July 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 1036
Monday, July 2, 1979
Re-aired January 25, 2002

Dave confronts Pat and Nancy about their living arrangements and the fact that Nancy has been lying to her parents.  Nancy and Pat are alarmed when Dave begins to have physical symptoms of distress.  Mary arrives home later than usual and tells Jack that she isn't sure that the demands of her job are worth it. She is flustered when Jack appears to have no opinion about what she should do.  Seneca tells Jill his plans on how they are going to handle Frank's involvement in Edmund's memorial.  Pat realizes that Dave is having a stroke.  While he begins treatment he tells Nancy to call the hospital for an ambulance.  Nancy calls her mother and tells her that she needs to meet them at the hospital right away.  Jill bitterly resents what Seneca has done and tells him that he has just confirmed all of her worst fears about marrying him.  As Dave is being treated in the emergency room, Nancy finds herself facing a barrage of emotional questions from her mother.  Nancy is further distressed when Beryl tells her that instead of thinking of what has happened, she had better focus her energy on whether or not her father is going to live.

Episode 1037
Tuesday, July 3, 1979
Re-aired January 25, 2002

Dave continues to receive emergency treatment.  Beryl reacts badly to the explanations that she receives from Pat and Nancy on the events that led up to Dave's stroke. Rae is distressed when she learns that Samuel Snow followed Frank around the party, wanting to be seen with him as much as possible.  Her anxieties increase when after telling Frank of the arrangement that she made with Seneca to join the board, she realizes that he has renewed his contact with Jill on a deep emotional level.  Beryl comforts an incoherent Dave, as Nancy looks on, unable to do the same.  When Pat gives his parents the news of Dave's condition, he expresses intense feelings of regret at their disappointment.  Less than pleased with Rae and Seneca's arrangements, Frank realizes that he cannot convince Rae to give up being on the board without sending distress signals about their marriage.  As Pat and Nancy comfort one another, the two deny any change in their feelings, but realize that they must acknowledge the change in circumstances.  Nancy goes home with her mother in an effort to make her mother happy, but promises Pat that this arrangement is not forever.

Episode 1038
Wednesday, July 4, 1979
Re-aired January 28, 2002

Jack and Mary are at odds with one another, but trying to make the best of a new day.  When Mary tells him of her story at the Grand Jury Room and of her task to interview a man that refuses to talk to the press, Jack decides to go to Frank's office to pick up some research material.  Siobhan arrives at Frank's office satisfied that no one is there and that she will be able to get a few hours of privacy.  Roger receives word from the hospital of Dave's condition. Delia hopes for a delicious pay-off from her plot the night before and is panic-stricken when she learns about Dave and fears that she is the cause of his stroke.  Mary meets the infamous Joe Novak and is able to get a quote about the trial. She  is later horrified to realize that her cameraman missed the entire thing.  Bob shares a moment of silence with Maeve and Frank over Dave's condition. Delia arrives and although she is unable to get the support that she is looking for from Maeve, Bob has some unspoken suspicion, which makes Delia slightly uneasy.  Siobhan tries to hide her pleasure when Jack arrives at Frank's office.  Jack tells her that what they are feeling for one another is not wrong as long as they are honest with one another.  Mary calls in distress and gives Siobhan the perfect opportunity to escape. Jack comes to Mary's rescue after realizing that the man that she is trying to interview is an old buddy of his from the docks.

