March 1980 Daily Recaps

Episode 1211
Monday, March 3, 1980
Re-aired May 28, 2002

NOTE: A revamped opening sequence debuted in this episode.

Horrified, Delia relies on her past experience with Albert in hopes of getting him back into his cage; Just as she is calming him down, Richard bursts out of the room and demands to know what is going on.  Meanwhile, Adam and Roger express their concern to Faith about their upcoming surgery on Tiso and their fears of what will happen to them if anything goes wrong.  Later, Roger implores of Faith and Adam to keep their eyes open.  Across town, Kim arrives home to learns that after all these years Rae is now ready to step in and give her the supervision that she needs.  When Kim gets disgusted, Rae repeats her threats to Kim about Seneca and adds that she will have her followed to make sure she keeps to things the way that Rae wants them.  Delia tries to get Richard to leave her in charge of Albert so that he won't be further upset and is horrified when he leaves to get the tranquilizer gun.  When he leaves, Delia comes close to getting Albert into his cage and just as she reaches the moment of success, Richard comes back and botches up the plan.  While he is distracted, Delia slams Albert inside his cage and hurries away in fear that he may get out again.  Later, Richard makes things worse when he pokes Albert with the poker and puts Delia out of the cage area.  At Rae's apartment, Kim idly plays with Rae's music box while trying to think of a way to get herself and Seneca out of the jam that Rae is placing them in.  While she is thinking, the clasp on the music box slides over and Kim notices a keyhole that fits that key that she took out of Rae's safe.  Opening the box she finds the papers that incriminated Frank.  Meanwhile, at the zoo, Richard tells Delia that she is in no way welcome to visit Albert.  When she leaves, Albert rattles his cage and roars at Richard clearly angry.

Episode 1212
Tuesday, March 4, 1980
Re-aired May 29, 2002

Rae is baffled when she arrives home and a very confident Kim is whistling the theme to the music box and makes her watch as she calls and makes a date with Seneca.  Later, when Rae tells her that the phone call was a bad move, Kim tells her that she is going out with Seneca and there is absolutely nothing that she can do about it.  At Lem's, Joe tells Siobhan about Tiso's surgery and that the doctors have given him a fifty-fifty chance.  Later, Siobhan asks Joe if he is Tiso's heir and tells him that if the answer is no that he has to prove it to her.  Meanwhile, Rae is appalled when Kim opens the music box and reveals that the papers are missing.  When a desperate Rae asks where they are, Kim tells her that she has the papers in a safe place and that because she now has information that can send Rae to prison that she is expecting her to cooperate with her or else she can fear going to prison.  Joe tells Siobhan that he is not free to give her any information about his uncle's business and that she would be the last person to tell if he knew anything because it would only put her in trouble.  Later, Joe becomes upset when Siobhan asks him to prove his love to her by going away with him and leaves the restaurant when Siobhan tells him that she will not see him again until he can look her in the eye and tell her that he is free and clear.  Later, Tiso reassures Joe about the surgery and tells him that no matter what he does to make sure he maintains things between him and Siobhan.  Meanwhile, Siobhan tells Maeve that she has just seen Joe and that she fears that it may have been for the last time.

