January 1980 Daily Recaps

Episode 1167
Tuesday, January 1, 1980
Re-aired April 26, 2002

Jack arrives at hospital and becomes furious when Maeve does not tell him what is wrong with Ryan.  At the zoo, Delia and Little John visit the gorilla habit and meet Prince Albert.  While the gorilla is entertaining them, Adam arrives and tells them some interesting facts about gorillas - including the fact that they are capable of getting attached to individual humans.  Jack is reunited with Ryan and agrees to stay with her at the Ryan's while she gets better.  When Siobhan arrives, she expresses her guilt over Mary's death. Jack explodes and accuses her of feeling as if the world revolves around her.  Tiso gives Delia papers on their restaurant, but reminds her that she is to tell no one about his involvement, including Siobhan and Joe.  Tiso tells Joe that they are in business and that Delia thinks that it is just between the two of them.

Episode 1168
Wednesday, January 2, 1980
Re-aired April 29, 2002

Jack is comforted when Faith tells him that he has no need to worry because Ryan will be okay.  Johnny arrives and condemns Jack when he sees him playing with Ryan on the floor.  Remembering her last conversation with Seneca, Kim invites Adam to dinner.  When Kim offers to tell Adam the truth, she is pleased when he offers to take her to Lem's.  Jack and Johnny are in conflict over Ryan's care. Jack takes Ryan to her room, but asks Johnny to wait for him because he has something to say.  Frank arrives at Lem's and is pleased when he learns that Kim and her cast mates have gotten their pay.  Kim sees Seneca arrive and flirts with Adam, hoping to make Seneca jealous.  Seneca loses his temper with Frank over his role in assisting Kim in getting her money for the play.  As Frank talks, Seneca jealously watches Kim with Adam and later picks a fight with Frank.  Jack reminds Johnny that he is in charge of his own daughter.  Johnny tells Jack that all he does is take from people and never give anything back. He also accuses Jack of being the reason that Mary never made it to the wedding.  Adam is shocked when Kim tells him that she has made reservations for them at an inn and hopes that they will use the room for the evening.

Episode 1169
Thursday, January 3, 1980
Re-aired April 29, 2002

Worried about Kim, Rae calls Seneca and learns that Kim is with Adam.  Seneca assures Rae that Kim will be home soon.  Meanwhile, Kim is putting the make on Adam and begins kissing him.  Joe is worried when Siobhan arrives home late from work and is shocked when he asks her to quit her job so that she can stay home with him daily.  When Siobhan tells him that she really likes her job, Joe lets it go.  When Tiso arrives, Joe tells him of his fears that Delia will let it leak that Tiso is her partner. Tiso assures him that Delia is at his disposal.  Seneca calls Rae for an update and is relieved when Adam and Kim arrive home.  Kim tells Rae that it is normal to like men and hates the fact that Rae is trying to hinder her life with rules.  Rae tells Kim a bit about her past and how empty she was because of the sexual choices she made. Tiso warns Joe about crowding Siobhan too much and suggests he allow her the freedom that she needs as a person.  Johnny arrives looking for Tiso and warns him that in the future he is to leave helping Delia to the Ryan's.  Kim lies to Rae about her evening with Adam and says she thinks of Adam as a big brother.  Adam voices his concern to Seneca about Kim's behavior and Seneca decides the best thing to do is to tell Rae.