Episode 1039
Thursday, July 5, 1979
Re-aired January 28, 2002

Jack calls and after reestablishing a connection with Joe, persuades him to give a repeat and exclusive interview to Mary.  Joe calls Mary and arranges to come to the studio to answer her questions.  Delia arrives in neurology to offer her sympathy to Beryl and to find out if she has been implicated in any way.  When Delia runs into Nancy, Nancy tells her that she should have warned her and Pat of Dave's impending visit and wonders if Delia had a part in his stroke.  Delia causes contention with Beryl and Nancy when she implies that Nancy and Pat's relationship is public news and that it seems to be the thing that sent Dave over the edge.  Joe arrives for his interview and offends Mary further when he comes on to her.  Jack arrives at Ryan's and tells Siobhan that they need to deal with their situation. Beryl takes an instant dislike to Delia and gets rid of her.  Roger arrives with an update on Dave and informs them that he will need surgery immediately.  Jack and Siobhan come to an understanding that they must avoid one another and Jack tells her that she must make an effort to meet other guys.  Mary's opinion of Joe is further justified when after completing the interview Joe continues to flirt with her.  Later, when Jack arrives, Joe offers to give them a ride home, wondering if there are any more women at Ryan's like Mary.

Episode 1040
Friday, July 6, 1979
Re-aired January 29, 2002

Maeve and Delia wonder if Nancy and Pat will separate as a result of what has happened to Dave.  When Delia tells Maeve that she should have warned Pat and Nancy, Maeve convinces her that what has happened is not her fault.  Meanwhile, Pat and Nancy have the same concern that they are the cause of Dave's stroke. Pat is stricken when Nancy tells him that although she missed him the night before, she does not feel that they should be together ever again.  Siobhan and Joe meet one another and realize that they are more alike than they realize.  Joe invites the group out to his fishing boats for dinner hoping for an opportunity to spend more time with Siobhan.  Seneca presents Jill with photographs of hospitalized children as part of planning for Edmund's memorial wing.  Jill grieves for Edmund and sobs while looking at the photographs.  Maeve is relieved when she learns from Pat and Nancy that Dave's surgery went well.  Joe makes another effort at expressing his interest in Siobhan and is hopeful when he is not rejected entirely.  Siobhan refuses Mary's warning about Joe and decides to watch her interview with him so that she can judge him for herself.

Episode 1041
Monday, July 9, 1979
Re-aired January 29, 2002

Rae hopes to draw Frank more into the wedding plans and gives him a step-by-step account of the plans to date.  Later, when Frank receives a call from the hospital about Dave's surgery and he makes plans to leave for the hospital, Rae goes with him afraid that he will see Jill and spend more time with her than she would like.  Jill arrives for a visit with Dave and spends time with Nancy while Dave is examined.  Delia seeks out a sleeping Roger for help in her next phase of breaking up Pat and Nancy; one in which she will be able to take public credit.  When a new Jewish neurology resident reports for duty, Delia takes it as a sign and decides that she has to fix him up with Nancy.  Nancy fills Jill in on Dave's condition and tells her that although her father is not happy about her relationship with Pat, she does not think that she will be able to leave him.  Seneca gives Jill some notes on the Memorial Board as Frank and Rae arrive to visit Dave.  When Rae tries to rearrange a board meeting to fit in with her wedding plans, Jill tells her that the meeting will go on as scheduled whether she can be there or not.  Seneca and Rae are distressed when Jill and Frank make a connection over Edmund. Frank helps Jill realize that she needs to grieve for their child.   Rae tells Seneca that she refuses to lose her man to Jill and that she will cancel every appointment she has if it means that they are not allowed to spend any time together without her.  Delia questions Bernie about his life and thinks that he is the man for Nancy.  Jill invites Faith to the beach house with her so that she can put the memories of Edmund behind her.  Fearing that Frank is beginning to have feelings for Jill, Rae pressures him to elope with her as soon as possible.

Episode 1042
Tuesday, July 10, 1979
Re-aired January 30, 2002

Rae presses Frank to elope and suggests that they go out of state to speed up the process. Enthused about her new project, Delia enlists Roger's help in bringing Bernie and Nancy together.  As Roger looks over Dr. Marx's schedule, Delia spots Nancy in the nurse's station and tries to get her to stick around until Bernie comes.  Delia's plan comes to a grinding halt when Bernie and Nancy meet and reveal that they are cousins.  Later, Nancy visits with her father and becomes intensely aware of her parents desire that she end her affair with Pat.  Frank is surprised when Bob gives him the news of a vice-presidential committee that is being operated in New Hampshire on his behalf, but he feels that he does not have a chance of winning.  Afraid that she will definitely lose him if he finds out that she is behind the campaign, Rae presses harder to convince Frank to elope.  Nancy has a painful discussion with her mother that comes to a stand still when her living arrangements loom as the unspoken reason for Dave's stroke.  When Nancy describes the perfect person that her parents would choose for her, Delia listens in and takes it as her duty to see that he is found.

