December 1979 Daily Recaps

Episode 1146
Monday, December 3, 1979
Re-aired April 12, 2002

An apprehensive Kim arrives at the hospital and is dismayed when she learns that Rae knows that truth.  She is further upset when she is unable to manipulate Adam into going into the room with her for moral support.  Mary continues to probe Siobhan about her feelings for Jack until Siobhan admits to having been a little bit in love with him.  Delia confronts a wet and miserable Dan and feels a bit defeated when he continues his pursuit of her.  Delia manages to get rid of Dan by promising to meet him after the wedding.  Mary isn't quite convinced that Siobhan isn't still in love with Jack and continues to probe for more answers.  When Mary accuses Siobhan of marrying Joe because she cannot have Jack, Siobhan tells Mary that she is in love with Joe and asks Mary to leave. Kim apologizes to Rae for drugging the brownies and admits to feelings of wanting a father so badly that she drugged them hoping that Rae and Seneca would connect.  Kim is astonished when Rae begins to behave like a mother and the two touch one another creating a pact.

Episode 1147
Tuesday, December 4, 1979
Re-aired April 12, 2002

Maeve and Siobhan exchange happiness and apprehension over the wedding, the latter of which increases when Maeve sees the expensive candelabras and realizes that they are from a friend of Tiso's.   Siobhan tells Maeve about her conversation with Mary, but refuses to go into detail of exactly what it was about.  Joe arrives and reassures Siobhan about the candelabras and tells Siobhan that they will try and return them without hurting anyone's feelings.  Mary asks Jack for an explanation of his and Siobhan's relationship.  Mary is shaken when Jack admits to her that although he did not act on them, he did have thoughts of making love to Siobhan.  Kim receives an audition callback from Chester and tells him that she is not sure she will take the part.  Seneca arrives and agrees to stay and have dinner with Kim to help her celebrate the possibility of her career taking off.  Mary apologizes to Jack for not being there for him when he needed her and tells him that it is going to take a while for her to let all of this go.  Maeve goes in to tell Siobhan goodnight and asks about her and Mary.  Siobhan tells her that she is not sure where their relationship stands,  but that they should know tomorrow.

Episode 1148
Wednesday, December 5, 1979
Re-aired April 15, 2002

Jack hides his impatience from Ryan as they wait for Mary to return home the morning of Siobhan's wedding.  When she returns, she tells Jack that she has been jogging the past three hours and suggests that he and Ryan go without her. She says she will meet them there when she clears a few things from her mind.   Siobhan is hopeful when she and Johnny have a civil moment together on her wedding day.  Kim is pleased when she passes the audition and is persuaded to accept the part.  Mary goes to the coffee house for a few moments of alone time and sees Duke and the man in the green hat.  At Ryan's, Jack admires all the women in the wedding, including his daughter. He covers well when Maeve and the others ask about Mary.  Jack is floored when Siobhan enters on Johnny's arm looking as lovely as ever.  Siobhan apologizes to Jack for telling Mary all that she did and hopes that things will be okay between them.  Jack reassures her that all will be well and is sure that Mary is on her way to the house to tell them just that.  Meanwhile, Mary watches a drug transaction between the man in the green hat and Duke and decides to follow him when he leaves.

Episode 1149
Thursday, December 6, 1979
Re-aired April 15, 2002

Mary follows the man in the green hat to E.B.B enterprises and gets an eyeful when she sees them packing drugs into fish.  Delia arrives at Ryan's harried and upset when she learns that she has a run in her stockings.  Jack worries about Mary, who has not arrived at the house.  Adam removes Rae from traction and is pleased to see that she has regained full function of her head and neck.  Kim gives Rae the news that she has gotten the part in the play and that there will be a moment of brief nudity.  When Rae refuses to allow Kim to take the part in the play, Seneca sends Adam and Kim out to dinner and tells Rae that they need to talk.  Jack assures the family that Mary will be there without a moment to spare.  Delia is a little put off when Dan calls her at Ryan's moments before the wedding and reminds her that if she does not comply with his demands then Ryan's bar is at stake.  As the group leaves for the church, Johnny decides to wait at the house for Mary and take her to the church with him.  The man in the green hat sees Mary spying on them and follows her when she runs from the building.  Delia tells Maeve that if Mary misses the wedding that Siobhan will never forgive her.  Mary calls Johnny from a phone booth directly outside the warehouse and tells him to hold off on the wedding until she arrives.  Afterwards, she makes a call to the narcotics division at the police station that is interrupted by the man in the green hat.

