June 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 1015
Friday, June 1, 1979
Re-aired January 10, 2002

Dave visits with Frank and Maeve at Ryan's to asks Frank to keep Nancy in Washington with him as long as possible, but learns that Frank has agreed to move Nancy back to New York or risk losing her.  Delia enters the kitchen while they are talking and becomes a bit miffed when Maeve escorts her into the bar because they are discussing family business.  When Johnny refuses to tell Delia what they were discussing in the kitchen, she tells him that she feels that she is not being treated fairly. Realizing that Frank's hands are tied, Dave leaves and the three agree that Pat and Nancy should never have gotten involved with one another.  Faith visits Jill and tells her that she is in love with Tom.  Jill tells her that Tom's naturalization could mean his leaving Faith altogether and vows to do whatever she can to slow down his immigration process.  Jill pays a visit to Frank at his New York office to solicit his help and finds Rae there instead.  When Frank enters, Rae is put out when he makes time for Jill and is threatened when he asks her to leave the room to handle a phone call for him. Delia arrives home and has a temper tantrum over her treatment at Ryan's and when she is unable to solicit Roger's sympathy she vows that she will find a way to make herself recognized as part of the Ryan family whether they like it or not.

Episode 1016
Monday, June 4, 1979
Re-aired January 11, 2002

Jack arrives home around midnight and tells Siobhan how things just did not work out with Mary in Washington.  When Jack finally notices that Siobhan is wearing a nightgown, there's a strong sexual pull between.  Delia tells Roger that Kevin called her a dumb twit and that she is waiting for Johnny to fire him.  Meanwhile, Kevin encourages Johnny to stand up for his rights with Delia because if he doesn't she will have him at her beck and call as long as she owns Ryan's.  Angry and frustrated that her father tried to stop her transfer to New York, Nancy tells Dave that when she returns to New York she will not be living with her parents.  Siobhan forces Jack to admit that he felt left out when Mary chose work over him.  Kevin refuses Johnny's order to apologize to Delia. When Johnny fails to call her, Delia tells Roger that she is determined to get her way about Kevin, even if it means telling Maeve.

Episode 1017
Tuesday, June 5, 1979
Re-aired January 11, 2002

Delia goes to visit Johnny and is further offended when he defends Kevin's actions.  Upset, Delia threatens to tell Maeve the truth about the bar.  Meanwhile, Rae arrives spontaneously and tries to draw Maeve into her wedding plans by modeling wedding jackets and asking for her approval.  Jill arrives and is surprised when she finds Rae with Maeve.  Roger counsels Faith in her ordeal with Poppy and tells her that until Poppy leaves she has to try the best she can to get Tom's attention off of Poppy and onto her.  Poppy continues her plan to be more like Teresa.  Johnny takes a stand and tells Delia that he will not fire his best friend and that she is welcome to throw them out on the streets if she would like.  Rae deliberately upsets Jill when she asks her to help pick out the wedding jacket that Frank would prefer. Maeve tells Rae that she was unnecessarily to Jill.  When Jill arrives home, Seneca purposely fixes her an extra strong drink when she becomes troubled at the fact that Duke will go to jail because of her.  As Faith and Tom share a few close moments in the parlor, Poppy enters wearing a blouse similar to one that Teresa wore and she manages to spoil another moment between Tom and Faith.  Later, an angry Faith demands that Tom tell Poppy to leave the house as soon as possible.

Episode 1018
Wednesday, June 6, 1979
Re-aired January 14, 2002

Pat arrives at Frank's office looking for Nancy and is advised by Frank to break things off with Nancy.  Meanwhile, hoping to surprise him, Nancy waits for Pat in his hospital quarters.  Faith confronts Tom on his growing fascination with Poppy and demands that he take note to the fact that Poppy is trying to make herself like Teresa in order to win his affections.  Faith catches Poppy reading Tom's journal and she calls Tom so that he can see for himself what Poppy is doing.  Rae intercepts a call to Frank regarding his alleged involvement with Mr. Snow.  Frank arrives and the two share a moment of happiness when he tells Rae that his annulment has finally been granted.  Pat and Nancy decide that the best thing for them is to live together in secret on Bucky's houseboat. Poppy defends her right to be like Teresa and is delighted when Tom stays on her side.  When Faith tells her that she has to move out, Poppy is further delighted when Tom offers her his old apartment - to Faith's dismay.

