February 1980 Daily Recaps

Episode 1190
Friday, February 1, 1980
Re-aired May 14, 2002

At the Harborside Restaurant, Joe coddles Siobhan and assures her that he will try and lay off a little as she continues forth in the pregnancy.  Karl learns about an explosive device from Dominick and plans to put it under Tiso's table as retribution for what Tiso did to his father.  Delia tells Johnny and Bob about her experience with Roger and Lilly at Lem's and becomes upset when they refuse to empathize with her.  Miserable, Delia goes to the zoo to visit Prince Albert.  Delia helps Owen handle a dangerous situation for Albert who later realizes that Delia is unhappy and touches her hand.  At Harborside, Joe and Siobhan celebrate her pregnancy with Tiso, who tells them that things have blown over and soon there should be no need for armed guards.  Meanwhile, Karl arrives and plants the explosive device under Tiso's table.  When Siobhan and Joe leave, Tiso take his place at his table while Karl prepares to set off bomb.  When Karl goes outside, Siobhan returns inside the restaurant and joins Tiso at his table to ask his advice on a present to buy for Joe.  Outside the restaurant, Karl prepares to trigger the explosive device.

Episode 1191
Monday, February 4, 1980
Re-aired May 14, 2002

George interrupts Michael while he is trying to trigger the bomb and Michael drops the transmitter.  Tiso and Siobhan sit at the table planning a surprise gift for Joe not knowing that there is a bomb under their table.  Frank tries to persuade Paige to change Kim's contract knowing that it will be the death of her career at such an early age.  When Paige refuses, Frank advises her that he will recommend Kim not sign.  Alone again, Michael tries the detonator, but when nothing happens he realizes that the detonator is broken. Tiso gives Siobhan advice on a gift for Joe.  Michael calls Dom with the news that the detonator is broken and is told that he must recover the bomb before Tiso's men find it.  Frank calls Kim with the bad news about Paige and Kim hangs up horrified.  Seeing her heartbroken, Rae's maternal response kicks in and she offers to spend some time with Kim.   Kim is pleased when Rae offers to go with her to see Frank in hopes of reaching an agreement about the contract.  Tiso tells Joe that Wally and his men will have a surprise in the next couple days that should bring an end to their plots against him.  Later, he tells Joe of the hidden room in Delia's restaurant and his plans to move the drug operation to the Crystal Palace as soon as possible.  Despite almost being caught, Michael manages to recover the bomb from under Tiso's table.

Episode 1192
Tuesday, February 5, 1980
Re-aired May 15, 2002

Kim and Rae arrive at Frank's office for their appointment and some of the old harmony between Frank and Rae emerges, which is seen by Kim and Jill.  Bob meets Prince Albert and is immediately afraid of him.  When Delia leaves, Albert rattles his cage in hopes of getting her to come back and the gate swings open. Owen arrives in time to prevent an escape and realizes that he is going to have to get the gate fixed before Albert gets away.  Kim becomes upset when Rae recommends that she follow Frank's advice concerning Paige. Kim sees how involved Rae still is with Frank.  Delia decides on a name for her restaurant. Johnny questions her about the costs and asks her where she is getting the money. Their conversation is interrupted when Bob receives a call that the bodies of two of Tiso's enemies have been found in the trunk of a car and that the gang war is in full bloom.  Kim watches as Rae gets drunk and she sees how intensely Rae still loves Frank.  A drunken Rae gives a semi confession that she may have been responsible for the scandal that caused Frank to lose his seat in the U.S. Senate, but tries to take it back when she realizes what she's said.

