October 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 1101
Monday, October 1, 1979
Re-aired March 12, 2002

Frank gives his family the latest FBI findings and the family concurs that only Rae could be behind it.  Later, Frank pleads with his family to stand by him and warns them that this could cost him the Senate.  Meanwhile, Siobhan and Pat share their relationship troubles with one another and are frustrated that neither of them knows what to do next.  Johnny accuses Jack of having held onto his grudge against Frank and tells him that he is using this very opportunity to write the story about Frank that he wanted to write not so long ago.  Frank and Maeve come to Jack's defense and assure Johnny that Jack is in no better position than Frank.  Joe appeals to Siobhan to forget his breaking off their relationship and begs her to take him back.  Siobhan tells him that she refuses to be put on the shelf one minute and off the other and that his decision to end their relationship will stand.  Maeve tries to comfort Frank and assures him that they know that Frank is innocent and that they will stand with him until the truth is found out.  At home, Mary reads what Jack is writing about Frank and weeps.

Episode 1106
Monday, October 8, 1979
Re-aired March 18, 2002

As shock waves follow radio report on Jill as possible source of information against Frank, she is stunned at sense she is being considered as suspect. Roger tries to help Faith work through her unhappiness.  Later, when the two overhear the news about Jill on the radio Roger goes out on an errand.  Later, Roger arrives at Rae's apartment with purpose of getting Rae to ease pressure on Jill.  Later, Roger is blackmailed by Rae and told that in order to keep his job that he has to accuse Jill of being the one to send those papers to Frank.  Maeve misdirects Delia in the commodities market again and feels a bit of regret at doing so.  Rae and Roger arrive to see the family and all are shocked when Roger tells them that the information was broadcast over the radio.  Later, when Roger refuses to accuse Jill but instead states that there is no way that she could have done this to Frank Rae leaves in a rage and very determined to make Roger pay.  An upset Jill is convinced basic situation is not going to be all right and fears that everyone will continue to believe the worst.

Episode 1107
Tuesday, October 9, 1979
Re-aired March 18, 2002

Delia calls Dan with another tip for the commodities market and becomes a bit nervous when Dan insists that Delia meet him at the Corporate Apartment.  Meanwhile, Roger arrives to confront a furious Rae, who learns that she has met her match when Roger reminds her that he has criminal information about her and Snow and that he will use it if she continues forth with her plans.   Delia thwarts Dan's plans for their afternoon by bringing Little John along as a chaperone.  Later, Delia goes ahead and invests her money in wool, despite Dan's objections.  Meanwhile, Frank affirms for Jill his trust that she had nothing to do with the documents being mailed to Jack.  Later, Frank and Jill reaffirm their love for one another, in spite of all the difficulties they face.  Delia and Roger get into a fight when Roger becomes upset that she has not done any of her duties around the house.  Later, when Roger tells Delia that he does not want to hear another word about her commodities Delia hints to Roger that a man is after her but Roger dismisses those hints as an effort by Delia to manipulate him.

Episode 1108
Wednesday, October 10, 1979
Re-aired March 19, 2002

A dejected Joe tells Tiso of Siobhan's refusal to consider starting their relationship again and is told by Tiso that marrying Siobhan is the answer to his troubles.  Later, Joe calls Ryan's and is told that Siobhan is asleep and that he should call her back in the morning.  Frank awaits a visit from the National Ethics Committee and is forced to realize that the situation is bad no matter what way you look at it.  Later, when the committee representative arrives he lays out things as he sees it and offers Frank a deal.  Siobhan is frightened when in the middle of the night she finds a man on her fire escape until she realizes that it is Joe.  Later, Joe makes a plea in person and Siobhan tells him that she will have to think things through before she can make a decision about their future. Later, Maeve arrives in Siobhan's room curious as to the noise that she has heard and learns that Siobhan is still in love with Joe but confused as to whether or not she should continue their relationship.  Frank is told since he cannot prove his innocence then he needs to do all that he can to spare the party from being embarrassed.  Later, Frank is stunned when Jerry tells the reporters that Frank is moving toward a decision that will be best for the country.