Episode 1170
Friday, January 4, 1980
Re-aired April 30, 2002

Seneca tells Rae about his conversation with Adam. Rae calls the hotel in order to confirm the reservation and becomes upset when she finds that Adam's story is true.  When Kim arrives, Seneca makes himself scarce and Rae tells Kim that she does not tolerate lies.  Faith arrives for a visit with Roger who is shocked when she asks for a drink.  When Roger takes the hypocritical approach about Delia's affair, Faith reminds him that he too was unfaithful and encourages him to go after his wife.  Bob comforts Delia about her estrangement from Roger.  Rae demands that Kim not lie to her and threatens to send her home.  Later, when Rae tries to stop Kim from leaving, Kim slaps her.  Bob convinces Delia to call Roger to take the first step at reconciling.  Roger leaves for Sheepshead Bay in order to call Delia to reconcile and misses her call.  When she is unsuccessful, Bob offers to take Delia to dinner and cheers her up a bit.  Bob and Frank talk about their lives and realize that they are both missing what they had.  Kim goes to Seneca's apartment and accuses him of ruining her life.  When Seneca tells her that there is no way that he can get out of her life, Kim tells him to make up his mind once and for all.

Episode 1171
Monday, January 7, 1980
Re-aired April 30, 2002

Kim accuses Seneca of confusing things by saying that he is there for her and then withdrawing.  Seneca takes charge of a furious Kim and phones her mother, who insists Kim not be allowed to leave before Rae gets there.  Roger arrives in Sheepshead Bay looking for Delia and learns that she is not there.  When Roger misses the opportunity to tell Delia that he still loves her he decides not to wait for her and tells Siobhan instead.  An emotional confrontation between Kim and Rae ends with Rae asking Seneca to keep Kim for the night.  Siobhan tells Joe about her feelings for Delia and how they differed from Mary's and the rest of the Ryan's.  Siobhan tries to deal with feelings about Mary and Jack and has to pull back when Joe begins to feel jealous about her and Jack's relationship.  Seneca reassures Kimberly about her relationship with Rae and tells her that he is sure that once they find their ground things will be okay.  Seneca finds Kim crying in the middle of the night and puts his arms around her as she falls back asleep.

Episode 1172
Tuesday, January 8, 1980
Re-aired May 1, 2002

Kim awakens curled up with Seneca in the bed next to her and likes it.  Later, at Seneca's insistence, she calls Rae and the call goes as badly as she expected. When Rae arrives, a frosty exchange between mother and daughter results in Rae asking Seneca to keep Kim with him for a few days while she gets her thoughts on motherhood together.  Meanwhile, Jack rushes to Ryan's room and finds Maeve there ironing in hopes of being closer to Mary.  When Jack learns that Johnny has taken Ryan out to play in the snow he fumes, clearly spoiling for a fight.  Later, Jack and Johnny struggle for control of Ryan and Jack demands that Johnny follow his rules for his daughter.  Later, after Johnny plugs the iron back in, her and Jack leave the room to finish their discussion not wanting Ryan to overhear.  As Finn follows them, he jostles ironing board and creates a fire hazard when the iron falls forward and begins to burn into the ironing board cover.  Roger and Rae seek mental clarity in whiskey over the fate of their lives. Ryan is in danger as her room fills with smoke.

Episode 1173
Wednesday, January 9, 1980
Re-aired May 1, 2002

Jack tries to lay down ground rules for Johnny and the amount of time that he can spend with Ryan and Johnny fights against him tooth and nail.  Later, their struggle for control over Ryan is interrupted when they realize that there is a fire in her room.  As Roger and Rae lay in the whiskey, Rae comes to the realization that she could be a really good mother but fears that alcohol would have to play a huge part of that.  Rae tells Roger that Kim is with Seneca and that she is sure she will be safe there.  Meanwhile, Delia and Siobhan arrive at Roger's apartment hoping to reconcile things between them and when they realize Roger is not home Delia uses her key to wait for him.  Jack gets Ryan out of the smoke filled room as Johnny gets the iron in an upright position.  When Maeve questions what happened, Johnny admits to having plugged in the iron giving Jack the ammunition to accuse him of causing more damage to Ryan.  Siobhan persuades Delia to remain alone in apartment and wait for Roger to return.  Meanwhile, at Rae's apartment, Rae decides that she is going to be the one to help Roger get his wife back and sets out to help him write Delia a love letter.  At Roger's apartment, Delia closes the doors to the bedroom and falls asleep in his bed.  Maeve tells Johnny that Jack is testing him to find out if they are his real family since Mary is gone and asks him to treat Jack with kid gloves if they expect to see Ryan again.  Roger takes Rae back to his apartment to get notepaper for Delia's letter.  Unknowing that she is in the bedroom asleep, he reads his letter out loud and Delia totally misunderstands thinking that it is for Rae and bursts out of the room to let him know how much she does not appreciate it.