Episode 1213
Wednesday, March 5, 1980
Re-aired May 29, 2002

Roger arrives at Rae's apartment exhausted from his surgery with Tiso having spent the entire day fearing that if he's messed up Tiso's men would have been after him.  Later, when Rae tells Roger that Kim found the papers on Frank, Roger gives Rae some hard line advice and tells her that while she was not a good mother to Kim in the past that it is too late for her to make up for it now.  Meanwhile, as Kim and Seneca enjoy their time together, Kim has an idea.  Siobhan tells Jack what happened between her and Joe and fears that even though she loves him she has lost him for good.  At the hospital, George shares his concern with Joe for Tiso wanting to be in a private room and tells Joe that at least being in the same room he can watch Tiso and fears leaving him in the hands of the police.  At this moment, Adam enters with news of Tiso's surgery and tells Joe that he has come through it well, but that there will be problems to be faced.  When Adam leaves, George asks Joe if he is going to have to run things for Tiso indefinitely and Joe tells him that they will have the answer to that pretty soon.  At Ryan's, Roger discusses his remaining feelings for Delia with Jill and Frank and hopes that as much as he loves her that she does not get herself killed dealing with Tiso.  Later, Roger tells Jill that he knows for a fact that Seneca is involved with someone else and that this would be a good time for her to ask Seneca for divorce.  When Jill prompts him as to what he knows, Roger refuses to answer her questions but implores of her to accept his advice.  Meanwhile, Tiso awakens and appeals for Joe's help until he can get back on his feet. When he learns more Joe's problems with Siobhan he tells Joe that no matter what happens he is to fix things with her quickly.  At Ryan's, Jack comforts Siobhan about Joe and tells her that she should give Joe the space he needs for knowing trusting that he will return to her and the baby.  Kim gives Seneca the details about her conversation with Rae and manages to leave out the part about the papers on Frank.  Later, when Kim proposes to Seneca he reminds of his marriage to Jill and is told that maybe this is the time to give her the divorce.

Episode 1220
Friday, March 14, 1980
Re-aired June 4, 2002

Frank learns that Seneca is having an affair but that Jill is strangely reluctant to tell him with whom.  When Frank asks why Jill isn?t happier, she gives him a set of photographs so that he can see for himself.  Meanwhile, Roger arrives to see Delia not knowing that Albert is lurking.  Frank is shocked when he realizes that Seneca is having an affair with Kimberly and assumes Seneca will have to abandon his efforts to prevent a divorce. Roger tries to warn Delia that she is courting danger for continuing her friendship with Tiso.  Later, when Roger asks if Tiso is in any way tied to the Crystal Palace, Delia becomes offended and sends him packing leaving Delia vulnerable to Albert. Jack tries to be positive for Maeve about Siobhan and Joe?s situation and tells Maeve that with Siobhan?s ultimatum to Joe he is sure that Joe will come around. Later, Jack?s dream about the man in the green hat which leads him to the conclusion that if he is ever going to find out what it all means that he needs to get some help.  Meanwhile, a violent Albert starts to break in to Delia?s office.

Episode 1221
Monday, March 17, 1980
Re-aired June 4, 2002

Delia goes out to check the restaurant when she hears the glass doors being violently broken into.  Meanwhile, the St. Patrick?s Day celebration goes on at Ryan?s. Adam arrives and is thanked for helping Siobhan get Tiso to safety.  Later, Bob wonders where Delia is and what could be keeping her.  Meanwhile, Delia is shaken when she sees that Prince Albert has broken into the Crystal Palace.  Kim arrives at Ryan?s in the midst of the party and confronts Jill and Frank about the photographs fearing that if they are used they will be the end to her budding career.  When Frank and Jill fail to give in to her plea, a very self-contained Kim makes her demands. Later, the relationship between Kim and Jill deteriorates badly when Jill reassures her position that if it comes down to it that she is going to use the photographs in court.  Meanwhile, Joe sends Siobhan a St. Patrick?s Day present that puts her in tears when she opens it to find a flawless emerald necklace and a letter wishing a happy St. Patrick?s Day to her entire family.  At the Crystal Palace, Delia is hurt trying to get away from Prince Albert. At Ryan?s, Jack learns that Adam does hypnosis and agrees to visit him tomorrow.  Patrick calls to wish the best to the family and convinces Maeve to sing Danny Boy for him over the phone. A hurt and unconscious Delia is at mercy of Prince Albert.

