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Afternoon TV, January 1978
Provided by Wanda

Afternoon TV Award Winners:
Robert Costello (Producer), Paul Avila Mayer (Co-
Creator), Ilene Kristen (Delia), Milburn Smith (Editor
of Afternoon TV), Claire Labine (Co-Creator)

Source Unknown, 1978
Provided by Connie

CAPTION: Six distinct, vibrant personalities which often careen off one another but are interwoven by love and intense family loyalty compose the Ryan family, the heart of the ABC Television Network's multi- award-winning daytime serial, "Ryan's Hope," which airs WEEKDAYS (12:30-1:00 p.m., EDT). Clockkwise (from seated center) they are: Bernard Barrow as Johnny, Sarah Felder as Siobhan, John Blazo as Pat, Daniel Hugh-Kelly as Frank, Kathleen Tolan as Mary and Helen Gallagher as Maeve. (September 19, 1978)

Soap Opera Digest, December 1978
Provided by Wanda

Michael Levin (Jack), Nancy Addison (Jill),
John Gabriel (Seneca), Helen Gallagher
(Maeve) and Bernard Barrow (Johnny)

Afternoon TV Magazine, May 1979
Provided by Wanda

Bernard Barrow, Karen Morris Gowdy, Ron Hale,
Nancy Addison, and John Gabriel on Family Feud

Afternoon TV Magazine, May 1980
Provided by Sabrina

Delia, Siobhan, Father McShane, Joe Tiso, and
Little John at Joe and Siobhan's Wedding

Afternoon TV, 1982
Provided by Sabrina

The Cast at the Egyptian Ball

Daytime TV Yearbook, December 1984
Provided by Wanda

Helen Gallagher (Maeve), Bernard Barrow
(Johnny), Lauren O'Bryan (Katie), Geoffrey
Pierson (Frank), and Malcolm Groome (Pat) Program From the USO of Metropolitan
Washington Presents the 500th Soap Opera
Festival at the Elipse, Washington DC
Provided by Connie

(July 30, 1983)

The Page About Ryan's Hope

Soap Center, January 2000

Daytime Digest, Volume 6, # 3, December 1987
Provided by Sabrina

Clockwise: Sarah Felder (Siobhan), John Blazo (Pat),
Daniel Hugh Kelly (Frank), Kathleen Tolan (Mary),
Helen Gallagher (Maeve), Bernard Barrow (Johnny)

Jack Asks Maeve to Sing "Danny Boy" in Finale,
and the Whole Cast Joins in (January 13, 1989)

Johnny, Frank, Fr. McShane, Zena, Rae, Jack, Leigh, Maeve, Jill, Sr. Mary Joel

Johnny, Frank, Fr. McShane, Zena, Rae, Chaz, Maeve, Jill, Sr. Mary Joel

Johnny, John, Lizzie, Evan, Leigh, Delia, Roger, Sr. Mary Joel, Jill, Frank

Soap Center, September 2000

Maeve, Johnny, Delia, Pat, and Mary
at Frank's Deathbed (July 1975)

The Ryans at Frank's death bed

Concetta, Roger, Pat, Maeve, and
Frank on St. Patrick's Day 1988

A Group Toast in the Ryan Living Room (1979)

Group toast

Another "Danny Boy" Scene From the Finale -
Slightly Different Cross-Section of Crowd This Time

Jillian, Sister Mary Joel, Delia, Leigh, Roger, Lizzie, John, Evan, and Maggie

Soap Opera Weekly, October 10, 2000

Patrick, Frank, Maeve, Johnny, Dakota,
John, and Ryan (Circa 1987)

Soap Opera Weekly, December 19, 2000

Patrick, Frank, Jill, Jack, Maeve, Johnny, Dakota,
Rick, Ryan, Delia, and John (Circa 1987)

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