November 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 1123
Thursday, November 1, 1979
Re-aired March 28, 2002

Delia awakens as Roger is leaving for work and when she asks Roger a series of questions about his activities the night before she is hurt when he continues to lie to her.  Later, Delia pours out her hurt to Bob, and impulsively makes date to meet Dan at the corporate apartment.  Jack tells Mary of the emotional response he has to Kim because of her past and manages to draw Mary is drawn into her problem.  Later, Mary relays to Jack the apprehension that she is feeling to Siobhan marrying Joe.  Despite Maeve's outrage and Frank's good sense, Johnny remains heatedly opposed to marriage between Siobhan and Joe.  When Frank reminds Johnny that the more he opposes the marriage the more determined Siobhan will be to marry Joe, Johnny tells him that he knows that he is correct but refuses to give up.  Delia arrives determined to find pleasures for herself and when Dan pick's up on this he is infinitely delighted with her turn around.  Later, when Delia becomes a bit apprehensive, Dan reminds her that this moment is inevitable and proceeds forth with his plans.

Episode 1124
Friday, November 2, 1979
Re-aired March 29, 2002

As Dan pleads his case with Delia, she weighs the situation and remembers the pain that Roger put her through and decides to give in.  Meanwhile, Kim is pleased when Rae makes an effort to be the mother she should have been in her life.  Later, when Kim describes her imaginative childhood Rae can't help but to believe that Kim will have a wonderful career as an actress.  Frank and Siobhan discuss her engagement and Johnny's attitude towards it.  Later, Frank admits to Siobhan his apprehension regarding her marrying into Tiso's family but is sure that everything will be okay.  Meanwhile, Tiso thinks he can make things easier for Joe with Johnny and plans an engagement party in Sheepshead Bay to break the ice between the families.  At the corporate apartment, Dan is delighted with Delia while Delia has very mixed reactions to the whole situation.  Later, Delia tells Dan the situation between her and Roger and becomes uncomfortable when Dan is set on making things better for her.  Meanwhile, Kim gets her mother to talk about men in her life and begins a promotion of Seneca whom she greatly admires as potential father for herself.

Episode 1125
Monday, November 5, 1979
Re-aired March 29, 2002

Dan calls Delia to tell her that he has been thinking about her and wishes he could comfort her when Delia expresses feelings of remorse about her relationship with Roger.  When Roger arrives home, he is pleased when he sees that Delia has straightened the apartment and makes a effort at conversation.  Seneca arrives at Rae's apartment to check on Kim and as the two get to know one another Kim lies and tells Seneca that Rae is interested in him and has been for some time.  Later, when Rae arrives and Seneca goes home, Kim informs her mother that Seneca is an admirer, persuades Rae to ask him to go out to dinner with them.  Meanwhile, as Siobhan and Joe make wedding plans Siobhan amused by Joe's hurry and forces him to settle a date a little later than next week.  Delia asks Roger if he has ever been unfaithful to her and he lies.  Later, when a dozen roses are delivered to her, Roger asks her who they are from and she lies.

Episode 1127
Tuesday, November 6, 1979
Re-aired April 1, 2002

Roger calls Rae and stressing a sense of urgency makes date to see her.  Later, he calls Delia to tell her that he will be late.  Assuming that Roger is continuing his affair, Delia makes date to see Dan and arranges to meet him at the corporate apartment.  Later, Roger regretfully breaks things off with Rae and tells her that he is hoping for a chance to renew his relationship with his wife.  While waiting for Duke at the coffee house, Mary and Jack increase their sympathy for Kim and her lack of a family. Later, Mary leaves Kim and Jack together in order to make it to an appointment but manages to warn Kim about the possible danger that she could be in.  At Ryan's, Siobhan asks Mary to be the Matron of Honor and asks for her help in managing Johnny through days ahead.  Mary promises that she will do both but does not make her any promises where Johnny is concerned.  Meanwhile, Roger hurries home to Delia to make a fresh start at things unknowing that she is not home but across town in the arms of her lover thinking that Roger is with Rae possibly doing something of the same.