Episode 1222
Tuesday, March 18, 1980
Re-aired June 5, 2002

Bob continues to call Delia at the Crystal Palace as tension builds about her whereabouts.  Meanwhile, a snarling Prince Albert becomes agitated at the constantly ringing telephone and angrily knocks it over.  At Ryan?s, Jack tells Faith about his recurring dreams about Mary and his hopes about undergoing hypnosis with Adam.  Later, Jill tells Faith about Seneca and Kim and Faith is ever so slightly puzzled by Jill?s reluctance to use photographs in court.  Jack acts to prevent an up and coming reporter from naming Siobhan in story about Tiso, in order to keep her identity secret.  Meanwhile, Michael arrives to see Tiso with questions on who the lady was that saved his life and is stunned when he learns that it was Siobhan.  When Joe arrives, Tiso pleads with him to make things right with Siobhan by lying to her about his part in the business with Tiso and knows that there isn?t much that he can do considering he is still sick.  Meanwhile, Jack protects Siobhan from having her name published in the paper and makes a deal with the reporter to see what else there is he can do for him in the future.  At the Crystal Palace, Delia is carried away by Prince Albert.  Bob and Faith arrive at the Crystal Palace and discover that something has in fact happened to Delia as Prince Albert finds shelter in abandoned weather tower.

Episode 1223
Wednesday, March 19, 1980
Re-aired June 5, 2002

A very disturbed Roger arrives at Ryan?s and assimilates the news of Delia?s disappearance with Maeve and Bob.  Later, fearing that her disappearance had something to do with Tiso he decides to question Joe.  Jack arrives for his appointment with Adam nervous but determined.  Later, Adam explains how hypnosis may help Jack to recall whatever it is he can?t remember about dream.  Rae learns from Kim about the photographer and the pictures that are now in Jill?s possession and is appalled.  When Rae tells her of Edmund and how Seneca is determined to have another baby, Kim is even more determined to marry him. Later, Rae tells Kim while she wanted her and Seneca broken up she did not want Kim?s name trampled through the mud and that there is no way that she is going to allow Jill to do it either.   Roger questions Joe as to whether Delia?s disappearance could have had anything to do with Tiso and is reassured when Joe tells him no but that he will do all that he can to find out exactly what happened to her.  Later, Faith comforts Roger and tells him that as much as she does not like Delia, she knows that Delia is tough and that she will pull through things just fine.  Adam leads Jack through a successful session and Jack is pleased when he is able to remember the face of the Man in the Green Hat but becomes thoroughly agitated when he is unable to remember where he?s seen him before.  Adam convinces Jack to go home and relax and is sure that Jack is on the brink of all the information that he is looking for.

Episode 1224
Thursday, March 20, 1980
Re-aired June 6, 2002

Roger is sick with apprehension when 24 hours later Delia has still not been found.  When Siobhan becomes concerned that Delia could have been caught up in the gang war, Roger tells her of his conversation with Joe and his reassurances that this is not the case.  In the tower room, Delia awakens in pain trying to figure out where she is and is later frightened when she realizes that she has been abducted by Albert.  Rae arrives at Frank's office to make a plea for Kimberly and is agitated when he refuses to give in to her demands.  When Rae demands that she wants more than Frank is willing to give, Jill arrives and tells her that she may not get what she wants.  Joe calls Siobhan at Ryan's and assures both her and Roger that Delia's disappearance had nothing to do with Tiso.   Later, Siobhan thanks Joe for the emerald and but tells him that nothing has changed and that they won't be able to see one another until things are cleared up between him and Tiso.  Meanwhile, Delia makes a plea for Albert to remember that they are friends and let her go afraid that if he doesn't she is going to die.  Jill and Rae go toe to toe about Kimberly and Rae threatens the two that if they use the material on Kimberly that they are going to regret it.  George tells Joe of his visit to the Crystal Palace and assures him that none of their drug stuff has arrived there yet and that as the cops look the place over they are clean.  Meanwhile, Delia Albert becomes concerned about Delia when she moans and shows signs of being in pain.  Mistaking this as a sign of overall compassion, Delia tries to make a break for the door manages to make Albert angry in the process.  Later, Albert stands guard at the door leaving Delia to realize that she is stuck.