Episode 1043
Wednesday, July 11, 1979
Re-aired January 30, 2002

As the family gathers around to watch Joe's interview with Mary, Siobhan wonders whom she should believe in the case against Joe and asks for Jack's opinion.  When Jack and Mary reply with differing answers, Siobhan is further confused on who she should believe.  Jill and Seneca disagree about Frank and Rae's having positions on the board, but neither is ready to ask either person to withdraw.  The tension between the two escalates further when Jill announces that she is going to the beach house and Seneca tries to stop her.  Siobhan learns more about Joe and his family from Mary and Jack's conflicting viewpoints and she is inclined to take Jack's position on the matter.  When Mary refuses to call Joe and thank him for coming to the studio, Jack tells her that he will do it for her.  Meanwhile, Joe is pleased with the broadcast and tells his family that he is sure it was the best thing for him to do.  Faith gives Jill the news that Poppy has gone back to Ireland and that things are going well for her and Tom.  Jill tells Faith of her of her fight with Seneca and her feeling that she does not want to be married to him any longer.  Mary gives in and calls Joe to thank him for the interview and is surprised when he asks to speak to Siobhan.  Joe invites Siobhan on a fishing trip, but she declines.  When the call is over, Jack and Mary disagree about Siobhan dating Joe, leaving Siobhan feeling guilty that she does in fact want to do so.

Episode 1044
Thursday, July 12, 1979
Re-aired January 31, 2002

Maeve has a moment with Dave and is grieved when she is forced to lie to him about Nancy and Pat in order to not cause him any additional pain.  When Maeve emerges from Dave's room upset and in tears, Delia becomes even more determined that she must break up Nancy and Pat soon.  Jill emerges from Edmund's room at the beach house refreshed and at peace with his death.  She admits to feelings of resentment toward Seneca and tells Faith that she hopes that he can change his behavior because she is not sure how much more she can take.  Delia demands that Pat realize what he is doing to his and Nancy's family and find a girl that his right for him.  Pat tells Delia to butt out and mind her own business and vows that nothing is going to separate him and Nancy. Delia makes a solemn vow that she definitely will.  Maeve worries that Siobhan is not doing as well as she would like to make everyone think.  Siobhan is hopeful when Maeve tells her that things will pick up for her soon.  Delia snoops through confidential hospital files and finds a description of a resident whom she feels may be Mr. Right for Nancy.  When Roger refuses to help her get additional information on Dr. Cohen, Delia tells him that she knows just what she should do next.

Episode 1045
Friday, July 13, 1979
Re-aired January 31, 2002

Rae arrives at Ryan's with news about Frank but decides to wait until he arrives before she gives the information out.  When Rae tells the Ryan's of her upcoming engagement party, she is hurt by Maeve's outright lack of enthusiasm.  After a visit with Dave, Frank finds himself face to face with Delia who is demanding that he thank her again for her statement to the Chancery.  After he thanks her, yet again, Delia arranges to collect a favor from Frank in the future in exchange for giving him the annulment.  Frank gives his parents the news of the small operation in New Hampshire that is trying to get him elected to vice-president and when he tells them that there is no hope that it will come to pass, Rae pipes in with a promise to lay the world at his feet.  Maeve tells Johnny about the sickening feeling she has when Rae makes Frank promises and fears that her promises are going to get Frank into trouble.  Later, a huge box arrives for Siobhan from Joe Novak and all are surprised when they open it to find a rose laying on top of a huge fish.  Delia goes to Central Files and pretends to be Faith in an effort to get Dr. Cohen's file from the record keeper.  While there, Delia is hurt when the record keeper shares some gossip with her of her "sister-in-law" and Delia learns that she is one of the least liked persons at the hospital.    Maeve calls and thanks Joe for the fish and invites him over for dinner.