Episode 1193
Wednesday, February 6, 1980
Re-aired May 15, 2002

Johnny calls Frank with the news of the gang war and Frank tells Johnny that a family conference is necessary.  Fearing what will happen to her restaurant plans Delia frantically tries to defend Tiso.  Kim arrives for a visit with Paige to decide about the contract. She manages to see straight through Paige's veneer when she makes it known that Kim's being an heiress to the Woodard Empire will be the best publicity that she could have asked for.  Kim shocks Paige when she decides for herself not to sign the contract.  As the family conference progresses, Delia infuriates everyone when she continues her staunch defense of Tiso.  The conference ends with Jack being asked to go and speak to Siobhan as the family representative.  Kim arrives at Frank's office to report on her lunch with Paige and finds Faith and Jill there instead.  She questions Jill about the scandal that ended Frank's senatorial career and wonders if Jill thinks that Rae is guilty.  Maeve convinces Jack that he is a real member of the family with a reminder that he was asked to talk to Siobhan by Johnny.  Kim arrives home on the heels of the information that she received from Jill and realizes that the papers framing Frank have to be in the apartment. She is rewarded when she finds the safe.

Episode 1194
Thursday, February 7, 1980
Re-aired May 16, 2002

Frank calms Johnny nerves, as he is anxious about Jack's visit to Siobhan.  Kim arrives looking for Frank, hoping for a clue to open Rae's safe.  As they are talking, Page arrives wanting to see Frank and Kim.  Jack arrives in Sheepshead Bay and Siobhan tells him how much she's looking forward to having her baby.  Using this as the platform, Jack reinforces the family's concern with her being in the middle of a gang war and tells her that it is time to come back home.  Paige tells Kim that she got her a commercial audition for the following day.  Paige flirts with Johnny and arouses Maeve's ire.  Siobhan defends Joe to Jack and tells him that she is not coming home.  Meanwhile, Michael and Dom make a new plan to get Tiso.

Episode 1195
Friday, February 8, 1980
Re-aired May 16, 2002

Delia confronts Tiso and asks him what will happen to her restaurant if he gets killed as a result of the gang war.  Michael learns about Tiso's limousine from Glassman and looks for a chance to plant the bomb.  Roger finds Faith reading Tom's poetry while nursing a drink and he invites her to Lem's.  Tiso assures Delia that she will be well taken care of if something were to happen to him and calls her accountant to make enough money available to her for three months of business.  Jack arrives to speak with Joe and decides to wait when he learns that Joe is expected to arrive shortly.  When Delia prepares to leave, Tiso offers her a ride uptown.   Michael attaches the explosive to the underside of the limo and heads back to the restaurant.  At Lem's, Roger's concern for Faith escalates when she refuses dinner and decides to only have a drink.  Adam arrives and is invited to join Roger and Faith for dinner and manages to clear the air with Roger about his dinner with Delia the night before.  Adam is shocked when Faith is brittle and sarcastic and wonders about her when she hastily leaves the table. Joe arrives at Harborside and warns Tiso that they should expect trouble from Wally. Tiso comments that after tonight Wally will feel less ambitious with his plans.  Jack confronts Joe with news about the family conference and asks Joe to send Siobhan home until everything clears up.  Joe hardens and tells Jack that he is Siobhan's family and that everyone else needs to handle their business.  Meanwhile, as Delia and Tiso head off to the limo, Delia breaks her heel and she and Tiso have to stop and go back to the restaurant where Jack and Joe are in a full-fledged argument over Siobhan.  Unaware that they are no longer walking to the car, Michael counts to ten and sets off the bomb.  When the limo explodes, Joe and Jack head off to the parking lot in a panic.

Episode 1196
Monday, February 11, 1980
Re-aired May 17, 2002

Delia agonizes over the fact that she and Tiso would have been dead if it had not been for the heel breaking off of her shoe.  When Joe arrives, Michael becomes anxious when Joe gives them the news that Glassman is alive, but unconscious. Jack makes plans to take Delia home and he tells Joe that he is going to pick up Siobhan.  Kim makes an appointment to go to Seneca's apartment and tells her mother she is having dinner with Buddy.  After she leaves, Rae takes an important message from the casting agent and mentions that she knows exactly where she can find Kim.  Animosity between Joe and Jack grows as Joe resents being told that Siobhan is in danger even though he knows that it is true.  Tiso tries to assuage Delia's panic.  Jack takes her home, with assurance from Joe that he will take of things with Siobhan.  Kim and Seneca spend the evening together in bed as Rae calls Buddy and realizes that she has been lied to.  Joe informs Siobhan that he is taking her home to stay, against her wishes. He  convinces her that she will be safe until things settle down in Sheepshead Bay.

