August 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 1060
Friday, August 3, 1979
Re-aired February 12, 2002

In the staff lounge at the hospital, Delia is happy when she learns from Roger that her plan is working and that Adam and Nancy seem to like one another.  Delia ignores Roger's warning to mind her business when reads a note in Pat's mailbox and learns that Nancy would like Pat to meet her at Greenberg's Deli.  Seneca is furious when he arrives at Edmund's grave and sees that Frank is there to offer Jill comfort.  When Frank leaves the two of them alone, Seneca offends Jill when he tells her that she is nothing without him and demands that she offer him an explanation as to her relationship with Frank.  When Seneca accuses Jill of continuously lying to him, she leaves him alone at the cemetery.  Roger becomes upset when Delia delays their dinner date with him to go for a visit with Maeve.  When Roger leaves, Adam arrives and Delia convinces him to go to Greenberg's for dinner.  At Lem's, Siobhan and Joe discuss their past relationships and come to the realization that there is an intense physical attraction between them.   Joe propositions Siobhan and invites her back to his apartment for the evening.  After accusing Jill of putting her feelings for Frank before him, Seneca tells Jill that she is and will never be anything without him by her side.  Tired of defending herself against him Jill asks Seneca for a separation and a divorce.

Episode 1061
Monday, August 6, 1979
Re-aired February 12, 2002

Adam arrives at Greenberg's and after explaining to him that she is waiting for someone, Nancy invites him to sit with her until her friend arrives.  Siobhan has trouble dealing with her attraction to Joe and is tempted when he invites her for a drive alongside the ocean.  Delia arrives at Ryan's with news for Maeve and piques Mary and Johnny's interest when she decides to wait until Maeve returns to deliver it.   Intimacy starts between Adam and Nancy when the two begin to share some of their life history with one another and realize that they share a lot of childhood memories.  Jill arrives at Faith's and gives her the details of her relationship as well as Seneca's refusal to give her a separation.  Jill expresses to Faith her wishes to get on a plane and go as far away as she can.  At Ryan's, Delia meets Joe and is threatened by Siobhan when she begins to give Joe the impression that Siobhan has been talking about him more than she cares to admit.  Later, Siobhan confides to Delia the degree of her attraction to Joe and admits her desire to spend the night with him.

Episode 1062
Tuesday, August 7, 1979
Re-aired February 13, 2002

Jill makes arrangements to take a job in a law office in San Francisco.  When Seneca overhears this, he is amazed that Jill is actually taking steps to leave New York.  Johnny tells Delia that although Joe has been indicted by the Grand Jury, they should not take sides where Siobhan's love life is concerned.  Later, Delia consults Frank regarding what attracts a man and gets a new idea in her matchmaking efforts.  In the staff lounge, trouble brews between Nancy and Pat when the two argue over why they missed one another the night before. Pat is also angry at that Nancy refuses to consider marriage.  When Adam enters, Nancy is offended when Pat asks Adam to leave the lounge so that they can finish their conversation.  Jill tells Seneca of her plan to pursue a divorce and move to California, but he tells her that she will never be able to get away from him.  Delia tells Adam that Nancy desperately needs rescuing from Pat and becomes hopeful when it is clear that Adam just might believe her.

Episode 1063
Wednesday, August 8, 1979
Re-aired February 13, 2002

After finishing a draft of his article on Joe, Mary admires Jack's writing, but makes it clear that her feelings do not extend to the subject.  When Joe calls and invites Jack out for a fishing trip, Mary is sad that she will not be able to spend the afternoon with Jack.  A distressed Seneca arrives at Rae's apartment and tells her the details of his strained marriage with Jill.  Rae agrees to resign from the board and trust Seneca to manage her money. She fears that if Frank learns that Jill is a free woman he will pursue her.  Jack assures Joe that he trusts him, but makes it clear that had Joe had any illegal involvement with Tiso, he would have had to report it.  Joe asks Jack to put in a good word for him with Siobhan.  Seneca presents Jill with Rae's promise to resign from the board, but he is unable to convince her to forget her plans for moving to San Francisco.  Seneca angers Jill when he tells her that she is on a destructive path and that he refuses to let her leave him without a fight.  Rae forestalls Frank's calling Jill and possibly learning of her plans to leave Seneca by telling him that she believes that Jill is pregnant.  Jack makes a half-hearted promise to Joe to support his cause with Siobhan. Meanwhile, Joe has a proposition for Siobhan that she is bound to like.

Episode 1064
Thursday, August 9, 1979
Re-aired February 14, 2002

Delia overhears Adam and Nancy remembering Friday night dinners at the same Jewish summer camp that they both attended and gets an idea.  Joe gives Jack a ride home.  When emotions between them become too intense, Jack encourages Siobhan to be receptive to Joe.  Delia manipulates a conversation with Beryl and not only gets Beryl to invite her and Roger to dinner for the Shabbat, but manages an invitation for Adam as well.  Nancy is pleased with the thought of company for dinner and upsets Beryl when she says that she would like to invite Pat as well.  Siobhan accepts an invitation from Joe to go fishing, unaware that she will be out to sea for two to three days.  After an intense emotional struggle, Nancy convinces Beryl to invite Pat to dinner - against her best wishes.

Episode 1065
Friday, August 10, 1979
Re-aired February 14, 2002

Roger fumes about going to Friday night dinner at the Feldman's. Delia delights in the fact that Pat will look so out of place next to Adam that Nancy won't be able to help but notice.  Adam arrives at the Feldman's and is honored when Beryl requests that he take Dave's place and say the traditional prayers before and during dinner.  On the dragger, the pleasure that Siobhan is experiencing out to sea comes to an abrupt halt when she learns from Joe that the boat will not return to shore for three days.  At dinner, Pat arrives late and is flustered when he realizes that they started without him.  Pat is further uncomfortable when he responds to the prayer at the wrong time and he notices that Adam is more than comfortable in Dave's place.  Delia manages to make the evening more difficult for Pat by mentioning their prior marriage and is quieted by both Roger and Nancy.  Joe apologizes to Siobhan about fooling her into taking the trip and tries to persuade her to accept the situation and enjoy it - something that Siobhan refuses to do.  Alone in the dining room, Adam asks Pat some pointed questions about religion and his relationship with Nancy and clearly does not agree with the answers that he receives.

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