Episode 1019
Thursday, June 7, 1979
Re-aired January 14, 2002

Poppy apologizes to Faith for offending her and receives best wishes from Faith.  Before leaving, Poppy places Tom's journal in her purse.  Maeve tells Kevin of Johnny's lack of sleep the night before and fears that he is in some trouble that he is not telling her about.  Mary and Thatcher arrive from Washington full of triumph over their latest story - further increasing Jack's sense of loneliness.  Mary tries to apologize to Jack, but when she again puts off their moving back home because of her work schedule, she manages to anger him even more.  Kevin arrives at Delia's and humiliates himself by giving her an elaborate apology.  Delia is deeply satisfied and ready to become a power around Ryan's.  Faith describes Poppy's latest attempt to be like Teresa to Roger and tells him that with Poppy gone she is sure that she and Tom can become as close as they were before.  Meanwhile, Poppy purposely stirs Tom's feelings for Teresa, hoping that he will turn to her for comfort.

Episode 1020
Friday, June 8, 1979
Re-aired January 15, 2002

As Jill waits for Seneca at Lem's, Rae arrives and cannot resist the urge to pour salt in Jill's wounds by telling her about Frank's annulment and their plans for a big church wedding.  Jack tells Siobhan about his argument with Mary.  Jack is stunned when his editor accuses him of nepotism after reading his column on Frank. Jack is so angry that he quits his job.  While trying to come up with a way to keep their living arrangements a secret, Nancy realizes that with a mother like hers, secrecy is just not going to work. Jill tells Seneca of her plans to meet with Marshall and immerse herself in her work again. She becomes angry when Seneca tells her that she is making the worst possible mistake.  Siobhan convinces Jack to call his editor and apologize.  When he does he is told that he is fired. He leaves the house furious after receiving a message from Mary that she will see him when she gets back.

Episode 1021
Monday, June 1, 1979
Re-aired January 15, 2002

Poppy memorizes several lines from a poem in Tom's journal and then calls him. Faith tells Jill that they got Poppy out just in time and anticipates that this will be the night that she finally gets her husband back.  Jill tells Faith about her appointment with Marshall and her hopes of getting back to work. Meanwhile, Seneca meets with Marshall and offers him one million dollars to build a children's neurology wing, in which Jill would be the administrator. Delia gives Johnny the news that Kevin has apologized and that she is ready for a more earnest effort to be a part of things at Ryan's.  When Johnny tells Delia of Pat and Nancy's affair and how it is upsetting Maeve, Delia vows that she will have to do something about it.  Poppy arrives at Tom's office and manages to confuse him more about Teresa.  When Tom tells Poppy that she should not come around so often, he is distressed when she leaves with her feelings hurt.  Jill becomes furious when she visits with Marshall and learns of Seneca's involvement in her professional life.  When Marshall gives her the details of the "Edmund Strong Coleridge" pediatrics wing, Jill tells Marshall that the new wing is a very good idea, but that it would be done for the wrong reason.

Episode 1022
Tuesday, June 12, 1979
Re-aired January 16, 2002

Poppy apologizes to Tom for running out of his office and is pleased when he tells her that he might be able to come by for a few moments after work.  Delia has her first experience of mutual closeness with Maeve over the Pat and Nancy situation and decides that she will save Maeve from a broken heart.  Jack drinks with Lou at the Genarro Social Club and is disturbed when he finds that he cannot keep his mind off of Siobhan.  When Lou asks Jack what he is going to do about his job, Jack decides that he must pay a visit to Mary.  Delia tells Roger that she must break up Pat and Nancy.  Tom arrives at the apartment and finds Poppy in bed and becomes torn when she asks him to break his dinner date with Faith.  Mary is embarrassed when a drunken Jack arrives at her office.  When Mary fails to give Jack the comfort that he needs, he leaves to find it elsewhere.  Roger tries to get Delia to see reason as far as her interference in Pat and Nancy's relationship is concerned. Delia tells him that the couple is breaking Maeve's heart and that once she has done this, Maeve will appreciate her even more.