Episode 1150
Friday, December 7, 1979
Re-aired April 16, 2002

Mary tries to convince the man in the green hat that she is having car trouble and is frightened when he snatches her out of the booth and takes her back inside E.B.B enterprises.  The family arrives at the church and tells Father McShane that Mary is delayed and that she will be there as soon as she can.  Siobhan questions Jack as to whether Mary is upset enough to not come to the wedding.  Rae refuses to discuss the play with Seneca and becomes upset when he refuses to obey her command.  Surprisingly, Seneca convinces Rae to allow Kim to take the part--knowing that she will not be in it much longer.  Jack comforts Siobhan and tells her that Mary would jump through hoops to be at the wedding.  Father McShane arrives and gives them the good news that Mary has called and is on her way.  Mary is locked in a room with two goons and manages to escape.  At Lem's, Kim learns a bit about Adam's family and shares her desire to have a family.  Seneca arrives and tells Kimberly that Rae is fine with her doing the play.  Adam leaves the two of them alone to have dinner together.  Maeve gives Tiso and Joe the good news that Mary is on her way.  Maeve comforts Joe when she gives him her blessings on his marriage to Siobhan.  Mary sits in fear as the man in the green hat plots her fate.

Episode 1151
Monday, December 10, 1979
Re-aired April 16, 2002

Johnny arrives at the church with the news that Mary has not called and the family worries about her safety.  Mary listens as the men try to find her hiding spot.  Frank is in shock when Delia asks him to loan her fifty thousand dollars.  Delia has a fantasy that she meets a millionaire and gets the money that she needs, but has to offer herself to him as collateral.  Siobhan is forced to start the wedding without Mary and make Delia her matron of honor. Mary sends up a silent prayer as the men are close to finding her.  Kim gives Seneca a silk tie to thank him for siding with her to do the play.  Later, Kim tells Seneca a bit about her past and assures him that her grandmother is fine with her decision to move to New York.  Siobhan and Joe are married.  Jack worries about Mary.  Mary fears for her life as she is found.

Episode 1152
Tuesday, December 11, 1979
Re-aired April 17, 2002

Tension builds at the reception over the fact that Mary is still missing.  Bob makes a call to the police station looking for information and is told that they will do what they can.  Frank rallies to lead the festivities for Siobhan and Joe hoping to get the focus off of the missing Mary.  As Delia introduces Little John to Tiso, Maeve questions Siobhan about Mary's disappearance and wonders if their argument the night before is the reason that Mary has not shown up. Johnny makes a toast to the bride and groom wishing them a lifetime of happiness.  Dan arrives at Ryan's and Delia sends Roger upstairs. Dan insists to Delia that she see him after the wedding and Roger overhears enough of their call to be suspicious.  As the wedding reception continues, Roger sets a trap and is waiting outside in taxi.  The goon from the warehouse arrives with news for Tiso.  As Siobhan and Joe leave for their honeymoon, Tiso proposes bonds of friendship between himself and Johnny.  Roger orders a taxi to follow Dan's car.  Later, the police call to inform Jack that Mary has been in an accident.

Episode 1153
Wednesday, December 12, 1979
Re-aired April 17, 2002

Mary is dreadfully injured and unconscious when Jack, Father McShane, Maeve, and Johnny arrive at the accident site.  Delia goes home to change from her antique bridesmaid's dress to something more suitable to the occasion. Dan tells Delia that he has thoughts of having her all to himself.  Meanwhile, Roger arrives home and pretends to be shocked that Dan and Delia are still "working".  As Jack pleads with Mary to regain consciousness, Father McShane pulls him back in order to pronounce a blessing over her before she dies.  Siobhan avoids telling Joe about her argument with Mary.  Mary regains consciousness.  Roger's arrival saves Delia, but his suspicions are increased when she tells him that Dan is just a business associate.  Siobhan tells Joe that she knows that Mary loves her and knows that she would have been there if she could have.  Maeve comforts Mary and tells her that the doctor is on her way.  Mary tries to say, E.B.B to Maeve but it is mistaken for baby.  When Jack tells Mary how sorry he is for everything, she tells him to remember the man in the green hat.  She tells him that she loves him moments before her eyes close.