Episode 1046
Monday, July 16, 1979
Re-aired February 1, 2002

Jack takes Mary's suggestion and decides to write a series of articles about Joe.  Joe's visit unsettles Siobhan when she realizes that her mother expects her to attend dinner and be gracious.  Delia is confident that she has found the right man for Nancy and pleads with him to assign Adam to Dave's case.   Nancy tells Pat of her aunt's upcoming visit and that she should be able to move back to the houseboat shortly after.  Pat plans to take Nancy to Ryan's for dinner and though she is terrified to face Maeve, she eventually agrees.  Jack and Mary arrive at Ryan's for dinner and Mary reassures Maeve about Rae and Frank.  Siobhan has problems being close to Jack and the two admit to missing one another.  When Joe arrives, Siobhan's reaction to him is filtered through her feelings for Jack.  Siobhan becomes aggravated with Joe when Jack asks him for a series of exclusive interviews and he encourages Siobhan to talk him into it.  Roger warns Delia that getting Adam and Nancy together could prove disastrous, but Delia resolves to get the two together with or without Roger's help.  Maeve confronts Pat and Nancy on their decision to move back to the house boat together and suggests that hearing that news will send Dave into a second shock.  Joe grants Jack his exclusive interview, but only if the Ryan's will be his dinner guests at Sheepshead Bay.  Feeling that she is Joe's prime target, Siobhan reluctantly agrees, but only Jack won't lose his story.

Episode 1047
Tuesday, July 17, 1979
Re-aired February 1, 2002

The peace that Jill found at the beach house is threatened when she arrives home and Seneca immediately starts in on her for being gone so long without calling him.  Jill tells him that she needs a few weeks to think things through.  As Joe helps Maeve to wash dishes, she gets to know him better and is inclined to like him.  At a local bar, Seneca begins to drink heavily as he tells the bartender of his troubles with Jill and his fear that she needs something else to make her happy.  Frank recognizes Rae's desire to elope as a cover for fear that he will leave her for Jill and he attempts to reassure her about their relationship.  Joe connects with Siobhan on an intensely emotional level and leaves her thoroughly unsettled.  Joe then tells her that Jack will have his column regardless of whether she is at the family dinner or not.  Faith attempts to reassure Jill about her marriage to Seneca, although she fears that Jill is at the end of her rope.  Seneca's anger boils over when the bartender convinces him that he has a right to a family and that Jill is in some way obligated to make sure he gets his wishes.

Episode 1048
Wednesday, July 18, 1979
Re-aired February 4, 2002

Delia tells Roger of her plan to prevent Pat and Nancy from moving back in together. Seneca is encouraged by the bartender to take a firmer hand with Jill in order to secure happiness for them both.  Seneca leaves the bar on a mission to make him and Jill a family again regardless of what the challenge may bring.  At the hospital, Delia plays the innocent and allows Beryl to draw the information out of her that Pat and Nancy are planning to move in together as soon as Nancy's aunt arrives in town.  When Delia suggests to Beryl that she should not have her sister come, Beryl tells her that this is not the answer and leaves to wait for Nancy to arrive.  When Beryl confronts Nancy, Nancy is forced to reconsider her plan to move back to the houseboat in an effort to maintain her father's health.  She is anguished further when Beryl tells her that her father will never be well enough to handle her relationship with Pat.  A drunken Seneca returns home and awakens Jill with the news that what she really wants is another baby.  When Jill refuses his efforts to make love, Seneca tells Jill that she is in denial and continues purposefully to reach his goal.