Episode 1128
Wednesday, November 7, 1979
Re-aired April 1, 2002

Seneca arrives at Rae's apartment for dinner with her and Kim and spends some time with Kim before Rae arrives.  While they wait, Kim continues her efforts to convince Seneca that Rae is interested in him.  Meanwhile, Roger tells Faith of the troubles that he has had with Delia and of his affair but states that he is now ready to rededicate himself to his marriage.  Faith convinces Roger that the best thing to do would be not to tell Delia about his affair but to show her all of the love and support that he has dedicated himself to.  At the Café Budapest, Kim is more than pleased when she is able to get Seneca to act as a father to her in coordination with Rae.  Delia arrives home and becomes defensive when Roger questions her whereabouts.  Assuming that he is being critical of her in front of Faith, Delia tells a barrage of lies to cover herself.  When Faith leaves, Delia is ecstatic when Roger apologizes for his past behavior and vows to make the most of their relationship.  Later, Delia receives a fur coat from Dan and lies to Roger and tells him that she sold her fitch and bought the mink but promises Roger that she is going to take it back first thing in the morning.

Episode 1129
Thursday, November 8, 1979
Re-aired April 2, 2002

Joe calls Siobhan to make last minute arrangements for their engagement party.  Later, when Johnny finds her in the parlor, he makes a point to let her know that he does not find much sense in celebrating what he knows is going to be a disaster for her and the family.  Roger arrives home as Delia is packing up the mink.  When Roger questions this, Delia tells him that he makes her feel beautiful and that she does not need the coat to look better.  Jill and Frank have a heated debate over the name of their law firm and whose names should be on the banner first.  Frank comes up with a solution that is pleasing for all.  As Siobhan and Johnny continue to butt heads, Maeve races into the parlor to see what the problem is.  Maeve tells Johnny that he is going to lose his daughter and that he may never get her back if he continues arguing with her.  Johnny apologizes to Siobhan about his behavior and promises that he will try and do better for her sake.  Tiso informs Joe that one of his workers is missing. Since he knows Siobhan will remember the incident where he and Joe argued, he is glad that their wedding is fast approaching.  Delia tries to return the coat and is blackmailed into keeping it.  Later, Roger is shocked when the fur storage company arrives with her mink.

Episode 1130
Friday, November 9, 1979
Re-aired April 2, 2002

Delia arrives home with an elaborate lie about the coat and is shocked later when Roger brings the mink out of hiding and questions her about the situation.  Delia lies to Roger yet again and becomes upset when he refuses to forgive the lies that she has told him about the coat.  Adam visits Kim and reads lines with her to help her prepare for an upcoming audition.  When Delia and Roger arrive at Ryan's, Delia manages to offend Maeve when she makes reference to Tiso being a gangster.  When Johnny agrees, Siobhan overhears and tells Johnny that he is not welcome at the engagement party, which forces Johnny to promise to be on his best behavior.  As they head out to the limousine, Roger accuses Delia of starting trouble, as usual.  Kimberly flirts with Adam as they read lines and she begins to tickle him to get him to loosen up - which Rae sees and is unhappy about.  Rae and Kim butt heads when Rae tries to lay down the law. As the engagement party gets underway, Tiso is introduced to the family and manages to make a good first impression on Maeve.  Delia compliments Tiso on the meal, but she has a clumsy moment when she learns that she is eating eel and manages to spill her plate on Johnny.  When Johnny heads off to the restroom, Tiso leads Maeve to the dance floor and Siobhan and Joe discuss what a close call that was.  In the restroom, Johnny begins to clean his sports coat and becomes upset when he notices that the guy across from him has a gun.

Episode 1131
Monday, November 12, 1979
Re-aired April 3, 2002

The rest of the family arrives and are introduced to Tiso. Shockingly, Mary is won over by him.  When Johnny tells Frank that one of the bodyguards is wearing a gun, Frank tries to calm him and reminds him not to upset Siobhan.  Roger admits to Delia that he has lied to her, but that he does not plan to tell her the truth because the situation no longer exists. The two decide to celebrate a time to start over and both promise that there will be no more lies.  As the party continues, Tiso's manages to soothe Johnny's doubts.  Joe begins to work on Mary and her negative feelings about him and is shocked when his attempt is successful.  Later, Mrs. Pavel arrives and accuses Tiso of having her husband killed.  Joe and Tiso manage the situation and when she leaves, Johnny tells them that he would like to hear more about what happened. Joe accuses Johnny of being unwilling to give him a chance.  When Tiso tries to step in and offer some answers, Johnny openly denounces Tiso.

