September 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 1084
Thursday, September 6, 1979
Re-aired February 28, 2002

Nancy tells Pat her reasons for leaving Adam at the concert and assures him that regardless of who she goes out with that she still loves Pat very much.  Rae gives Frank her statement regarding their breakup and promises to continue to be there for Frank in their political and professional relationship at a minimal contact.  Joe arrives to ask Jack a few questions about Johnny and learns that Johnny will have a problem with any other man taking his place in his daughter's lives.  Later, when Jack learns how deep Joe's feelings are for Siobhan he asks him again to confirm that he is clean and tells him that he is protective about Siobhan and that he wants to see her happy.  On the houseboat, Pat shocks Nancy when he tells he that they must separate.  Meanwhile, Jill arrives at Ryan's at the tail end of Rae's meeting with Frank and learns of their plans to remain attached in a political sense.  As she is leaving, Rae is angered when she overhears Jill telling Frank that she does not trust Rae.  When Johnny comes in and sees Rae leaving in such a huff, he goes into the kitchen to inquire on her behavior and is further confused when he sees Frank and Jill in a loving embrace.

Episode 1085
Friday, September 7, 1979
Re-aired February 28, 2002

Delia arrives for a visit with Siobhan with a news article about Tiso.  Tiso is curious when Siobhan tells her that she met him and that the things from the article do not add up with what she previously thought about him.  Mary gives Jack the good news about Frank and Jill.  Jack tells Mary that Rae is printing his story about Joe and that she has asked for an additional three installments.  At the houseboat, Pat reminds Nancy of his conversation with Beryl and tells her that since she has made it clear that she is not going to marry him, they need to part.  Nancy tells Pat that she loves him and wants to be with him for as long as he will have her.  When Pat refuses to change his mind, a heartbroken Nancy leaves the houseboat.  Delia offends Joe when she tells him about the article and questions him as to whether or not it is true.  Joe receives a phone call from an unknown party and leaves without explanation.  Afraid that the call could have something to do with Joe's involvement with Tiso, Siobhan calls Jack for reassurance and is told that Joe is clean as far as his uncle is concerned.  Fascinated that Siobhan met Tiso at the restaurant, Jack decides to take a trip out to Sheepshead Bay for lunch.

Episode 1086
Monday, September 10, 1979
Re-aired March 1, 2002

Maeve celebrates Jill and Frank's happiness and tells Jill that there is nothing that she wanted for the two of them more than their getting back together.  Meanwhile, Rae calls to get the name of a good scandal reporter when she learns that a reporter has learned the truth about her and Frank and is printing it in her column.  Maeve comforts Pat when he tells her of his decision to end things with Nancy.  When Delia overhears, she congratulates Pat for doing the right thing and reminds him that Nancy is better suited with Adam.  When Pat leaves, Delia is hurt when Maeve tells her that she had no business meddling in Pat's business and refuses to acknowledge that what she did was of some good to the Ryan family.  Delia tells Maeve that all she wanted was a little gratitude then gets out as fast as she can when she slips and tells Maeve that she at least deserves a little gratitude for single-handedly saving Ryan's.  Frank analyzes the possible political consequences of his broken engagement with Rae and assures everyone that Rae is going to handle it all with as much dignity and grace as possible.  Meanwhile, the scandal reporter arrives at Rae's and readily accepts his assignment to get as much footage of Frank and Jill as possible.

Episode 1087
Tuesday, September 11, 1979
Re-aired March 1, 2002

While reading the newspaper Jill and Frank are horrified when they find an article printed about them in a gossip column.  Their dismay is heightened further when pictures of them are taken as Frank and Jill kiss goodbye outside her apartment.  Later, Frank questions the photographer but fails to get the information that he requested and he and Jill are forced to realize how intense the publicity of their relationship might become.  Meanwhile, Delia reads the gossip column and relishes in Jill and Frank's pain - to Roger's disgust.  When Johnny arrives for a private conversation with Delia, a non-too happy Roger goes into the restroom to give them some privacy.  Johnny rants at Delia for breaking her promise about letting Maeve in on her saving Ryan's and fears that he will not be able to get away without telling Maeve the truth.  Later, Roger accuses Delia of being more caught up in her life with the Ryan's and leaves the house so that he will not have to hear another conversation with anything to do with the Ryan's.  Joe calls with an invitation to Siobhan for a visit and night in Sheepshead Bay.  Later, Siobhan is mortified when she learns from Joe that Johnny paid him a visit to express his displeasure in Joe and Siobhan seeing each other.  Later, Siobhan tells Johnny how she feels about his seeing Joe and tells him that she would appreciate it in the future if her were just to mind his business.  Roger arrives for a visit with Rae in an effort to help her through her misery.  Later, Roger leaves when the photographer arrives, unknowing that his business with Rae includes his sister.  Rae is more than pleased with the photos of Frank and Jill and tells the photographer to sell the photos and to keep all of the money for himself.