Episode 1049
Thursday, July 19, 1979
Re-aired February 4, 2002

Jack is excited about Joe's dinner invitation and looks forward to his exclusive story.  Later, Jack is horrified when Mary tells him that she is due in Washington at the time of the party.  Siobhan admits to Maeve that she is having a problem with Joe's dinner invitation.  Seneca continues to force himself upon Jill and she slaps him in an effort to get away from him.  Siobhan tells Maeve that she is inclined to going to the dinner tomorrow for Jack's sake.  Joe's uncle, Tiso, warns him about talking to the press - including Jack.  Mary calls Joe to apologize for not being able to make dinner and is shocked when he tells her that Siobhan will not be able to make it either, but that Jack will have his story regardless of whether anyone shows up.  Maeve tells Siobhan that it would be good for her to get out for the evening and Siobhan decides to accept the invitation.  Seneca refuses to listen to Jill's suggestion that they end their marriage.

Episode 1050
Friday, July 20, 1979
Re-aired February 5, 2002

Rae is stunned by Maeve's open relief that she and Frank did not elope and has to mask her anger.  Frank warns his parents about going to dinner at Sheepshead Bay and tells them that Joe is too close to too many people who are involved in criminal activities.  When Joe's driver arrives to collect them, Siobhan leaves with him to collect Jack, while Maeve and Johnny drive Kevin's car in case they decide to leave early.  Rae lies to Frank and tells him that Maeve's reaction about their elopement did not affect her.  When Roger arrives, Rae's hurt and anger pours out and she tells Roger that Maeve will have to be grateful toward her when her dear son is running the country.  Determined to continue her efforts on Frank's behalf, Rae calls Snow, who isn't feeling well, and insists on an immediate meeting.  Siobhan and Jack find themselves alone together and are both uneasy when sexual tensions still trouble them both.  When Jack asks her what she thinks about Joe, she tells him that she is not terribly interested and that the best thing that she can say about him is the fact that Jack likes him.  Snow arrives at Rae's apartments with incriminating documents and as Rae begins to give him direction on how they are to proceed, he begins to experience grave chest pains. After realizing that Snow is not responding, Rae goes over to him and comes to the dreadful realization that he is dead.  She is even more horrified when Frank comes home and asks her to take the chain off the door so that he can come in.

Episode 1051
Monday, July 23, 1979
Re-aired February 5, 2002

Rae leaves Samuel Snow's body in her chair and nonchalantly goes to dinner with Frank.  The dinner at Sheepsheads Bay gets off to a good start as Joe manages to field questions from Jack regarding his uncle.  Siobhan winds up dancing with Joe in an effort to not have to dance with Jack.  Rae lies to Frank when he asks her the reason for her trembling and nervousness and she tells him that her beloved aunt died.  Later, Rae places a call to Polly from the restaurant and manages to elicit her help in removing Snow's body from her apartment.  Jack watches Siobhan with Joe while trying to pretend that he is not doing so.  Joe accuses Siobhan of liking him more than she did before, even though she is still giving him mixed signals. When Maeve and Johnny prepare to leave, Joe asks Siobhan and Jack to stay and although Jack agrees, Siobhan is uncertain.  Sure that Rae is drunk from all of the alcohol that she has consumed, Frank insists on taking her home - to Rae's horror.  When Rae begs him to take her anywhere but home, Frank tells her that she is in no shape to do anything else and he firmly ushers her out of the restaurant.

Episode 1052
Tuesday, July 24, 1979
Re-aired February 6, 2002

Rae and Frank arrive home and she lies to him that she can't find her keys. She insists that they go back to the restaurant to find them.  When Frank produces his own set of keys, Rae fears that he will discover Snow's body. Roger becomes aggravated with Delia's mission to break up Pat and Nancy. He invites her on a romantic vacation for two, but all she can think about are her next steps in her plan.  To Joe's disappointment, Siobhan leaves and he corners Jack to learn more information about her.  Rae walks into her apartment and is grateful when she learns that Polly has saved the day.  When Frank goes to make his phone calls, Polly gives Rae the details on Snow's body being collected and tells her that the papers on Frank were stored in her desk.  Rae is apprehensive when Frank lays down the ground rules for their meeting with Jill and Seneca.  Jack gives Joe minimal details about the Ryan family and becomes frustrated when all Joe can think about is Siobhan and his desire to know more about her.