Episode 1174
Thursday, January 10, 1980
Re-aired May 2, 2002

Delia accuses Roger of maintaining his relationship with Rae while trying to condemn her for being pressured into an affair.  When Rae tries to intervene and let Delia know her reason for being there, Delia reminds her that she was the other woman and quiets her from making any further pleas.  Meanwhile, Maeve asks for Siobhan's assistance with the Johnny-Jack situation when she notices that the men are no closer to reconciliation.  Seneca arrives home and finds a romantic dinner waiting for him and finds himself tested by Kim's effort at seduction and decides to put his reservations about the situation on the back burner for the time being.  A defeated Delia throws her wedding ring at Roger before she leaves the apartment absolutely convinced that Roger and Rae are still seeing one another.  Siobhan seeks out Jack to reassure him about his role in family and what he means to them and manages to restore a degree of genuine communication between them.  Meanwhile, Joe watches the two of them from across the room and becomes uncomfortable with the fact that Siobhan is that close with another man beside himself.  Kim makes Seneca uncomfortable when she tells him that she wishes she could stay with him forever and Seneca realizes that it is time for a few truths.  Seneca tells Kim that while he is attracted to her and wishes that there was something that he could do about it, he reminds Kim of the reasons why they cannot do just that realizing that offering to let her stay there with him could have been a mistake.

Episode 1175
Friday, January 11, 1980
Re-aired May 2, 2002

Kim arrives in Seneca's room in the middle of the night unable to sleep and manages to stir up more feelings in Seneca when she tells him that she has never loved someone as she loves him.  Meanwhile, Johnny tells Maeve of his conversation with Tiso regarding Delia and that he feels they should be the ones helping Delia, not Joe and Tiso.  Meanwhile, Tiso arrives at Joe's apartment and gives Delia the money that he promised to get her for her coats and tells her that the jewelry that she got from Dan was fake and that there was no where to sell them.  As Delia talks to Tiso about her living arrangements, Delia is surprised when Maeve calls and offers her a room with the Ryan family.  Meanwhile, as Joe tells Siobhan and Jack what Siobhan and his desire for a family means to him, it also becomes clearer to Siobhan just how much children mean to Joe.  Seneca finds it hard to resist the appeal that Kim has for him and tries to dissuade her with thoughts on what it will be like for them in a few years when Seneca is old and she is in the middle part of her life but Kim does not take the bait.  Later, Seneca realizes that he has to act in responsible manner and tells Kim that he will have to take her home.  At Ryan's, there is an assassination attempt on Tiso's life when men enter with guns and shoot up the place and Jack throws himself in front of Siobhan when he realizes that she is in the line of fire.  Afterward, Siobhan screams for help when she realizes that Jack has been shot.