Episode 1197
Tuesday, February 12, 1980
Re-aired May 17, 2002

Jack fills the Ryan's in on situation in Sheepshead Bay and how Tiso and Delia were saved because the heel broke on Delia's shoe.  Joe returns Siobhan to her family for her safety and gets into a row with Johnny.  Rae fumes about Kim's whereabouts and tells Roger that she is entirely too young for a sexual relationship.  Meanwhile, Kim tells Seneca that her mother is still in love with Frank and wonders if her mother may have had something to do with his political demise.   Seneca tells Kim that Frank's birthday date might be what she needs to open her mother's safe.  Joe makes strong statement about responsibility for Siobhan and the business dealings of his uncle. He makes it clear to the Ryan's that he will be the one to make decisions for his wife and no one else.  Maeve confirms Joe's statement that the family crossed the line on this and feels that Joe behaved himself well in light of the circumstances.  Jack tells Siobhan that even if he is only the nephew of Tiso and nothing more, that Joe is in danger.  Seneca admits that he is grateful that Kim decided that he was not fit to be her father, but wanted him for her lover.  Kim goes home to Rae and spins a web of lies about her evening with Buddy not realizing that Rae knows the truth.  Rae tells Kim of the script that came from the casting agency and says that she almost called her at Buddy's house, but decided to give her a bit of privacy.  Jack comforts Siobhan when he finds her sitting alone in the parlor crying.  Jack tells Siobhan to sit tight about Joe's possible involvement in Tiso's business and assures her that the truth will have to come out eventually.

Episode 1198
Wednesday, February 13, 1980
Re-aired May 20, 2002

Roger arrives at Faith's to find her nursing a hangover and receives a promise from her that she will never drink again.  When they hear a radio broadcast with Delia describing the bombing of Tiso's car, Roger becomes alarmed and fears that Delia is going to get herself killed.  Kim auditions for a commercial and gives them Frank's business card when it seems that she is going to get the part.  Kim goes to Frank's office to give him the news of the audition and is a bit dismayed when she finds Jill and Faith there instead.  Kim pierces Jill's curiosity when she begins to ask questions about Frank's resignation from politics and further questions her about Frank's birth date.  After Kim leaves, Jill tells Faith of her hunch that Kim knows more about Frank's political demise than she is letting on.   Kim finds Frank and Jill at the office and gives him the news of her audition and her belief that she got the part.  While they are talking, the casting agent calls and negotiates with Frank for Kim to take the role in the commercial.  Delia makes great progress with Albert and is able to make him sign for a banana, to Owen's amazement.  When Roger arrives and accuses Delia of playing with fire by hanging out with Tiso, Delia refuses to talk to him and goes off to spend more time with Albert.  Owen explains unique relationship between Delia and Albert to Roger, who refuses to believe she is in anything but danger by spending so much time with him.  Jill tells Frank that she believes that Kim has a crush on him. She peaks his interest when she tells him how Kim asked her outright if she thought her mother was guilty of slandering Frank.  Kim punches Frank's birth date into the safe and hits pay dirt when it opens to reveal its contents, which include a small key.

Episode 1199
Thursday, February 14, 1980
Re-aired May 20, 2002

Kim searches the apartment for a keyhole to fit the key that she found in the safe. She becomes so preoccupied with her search that she does not hear Rae come in.  Kim becomes petrified and drops the key - which is unnoticed by Rae.  Joe cross-examines Michael about the night of the accident and warns him of consequences that he and his mother will face if he is betraying Tiso.  Kim covers the key and manages to evade Rae's questions with a lie that she was doing some acting exercises.  When Rae invites Kim to dinner, Kim denies having already made plans to meet Seneca at the Café Budapest.  Rae makes dinner date with Roger and is delighted when he tells her that he has the perfect place to take her.  Jack forces Siobhan to consider the possibility that Joe could be Tiso's heir should anything happen to him. As Siobhan sits in fear that the man she loves could be involved in violent crime, Joe surprises Siobhan when he calls to wish her a happy Valentines Day.  Meanwhile, Michael tells Dom of the threats against him and his mother and mentions that it might be best for him to back off until they are off his trail.  Dom agrees and tells Michael to monitor Tiso's comings and goings because another hit will be attempted against soon.  At Café Budapest, Kim arouses Seneca's curiosity when she shows him the key and wonders what it could be for.  Kim goes to check her service and escapes moments before Rae and Roger arrive.  Feeling uncomfortable, Seneca evades Roger and Rae's questions and makes eye contact with Kim when she returns, warning her not to return to the table.