Episode 1132
Tuesday, November 13, 1979
Re-aired April 3, 2002

As Johnny continues to accuse Tiso, Tiso struggles to keep hold of his temper but demands from Johnny the same respect that he is seeking.  Highly offended, Johnny walks out, accompanied by Maeve, Delia, and Roger.  Rae is shocked when she learns more about Kim's sexual history and begins to lay down some rules.  Tiso and Joe offer Siobhan and others an explanation about the threats against him. Tiso pledges to keep Joe and Siobhan's life free of his problems.  Rae and Kim have a battle of wills when Rae tries to limit Kim's sex life. Rae threatens that if she cannot play by her rules then she will have to leave.  Kim is delighted when she learns that her interest in Adam has caused Rae to involve Seneca.  Siobhan reassures Joe that all will be well and promises to call him after she has a long conversation with her father.  Jack defends Mary in the parking lot and tells her that Siobhan has been through enough for the evening.  Later, when Siobhan arrives, she and Jack get into a disagreement of such intensity that Mary is startled and puzzled.

Episode 1133
Wednesday, November 14, 1979
Re-aired April 4, 2002

Siobhan confronts her father and tells him that if he had waited a few minutes before storming out, then Tiso would have given him the answer that he was searching for.  Johnny is taken aback when Siobhan tells him that she is going to marry Joe and asks him if he is going to be a part of her life going forward.  Mary questions Jack about his relationship with Siobhan and learns that they became close during her trips to Washington.  Jack gets them off the subject and reminds of their upcoming trip to the coffee shop with Kimberly.  Bob pays a visit to Faith and the two realize they share the same secret about Roger's affair, and decide the best thing to do is not to interfere.  Johnny upsets Siobhan when he questions whether or not she is going to stay with Joe even if it means losing her family.  Siobhan tells him that she is still going to marry Joe but that she is going to do so in a way that should not embarrass the family in any way. When Siobhan leaves, Maeve reminds Johnny that she is no longer a child and that he should think of a better way to handle this than by scolding her.  Siobhan arrives at Joe's apartment ready to marry him with or without her family in attendance.

Episode 1134
Thursday, November 15, 1979
Re-aired April 4, 2002

Maeve arrives home and is upset when she finds Siobhan packing her things to move in with Joe.  Maeve is further upset when she learns that Siobhan believes that it will be better to spare the family a wedding from home and make it as small and as comfortable as possible.   Jack confronts Joe about his relationship with Tiso and asks for a statement of innocence as proof that Siobhan is in no danger.  Joe offers Jack the keys to all of his private files and hopes that after his search that he will believe in him once and for all.  Kim tries her mother's patience when she appears withdrawn from their argument and later flares up when Rae demands that she act a bit more mature.  Kim is excited when she receives an appointment to audition for Jose Ferrer's acting class.  Maeve tells Frank of Siobhan's move to Joe's house and her fear that Johnny has made a bad situation worse.  At the coffee house, Duke arrives with a man and Kim is able to make a positive I.D. of Duke before he and his friend get away.  Mary promises to take Kim to the police station and I.D. the thugs with her.

Episode 1135
Friday, November 16, 1979
Re-aired April 5, 2002

Kim updates Rae on her phone call from the police station giving her a time to go in and try to identify her mugger.  Kim becomes exasperated when Rae refuses to allow her to go and visit Adam at the hospital and she demands to be treated with some respect.  Dan calls to check in with Delia and when he hears her doorbell ring, he tells her that it is the messenger with a gift.  She is appalled when she learns that her gift is an expensive pair of diamond earrings and wonders what she is going to do to keep it from Roger.  Maeve tells Johnny about Siobhan's new wedding plans hoping to spare him of the hypocrisy of giving her away.  Johnny defends his right to keep his children safe, but he's conflicted when Maeve asks him to think of a way to preserve the situation so that Siobhan can get married surrounded by her family.  Rae demands that while Kim is staying with her, she follow the rules or she can go back home.  When Seneca arrives, Kim feels that she has an ally and is flustered when Seneca takes Rae's side.  However, she thanks Seneca for caring enough to offer his opinion.  Dan calls Delia at two o'clock in the morning demanding a visit from her, leaving Roger to wonder if there is anything more about their relationship than just stockbroker and client.  When Roger questions Delia on her relationship with Dan, she lies and tries to come up with a way to get out of her current situation.