Episode 1176
Monday, January 14, 1980
Re-aired May 3, 2002

Ryan's is in shamble after the attack the attack on Tiso's life as the family rallies around Jack who is in the world of pain.  Later, as Joe searches Tiso and makes sure he is okay, Maeve is horrified when she finds one of Tiso's bodyguards and realizes that he is dead.  Later, Siobhan and Joe walk Jack to the emergency room so that he can get his wound looked into.  Seneca delivers a subdued Kim home, which is an intense regret for them both.  When they get into a disagreement over it, Rae comes out of her room and demands to know what is going on.  Tiso sits in the kitchen at Ryan's and denies to the police any knowledge of reasons or people involved in shooting.  At the hospital, Jack is allowed to go home with a word from the doctor that if the bullet had been six inches to the left it would have gone through his heart.  Later. Siobhan and Joe make it known to Jack that they are aware that Jack saved Siobhan's life.  Seneca tells Rae that he brought Kim home so that they could resolve their problems.  Later, when mother and daughter don't seem to be getting anywhere, Kim suggests she get her own apartment and gets no help in that direction from her mother.  As the Ryan's try to sort things out, Maeve begs Johnny to not say anything about her living out in Sheepshead Bay and realizes that he request will not be honored when Johnny states that it is his right to ensure that his family is safe.  When the group returns from the hospital, Maeve comments on the fact that the reporters should be around soon and Joe takes that as an opportunity to get out of there with Siobhan before they arrive.  Not pleased that Siobhan is leaving with him, Johnny questions the soundness of that and the result is an intense and fearful exchange between Johnny and Joe.

Episode 1177
Tuesday, January 15, 1980
Re-aired May 3, 2002

Joe comforts Siobhan when she awakens from a frightful nightmare from incidents of the night before and promises her that Tiso's problem will in no way affect them.  Later, when the two begin to make love, Siobhan begs Joe to wait in order for her to use precautions, but Joe continues forth not wanting to wait.  Delia wants to escape from the tragic events of the night before by going to the zoo to visit with Prince Albert.  When she leaves, Johnny pushes aside the fact that Jack actually saved Siobhan's life and blames the entire reason that his daughter is involved with Joe and is because Jack deemed him a worthy person free of his uncle's business.  Meanwhile, Roger phones Ryan's worried about Delia and is told that he can find her at the monkey house at the zoo.  Joe and Siobhan have mixed feelings on children and whether or not they like the fact of her being pregnant after making love this morning.  Tiso arrives and tells Joe who hired the hit against him and that there is going to be major trouble ahead.  When Tiso mentions that Joe should send Siobhan home to her family for the time being, Joe is tough and demands that his wife is going to remain close to home where he can keep an eye on her.  Later, Joe walks Tiso out and promises to return home soon.  When Jack calls, Siobhan leaves for a visit and leaves a note for Joe unaware that she might be in danger.  Delia learns more about Prince Albert from Owen and learns that Owen is trying to teach Albert sign language.  When Roger arrives, Owen leaves and Delia is not too pleased to see him.  Siobhan arrives to try to act as buffer between Jack and Johnny.  Meanwhile, Joe finds Siobhan's note and alarmed heads for Riverside.

Episode 1178
Wednesday, January 16, 1980
Re-aired May 6, 2002

Roger overcomes Delia's resistance and persuades her to listen to him.  Meanwhile, Siobhan has relief of caring exchange with Jack and both agree that tiso might not be who he said he was and wonder where that leaves Joe - although Siobhan is inclined to believe in him.  When a frantic Joe arrives looking for Siobhan, Jack senses Joe's unease with Siobhan being out alone and challenges Joe with leaving town with his wife for a while to see if his allegiance is to his wife or to the invisible role that he plays in this gang war. When he receives an answer that isn't quite satisfactory, Jack fears that Joe is going to get Siobhan into trouble that cannot be fixed.  At the zoo, Roger tries to tell Delia of his and Rae's plan to get Roger back together with his wife but the mere mention of Rae's name sends Delia into a furry and prevents reconciliation.  Later, Albert makes Roger furious when he throws a banana peel at him and Roger wishes Delia the best with her life and her new friends finally convinced that his and Delia's marriage is over.  Joe and Siobhan arrive home and Joe checks out the place thoroughly to ensure that no one there to do them harm.  Later, Joe tries to convince Siobhan to go out of town until what is happening with Tiso blows over.  When she refuses, he outlines for her the precautions that they need to take and upsets her when he again brings up his desire for a normal family life.  Delia consults Wes about Tiso and after giving him fictitious facts and names is advised to go into business with him without at least a friend at her side.

