhan for an answer to his proposal.  Siobhan turns him down and asks him to leave.  Half drunk from the alcohol that Seneca continues to ply her with, Jill admits to Seneca of her conversation with Faith about children and how it sparked a deep need in her to see Little John.  Later, Seneca tells Jill that he is tired of sleeping alone and is rewarded when a plastered Jill tells him that he is getting his way about everything that evening so why stop now.  Overjoyed that his vision is returning, Tom seeks Faith's approval on their marriage and is rewarded when Faith begins to lead him to her bedroom.  As they leave the parlor, Poppy enters and a startled Tom stops in his tracks and whispers, "Teresa?"

Episode 1011
Monday, May 28, 1979
Re-aired January 8, 2002

Tom continues to stare at Poppy while calling out Teresa's name.  When Faith asks him what is going on he tells her that Poppy is the exact image of Teresa.  Jack feels for Siobhan when he overhears her breaking things off with Art who feels that she just may be rejecting his proposal because of fear.  Tom continues to interrogate Poppy on her background and asks if she was sent to him by the Donohue's. Faith is shaken when Tom shows her the picture of Teresa and she sees for herself the uncanny resemblance that Poppy has to her.  Poppy tells Tom that if she wanted to kill him, she had ample opportunity.  Siobhan tells Jack that Art was a really good friend and that she hopes that she has not lost him for good.  Later, as Siobhan basks in glow of attention that Jack is paying to her, Mary calls and convinces Jack to come to Washington and visit her tomorrow evening.  Faith tells Poppy that she knows that she would never hurt Tom and later tests her by giving her the key points in Tom's relationship with Teresa and the Donohue's and is pleased when Poppy seems to pass.  Faith tells Tom that she is sure that Poppy is not out to hurt him and agrees that they should hire a private detective as soon as possible.

Episode 1012
Tuesday, May 29, 1979
Re-aired January 9, 2002

Jill awakens next to Seneca and after realizing that they made love, she panics because she is not on the pill. Jill and Seneca fight when he tries to convince her that she knows that she really wants to have a baby, but that she is afraid to admit it.  Tom makes amends with Poppy and tells her that he and Faith are going to hire a private detective in hopes of finding out exactly who she is and where she comes from.  Nancy goes to see Frank in New York in hopes of getting him to transfer her to this office so that she can be closer to Pat.  Jill accuses Seneca of trying to control her and force her into a pregnancy she did not want by not using birth control when the two made love.  Seneca claims that Jill misinterpreted his concern and loving behavior as control.  Roger examines Tom and tells him that his vision should be restored to normal within a matter of days.  Later, after comparing the picture of Teresa to Poppy, Roger advises Tom to proceed with caution until they can get to the bottom of the situation.

Episode 1013
Wednesday, May 30, 1979
Re-aired January 9, 2002

Dave visits with Frank and Maeve at Ryan's to asks Frank to keep Nancy in Washington with him as long as possible, but learns that Frank has agreed to move Nancy back to New York or risk losing her.  Delia enters the kitchen while they are talking and becomes a bit miffed when Maeve escorts her into the bar because they are discussing family business.  When Johnny refuses to tell Delia what they were discussing in the kitchen, she tells him that she feels that she is not being treated fairly. Realizing that Frank's hands are tied, Dave leaves and the three agree that Pat and Nancy should never have gotten involved with one another.  Faith visits Jill and tells her that she is in love with Tom.  Jill tells her that Tom's naturalization could mean his leaving Faith altogether and vows to do whatever she can to slow down his immigration process.  Jill pays a visit to Frank at his New York office to solicit his help and finds Rae there instead.  When Frank enters, Rae is put out when he makes time for Jill and is threatened when he asks her to leave the room to handle a phone call for him. Delia arrives home and has a temper tantrum over her treatment at Ryan's and when she is unable to solicit Roger's sympathy she vows that she will find a way to make herself recognized as part of the Ryan family whether they like it or not.

Episode 1014
Thursday, May 31, 1979
Re-aired January 10, 2002

Delia demands that she be made to feel more a part of things at the bar and she is angered when Kevin promises her that will never happen.  Poppy finds Tom reading an old journal of his times with Teresa and seeing the affect that Teresa had on him she vows to herself to learn more about Teresa so that she can be more like her for Tom's sake.  Bob arranges for Mary to have an exclusive interview with a Supreme Court Justice at the time that she is to meet Jack at the hotel.  Meanwhile, Jack arrives at the hotel room and assuming Mary to be back soon settles down to wait for her.  Kevin gives Delia a piece of his mind and adds insult to injury when he calls her a dumb twit.  When Johnny arrives he finds Delia in a temper and is shocked when she demands that Kevin be fired immediately.  Enraged that Mary has kept him waiting for hours, Jack is further angered when Bob calls and tells him of the mix up and promises that Mary should arrive soon.  To make amends, Bob offers Jack a draft of Frank's upcoming speech, allowing him a chance to scoop the other reporters.  Poppy searches out Tom's journal and after reading a few lines sets out to make her physical appearance as much like Teresa's as possible.

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