Malcolm Groome Photos
In the Press

Soap Opera Digest, March 1977
Provided by Wanda

At a Cast Party

Soap Opera Digest, August 1977
Provided by Wanda

Pat and Delia's Shotgun Wedding

Daytime TV Magazine, October 1977
Provided by Wanda

With Catherine Hicks, Malcolm
Groome, and Hannibal Penney, Jr.

Afternoon TV, January 1978
Provided By Wanda

Pat and Delia

TV By Day Magazine, January 1978
Provided by Wanda

With Ilene Kristen

Afternoon TV, June 1984
Provided by Wanda

Malcolm eating poori, an Indian bread

Malcolm and his wife, Rebekah

"Malcolm's in the lap of Lady Luck,
known in India as Lakshmi"

Soaps History, 1984
Provided by Wanda

Patrick, Frank, and Siobhan

Soap Center, January 2000

Pat and Frank in the Late 1980s Opening

Pat and Frank

Pat and Frank

Pat and Frank

Soap Opera Weekly, August 29, 2000

With Bernard Barrow, Helen Gallagher, Geoffrey
Pierson, and Marg Helgenberger, Circa 1983

With Ilene Kristen in 2001

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