Episode 1225
Friday, March 21, 1980
Re-aired June 6, 2002

Bob and Johnny arrive at Ryan's with news that they have not been able to find out anything about Delia.  Later, Roger tells the group that he is ready to consider the possibility that Delia's disappearance has something to do with Prince Albert.  In the tower room, Delia is cold and sick and wrapping herself in an empty sack begins to cry in utter despair.  Maeve arrives at the hospital and appeals to Joe to be the man that she trusts him to be and do the right thing by Siobhan and the baby.  Roger calls Albert's former trainer, Owen, about Albert's potential for violent behavior and learns that this could have happened and that the longer they are not found the more danger Delia is in.  Meanwhile, a weak and sickly Delia awakens and learns that Albert is not in the room and attempts escape from the tower.  Joe explores with Tiso the possibility of getting out of the business and learns from Tiso that if he does he and his family will be in even more danger with him out than in.  Meanwhile, Michael tells Dom that Siobhan was person who rescued Tiso and Dom tells him that with that one action Siobhan has destroyed her immunity and that she has to be taught a lesson.  Roger decides to search Central Park to find Delia and Albert and Johnny and Bob agree to help at daybreak.  Delia manages to make it out of the tower to escape from Prince Albert.  As she makes her escape she looks up as Albert jumps from the rooftop of another building and is recaptured, to her dismay.

Episode 1226
Monday, March 24, 1980
Re-aired June 7, 2002

While telling Siobhan about his session with Adam Jack remembers where he first saw the Man in the Green Hat.  When he remembers that Kim was there with them, the two leave to pay her a visit to see what she might remember.  At Rae?s, Kim reinforces Jack?s memory of what happened in coffeehouse and gives him a lead that the hostess is probably involved in the drug dealing.  Later, Jack visualizes what Mary?s last steps could have been and draws some conclusions.  Meanwhile, Jill makes an intelligent and compassionate appeal to Seneca for a divorce and is shocked when she gets results.  As Kim arrives and begins to eavesdrop, she becomes furious when Jill tells Seneca to watch out for Kim because she has plans to marry him and there is nothing that is going to stop her.  When Seneca tells Jill that Kim knows where she stands with him, Jill gives him an additional warning and thanks him again for agreeing to take care of the divorce once and for all.  Later, Kim pretends shock when Seneca tells her of his agreeing to divorce Jill but becomes angry when he says that marrying her will never be an option.  At the coffeehouse, Jack questions the hostess and learns that Mary was in fact there the day of the accident.  Later, Jack puts two and two together and realizes that Mary followed the MIGH and rushes to the narcotics division of the police station to see if his picture is on file.

Episode 1227
Tuesday, March 25, 1980
Re-aired June 7, 2002

Johnny gives Frank an update on the search for Delia and their fears that Prince Albert had something to do with her disappearance.  Jill arrives and makes Frank a happy man when she tells him that Seneca has agreed to a divorce but stuns him when she tells him that she is not willing to rush into another marriage and that they are going to wait for an official NY divorce.  Meanwhile, an infuriated Kim arrives home and tells Rae of Seneca?s agreeing to divorce Jill but his refusal to marry her.  When Rae tells Kim of Seneca?s intense desire to have a child, Kim dreams up a plan.  Michael tells Dom that Siobhan was the one to help Tiso escape and Dom comments that with that act she has removed herself from the off limits area.  At the narcotics division, Jack tells Siobhan that if they find anything out on MIGH it could prove that Mary?s death wasn?t an accident.  Later, Siobhan and Jack ponder what Phil?s Hirsh?s role is in this and determine what his lying could mean.  Michael and Dom plot against Siobhan and make plans to find out the layout of the Ryan apartment thinking that as far as getting to both Tiso and Joe is concerned, Siobhan could be just the answer they are looking for.  Meanwhile, Jill suggests to Frank that they move slowly on divorce - a point to which Frank contests.  Faith arrives the group wonders if Delia?s disappearance could be a sympathy stunt and fear for Roger emotionally if they find that something has in fact happened to her.  Across town, Kim phones a clinic and makes an inquiry about obtaining a pregnancy test.

Episode 1228
Wednesday, March 26, 1980
Re-aired June 10, 2002

A desperately sick Delia lies on the tower floor sick and begins to hallucinate as Roger continues his search for her.  At a medical lab, Kim picks up a pregnancy report, which is negative and is adamant about receiving a copy of it.  Jack brings Frank into the newest Mary situation, which he finds terrifying.  Meanwhile, Roger?s search leads him to a discovery of Delia?s shoe and the castle where Albert is keeping Delia.  Entering the castle, Roger begins to call out for Delia, which angers Albert and Roger leaves the castle running for his life.  Frank shares Jack?s intense response to the new information about Mary and the MIGH and knowing that the events of that day never added up he decides that something must be done to find out the truth.  Kim bribes a clerk at a duplicating service to change her pregnancy report from negative to positive and make a copy for her.  In Central Park, Roger calls from a payphone and reports Delia?s and Prince Albert?s whereabouts to the police.