Episode 1109
Thursday, October 11, 1979
Re-aired March 19, 2002

Frank explains the alternatives to his parents and that if he resigns from office then the charges against him will be dropped.  Later, Maeve becomes upset when Johnny begins smoking a cigarette since he has given these up long ago.  Meanwhile, Rae regrets what she has done to Frank but also realizes that it is way too late to do anything about it.  Frank arrives at Seneca's office to ask him to give Jill a divorce but Seneca refuses Frank's request.  Later, Seneca accuses Frank of all the charges against him and tells him that he plans to protect Jill from Frank as long as he has to.  As Roger and Delia spend a strained evening at home, Delia must cope with a call from Dan and Roger a call from Rae.  As Johnny bemoans the loss of Frank's career and all that he's worked for, Maeve retains faith in Frank.  Meanwhile, Rae admits to Roger how sorry she is for allowing her jealousy to damage Frank's career and Roger promises to come over the next day to help her talk things through.  Later, Rae goes to answer her doorbell and nearly faints when she finds her daughter standing there with her suitcase in hand.

Episode 1110
Friday, October 12, 1979
Re-aired March 20, 2002

Rae is appalled when she learns that her daughter has come to New York to be with her in order to become an actress.  Siobhan tells Faith about Joe her fears that their relationship will cause more problems than they are able to handle.  Faith encourages Siobhan to make the most of love when she is fortunate enough to have found it and offers her the beach house for the weekend so that she and Joe can work things through.  Against Rae's wishes, Kimberly is as determined to remain in New York as Rae is determined that she leave.  Meanwhile, Jack arrives and Rae sends Kimberly to her bedroom in fear of Jack finding out the truth.  Across town, Joe tells Siobhan that he is madly in love with her and begs Siobhan for a chance for them to talk things through.  Later, the two make plans to go out to the beach house.  In an effort to help Frank, Jack tries to convince Rae that he has proof that she is the one that set Frank up, but without success. Later, Rae has no success with Kimberly.

Episode 1111
Monday, October 15, 1979
Re-aired March 20, 2002

Rae defends her reasons to Kim for leaving her to be raised by her grandmother and tells her that she was not the right person to raise her then and she is not the right person now.  Jill is shocked when a reporter arrives at her door to do an article in support of her and Frank but Jill later realizes that the magazine is only interested in the publicity that it will generate.  Later, Frank arrives and succeeds in calming Jill, only to have Bob arrive later with the bad news that his situation is past redeeming.  Meanwhile, Kimberly begs her mother to give her the weekend before she makes a decision about sending her home.  Rae tells Kimberly that there is no way that she is staying in New York and makes arrangements for her to return to Topeka.  As Rae is talking to her pilot, Kimberly runs away.  Frank and Jill have a long talk about the ending of his career and Frank comes to the realization that he will have resign.  Rae calls the police station frantic about Kim and becomes frustrated and hangs up when she the detective remains adamant that he cannot proceed with the report until Rae gives him her name.

Episode 1112
Tuesday, October 16, 1979
Re-aired March 21, 2002

The family prepares for Frank's resignation.  Frank calls from Washington and assures his family that his resigning is the best thing for him to do.  Meanwhile, Roger arrives home and finds Delia too upset to answer the phone and when he answers Dan hangs up on him.  Later, Delia and Roger have an argument when Delia accuses him of no longer caring about her needs and Roger leaves in hopes of having a few peaceful hours to himself.  After he leaves, Dan calls back and arranges for Delia to meet him at his apartment for breakfast.  Rae calls the detective desperate for information on Kim and becomes agitated when they don't have anything else to tell her.  Later, Roger arrives and is in shock when he learns that Rae has a daughter.  Rae gives Roger the details about Kimberly and her fears that she is still not ready to be the mother that she should be.  Meanwhile, Reporters crowd Ryan's bar in hopes of getting an interview with the family as they await Frank's announcement of the resignation.  Johnny apologizes to Jack for his treatment of him for writing the story of Frank.  Later, Delia arrives and upsets everyone when she tries to get investment information from Maeve during her crisis.  Frank prepares for his last speech as a US Senator.  Later, Frank makes his last appeal to the American public in resignation speech is televised.  Afterward, Jill is hounded by the press and makes a statement on his behalf.  When Johnny comes to Jill and Frank's defense he passes out.