Episode 1200
Friday, February 15, 1980
Re-aired May 21, 2002

Kim and Seneca just manage to avoid being discovered when Seneca feigns the need to make a phone call.   Frank shares his concern for Siobhan with Jill and Bob and is reassured that Siobhan decided to wait it out at home instead of racing to Sheepshead Bay.  Bob tells them that until Joe's real relationship with the business is established, they will not know for sure if Siobhan is out of harm's way.  Bob describes his position at the Crystal Palace and how elegant it will all be and stuns Jill when he mentions how much the place is going to be worth.  Frank is puzzled when he learns of how much is in restaurant's account and realizes that Delia's not bragging about her success is not normal.  At Seneca's apartment, he and Kim explore the consequences of what the discovery of their affair might produce.  Meanwhile, Rae and Roger speculate on what it could have been that kept Seneca and his date from returning to their table.  When more questions arise about Mary's death, Frank and Jill mention how it will always unsettle them how Mary decided to wear her seatbelt for the first time and was still killed. At dinner, Rae tells Roger just how much she will miss him while he is away at the medical conference in Miami.  Seneca makes plans to take Kim with him to Florida - in Roger's place.

Episode 1206
Monday, February 25, 1980
Re-aired May 24, 2002

Rae demands that Kim pack her things and go home with her.  Seneca infuriates Rae when he tells her that Kim is not a child and that the will bring Kim home when they are ready to leave.  Joe tells Siobhan of a past accident that Tiso was in and his ability to recover even when the doctors told him that he would not be able to and hopes that he will be able to do so now.  Later, Siobhan realizes that Tiso's shooting will change their lives and further realizes that as much as she wants him to depend on her that Joe still has not cut the cord from Tiso.  Maeve and Johnny share how much they miss Mary and wonder what she could have meant by "Man in the Green Hat" and "EBB".  Later, Maeve and Johnny's recovery form Mary's death is jolted when Siobhan arrives home from the hospital with news about Tiso.  Seneca calms Kim's fears about Rae and tells her that while it is not appropriate for her to live with him he will make certain that they are still together.  Later, the two decide to go home and face the music sooner than later.  Joe visits with George and learns of the ambush that was awaiting them at Delia's restaurant and realizes that it was Wally's people that hurt his uncle.  Later, Joe promises Tiso that he'll do whatever needs to be done and that he knows just the thing to do.

Episode 1207
Tuesday, February 26, 1980
Re-aired May 24, 2002

Johnny worries when he learns that Siobhan went out for a walk with Finn and is reassured that they are after Tiso not her and reminds him of the written rule to not harm women and children.  Later, Johnny challenges Joe's intentions when Siobhan tells them that Joe did not want her at the hospital and wonders if it were for her safety or so that she would not find out some information that he did not want her to know.  While they are talking, Joe arrives from the hospital.  When Seneca and Kim arrive home, things get out of hand, Kim tells Seneca to leave her alone with Rae to explain things.  Maeve and Johnny come to appreciate the depth of the emotional bond between Joe and Tiso.  Later, Joe tells Siobhan that Tiso is all that Joe has by way of family and tells her that Tiso's shooting is going to change everything between them.  Rae warns Kim of her ability to destroy Seneca's career when Kim demands that she will never give him up and warns her that the final decision is up to her.  Joe tells Siobhan that the best thing for her and the baby is to stay with her family while he sits with Tiso and takes care of some personal issues.  Later, Joe's plans for the following day make one thing clear and they will soon know if he is running Tiso's criminal empire.