Episode 1023
Wednesday, June 13, 1979
Re-aired January 16, 2002

Faith and Tom prepare for their dinner date with Jill and Seneca. Jill refuses to even consider the position at the new hospital wing since Seneca is using it as a means of controlling her.  Faith and Tom arrive and Faith is immediately sickened when Tom begins to tell them about Poppy.  Mary seeks advice from Maeve on how to handle Jack and decides that the best thing to do is to give him some space.  Horrified, Siobhan tries to give Mary some insight into her husband, but her tips are not received well by Mary or Maeve.  Later, Siobhan secretly runs off to find Jack when it becomes clear to her that Mary is not going to do so.  Home from dinner, Faith encourages Tom to rest his head in her lap as she caresses him and helps him to relax.  After telling him how she really feels about him, Faith encourages Tom to take her to bed only to find out that he has fallen into a deep sleep.  Mary waits for Jack to return worried that he is going to get himself into more trouble.  Siobhan arrives at Weehawken Street and is shaken when Jack comes close to kissing her and she does not try to stop him.

Episode 1024
Thursday, June 14, 1979
Re-aired January 17, 2002

Delia visits Bob at Frank's office and lies to him in hopes of finding out exactly where Nancy is living.  When Nancy arrives, Bob encourages her to find out the address from Nancy herself.  Poppy searches out Tom in the park as he works out and pleads with him to spend more time with her.  Tom tries to tell her no on the basis of being too confused when she is around, but Poppy wins out - leaving Tom further tormented.  After his near kiss with Siobhan, Jack struggles to deal with the realities of his and Mary's lives.  When Nancy won't tell Delia where she lives, Bob realizes that she is up to something.  Bob confronts Delia about her plans and tries to convince her to leave Pat and Nancy alone.  Faith gives Tom the detective's report on Poppy and they learn that Poppy is a distant relative of the Donohue's in Limerick.  Later, Faith is distressed when Tom insists on taking the report to Poppy in person.

Episode 1025
Friday, June 15, 1979
Re-aired January 17, 2002

Poppy is pleased when Tom comes for a visit with the detective's report in hand. He tells her that he knows who her parents are.  Later, Tom delays going home and sticks around in order to spend some more time with Poppy.  Delia tells Roger about her hunch that Nancy and Pat are living together and vows to find a way to break them up for Maeve's benefit.  Meanwhile, as Pat and Nancy sit in the car in front of Ryan's, Pat tries to reassure Nancy that while things don't seem to look good for them now, everything will be better in the future.  An emotionally distraught Jill tells Maeve of Seneca's last controlling measure and is surprised when Maeve tries to persuade her to accept the administrative role in the memorial wing.  Maeve tells Jill that this new wing could very well be a good thing and that she knows that Frank would want to take part in it if he could.  Pat arrives in the bar and manages to evade all of Delia's questions about his living arrangements.  Delia convinces Roger to follow Pat and Nancy so she can find out where they are going.  After telling Poppy another story about Teresa, his intense memories lead to a big kiss.

Episode 1026
Monday, June 18, 1979
Re-aired January 18, 2002

In the heat of the moment, Tom realizes that he must leave, but finds it hard to resist Poppy's pleas for him to make love to her.  Her advances are thwarted when Faith arrives and calls out for Tom.  As Pat and Nancy begin to unpack and feel safe and comfortable around one another, Delia arrives at the boathouse. She is upset when Roger refuses to help her snoop to see if Pat and Nancy are truly living together.  Frank arrives for his dinner date with Rae and throws her for a loop when he asks her if she is opposed to having his children.  Rae lies and tells Frank that if it means that much to him then she will have his children.  When Tom lets Faith into the apartment, it is very clear that she has interrupted something and she asks Tom to take her home.  Tom admits to Faith that he kissed Poppy and tells her that while he does indeed want their marriage to work, he is confused about Poppy and feels that he has to get the situation worked out.  Pat hopes that he and Nancy can preserve what they have. even if it does not lead them on the road to marriage.  Meanwhile, Delia spies on the couple and learns that Pat and Nancy are indeed living together.