Episode 1229
Thursday, March 27, 1980
Re-aired June 10, 2002

As emergency and rescue teams gather below him, Albert appears on the roof of the castle with an unconscious Delia in his arms leaving Roger on edge when the police captain mentions the need for a tranquilizer gun.  A saddened Kim arrives at Seneca?s apartment and pretends not to understand Seneca?s refusal to marry her once he is divorced.  When Seneca leaves the room, Kim leaves Seneca a note and a copy of the medical report.  At Ryan?s, Michael arrives, pretending to look for Joe, and is given the go ahead to go upstairs and find Siobhan.  Meanwhile, sharpshooter arrives with the tranquilizing gun as the emergency troops prepare to rescue Delia from Albert.  Michael is successful in learning much about Ryan?s apartment and is pleased when Siobhan gives him a tour that includes exactly where her bedroom is.  Meanwhile, Seneca finds medical report saying Kim is pregnant, after she has left and fears that she has left to get an abortion.  At the castle, the sharpshooter on a cherry picker is elevated to the roof of the castle and prepares to tranquilize Albert.

Episode 1230
Friday, March 28, 1980
Re-aired June 11, 2002

Roger and the rescue personnel watch from below as the sharpshooter hits Albert with the tranquilizer gun.  When Albert picks Delia up to carry her away, Roger fears that if the medication takes effect before Albert has a chance to put Delia down that the two of them are going to fall.  At Ryan's, Officer Hurley, the police sketch artist, arrives and after getting the preliminary information from Jack and Frank begins to draw the picture of the MIGH from Jack's memory.  At the castle, woozy from the medication in the tranquilizer dart, Albert begins to sway back and forth over the side of the building with Delia in his arms.  Meanwhile, Rae is appalled when Seneca informs her of Kim's pregnancy.  When Rae tells Seneca that Kim has done this on purpose, Seneca denies this and worried about Kim he is determined to find her before it's too late.  Police Artist finishes composite of MIGH and after he gets Jack's approval that everything is correct he promises to get Jack some copies as soon as they are ready.  When he leaves, Jack calls Phil Hirsh and arranges another meeting with him to discuss the day that Mary died.  Delia falls to certain death when a drugged Prince Albert drops her from the top of the tower.

Episode 1231
Monday, March 31, 1980
Re-aired June 11, 2002

Delia falls to certain death and is saved by safety net.  Roger rushes to her side and is unable to find a pulse.  Having drawn a map of the Ryan apartment, Dom and Leon plot to kidnap an unsuspecting Siobhan.  Meanwhile, Maeve tells Bob about Jack's dream and how the MIGH might be the person that Mary spoke about before she died.  Later, Bob receives a call from Roger that there is bad news about Delia.  Frank and Jill face the fact that here is tension between them about the divorce situation and try to work through a solution.  Later, Frank gives in and tells Jill that his only hope is that she takes care of it soon and she promises that she will.  Delia regains consciousness and is quite irrational, quite mad, in fact.  As Bob and the staff try and calm her it becomes clear to everyone, including Roger, that he is the cause of her discomfort and he leaves the room defeated.  At Ryan's, Maeve and Siobhan learn that Delia is in the hospital but that her mental recovery might not be as fast as they'd hope.  Meanwhile, Dom and Leon stand outside front door to the Ryan's apartment, with masked faces and guns trying to break in the door with a credit card.  Later, as Maeve and Siobhan sit in the parlor discussing her baby and her future relationship with Joe, Dom and Leon enter with guns raised.  Later, Maeve is forced to sit in silent horror as Siobhan is kidnapped threatened that if she says anything or makes a sound Siobhan will be killed.

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