Episode 1154
Thursday, December 13, 1979
Re-aired April 18, 2002

Jack yells at the medic as he checks Mary's pulse instead of giving her the oxygen that she needs.  When Johnny tries to calm him down, Jack turns on him and tries to blame him for Mary's accident.  Mary is pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.  Seneca gives Rae the good news that she is being released from the hospital.  Kim arrives from her rehearsal and gives them an update, which makes Rae all the more uncomfortable.  Maeve and Johnny struggle with accepting the news of Mary's death.  Maeve comforts Jack and when he refuses to leave Mary's side, Father McShane offers to stay there with him.  Maeve says goodbye to her daughter.  Rae fights with Kim and demands to see a play rehearsal.  At Riverside hospital, Jack finally agrees to leave Mary's side.

Episode 1155
Friday, December 14, 1979
Re-aired April 18, 2002

Delia is desperate to restore Roger's confidence when she notices him mulling over the commodities report.  Delia suggests that she and Roger celebrate their marriage all over again and have a semblance of a honeymoon that evening.  Delia tells Roger that she really wants to go away on a trip with him and Roger finds himself desperate to believe her.  Jack struggles with irrational grief and anger.  As the family plans Mary's funeral, Jack finds it hard to participate in the plans and decides the best thing for him is to go home.  When Johnny accuses him of walking out on his daughter, Jack's grief explodes.  After Jack leaves, Maeve tells Johnny that Jack will always have a place in their family whether Johnny likes it or not.  At Café Budapest, Kim finds out a lot more about Seneca, which she finds fascinating.  While they are talking, Delia and Roger arrive and comment on Kim and Seneca's relationship.  Johnny tells Maeve how sorry he is for lashing out at Jack and realizes that it has to be harder on him than the rest of them.  Jill comforts Frank and helps him to release his grief.  On Weehawken Street, Jack remembers Mary.

Episode 1156
Monday, December 17, 1979
Re-aired April 19, 2002

Siobhan awakens in the middle of the night thinking of Mary and the argument that they had.  When Joe wakes up, Siobhan tells him that she is worried about Mary.  Bob remembers Mary and acknowledges the fact that he'll probably never love anyone else but her.  Kim and Seneca discuss Delia's fascination with them and the fact that she cannot stop watching them.  When Delia talks again about going away on a trip with him, Roger is on the alert. Kim becomes a bit uneasy when Seneca tells her that he will no longer step in and defend her to her mother.  Siobhan calls home and she and Joe learn about Mary's death. Frank realizes how weird it was to learn that Mary was wearing her seatbelt when she had never worn a seatbelt her entire life.  Delia comes close to telling Roger the truth when Faith arrives with the news about Mary.  Joe comforts Siobhan and helps her to deal with Mary's loss.  In all their grief, Maeve and Johnny realize that Jack is the one with whom they must be most concerned.

Episode 1157
Tuesday, December 18, 1979
Re-aired April 19, 2002

Rae watches Kimberly's play rehearsal, but walks out because she does not like what she is seeing.  Maeve and Faith remember Mary as Maeve shares how hard it is to lose a child who she bonded with the most.  Maeve comforts Faith knowing how hard it is for her to have lost her husband and her oldest friend in the world.  Siobhan and Joe arrive home and learn the details of Mary's death and become worried about Jack when they learn that he is home alone.  Maeve is impressed when she meets Adam and he offers his assistance to the family.  Kim arrives home and demands to know how Rae could have walked out on her rehearsal.  When Rae tells her that the play is vulgar and tasteless, Kim tells her that she is doing what she wants and that Rae should support her.  When Seneca arrives, Kim begs him to be on her side and he agrees to go and watch the rehearsal.  Siobhan is hurt when Jack refuses her request to go to Mary's wake and announces that he won't be at the funeral, either.  Joe convinces Siobhan to leave Jack alone.

Episode 1158
Wednesday, December 19, 1979
Re-aired April 22, 2002

Maeve goes to visit Jack and makes a plea for him to attend the funeral with the family.  When Jack silently refuses, Maeve tells him that she needs him there.  Dan calls Delia and insists that she meet him at the corporate apartment later that afternoon and she has no choice but to agree.  When Roger overhears their conversation, he pressures Delia to tell him the truth about her commodities and what is going on with her and Dan.  The family prepares to leave for the funeral.  Johnny tells the family that he hopes Maeve hasn't wasted her energies on Jack.  As he is talking, everyone is shocked when Maeve enters with Jack.  After Father McShane's homily, Frank pays special tribute to his sister.  Delia arrives at the corporate apartment and is sickened when Dan tells her that he has purchased her a condo because he is tired of having to share her with anyone.  Roger bribes the doorman in the lobby to give him a key to Dan's apartment.  At Ryan's, Johnny thanks Frank for his tribute to Mary and the family grieves for her.  When Maeve sings Danny Boy for Mary one last time, the grief of the moment finally breaks through Jack's defenses and he begins to cry.