Episode 1027
Tuesday, June 19, 1979
Re-aired January 18, 2002

Delia gloats to Bob about her plan's to break Pat and Nancy up for Maeve's sake.  Bob tells Delia that Maeve had better not learn of Pat's living arrangements from her.  Jill meets with Seneca and tells him that she will take the job, but makes it clear that she will not tolerate being manipulated by Seneca.  Jack tells Siobhan that while he does not want to pretend that their embrace never happened, he is sure that all will fall into place for them again.  Siobhan desperately wants to believe him-especially after learning that he did not tell Mary what almost happened. Faith tells Poppy how badly she feels for her, but demands that Poppy stop spending so much time with Tom.  Poppy tells Faith about her plans to make a life with Tom and asks Faith to release him so that he can be with her. Delia tells Bob that Maeve has to be told of Pat and Nancy's living arrangement and assures him that she has the perfect person to do it.  Marshall is delighted when Jill arrives and tells him that she is set to take the job as administrator of the new hospital wing.  When Marshall tells her of his desire to also have Frank involved in the project, Jill is afforded the perfect opportunity to assert her independence.  Seneca is forced to prove that he will let her make her own decisions and not interfere.

Episode 1028
Wednesday, June 20, 1979
Re-aired January 21, 2002

Jack finishes packing the last of his and Ryan's things and gets them ready to move back to Weehawken Street.  As Siobhan helps, she confesses to Jack that he has helped her a great deal.  As they talk, Mary comes home to pick up a file and Siobhan offers Mary a bit of advice. Mary tells Siobhan to mind her own business.  Jack and Ryan arrive home, but as soon as he enters the apartment, he can't help but think of Siobhan.  Jill tells Maeve that she decided to take the job.  Jill tells Maeve about Marshall's desire to have Frank help with the new wing.  Marshall extends an offer to Frank and is hopeful when Frank promises to think it over carefully and get back to him.  Later, Frank visits with Jill and after receiving reassurance from her that he is doing the right thing, he decides to accept Marshall's offer.  When Maeve asks Siobhan to take Jack some things that he has left behind, Siobhan does it so that she won't look suspicious.  Jack is shaken when he remembers his embrace with Siobhan.

Episode 1029
Thursday, June 21, 1979
Re-aired January 21, 2002

Faith and Poppy come to a standoff, as both lay claim to Tom.  Meanwhile, Tom gets word from Frank's office that he is now a legal US resident, making his original rationale for marriage non-existent.  Delia visits Father McShane and tries to trap him into acting as the bearer of bad tidings to Maeve, but she is unsuccessful. Faith arrives home covering her distress from her visit with Poppy and is further distressed when she receives word from Tom that his papers have come through.  Alone in Frank's office, Rae opens a piece of mail addressed to Frank and has a fit when she realizes it is a detailed letter from Snow's office to push Frank for the Vice Presidency.  As she calls the office, Roger enters and manages to read the letter learning of Rae's plan.  Rae tells Roger that Frank does not know anything about what is going on and she makes a desperate plea to Roger for secrecy.  As Faith struggles to separate Poppy from Teresa in Tom's mind, Poppy plans to become even more like Teresa.

Episode 1030
Friday, June 22, 1979
Re-aired January 22, 2002

Poppy arrives at Tom's office looking as much like Teresa as she can and convinces Tom to go on a picnic with her in the park.  When the picnic is over, she uses all of her lure to persuade Tom to come back to the apartment with her.  Mary arrives home for an afternoon with Jack.  As the two become successful at reaching out to one another, Thatcher calls Mary back in to work and spoils the moment.  Thinking Mary is home, Siobhan arrives to give Jack the shirts he left behind and finds Jack lonely and hating every inch of his wife's job.  When Jack pleads with her to stay, sexual feelings build and Siobhan is unable to resist.  Faith and Tom argue about how much he should help Poppy and the situation reaches a point to where Faith asks him to make a choice between the two women in his life.  Tom decides to visit Poppy against Faith's wishes, leaving her to believe that he has in fact chosen to be with Poppy.