Episode 1179
Thursday, January 17, 1980
Re-aired May 6, 2002

Kim is miserable remembering her conversation with Seneca and he is almost as troubled as has to fight the urge to call Kimberly not wanting to give in to the temptation of loving someone half his age.  Delia is delighted when she makes an offer for him to manage the Crystal Palace and he accepts.  Later, Bob gets a mysterious phone call and leaves Delia wondering just what his secret is.  Kim arrives at Seneca's office hoping to reach him and is hurt when he remains as closed off as ever, even though he wants to be with her as much as she wants to be with him.  Later, Kim is hurt further when she tells Seneca that it is her 18th birthday and he refuses to come to her opening.  Later, Seneca agrees to go drinking with Roger in an effort to forget about his troubles.  Bob informs Frank and Jill of his conversation with his buddy from the precinct and that he learned that there is a gang war is starting in Sheepshead Bay and that Siobhan will be at the center of it.  Frank tells them that he is going to get Siobhan away from them because he has already lost one sister and there is no way that he is going to lose another.  Seneca discreetly explores with Roger his view of older men with younger women and is encouraged to pursue the relationship.  Later, Seneca makes a decision to go to Kim's opening tomorrow.

Episode 1180
Friday, January 18, 1980
Re-aired May 7, 2002

Rae tries to decline to go to Kim's play in nice manner, but upsets Kim dreadfully in spite of best efforts.  Delia goes to visit Tiso with her idea of Bob working with her at the Crystal Palace.  Later, Delia is delighted when Tiso approves of Bob being there with her and leaves to go visit a friend.  When Delia leaves, Tiso arranges for Joe to meet him at the restaurant immediately.  Jill reassures Frank that Mary believed in him and knew that he had no part in the scandal that kicked him out of the Senate.  Convinced that her mother won't be attending her opening night, Kim arrives at Frank and Jill's office and invites them to her opening night performance.  Kim is delighted when they assure her that she will have two friends in the audience whether or not Rae shows up.  Meanwhile, Rae decides to attend the play knowing that she cannot miss Kim's opening night.  Delia arrives at the zoo with a gift for Prince Albert and learns that he is not in a very good mood.  When Owen invites Delia to dinner, she nicely puts him off telling him that she is off of relationships.  Later, Delia is frightened when they give the basketball to Prince Albert and he destroys it in a terrifying display.  Tiso tells Joe of Delia's request that Bob assist her at the restaurant and that he has told her yes for the time being.  Joe assures Tiso that an ex-cop should give the place a good reputation, in spite of the inherent danger to their operation.  Later, Joe questions Tiso on the gang war and of the damage that he fears can come to his new family.  Tiso tells him that he needs to demand that Siobhan stay at home more, for her own sake.

Episode 1181
Monday, January 21, 1980
Re-aired May 7, 2002

Kim's opening night gets underway.  Seneca arrives and is told that it would not be good to see Kimberly before the show.  Rae arrives and tells him that she very well could not have skipped Kimberly's opening night even though it is her birthday.  When Frank and Jill arrive, the group tries to remain civil toward one another.  Tiso informs his accountant about the restaurant he is funding for Delia. He lists his reasons, which include moving the drug cutting business to there from EBB Enterprises.  He asks his accountant to act as Delia's accountant, but says that Delia can't know of their affiliation. Rae learns of Seneca's contribution to the play's producer and accuses him of encouraging Kim behind her back.  Jill tries to stop Rae when she declares that she is leaving - to no avail.  Delia explains her initial plans for the restaurant to Tiso and she is pleased when he tells her about Ben and hopes that he will be just the accountant that she is looking for.  After the play, Frank and Jill agree that it was a flop, but they later congratulate Kim. Seneca comforts Kim because Rae left during the middle of the play and he reluctantly agrees to take her to dinner.

