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Soap Opera Digest, March 1976
Provided by Wanda

Soap Opera Digest, March 1977
Provided by Wanda

At a Cast Party With Hannibal Penney, Jr. (Clem)

Daytime TV Magazine, October 1977
Provided by Wanda

With Catherine Hicks, Malcolm
Groome, and Hannibal Penney, Jr.


Daytimers, November 1977
Provided by Wanda

TV By Day Magazine, December 1977
Provided by Wanda

With Andrew Robinson and John Gabriel

Afternoon TV, January 1978
Provided By Wanda

Nancy Won Best Individual Serial Sequence in the
Afternoon TV Awards For the Abortion Clinic Scene

Soap Opera Digest, February 27, 1979
Provided by Wanda

Jill and Frank

With Claudette Colbert in A Talent for Murder
Provided by Connie

CAPTION: CLAUDETTE COLBERT (right) stars as Anne Royce McClain, a best- selling mystery author with a multi-million dollar art collection and a notorious private life in "A TALENT FOR MURDER," the new suspense comedy by Jerome Chodorov and Norman Panama. Here she pins a gift (and perhaps a crime?) on her less than doting daughter-in-law, played by Nancy Addison Altman. "A TALENT FOR MURDER," directed by Paul Aaron and presented by Edwin S. Lowe, also stars JEAN-PIERRE AUMONT. Previews begin Tuesday, September 22, and opening night is Thursday, October 1, 6:30 p.m. at the Biltmore Theatre, 261 West 47th Street.

Afternoon TV, May 1980
Provided by Sabrina

At Joe and Siobhan's Wedding,
With Frank and Faith

Soap Opera News Daytimers Magazine, Dec 1980
Provided by Wanda

Daytimers, 1981
Provided by Sabrina

Johnny, Maeve, Seneca and Jillian circa 1975

Source Unknown, 1983
Provided by Connie

Jill, Roger and Faith

Soap History, 1984
Provided by Wanda

Jill, Mitch, Faith, and Roger
Cooking (Thanksgiving 1982)

Frank, Jill, Bob, and Bill Campaigning

Source Unknown, Circa 1986
Provided by Connie

Soap Opera People, March 1987
Provided by Wanda

Jill and Dakota

Soap Opera People, July 1987
Provided by Wanda

Jill, Bess and Maggie

Soap Opera Digest, June 1988
Provided by Wanda

Soap Center, January 2000

With Frank and Johnny in the
Finale (January 13, 1989)

From the Late 1980s Opening

Soap Center, September 2000

Jill and Frank (1978)

Jill and Frank (St. Patrick's Day 1980)

Jill in 1975

Jill had an abortion?

A Strung-Out Jill With Seneca (1979)

Seneca and Jillian

Seneca and Jillian

Soap Opera Weekly, June 27, 2000

With Daniel Hugh Kelly, Bernard Barrow, and
Helen Gallagher, Circa the Late 1970s

Soap Opera Digest, July 25, 2000

Jill with Roger

Jill with Seneca

People Magazine, July 16, 2001

Jill and Seneca Circa 1979

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