Episode 1159
Monday, December 20, 1979
Re-aired April 22, 2002

Dan refuses to accept Delia's protestations that she truly loves Roger and reminds her that he holds the note to Ryan's.  Roger heads up to Dan's penthouse.  Seneca goes to watch Kim's rehearsal and is not offended by the play, Lysistrata.  Kim is delighted when after telling Seneca about the production's financial trouble.  Seneca offers to take she and Chester to dinner.  Delia tries to resist Dan and Roger arrives at precisely the wrong moment and only sees Delia and Dan going toward the bedroom.  Chester describes what this production is going to do for Kim and Seneca impulsively becomes a backer - to the tune of $1000.  Roger tells Delia that he has listened to her last lie and tells her not to come home.  When he leaves, Dan tells Delia that she can do worlds better than Roger and is dismayed when she leaves.  Kim insists on coming by to thank Seneca for his saving the show and the two share a kiss, which disturbs them both.

Episode 1160
Friday, December 21, 1979
Re-aired April 23, 2002

Delia tries to persuade Roger to give her a second chance, but she blows the moment when she takes off her coat realizes that she left her dress at Dan's apartment.  Joe tells Siobhan that what he wants most with her is a family. Jack appreciates it when Maeve offers him a hot meal and cares for him, but he resists her overtures when she asks him to stay with them for a while.  Jack offers to allow Ryan to stay and shocks Maeve when he says that he wants it to be forever.  Siobhan comes down to tell Jack that Ryan is awake and asking for her daddy.  Delia tells Roger about the note on Ryan's and that she is in debt to Dan. She is hurt when Roger refuses to feel pity for her and instead puts her out.  Jack goes up to visit with Ryan and tells her that she will be okay with her grandmother.  Maeve tells Siobhan that losing Mary has reminded Jack of his past pain and that he will need some time to get himself back together.  Jack shocks Maeve and Siobhan when he tells them that he has nothing to offer Ryan.  At home, Siobhan and Joe talk about children and disagree about when they should have them.  Their talk is interrupted when Delia arrives on their doorstep with her bags in hand and tells them that Roger put her out.

Episode 1161
Monday, December 24, 1979
Re-aired April 23, 2002

Delia explains her situation with Roger to Siobhan and Joe. She decides that she is going to fight for her marriage. As Maeve and Johnny prepare their Christmas tree, Maeve recalls Mary's whispered exchange about E.B.B.  Tiso arrives to see Joe and is shocked when he finds Delia there.  Tiso gives Siobhan a solid silver vanity set engraved with his mother's initials, E.B.B.  Seneca goes to the jeweler to buy Kim a Christmas gift not knowing that she is simultaneously buying him one as well.  Seneca and Jill have a pleasant conversation with one another in the department store until Jill talks about her hopes for a divorce.  Maeve tells Johnny of her talk with Ryan and how it hurt trying to make her understand that Mary will no longer be with them.  When Johnny comes down on Jack and the way that he is acting, Maeve tells him that she still has hope that he will come around.  Delia goes to see Roger and he tells her that he was in love with the person he thought that she was.  Before she leaves, Delia tells him that one day he is going to regret putting her out and when he wants her back it will be too late.  When she leaves, Roger throws her suitcase out behind her and tells her good riddance.

Episode 1162
Tuesday, December 25, 1979
Re-aired April 24, 2002

When Maeve finds that Little John and Ryan are fighting over Christmas presents, she tells them about her own childhood Christmases and manages to send Johnny a message about forgiveness.  Tiso arrives at Joe's apartment bearing gifts, even for Delia and after hearing more about her situation, he reassures her that things will be better.  Johnny goes to visit Jack and makes a peace overture. He is saddened when he receives a bristling response that shows that Jack has no desire to be with the family ever again.  Upset that Roger has not come to find her, Delia tells Maeve, Johnny, and Bob that she and Roger are separated and lies as to the reason why.  She is horrified when she sees Dan arriving and fears that he is going to ruin her story.  Delia gets everyone out of the bar before Dan comes in and later pleads with him to leave her alone so she can pull her marriage together.  When Bob sees them talking, he physically throws Dan out of the bar but not before Dan gives Delia an ultimatum that she must agree to if she does not want him to foreclose on Ryan's.