Episode 1182
Tuesday, January 22, 1980
Re-aired May 8, 2002

At Ryan's, Siobhan reassures her mother that things in Sheepshead Bay are quiet.  Kathleen surprises everyone when she arrives to check in and make sure everyone is doing well.  At Café Budapest, Kim and Seneca acknowledge fact they have missed one another.  The waiter arrives with evening newspapers and Kim is anxious to read her reviews.  Siobhan mentions her talk with Jack to Tiso and brings up Jack's questions about Mary's last words before she died.  When Siobhan leaves, an upset Tiso sends for Larry (The Man in the Green Hat) wanting answers to the state that he left Mary in.  Maeve and Kathleen spend time together talking about Mary and the family.  Seneca comforts Kim when her play receives horrible reviews and offers to take her back to his apartment so that she will not have to face her mother.  Jack tells Kathleen of his last moments with Mary and his questions regarding her death.  Tiso questions Larry as to how he could have left Mary in the car in a condition where she could wake up and talk to anybody.

Episode 1183
Wednesday, January 23, 1980
Re-aired May 8, 2002

Jack dreams of the Man in the Green Hat and doesn't realize that he is the man from the coffee shop. When Maeve awakens him, she asks him what he was thinking about and he regretfully tells her that he cannot remember.  Seneca offers Kim emotional support and tells her that not everyone thinks that she made a fool of herself.  Tiso gets the details of Mary's death from Larry and learns that there is no way that Mary should have still been alive when Jack and her parents arrived at the scene.  Maeve and Jack discuss Mary's last words about the Man in the Green Hat and wonder just what she could have meant by them.  Seneca tells Kim that it is becoming harder to fight his feelings for her.  Kim reassures him of her feelings for him and convinces him that the only right thing for them to do is to make love.  Jack tells Maeve that he does not know what happened the night of the accident but he intends to find out.  Tiso plans to send a phony witness of Mary's accident to Jack to give him false details, hoping to quiet any further questions that he may have.

Episode 1184
Thursday, January 24, 1980
Re-aired May 9, 2002

As Siobhan and Joe prepare talk, it is clear that Siobhan is upset about something and avoids telling Joe what it is.  Delia arrives at Faith's to borrow a book and attempts to send Roger a message that she is getting along just fine without him - a message that Faith declines to deliver.  Siobhan finds Maeve and Kathleen deep in remembrances of babies and the joys of motherhood and she begins to cry.  Delia arrives at the zoo and rescues Albert from tormentors.  Owen tells Delia that gorilla's are aggressive and will become even more so if they are being treated unfairly.  Jack finds Siobhan crying in the parlor and tries to uncover what is troubling her. He is shocked when he learns that she is pregnant and thinking about getting an abortion.

Episode 1185
Friday, January 25, 1980
Re-aired May 9, 2002

As Seneca and Kim are basking in the aftermath of lovemaking, Rae arrives looking for her daughter.  Siobhan admits to Jack that she hasn't told Joe about her pregnancy yet and won't have to if she follows through with her plan.  She tells Jack that not only is she too much of a newlywed to be pregnant, she feels it is not right to have a baby in the middle of a drug war.  At the zoo, Delia is taken into feeding area for Prince Albert and is stunned when Owen tells her that he is teaching Prince Albert sign language.  Delia fails at her attempt to teach Albert sign language and learns from Owen that it becoming clearer than ever that in addition to liking bananas, Albert likes Delia.  Seneca doesn't tell Rae about his relationship with Kim. Instead, he tells Rae that Kim must have spent the night with a friend.  Later, Seneca and Kim agree that there is nothing they want to do with their morning but spend it together.  Trying to reassure her, Jack tells Siobhan about his fears when he learned that Mary was pregnant with Ryan.  Jack receives a call from the police department that a witness to Mary's accident has been found.