Episode 1208
Wednesday, February 27, 1980
Re-aired May 27, 2002

Delia questions Bob about Tiso's presence at her restaurant in the future and Bob tries to reassure her that there is no reason for him to come around again - especially after this.  At the hospital, Jack sees Joe coming out of Tiso's room and from his appearance and manner knows that he has taken over Tiso's part in the gang war. Later, Jack talk to Joe and tries to question him about Tiso's injuries and his suspicions intensify when Joe treats him as some dumb reporter off of the street and not family.  At Seneca's office, Rae arrives and threatens Seneca to stay away from Kim entirely or she will ruin him.  When Seneca tells her that he has no intentions of giving Kim up Rae becomes even more determined.  Delia arrives for a visit with Prince Albert and finds him very upset.  When the new keeper tells her to leave, Delia tries to explain who she is but learns that the new keeper is rigid when he sends her away.  When she leaves, Albert becomes upset and rattles the cage and learns that he can open cage door at will.  Jack stuns Siobhan when he tells her that he believes that Joe has taken over Tiso's entire operation.

Episode 1209
Thursday, February 28, 1980
Re-aired May 27, 2002

Siobhan tells Jack that she wants more proof than just his hunches and vibes. When Jack tries to get her to see reason, she tells Jack that she loves Joe and wants to give him every chance to make it work.  Rae arrives home and tells Kim that since Seneca did not take her seriously then she needs to be the one to make the decision to save his career.  When Kim wavers, Rae tells her that she plans to light the fire under his reputation tomorrow morning in a way that will blow his job at Riverside right out of the water.  Jack pressures Siobhan to call Joe to find out what is going on with the operation.  When Siobhan calls, Joe treats her like a child and infuriates her when he tells her that he is in a meeting and will call her when he is able to talk.  Later, Siobhan decides to pay an uninvited call on Joe at their apartment.  Kim arrives to see Seneca with news of her mother's threat and tells him that she won't give him up.  When Seneca tells her that Rae's threats cannot hurt him, Kim decides that she can't allow her mother to even have a chance and looks at mysterious key.  Siobhan arrives home and becomes uncomfortable and angry when she is not allowed in her own home without Joe's approval.  When she sees the meeting that is taking place and all the strange men from out of town there she confronts Joe and getting no satisfaction leaves in anger.

Episode 1210
Friday, February 29, 1980
Re-aired May 28, 2002

Siobhan tells Frank and Jill about the meeting that took place at Joe's apartment and her fear that if Joe is really involved with Tiso's business that she will have to end the marriage.  When Joe calls Siobhan at Ryan's and when he is accused of lying to her about his affairs with Tiso he agrees to a meeting on neutral ground.  Later, Siobhan reassures Frank when he voices his concern about her safety.  Meanwhile, Delia arrives at the zoo and is worried about Prince Albert.  Roger visits with Seneca and after clueing him in on his knowledge with his relationship with Kim, he asks him to remove himself as obstacle to Frank and Jill.  Later, Seneca wishes Roger good luck on Tiso's surgery when he learns that it is planned for tonight.  Jill backs Siobhan's decision to see Joe and is sure that Joe will do everything to ensure that their meeting is safe.  Later, Roger tells Jill and Frank of his scheduled surgery on Tiso and his reasons for being at the Crystal Palace to see Delia but ended up saving Tiso's life.  When Delia arrives, she denies Roger a chance to talk with her and tells him that she is on her way to the zoo to pick up a present that she left in Prince Albert's cage area.  When she leaves, Roger tells Jill and Frank of his concern for Faith and manages to arouse in Jill suspicion about Seneca having someone new in his life.  Meanwhile, at the zoo, Delia gets the bag that she left in Albert's cage and promises him that she will never abandon him.  When she leaves, Albert rattles the bars and when he gets the cage to pop open he goes after her. In the lobby, Delia says goodbye to Albert and is horrified when she learns that he is directly behind her.

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