Episode 1136
Monday, November 19, 1979
Re-aired April 5, 2002

Siobhan apologizes to Jack for yelling at him after the party. But she becomes agitated when she learns of Jack's visit to Joe and of his concern that Joe could be involved in more than he is willing to share.  When Siobhan refuses to give up Joe, Jack tells her that it will be a painful marriage if she has to start it off alienated from her family.  Tiso encourages Joe to convince Siobhan to make things up with her father.  When Joe questions if all is forgiven, Tiso tells him that he does not believe that he will ever forgive Johnny for what he has done but that he promises to try and make things right for him and Siobhan.  When Siobhan arrives, Tiso and Joe give her more details of Tiso's past and encourage her to make things up with her father.  Dan arrives at Delia's apartment to explain few things to her and Delia becomes uncomfortable when he forces her to wear the earrings that he sent to her.  Dan is upset when Bob arrives and interrupts his attempt at seduction, but he promises that he will see Delia later.  When he leaves, Delia asks Bob to loan her fifty thousand dollars and is encouraged to try and get the money from Roger.  Later at Ryan's, Mary tells Bob about the man with Duke and Bob's hunger for life on the police force is reawakened.  Siobhan is happy when she and Johnny agree to disagree and Johnny makes plans for them to do her wedding "Ryan" style.

Episode 1137
Tuesday, November 20, 1979
Re-aired April 8, 2002

Kim arrives at Seneca's office to thank him for caring enough about her to offer her some criticism.  Kim comes up with an idea on how to get her mother and Seneca past their inhibitions.  Without going into detail as to why she needs it, Delia gathers the nerve to ask Roger to loan her the fifty grand that she needs to pay Dan.  When Roger becomes concerned that she could be serious, Delia backs off and tells him that she was kidding and hurriedly sends him off to work before he can question her further.  Delia makes a desperate attempt to borrow the money from Faith and is let down again when Faith refuses. At the coffee house, Kim tells Jack a bit more of her childhood and how she was expelled for making brownies with hash in them and getting the entire class stoned.  When Jack goes to make a phone call, Kim gives the waitress an envelope stuffed with cash and asks the waitress to get hash for her. Siobhan brings Delia her bridesmaid's dress which makes Delia feel a lot better.  When Dan calls, Delia accuses him of using her debt to him as a way to try and she shocks Dan when she hangs up on him.  Kim arrives home with a grocery bag and stuns Rae when she tells her that she plans on making brownies and tea for Rae and Seneca to enjoy while she is at her audition.

Episode 1138
Wednesday, November 21, 1979
Re-aired April 8, 2002

Joe calls Siobhan at Ryan's and he tries to get through to Johnny, but he fears that things are never going to be right between them.  When Joe tells Tiso that Johnny is going to do all within his power to make sure this wedding never happens Tiso decides that it's time to pay Johnny a personal call.  Jack arrives home and tells Mary of a visit that he made to Mrs. Pavel to learn whether or not Joe is telling the truth.  Jack tells Mary that Kim is not quite the innocent they thought her to be.  Meanwhile, Kim serves brownies and tea to her mother and Seneca.  Delia arrives at Ryan's wondering how soon Johnny can repay some of loan and is discouraged when Johnny tells her that she will not be able to get a return on the farm until next year.  Tiso arrives and Johnny is upset when he comes down to find that Finn has taken to Tiso in a good way.  Rae admits to being a chocoholic and tells Kim that her brownies are lovely.  When Kim leaves, Rae thanks him for being there for Kimberly when she needs him.  Seneca receives a call from the hospital and has to leave Rae alone to finish the brownies.  Delia listens in from the kitchen as Tiso and Johnny talk. Johnny is unconvinced that Siobhan becoming a part of Joe's family would not be as dangerous as he says.  Having eaten the entire plate of brownies, Rae becomes concerned when she has problems concentrating.

Episode 1139
Thursday, November 22, 1979
Re-aired April 9, 2002

High from the drugs in the brownies, Rae has a fantasy that Frank is the U.S. President and has come back to her.  When in the dream Jill appears and takes Frank from her yet again, Rae comes out the fantasy crying that everyone always leaves her.  Frank receives grim news from Bob about Tiso and realizes he must inform Siobhan.  Restless for company and afraid to be alone, Rae begins looking around for Kim.  Kim arrives at her first audition and begins to read for the part. Frank and Jill realize the impediment to their marriage would be removed if Seneca were to become involved with another woman.  Kim completes the audition successfully and is shocked when Chester tells her that the part will be played nude.  Chester tells Kim that he would really like for her to consider the role, but that he will understand if she decides to turn it down due to the nudity.  During her search for Kim, Rae steps out into oncoming traffic and is hit by a car.