Episode 1053
Wednesday, July 25, 1979
Re-aired February 6, 2002

Delia arrives at Ryan's and offends Kevin when she produces green plastic aprons with a Shamrock on the front and has him put it on.  Later, Delia spills coffee on a customer and is horrified when she realizes that the customer is Adam Cohen. She sends Kevin to sponge off his hospital lab coat as quickly as possible.  After Delia introduces herself to Adam as his boss' wife, she barrages him with a series of questions and manages to find out that he is unattached.  When Kevin returns with the lab coat, Delia is horrified to find that Kevin's apron was burned by accident, but she manages to keep her temper in front of Adam.   Pat walks in on Tom and Faith in the staff lounge kissing and finds that the two are really happy together.  Pat and Faith talk and realize that they are now truly parted and that they are happy with the new people in their lives.  Seneca tries to deal with the tension between himself and Jill and pledges to be on his best behavior at the meeting.  Pat tells Faith of his desperate desire to marry Nancy despite family opposition.  Delia tells Roger that Adam is indeed "Mr. Right" for Nancy.  Delia promises to take a vacation with Roger when he in turn promises to assign Dr. Cohen to Dave Feldman's case.

Episode 1054
Thursday, July 26, 1979
Re-aired February 7, 2002

Frank shares a moment of understanding with Jill and makes himself available to her whenever she decides to go and visit Edmund's grave. Seneca and Rae witness the closeness between the two. Rae promises to make sure that this committee meeting is not only brief, but also the last one that Frank and Jill will ever attend together.  Roger assigns Adam to Dave's case.  Adam meets Dave and makes such a splendid first impression that Dave agrees to allow Adam to retest him.  Jill begins her meeting and fights back when Rae tries her best to take over.  Rae gives everyone the shock of their lives when she pledges $3.5 million dollars toward the project and concludes that with a donation of that size, there is no reason that the committee should ever meet again.  When Rae makes the move to adjourn the meeting, Frank takes Jill's side but to no avail.  Nancy finds Adam ordering a battery of tests for her father that she feels are excessive and unnecessary. She leaves in a huff when he refuses to delay any testing until she has had a chance to talk to her mother and Roger about it.  Jill tells Rae that if she is not willing to be at any and all meetings, then she should take her pledge and get off of the board.  Frank comes to Jill's defense and tells Rae that he will have a few words for her as soon as he gets home.

Episode 1055
Friday, July 27, 1979
Re-aired February 7, 2002

Nancy questions Roger about Adam being assigned to her father's case. When she learns that he isn't doing Dave any harm, she tells Roger to keep him on the case regardless of the fact that she does not like him.  Delia announces her matchmaking plan to Maeve and Maeve advises Delia not to meddle in Pat and Nancy's business.  Frank apologizes to Jill for Rae's behavior at the board meeting and the two come to the conclusion that Rae and Seneca are both afraid of them being together. Delia finds Roger in the staff lounge and is hurt when she learns that Nancy and Adam have met one another and clearly don't like one another.  Nancy and Adam have another run in when she learns that he is continuing with Dave's tests.  When Delia witnesses the discord between them, she is determined to do something about it.  Frank reminds Seneca that the memorial is for his son, which is why it's so important to him.  Seneca's anger only sends Jill further away from him.  Frank explores his feelings for Jill with Maeve and tells her that he feels that he is closer to Jill although he is still fully committed to Rae.  After talking to Adam, Delia is unable to remedy the situation between him and Nancy, but she decides to come up with a new plan to get them together.

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