Episode 1088
Wednesday, September 12, 1979
Re-aired March 4, 2002

Delia's efforts to earn sympathy from Roger backfire when he arrives home to dirty dishes and hears that all she can talk about are still the Ryan's.  Siobhan learns just how important it is for Joe to feel safe to be himself and feels that she is very close to the real him.  Jack arrives at the Harborside restaurant and makes a request that is sure to bring Tiso himself to his table.  Roger accuses Delia of being wrapped up in her own world and doing nothing to take care of him.  While he is ranting, Delia cannot get past the fact that after all she has done for the Ryan's that they still do not appreciate her.  Faith appreciates her marriage to Tom and takes a moment to tell him just how much he loves her.  Jack tells Tiso of his relationship to Siobhan and asks him about doing an exclusive interview for his story about Joe.  Tiso refuses Jack's request and also tells him that not only does he not believe that Joe should be mixed up with him but with the other Ryan's as well.  Tom and Faith share a joyous moment together where they agree that they will try to have a baby as soon as Faith finishes her residency.  Meanwhile, Roger demands that Delia begin to act as a wife and take responsibility for keeping things orderly around the apartment.  While they are talking, Roger overhears a bump from upstairs and tries to quiet Delia so that he can figure out what it is.  Just then, a pale and frightened Faith rushes in and tells Roger that Tom has had a terrible fall and needs his help.

Episode 1089
Thursday, September 13, 1979
Re-aired March 4, 2002

Roger gives Tom emergency treatment and later demands that Tom go to the emergency room for evaluation.  Seneca calls Rae after seeing the photo and story about Frank and Jill in the evening paper and Rae does a good job pretending that she knows nothing about it.  Meanwhile, Maeve is appalled when Frank arrives at Ryan's and shows her and Jill the photos.  Later, Jill is horrified when Frank tells her of his plans to make a brief statement outlining the truth but realizes that it just might have to be done.  When Frank apologizes to Maeve for the turn that this is taking, Maeve tells him that she is just glad that he and Jill are back together with one another and where they belong.  Roger consoles Faith and acts as a supportive big brother as they wait on Tom's x-rays.  Later, Roger tells Faith that there is nothing that she needs to worry about and tells her that there has been some slight damage to his trachea and that he should be better soon.  Later, Faith calls Jill to cancel their dinner plans and when Jill learns of Tom's condition she tells Faith that she will be right over.  Roger issues orders to the nurse for Tom's overnight care.  Faith promises to wait with Tom until he falls asleep and assures him that she will be back the next morning to be with him.

Episode 1090
Friday, September 14, 1979
Re-aired March 5, 2002

While looking for Roger, Seneca finds Jill outside of Tom's hospital room and questions her about Tom's illness.  Later, he confronts Jill about her picture in the evening paper and asks her how long she intends to subject herself to this misery.  Seneca becomes angrier when Jill tells him that if he is that angry about it then he should give her a divorce and reminds her that he will never give her a divorce.  Later, Roger comes out of Tom's room and explains to an angry Seneca why he is treating Tom when he has patients in neurology that need to be taken care of.  Meanwhile, Faith comforts Tom about his big meeting the next morning and tells him that she is sure that everything will be all right.  Later, Jill tells Faith of her plans to find a job outside of the hospital hoping to put her as far away from Seneca as possible.  When Jill and Faith leave, Tom tells his nurse that he feels worse than he did when they first brought him in.  Jack arrives home to an anxious and worried Mary who is sure that her family is falling apart.  Later, Jack fills Mary in on his afternoon with Tiso, his speculation about Joe and his happiness for them both.  Roger arrives home to a clean apartment and dinner on the table but manages to further insight Delia's wrath when she continues to only think of herself.  Later, the nurse calls worried about Tom and gets further instruction from Roger on handling his case.