Episode 1113
Wednesday, October 17, 1979
Re-aired March 21, 2002

Rae sits at home and fights hysteria as she worries about Kimberly.  Meanwhile, Kim arrives at a small café and is eyed by person that is up to no good.  Johnny is taken to the emergency room but continues to insist that there is nothing wrong with him and fails to convince Maeve and Jack who are greatly concerned.  The emergency room physician tells Johnny that he is suffering from early warning of cardiac problems and is sent home from the hospital with the warning that he needs to take it easy and have a check up as soon as possible.  Kim meets a guy who seems to be nice who is actually the person that sold Jill her drugs and is looking for another moment to get over on someone.  Siobhan explains to Joe her need to arrive at decision where he is concerned and becomes a bit frustrated when Joe does not agree that it is as serious as she does.  Rae fumes at home regarding Kim's disappearance and the fact that she was unable to send Kim back home as she had originally planned. Meanwhile, Kim makes friends with the drug dealer and rejects his offer for her to live with a friend of his while she makes her way in New York.  Later, when Duke leaves, Kim reaches into her purse to pay her bill and realizes that she has been mugged.  Upset, she runs out of the restaurant to find Duke and is knocked unconscious.

Episode 1114
Thursday, October 18, 1979
Re-aired March 22, 2002

Kim regains consciousness in emergency room and is stopped by the doctors when she tries to get out of bed to find the guy who mugged her.  Meanwhile, Siobhan and Joe arrive at the beach house and Joe becomes frustrated when Siobhan refuses to discuss marriage with him.  Siobhan points out secret side of Joe's life, and later a phone call confirms it just as Joe is trying to deny it. In the emergency room, Adam becomes frustrated when Kim refuses to give him her name and a person to contact on her behalf.  Frank tells Jill that he feels responsible for his father's warning.  Later, Frank and Jill make plans for their future - which includes sharing a law office.  Kimberly weaves a tale of rejection by her mother in hopes of convincing the doctors that there is no one for her to contact concerning her safety.  Later, Kimberly passes out when she tries to sneak out of the hospital in fear that her mother will find her and send her back to Topeka.  Adam comes to the rescue and catches her just before she hits the floor.

Episode 1115
Friday, October 19, 1979
Re-aired March 22, 2002

While on the beach, Joe meets two children who claim to have sighted shark off beach and fails to acknowledge their warning about swimming.  Joe doubts accuracy of sighting and thinks that all they saw was a porpoise and fails to warn Siobhan of the possibility.  Meanwhile, Delia learns that she is losing more money in wool and is In spite of good intentions is unable to control her anxiety further alienating Roger.  Upset that there is no breakfast waiting for him, Roger seeks comfort from Rae feeling that she will be better able to take care of his needs.  Later, Roger arrives at Rae's for breakfast, and finds her in state akin to Delia's over Kim's disappearance and does his best to offer her comfort with the promise that Kim will contact her as soon as she needs her help.  Meanwhile, Kim still refuses to tell Adam who she is. On the beach, Joe and Siobhan are having splendid time with no knowledge of the danger that awaits them.  Dan begins serious effort at seduction of Delia and continues to dangle more money at her in hopes of taking her to bed.  Adam threatens to take action with Kim as an effort to find out who she is.  As Roger consoles Rae about Kim the two come to a mutual agreement that loving one another is what they would like to do.  Meanwhile, the shark becomes aware of Joe and Siobhan's presence in water.