Episode 1186
Monday, January 28, 1980
Re-aired May 10, 2002

Kim lies to Rae about her whereabouts the night before and manages to manipulate her mother's sympathy.  Rae reads Kim a good review of her performance from the night before and volunteers to help her celebrate it only to learn that Kim has made her own plans for the evening.  Siobhan tells Joe about the call that Jack received from the police department.  Later, Joe is ecstatic when Siobhan finally tells him that news that she is pregnant.  Frank arrives to talk to them both and expresses his concern for his sister being in the middle of gang war.  When Joe tells him of precautions that Tiso has already taken, Siobhan is alarmed to hear that she is being trailed by guards. Before Frank leaves, he learns that Siobhan is pregnant and issues a warning to Joe that Siobhan's safety is more important than ever. Kim arrives at Seneca's office with new of reviews and makes plans to see him after show - an offer that he can't resist.  Later that evening, Kim is surprised when she learns that a major New York agent was in the audience to see her play and that she is waiting to take Kim out to dinner.  Kim declines, not wanting to miss her evening with Seneca, and makes lunch plans with her instead for the following afternoon.

Episode 1187
Tuesday, January 29, 1980
Re-aired May 10, 2002

Jack sits with Phil and gets the details that he has about Mary's accident.  Phil tells him that he spent the afternoon with Mary in a coffee shop and she told him that she was missing her sister's wedding. He mentions that she was on her way home to apologize when she left.  Phil gives Jack his name and number in case he wants to talk to him again.  Frank tells Jill that Siobhan is pregnant rocks her with news that Joe's answer to all of Siobhan's safety problems is to have her under constant guard.  Frank comforts Jill about her marriage to Seneca and tells her that sooner or later Seneca will find someone that will make him happy and he will give Jill a divorce.  Kim arrives at Seneca's apartment and tells him about Paige's offer and how great it is that someone wants her.  Faith tells Roger that he could do so much better than Delia and says that the perfect woman is waiting for him. Jack shocks Frank when he tells him the real reason behind Mary's disappearance the day of the wedding.  Frank tells him that regardless of how angry she was at him, Jack was not at fault for what happened.  Phil arrives at the Harborside and tells Tiso that all went well with Jack and that he seemed to believe every word.

Episode 1188
Wednesday, January 30, 1980
Re-aired May 13, 2002

Maeve is delighted when Siobhan arrives and tells her that she is pregnant.  Joe is angered when Tiso declares that Siobhan's pregnancy will be good for the business.  Across town, Michael conspires with Dom to get a job inside Tiso's fortress in order to get revenge for his father.  Later, Tiso agrees to see Michael and considers giving him a job.  Kim has lunch with Paige and is delighted when Paige offers to be her agent.  Kim arrives at Ryan's to consult with Frank about the contract that she has been offered and to her intense dismay, she receives advice to stay clear of it.  When Kim pouts, Frank offers to have a meeting with Paige to discuss the situation further.  Maeve and Frank admit to having real fear for Siobhan - pregnant and in a gang war situation. Tiso interviews Michael and decides to hire him to assist in the restaurant - feeling that it is the least he can do to honor Michael's family for the loss of his father.

Episode 1189
Thursday, January 31, 1980
Re-aired May 13, 2002

Delia persuades Adam to take her to dinner at Lem's.  Roger arrives at Lem's and spots a beautiful woman sitting alone and has his eye on her.  As Roger makes an effort to pick up Lilly, Delia arrives with Adam and tensions build between the couple.  Jack arrives at Harborside and challenges Tiso's assertion that everything is under control.  Meanwhile, Michael takes up his duties as busboy checking out the place to see when he will have the best opportunity to get his revenge on Tiso.  Siobhan arrives at Harborside and is anxious to learn of Jack's conversation Phil and what he knows about Mary's actions before the accident.  Delia misinterprets what is happening between Roger and Lilly and makes a move on Adam hoping to make Roger jealous. When Roger and Lily leave together, Delia is sad to think that she is losing Roger for good.  Siobhan has an emotional response when she learns that Jack told Frank the truth about her last conversation with Mary.  Michael checks in with Dom and learns that he is to plant a bomb in the restaurant tomorrow.

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