Episode 1091
Monday, September 17, 1979
Re-aired March 5, 2002

Jill and Faith are hounded by George as they are entering Ryan's and Jill manages to lock the doors so that he cannot follow them in.  When Frank sees that George is continuing to take pictures through the window, he and Johnny grab George and bring him inside the bar.  Roger is distracted by problems with Delia as Nurse calls with word that Tom isn't feeling well, has headache, and blood pressure is on the rise. As Roger gives her further instruction, Delia makes a huge racket forcing Roger to give her a threat about where she will spend her evening if she continues.  Siobhan and Joe discuss marriage and children, and discover they have differing views when Joe mentions children and Siobhan seems to veto the idea.  Frank lays it on the line for George and makes it clear that he is letting him get away clean this time but that the next time might not be so pretty.  Before George leaves, both Jill and Frank send a message with George to his employer making it clear that they know that it is Rae.  Later, Rae is angered by Frank's message and realizes that it is time to pull out all the stops to let Frank see just how big a mistake he made.  Tom is in great trouble and begins to convulse.  The nurse makes a house call to Roger and tells him that he is needed at the hospital stat.  When Roger leaves, he tells Delia to call Faith and tell her to get to the hospital as soon as she can.

Episode 1092
Tuesday, September 18, 1979
Re-aired March 6, 2002

Roger arrives as Tom is having a seizure, but he is too late to be helpful.  Faith comes in just as Tom dies. Roger is in shock over Tom's death, but he feels that they did everything medically possible to save him.  Later, when thinking over his steps regarding his treatment of Tom, Roger realizes that he missed treating Tom's headache.  Frank and Jill are outraged over the gossip column journalism about them.  When Faith calls with the news about Tom, Jill offers to go over and tells Frank that he cannot go because the possible photographers will only upset Faith more. Frank visits Rae and tells her that regardless of what she does to him, she cannot ruin his career in the Senate: even if she is the one responsible for him getting there. When he leaves, Rae feels triumphant for the first time and considers just what she can do to destroy his political career.  As Jill tires tries to comfort Faith, Roger makes changes in Tom's medical records to cover his own mistakes.  When he tells Faith that he did all that he could to save Tom, Faith tells him that nothing matters since Tom is gone and nothing will bring him back.

Episode 1093
Wednesday, September 19, 1979
Re-aired March 6, 2002

Maeve comforts Faith over Tom's death. She wonders why Tom was taken at a point in their lives where they were making so many plans for their future.  A stunned Roger sits in Lem's, slamming martinis.  When his old medical school professor arrives for their lunch appointment, Roger explains what happened and blames everything on an intern. He is told that making changes to the medical records has placed the intern in serious trouble.  Faith reiterates her belief in Roger to Maeve and tells her that she needs to find Roger and thank him for all that he did to save Tom.  Polly is shocked when she arrives to give Rae emotional support and finds the incriminating letters that Frank signed granting his support of Snow.  Rae tells Polly about her plan to send the documents to Jack. She will give him one day to publicize the documents that she hopes will destroy Frank's political career. Her ultimate plan is to have Jill blamed for the documents' exposure. Ted advises Roger to report his intern to the hospital board for changing the medical records.  Seneca tries to comfort Roger about his position and is unaware that every word out of Roger's mouth about the treatment is a lie.  Rae goes to Jill's office and uses her typewriter to send incriminating material to Jack so that when the finger is pointed, Jill will be blamed.

Episode 1094
Thursday, September 20, 1979
Re-aired March 7, 2002

Roger comes home a bit drunk and becomes offended when Delia refuses to acknowledge Faith's right to demand Maeve's time as she goes through her time of need over hers as she cries over the fact that she is losing money from her commodities.  Later, Delia stalks out to see her new broker and leaves Roger seeking comfort of his own.  Maeve overhears Johnny tell Kevin of his wish that Delia never helped him save the bar, and later questions Kevin - who becomes very flapped.  In a painful exchange, Jack learns from Siobhan that she is in love with Joe.  Later, Jack assures Siobhan that Joe is clean but cannot make the same vouch for Tiso.  Delia arrives at the brokerage firm and meets Dan, who is instantly on the make. Roger shares a confidence with Rae and shocks her when he tells her that he killed his brother in law.  Maeve demands an explanation from Johnny regarding Delia and the bar and is shocked by what she learns.