Episode 1116
Monday, October 22, 1979
Re-aired March 25, 2002

Joe and Siobhan leave the water oblivious to the shark's presence and the fact that it was close to attacking them.  Dan learns from Delia details of her marriage to Roger and uses them to convince her that she should be seeking more from life than what Roger is willing to give her.  Meanwhile, Adam arrives in Kim's room with Seneca in hopes of getting more information from her than she is willing to give.  Later, Seneca convinces Kim that if she continues to deny them the answers that they need that she will be committed for 2 weeks of psychiatric observation and Kim gives in and tells them the truth about her identity.  Meanwhile, Siobhan and Joe embrace on the beach within inches of the shark.  Dan tells Delia that he is willing to loan her another $25,000 for commodities investments but warns her that she has to consult with him before she can proceed forth with an investment.  Needing this deal to be as businesslike as possible, Delia puts up Ryan's bar as collateral.  Meanwhile, Joe leaves Siobhan on the beach alone as he goes back to the house for lunch.  When he leaves, Siobhan goes into the water for an afternoon swim and manages to attract the attention of the shark.

Episode 1117
Tuesday, October 23, 1979
Re-aired March 25, 2002

Delia gets Dan's promise that business is business and that he will not intrude on her personally unless she wants him to.  Later, Dan tries a final attempt at seduction and but Delia manages to get out of it.  As Johnny recaps his visit to the hospital with Kevin two bodyguards come into Ryan's and scope out the place.  Later, Tiso arrives and settles in at the bar and engages Johnny in conversation about family.  Meanwhile, sees the shark's fin and realizes that she is in danger.  Delia arrives at Ryan's looking for Maeve and is disappointed when she learns that she is not there.  Later, when Delia recognizes Tiso, Johnny is appalled at the fact that Tiso managed to have an entire conversation with him without introducing himself.  When Tiso leaves, Kevin asks Johnny that since he liked Tiso before he knew who he was then what has changed.  Meanwhile, Siobhan struggles not to panic as the shark gets dangerously closer.  Walking back to the beach, Joe sees the shark circling Siobhan and runs to the beach in an effort to save her.

Episode 1120
Tuesday, October 29, 1979
Re-aired March 27, 2002

Joe takes Siobhan to the marina for a surprise and she is stunned when she sees a fly-by of a plane with the banner "Siobhan, Marry me."  Delia calls Dan with instructions to invest in rice and again insists that he take Ryan's bar as collateral of the fifty thousand that she has borrowed.  He tells her that he would like to see her again immediately to seal the deal.  Seneca counsels Adam on Kimberly's release from the hospital and gives him some background information about Rae.  Meanwhile, a panicky Delia arrives to see Adam for a huge favor and makes up a huge story to incline him to help her.  Seneca pays a visit to Kim before she is released from the hospital and as the two get to know each other Kim begins to make plans for her mother and Seneca.  Siobhan accepts Joe's proposal.  Anticipating Delia's arrival, Dan prepares the corporate apartment in the hopes of finally getting his way with her.  When Delia arrives in a full leg cast, Dan covers his disappointment as he begins to lie in wait for the next opportunity.

Episode 1121
Wednesday, October 30, 1979
Re-aired March 27, 2002

 Kim views the mug shots of the officers without much success and is thrilled when Jack volunteers to take her back to the coffee shop to see if Duke turns up.  Later, Kimberly is thrilled when she Jack plans to do a column about her and what it takes for an actress to arrive in New York alone in an effort to pursue her dreams.  Meanwhile, Roger arrives for a visit with Faith and almost breaks down when Faith thanks him for all that he did for Tom.  Later, Roger admits to Faith the problems that he has been having with Delia and decides to talk with her in hopes of saving their marriage.  Meanwhile, a frantic Delia arrives in neurology and pleads with Adam to take the cast off as fast as possible so that she can get home to her chores before Roger arrives home.  Adam forces her to tell him the story about the cast and later offers her his sympathies toward the outcome.  Kim pulls at Jack's heartstrings when she tells him about her life in Kansas and paints the picture of a lonely little girl who imagined herself as other people and in other families hoping to feel better about herself.  Roger is furious when he arrives home to a chaotic apartment and Delia is nowhere to be found and calls Rae to make plans to come over, unaware that Delia is at the door listening.  Later, Delia begs Roger to stay home and is hurt even more when he lies and tells her that he will be in surgery all evening and that he will be home as soon as he can.

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