Episode 1163
Wednesday, December 26, 1979
Re-aired April 24, 2002

After dinner, Siobhan and Joe leave for home, leaving Delia with Tiso.  Tiso determines to get to core of the problem that is distressing Delia.  Siobhan and Joe discuss the day's events and eventually get into a discussion about having a family and birth control.  Joe agrees to wait for children until the time is right.  Seneca exchanges gifts with Rae and Kim and is delighted when they appreciate them.  When Rae leaves them alone, Kim tries to kiss Seneca under the mistletoe and has to have the perimeter of their relationship explained to her.  Kim is not impressed and tells him that he has ruined her Christmas.  Tiso hones in on Delia's actions and convinces her to tell him the entire story about her debt. After Delia tells him the story, Tiso reassures Delia about Dan and helps her come up with a plan to handle Mr. Fox.

Episode 1164
Thursday, December 27, 1979
Re-aired April 25, 2002

Dan waits for Delia with champagne and an expensive tennis bracelet, but he receives an unexpected visit from Tiso instead.  A drunken Jack picks a fight at Jumbo's club and calls Maeve for reinforcement.  When he gets Jill instead, she offers to come to the rescue herself.  Dan tries to weasel out of his meeting with Tiso and is convinced by Delia that it is imperative that he takes the meeting.  Tiso makes a few demands on Dan to clear Delia of her debt and when Dan refuses, Tiso paints a disastrous picture for him that makes him change his mind.  Just as things gets out of hand at Jumbo's, Jill arrives and tries to convince Jack that his little girl needs him.  When Jack begins to get loud with Jill, Jerry says the wrong thing and Jack lunges for him.  Bob arrives at Tiso's restaurant and has a run in with one of the waiters when he forgets that he is no longer a cop.  Bob tries to reassure Delia about her relationship with Roger and convinces her to sell her white mink coat and jewelry from Dan to have money.  When Tiso arrives, he gives Delia the good news about Dan, which Bob is not too happy about.  Jerry promises to press charges against Jack for assault.  Delia learns part of the details of Tiso's visit to Dan and is happy when Tiso offers to handle the details of her jewelry sale and mentions to her that he has a proposition for her future.

Episode 1165
Friday, December 28, 1979
Re-aired April 25, 2002

Jill argues with the police about letting Jack go free until his trial.  Jill calls Frank and asks him to come down, hoping that he can do something to get Jack out of jail.  Kim confronts the play's producer about the money that the cast is owed and comes close to getting herself fired.  Chester congratulates Kim's efforts to try to get their money. Kim calls Seneca and requests a meeting with him in hopes that he will come to their assistance.  At Joe's apartment, Tiso tells Joe that he has a business offer for Delia, which does not seem to surprise Joe.  When Joe leaves, Delia arrives and is surprised when Tiso offers to front her the money for a classy restaurant and tells her that the only stipulation is that he be considered a silent partner.  Frank convinces the police officer to let Jack out, promising that they will bring him in for his trial.  Frank tries to get through to Jack and fails, leaving them all worried about him.  Kim arrives at Greenberg's and begs Seneca to go down and talk to her producer. When Seneca fails to come to her rescue, Kimberly goes to ask Frank for help and manages to upset Seneca in the process.

Episode 1166
Monday, December 31, 1979
Re-aired April 26, 2002

Maeve reaches the end of her patience with Jack and goes to Weehawken Street to tell him so.  Jack tells her that he does not appreciate her visit and asks her to leave.  Delia arrives at the Ryan's looking for Roger and is hurt when she learns that he has not tried to her at all.  Johnny is offended when Delia tells him that a boom in her commodities has made her decide to open a restaurant.   A forceful Frank persuades Kim's producer to pay the cast's salaries.  Maeve arrives and is shocked when Delia keeps her word to Little John and takes him to the zoo as promised.  Maeve tells Johnny that Jack is not willing to see his daughter.  When Johnny tells Maeve that Ryan's fever is worsening, Maeve calls Jack and informs him that Ryan is going to the hospital.  Kim gloats to Seneca about Frank's success and becomes furious when Seneca reprimands her about her behavior.

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