Episode 1031
Monday, June 25, 1979
Re-aired January 22, 2002

Faith fears that Tom has left her for good.  Delia comes close to giving Johnny a heart attack when she begins to tell Maeve why she has been hanging around Ryan's so much. He is relieved when she tells Maeve that Johnny is giving her pointers on small business for future investment possibilities.  Poppy pours out her love to Tom and pleads with him to call her Terry.  Siobhan is shaken when she has a sexual fantasy about Jack.  Maeve reassures Faith that everything between her and Tom will be okay.  Delia tells Johnny about Nancy and Pat's living arrangements and demands that he be the one to tell Maeve before she finds out in a way that will break her heart.  Faith arrives home hoping to find Tom waiting for her and weeps when he is not.

Episode 1032
Tuesday, June 26, 1979
Re-aired January 23, 2002

A tormented Tom struggles against the magic of Poppy/Teresa, but he stands firm and asks her for Teresa's letters.  When Poppy pleads with him to make love to her, Tom is unable to hold on to his resolve and begins to give in.  Rae pleads with Roger to keep the secret of her plans for Frank.  Jill and Frank have a business meeting to discuss Edmund's memorial hospital wing and they are grateful that they can be comfortable with one another.  Bob delivers Tom's naturalization papers and urges Faith to go after Tom and bring him home.  Roger reassures Rae that Jill is not after her husband and convinces her that Seneca would not allow another man into Jill's life.  Rae flips out when they see Frank with Jill and the two making arrangements to meet again the following week.  Tom tells Poppy that while he is confused about his love for her since he also loves Faith and should be with her.  Meanwhile, a hurting and shaken Faith realizes that as much as she wants Tom home with her, she cannot go after him again.

Episode 1033
Wednesday, June 27, 1979
Re-aired January 23, 2002

When Tom returns home looking for Teresa's journal, Faith is unsure as to whether he is there for a brief visit or to stay for good.  Pat arrives at Ryan's and gets into a disagreement with Delia over his and Nancy's living arrangements.  Delia embarrasses Pat when she unknowingly brings the matter to Maeve's attention.  Rae makes an unwelcome visit to Jill and demands an explanation as to why she is meeting with Frank.  Rae is shaken when Jill holds her own and manages to put Rae in her place.  Tom surprises Faith with news that he is in love with her and not Poppy.  He asks if he has ruined what was between them and Faith tells him no and leads him to her bedroom.  Under pressure, Pat tells Maeve that he and Nancy are living together.  Delia consoles and makes further plans, hoping to bring the Feldmans' into the picture as well.

Episode 1034
Thursday, June 28, 1979
Re-aired January 24, 2002

Roger arrives at Ryan's and finds Delia peeling potatoes for Maeve.  An exhausted Mary arrives home and explodes when she learns that Siobhan came over for dinner and ate the portion that was originally intended for her.  When Jack refuses to console her about the issue, Mary decides to spend the rest of the evening at work and storms out before he can stop her.  Delia tells Roger of her plans to call the Feldmans and refuses to listen when he tells her that nothing good will come out of it.  Jill makes peace with Seneca in an effort to make him at ease with Frank being on the board of the memorial wing.   Seneca's controlling behavior emerges when he demands that Frank be taken off of the board.  When Mary arrives back at work, Thatcher is warm and responsive to her for the first time.  Siobhan sits at home alone remembering her evening with Jack while he does the same.   Delia places an anonymous call to the Feldmans' pretending to be a credit agency and manages to clue them to the fact that Nancy is living with Pat.

Episode 1035
Friday, June 29, 1979
Re-aired January 24, 2002

Dave arrives at Ryan's full of steam is even more distressed after Delia confirms that Pat and Nancy are living together.  Meanwhile, Pat and Nancy rejoice in their togetherness on the houseboat.  As they dance in one another's arms, Delia gets Dave into high gear and he leaves for the houseboat.  Seneca barges in on Frank and Rae and gives Frank an ultimatum to pull out of the project or he is going to withdraw all of his funding.  Frank tells Seneca that he refuses to be a part of Seneca's method of controlling Jill.  When Frank leaves, Rae tells Seneca that he was stupid for coming up with a memorial that is sure to get Jill and Frank back together. Rae comes up with a plan to give a hefty donation to the project-which will ensure her a seat on the board and give her a way to keep an eye on Jill and Frank.  Dave arrives at the houseboat and sees Nancy and Pat dancing together.

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