Episode 1140
Friday, November 23, 1979
Re-aired April 9, 2002

Kim fears that something has happened to her mother when she arrives home from her audition and finds the front door open and Rae's purse on the sofa.  When Kim calls Seneca, he assures her that all will be well and to come to the hospital to wait with him until Rae calls.   Later, Seneca learns that Rae has been involved in a serious accident.  As Maeve hems Siobhan's wedding dress, she tells Siobhan that her intimacy with Joe has hindered her from seeing him thoroughly.  Tiso tells Joe of his meeting with Johnny and that he likes him less and less the more he sees him.  When Kim sees her severely injured mother in the hospital, she blurts out that it is all her fault.  Frank passes on Bob's information about Tiso to Siobhan and she warns him not to tell Johnny.  Seneca gets Kim to admit that she laced the brownies with drugs.

Episode 1141
Monday, November 27, 1979
Re-aired April 10, 2002

Adam gives Seneca an update on Rae's condition and is shocked when Seneca tells him about the brownies.  Kim enters Rae's room and feels guilty when her mother's first words are "what happened to me?"  Kevin learns that his brother is injured and tells Maeve that he will have to leave town for a couple of weeks to take care of him.  Dan horrifies Delia when he turns up at Ryan's.   Kim is overwhelmed with remorse, but Seneca stops her from telling the truth about the brownies.  Seneca takes Kim home and settles her down, but he becomes unsettled when she begs him to stay the night with her.  Delia takes Dan to Lem's and continues to order food in an effort to delay him from taking her to the corporate apartment.  Roger arrives at Ryan's and is taken aback when he learns that Delia is out to dinner with her broker.

Episode 1142
Wednesday, November 28, 1979
Re-aired April 10, 2002

Episode 1142 and 1143 were combined.  At Lem's, Delia sends up a silent prayer for a miracle when Dan calls for the check.  Her prayers are answered when Father McShane arrives and she is able to convince him to sit with them for a few minutes.  Jack goes to see Mrs. Pavel and becomes frustrated when her story changes dramatically from what she said during Siobhan's engagement party.  Unable to sleep, Kim sits with Seneca and talks with him about the role in the play.  Seneca is shocked when she decides to act on his advice.  At Lem's, Delia encourages the priest to talk, hoping to stall Dan longer.  Roger arrives at Lem's and sees her just as she grabs Dan's hand and leaves.  Later, Delia arrives home and lies to Roger about whom she was with.  Seneca becomes very protective toward Kim and covers her when he sees that she has fallen asleep.

Episode 1144
Thursday, November 29, 1979
Re-aired April 11, 2002

Roger remembers the various things Delia told him about Dan Fox and decides to question her about their relationship.  When he does, Roger is hurt when she lies.  Jack describes his visit with Mrs. Pavel to Bob, and Bob agrees she was paid or scared off, or both.  When Johnny overhears Jack tell Bob that Johnny has given Siobhan no choice but to marry Joe, he confronts Jack.  Rae is frustrated when no one will tell her why she's in the hospital.  Dan surprises Delia when he shows up unannounced and bolts the door insistent upon collecting on a promise.  Bob breaks Jack and Johnny apart and forces the two to talk about their feelings concerning Siobhan. Their discussion is halted when Siobhan arrives with a boatload of wedding presents from Tiso's friends.  After she opens one gift, Jack and Bob fear the worse when they realize that the candelabras that she received are pure gold.  Delia fights off Dan to no avail and is saved when Roger arrives home and demands that Delia take the chain off the door and let him in.

Episode 1145
Friday, November 30, 1979
Re-aired April 11, 2002

Delia stalls Roger and manages to hide Dan behind shutters in the bedroom area.  When Roger enters, he questions Delia about her relationship with Dan and is unconvinced when she tells him that there is nothing to worry about.  Delia is horrified when Roger opens the shutters to the bedroom searching for Dan.  Jack tells Siobhan the value of the candelabras and warns her against taking something of this value from friends of Tiso's. When Jack comforts Siobhan, Mary walks in and is puzzled by their closeness.  Seneca tells Rae that Kim drugged the brownies and finds himself in the position of defending Kim when Rae is outraged.  Delia is confused and relieved when Roger does not discover Dan.  She convinces Roger to go back to work and assures him that everything will be okay.  Mary confronts Siobhan about her relationship with Jack.  Delia searches for Dan and finds him on the patio.  Dan tells her that he has gone through a lot for her and he only hopes that it has all been worth it.

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