Episode 1095
Friday, September 21, 1979
Re-aired March 7, 2002

Maeve insists on an answer from Johnny and gets the worst when he tells her that Delia is now the true owner of Ryan's. Rae comforts Roger in his recent turmoil and is forced to appreciate him for her own reason.  Dan pays extra attention to Delia and treats her to lunch and makes it known that he is interested in her. Johnny tells Maeve of his recent loss in the commodities market and his reasons for investing and is forced to re-experience the agony of the past.  Later, Siobhan arrives home and interrupts Maeve and Johnny's conversation.  Dan is smooth and working fast and offers to help Delia with her commodities and any thing else that she should need.  Uncomfortable with where this may be leading, Delia flees.  Rae offers to be as much a friend to Roger as he has been to her and manages to take him to bed.  Siobhan learns that Delia is the owner of Ryan's.  Later, a hurting Maeve tells Johnny what it means to her that he has been lying these past months feels that their marriage has changed dramatically since Johnny has felt the need to lie to her for the past eight months.  Fearing the worse, Siobhan forces her parents to talk to one another hoping that they can get past their hurts.  As they are talking, Delia enters the bar and realizes that things are not as pleasant as they should be.

Episode 1098
Wednesday, September 26, 1979
Re-aired March 11, 2002

Jack is very upset about his role in frank's situation and hopes they can find out who is responsible before his story breaks.  Rae delights in prospect of Jill being thought responsible for Frank's troubles and hopes that this will mean the end of their relationship.  Kevin is reassured that Maeve and Johnny have made up but realizes that Maeve is still angry.  Later, Kevin is grim when Delia arrives until he realizes that the brunt of Maeve's left over anger is directed at Delia.  Jack hammers away trying to find out the truth about Frank's situation searching for the truth.  Frank arrives to see Rae about her relationship with Samuel Snow.  Maeve extracts small measure of revenge, and gives Delia false clue about the commodities market.  Later, when Maeve feels remorseful about what she has done, Kevin reassures her and says that Delia had it coming to her.  Rae denies having any contact with Snow outside of what he knew about and tries to convince him that she had nothing to do with what is happening to him.  Later, when Frank mentions the FBI investigation, Rae tells him that the investigation may just prove that the person trying to sabotage him may just turn out to be someone near and dear to him.

Episode 1099
Thursday, September 27, 1979
Re-aired March 11, 2002

Joe arrives to see Siobhan and tells her they aren't going to see another again. Later, Johnny realizes that something is wrong with Siobhan but decides to give Siobhan her space.  Frank gives Jill a copy of the incriminating letter and gives her the details of the uncomfortable part that Jack is forced to play.  When Jill asks how his parents have handled the news, Frank tells her that they are unaware and that he is going to tell them later this morning.  From the advice that she received from Maeve, Delia instructs Dan to invest all in wool.  When he objects, Delia reminds him of the recent success that she has been experiencing while taking her lead from Maeve and demands that he follow her directive.  Mary arrives at Ryan's to give Frank a bit of emotional support.  Bob calls Frank and reports that the FBI have arrived in New Hampshire and that things do not look good for them on the information front.  Later, Frank tells his parents about the investigation and what it could mean to his career.  When Johnny turns on Jack, Maeve and Frank jump to his defense and tells Johnny that Jack is in just as bad a spot as Frank and that they should go easy on him.  Much later, when Jack finds Siobhan crying in the parlor and learns that her relationship with Joe has come to an end he encourages her to go and find Joe and to insist on an answer to his questions.

Episode 1100
Friday, September 28, 1979
Re-aired March 12, 2002

Roger tells Jill that he is taking the death of Tom pretty hard and admits that he feels responsible.  Later, when Jill tells Roger of Frank's desperate situation, Roger decides to pay Rae a visit.  Controlling her hysteria, Siobhan arrives to see Joe and demands an explanation.  The two are interrupted by the arrival of an angry fisherman who demands to speak to Joe about some money that he is owed.  Nancy arrives at the hospital to see Pat and shocks him when she tells him that she is moving to San Antonio.  After the two share a painful and emotional goodbye, Nancy bids farewell to Adam - a moment which is clearly less painful.  Roger arrives at Rae's apartment and tries to intervene on Frank's behalf and finds himself blackmailed into keeping her secret to himself.  When Joe escorts his angry employee into his office, Tiso sits with Siobhan to explain to her that all is well and that Joe is not in any danger.  Later, Joe refuses to indulge Siobhan with an answer and she takes this as a final goodbye.  When Siobhan leaves, Tiso reminds Joe of what Siobhan has just witnessed and suggests to him that perhaps it would be best if he married Siobhan.

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